Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Saturday, August 31, 2019


Left the house this morning at 6:40 on my walk
62 degrees, cloudy, and calm
Sunrise 6:44

Walked to town again.
Saw a few rabbits and the buck again.

Went through town and out the other side.
Turned around just up the road and then went to the
industrial park and walked around there.
A bunch of pallets
and an old barn with more than a couple of layers to it.
Leaving the industrial park I walked back through town and
stopped at the post office to drop some mail down the slot.
Then over to the town pond 
where Ken picked me up.
I asked him to pick me up so I could walk a little different route.
Just too far to walk back home.

I walked 6.4 miles
Found a penny
☁️     ☁️
Later in the morning it was nice to see the sun come out.
It was a stay at home day today.
Got a couple loads of laundry washed and hung outside.

Washed the jeep.
Nothing like a nice shiny red car.

Ended up sitting out on the front porch again
making some weave-it squares.
Just two more rows of 7 and I'll be done.
Should finish it in the next couple of days.

Plan to do a bit of reading later on.
It's been a good day.
Hope yours has been a good one too.
 happyone πŸ₯°

Friday, August 30, 2019

A beautiful sunny day

Started walking at 6:30 this morning
58 degrees, calm, with sun and clouds
Sunrise 6:44
Once again I headed walking to town.
My neighbor cows were out in the pasture across the street from our house.
I wished them all a good day as I walked by.

Walked through town.
A few garage sales were setting up.
Jim who lives right at the edge of town and who I wave to almost
every morning was setting up.
I stopped to talk to him but was very
good and didn't buy anything.
He even offered to bring what ever I bought right to my house
because I was walking!

Walked through town and up a couple side roads, 
then around the lower cemetery
before walking back home.
The only animals I saw was a groundhog and that was on my
road just before I got home.

Walked 6 miles
☀️     ☁️     ☀️
Ken usually goes to breakfast with Edd Friday mornings but
Edd was busy today.
Ken stayed home and had breakfast with me.
Then we went out and did a bunch of errands this morning.

After lunch I did a bit of house work (very little)
and then read, made weave-it squares, and did a crossword puzzle
while sitting on the front porch.

A beautiful cool sunny day.
Ken made us Nachos for supper.

It's been a good day.
Hope it was for you too.
happyone  πŸ₯°

Comment Replies:
Rose - You asked what I liked at Red Lobster - my answer - everything.  πŸ™‚

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Out walking this morning at 6:32
54 degrees with sun and clouds
Sunrise 6:43

Had my usual walk to town.
Went through town and around the ball park loop,
over to the post office and dropped some mail down the slot.
Then headed back home.

Saw a couple of rabbits but no deer today,
no other people out either.

When I got home I realized the only pictures I took
were of the clouds.

Walked 6 miles
☁️     ☀️     ☁️     ☀️

We drove over to Uniontown, Pa. and spent a good part of the day there.
Went browsing in a bunch of stores and just enjoyed being out.

We ate a late lunch at Red Lobster.
Prices are very reasonable if you go for lunch.

When we got back home we sat out on the front porch for quite a while reading.
 It was a beautiful cool sunny day.

That's been my day
and a nice one it's been.
Hope yours was too.
happyone  πŸ₯°
Comment Replies:
Vee - no celebratory supper last night but our lunch at Red Lobster celebratory. : )

Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday about the selling of our house.
Thanks too for all who prayed for us!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The house is sold and all papers signed!!!

Left on my morning walk today at 6:45.
It wasn't raining yet but sure looked like it so took along my umbrella.
It was 62 degrees
Sunrise 6:42

Half way to town it started raining and rained on and off
during my whole walk and the umbrella went up and down quite a few times.
 There was an extra spring in my steps this morning as I thought
about finally being out from under the old house.

Walked through town and up and down a couple of side streets.
Then around the ball park and the cemetery on top of the hill.
Just passed the cemetery walking down to the Drane house I stopped
to take a picture of these 4 tiny horses. 
Three of them stuck there heads through the fence and I petted each one.
Saw a woman walking but when she saw me she turned around
and went the other way.  
I used to see her a while ago and she always turned around.
She must be very shy.

Saw three deer and one of them was a buck.
He came out from the corn, snorted at me, ran across the
road and into the woods.
A silly thought - I wonder if they ever get lost in the corn fields.

 I was going to finished my walk at the old house and
then mow the lawn.  Ken was going to meet me there and
do the edging, but the rain kept us from doing that.
The lawn isn't that bad but I would have liked to give it that last mowing.

Ken did come to town and pick me up again though,
because he came to town and bought us donuts at the bakery.
A pre-celebration breakfast.

Walked 6 miles

🌧     ☂️     🌧
Just did a bit of this and that today till it was finally time
to go to the house closing.
Everything went smoothly with no surprises at the closing.
Thank you Lord!! that we can now put that behind us!!
 What a relief to have that over and done with.

Not much got done this afternoon,
but we're both walking around with big smiles!!

The sun broke out this afternoon which made for a very good day.
Hope your day was a happy one
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ₯°
Comment Replies:
GrannyM - Oh that was a mean trick having the penny glued down!! πŸ˜‰

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Rainy Day

Up and out the door at 6:30 this morning walking
58 degrees and raining
Sunrise 6:41

Seemed earlier because of the rain,
wasn't quite dark but not all that light either.
Headed walking to town with my rain pants on this time
and with the umbrella up.
Was glad to get to town and off the highway.
Those trucks going by really kick up a spray.

Made a couple loops around the lower cemetery
and then went around the one at the top of the hill too.
Down to the Drane house and here I've just turned around
going back up to the cemetery.
It had just stopped raining when I took the picture but by the
time I got up the hill it was raining again.
Walked around town and then ended up at the old house
where I called Ken and asked if he'd come pick me up.
Didn't want to walk by all the trucks again.
 He said yes, and I met him over by the pond.

Didn't see anyone else out walking.
A few deer around again
but that was it.

Walked 6 miles
Found a penny
🌧     ☔️     🌧
Had a couple books due at the library so went there at 11:00
when it opened.
Didn't drop them in the book drop during my walk because
of the rain and they were a couple of heavy ones.
Besides Ken wanted to check out a book.

Had a couple other errands to do so we got them out of the way.

Planned on mowing the lawn at the old house for the
LAST TIME but it was just too wet.
That will have to be done tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow afternoon is CLOSING!!!
What a relief that will be when we can put that behind us.

Once we were back home again
I did some reading,
made some weave-it squares,
and did a crossword puzzle.
Haven't done one of them in a while.
My mom used to love to do crossword puzzles
and they always make me think of her. 

That's it for today.
Hope yours was a happy one.
happyone  πŸ₯°
Comment Replies:
Diane - Thanks for those kind words. I'll check out that author.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Home today

Started my walk this morning at 6:30
It was 52 degrees, clouds and sun and a breeze
Sunrise 6:40

Headed to town on this first day back to school for the kids.
That's bus number 46 coming around the corner
I always get a wave from the bus diver.
Only saw two buses this morning.
A bit early yet for most of them to be out.
Will see more once I have to leave later because of the dark.

Walked to the edge of town and then to and around the lower cemetery.
Next up the hill to the other cemetery and around there a few times,
down to the Drane house and pond and
then back home again.

Lisa was out running but she was pretty far away and didn't even see me.
A few deer around, and lots of goldfinches.

Walked my usual 6 miles
🦌      🌀     🚢‍♀️
A few deer out back eating a couple of apples I put out there.
The apples are from an apple tree down the road.
The deer go there and eat the apples that fall to the ground.
I brought a few home for them.
In side this morning starting this weeks house work.
 Got the sheets washed, hung out to dry and back on the bed by lunch time.
Rearranged a few things too.
Moved a white cabinet from the kitchen to the laundry room,
and put a stand of shelves in it's place.

That done I read my book till I finished it.
Cemetery Road by Greg Iles.
It was pretty good, and a fast read but don't think I'll
read any more of his books.
I've read 2 and they both seem pretty much the same,
just different names for the characters.

Mostly cloudy today and it never did get very warm,
stayed in the mid 60's.

Had planned on going outside this afternoon but never got around to it.

We stayed home this pizza Monday and ate a homemade pizza.
We make two at a time and this one was left over from the
last time we made it.

Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone πŸ₯°

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Morning sun rays and a sunset

Psalm 143:8
Cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning;
for in thee do I trust:
cause me to know the way wherein I should walk;
for I lift up my soul unto thee.

A happy and blessed Sunday to you.
happyone πŸ₯°

Comment Replies:
Rose - No, haven't mentioned what the colors are for the latest weave-it blanket, but it is a variegated yarn - aqua, blue, green. 

HennyPenny - YES, all rocks are from our property.  We will NEVER run out of rocks.  Too bad you didn't live near me, you could have all you want. πŸ™‚

GrannyM - Ken does like cats and dogs too!  We just don't want any pets right now.  I'd love a couple of cats and a dog but we are on the go too much and don't want to be tied down.  Also it is pretty expensive now a days.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Walk, Country Fest, Errands, Outside Work

This morning I left for my walk at 6:40
It was 51 degrees with sun and clouds
Sunrise 6:38

Walked to town.
 Stopped at the post office to hang up a flyer for a church event
on the bulletin board.
Then headed over to the ball park and walked that loop
a couple of times.
Continued on to the cemeteries and walked around them too.
Saw 5 deer and a rabbit.

Lisa was out running but we didn't stop to talk because
she was on the phone.

Ken was in town so I finished up my 6 miles in town and rode
back home with Ken.
Found a penny.

Got a load of clothes hung out on the line and then we went
to McHenry to the fairgrounds where they were having a 
country fest. 
Fun to walk around and look at the animals.
Mr Turkey was strutting around.
His tail feathers weren't looking so great though.
There were some kittens in a cage that they were trying to give away.
I wanted to take home two gray kittens.
One had a pink nose and the other a black nose.
They were so cute.
Ken quickly steered me away from them.

There was an auction of new and old stuff, craft booths,
some beautiful quilts where on display 
which they were going to auction off later in the afternoon.
Lots of food too.

This cow stood nice and still while a little girl tried her hand at milking.

We stayed there all morning and then left to do a few errands.
In the afternoon we worked outside.

Here Ken works on his wall on the side of the house.
He's not quite one but will be soon.

I finished clearing out the section of the woods I was working on.
Here's what it looked like a while back.
 Here's what it looks like now.
Not standing in the exact same spot but pretty close.
Now I'll just keep going along the property line making the fence and 
clearing enough for a path to walk all around our property.
Should keep me busy for the next 10 years or so.  

Made homemade pizza for supper tonight.
I made the dough as usual and Ken made the pizza.

Hope to get some reading done and a few more 
weave-its made this evening.

That's it for today.
Hope yours was a happy one
happyone πŸ₯°

Friday, August 23, 2019

Rainy Walk

Yesterday's walk was just over 4 miles.
That's all I had time for.
It was a Fingerprint work day at church
and spent the day there.
A picture from yesterday's walk.
A tree growing in a tree.
This morning I was out at 6:40 leaving for my walk.
It was 56 degrees and a rainy one.
Sunrise 6:37

Walked to town with my umbrella up the whole time.
Walked around the lower cemetery and then up the hill
to the other one, around there a few times and then
headed back home.

Didn't see any animals around this morning.
Guess they were all taking cover from the rain.
There were quite a few squashed dead frogs in the road.

Stella, one of the dogs that run out in the road after me
was out this morning and came running out.
Her owner called her back and luckily Stella listened.
I was ready with my umbrella. 😁  ☂️

It was fine walking in the rain but nice to get home
to a dry house.
🌧     🌧
Put some chicken in the slow cooker along with a jar of salsa
for supper. 

 Rained all morning, cloudy by lunch time and sun shining at 3:00
but by that time is was too late to start work outside.
🌀     πŸ™‚
I baked a cake today and look forward to having a piece with
a little ice cream on top for my snack later.

Got a lot of reading done today.
Good book with lots of surprises.
Cemetery Road by Greg Iles.

Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone πŸ₯°
Comment Replies:
Victor - The picture you asked about is right from the camera.  Some of the roads here use a reddish stone in the pavement which comes from Pennsylvania. The road in the picture was wet and the light was just so that made the color.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Baby bird

A bit of drizzly rain stopped just as I was leaving the house at 6:35
this morning.
A mile down the road it started again for a little bit
but not enough to get me wet, just a little damp.
It was 66 degrees and the slight breeze made it nice.
 Sunrise 6:35
Walked to town and through town, passed the library,
and passed the old house.
Wanted to take a look at the lawn and yes, it needs mowing again.

Went back through town,
up and down a few side streets 
and back home again.

Saw a total of 10 deer.
A ground hog
and this tiny little baby bird.
It was on the side of the road and I moved it into the grass.
It flapped its wings a bit and looked fine.
Hope its mother is near by.

The yappy little dog came running down its lawn and driveway but this time
stayed at the edge of the road and didn't chase me!!!
I'm thinking it remembered the umbrella charge I made at it.
Maybe I put a good scare into him.
We shall see if it lasts!!
Made strawberry pancakes for breakfast and then
did a few things around the house.
Ken was outside working on his wall again.

Then late morning when the sun was shining
we went to the old house and I mowed the lawn and
Ken did the edging.
All still on schedule for the closing which will be a week from today.
Maybe this will be the last mowing though I'm thinking
it will have to be done one more time.

After lunch Ken continued working on his wall and I did some
more clearing of the woods.
Maybe by Saturday I can take a couple pictures of my cleared
part of the woods and Ken's wall.
Should be done by then.

When it was quitting time we sat on the porch and had
ice cream sandwiches.

A happy day to you.
Life is Good
happyone πŸ₯°
Comment Replies:
A few wondered about Pot Belly's.  It is a subway sandwich shop.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

No morning walk

No morning walk for me today.
We had to leave early and drive down state for a doctors appointment.
Just an annual check up for Ken and 
pleased to say that everything is A Okay with him.
I went along to keep him company.

We are both very blessed with good health and 
thank God every day!!

It's a 3 hour drive one way so it takes the whole day.
I knit on the way.
Today I knitted 1 1/2 dish/wash cloths while in the car and in the waiting room.

Struck up a conversation while Ken was seeing the doctor
with a very nice woman who was in the waiting room.
We talked at least a half hour.

After the doctors visit we stopped for a late lunch
at Pot Belly's.
Don't have any near home so it as a treat to eat there.

On the way home we ran into a rain storm with torrential rains.
People were pulling off the road to wait it out,
but we just kept going slowly.
Then we there was a traffic jam where we came to a dead stop.
Happy to say though that it wasn't an accident but road work.

It was so nice to finally be home once again
where it was 12 degrees cooler,
no traffic or noise,
and back in the woods.

Life is Good
Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone  πŸ₯°

Vee - the bear from yesterday was mid size.

Lisa - You mentioned that the cow from yesterday looked unhealthy but he is healthy an happy. He just had flies all over him and was muddy from being down in the mud.  I see this guy just about every day.  The pasture they live in is great.  They have water, trees, lots of shade, sun, hills and valleys and lots of green grass. and a barn they can wander in and out of.  One time I threw ears of corn in the field for them with Farmer Gene.  Believe me Farmer Gene takes good care of 'our' cows. : )

Monday, August 19, 2019


 Out walking at 6:35
64 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds and very still
Sunrise 6:23

On the way to town I saw a few deer,
two of which were walking down the middle of the street.

Walked around the lower cemetery and then went
up the hill to the other cemetery.
Tina and Max were coming down the hill.

Walked around the cemetery a couple of times and then
down to the Drane house.
Back up to the cemetery around there one more time
and then back home.
This guy was just a little thing when he arrived at the farm next door.
He has grown quite a bit.  
He is the only red/brown one there.
Poor thing, look at all those flies on him.
🌀     🌀
Got some house work done first thing after breakfast.

Ken was outside working on a stone wall on the bedroom
side of the house.
The wall is continuing down from the waterfall.

After lunch we started trail blazing a road for the
ATV to go from the back of the house over to the driveway
that leads up to the cabin.
From there we can hook into another road that we've made.
Also will be a good place for me to walk in the winter 
when I can't walk the roads to town with ice and snow.

I only lasted a little over an hour out back 
till the bugs just got too bad.
Then I sat out on the front porch and read and made weave-its.

Pizza Monday and this time we went to Little Caesar's 
and got the thick crust pizza.
On the way home a car was on the side of the road with a man
 standing next to the bear (dead) he had hit.
The police were already there.

It's been a nice sunny day with cool breezes.

Hope your Monday was a happy one
Life is Good
happyone πŸ₯°

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Wings and Wheels

Starting walking at 6:30 this morning.
The temperature was 60 degrees, sunny, with some of those low hanging 
clouds around again, and very still.
Sunrise 6:31

Morning Moon from the end of my driveway.
Walked to town and right on through to the ball park and walked
the loop around there.  
Rebecca was walking around there too.

Walked up the road to the school a ways and then back to town.
A bird house I passed walking by,
and a spider web.
No rabbits today but did see half a dozen deer.

Then the last two miles back home.
We went to the small airport in McHenry
where they were having their annual
Wings and Wheels event.
 Nice walking around looking at the different planes and cars.
A helicopter coming in for a landing.
This airplane is for sale.
A new Dodge Challenger.
My first car was a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the first year it was made.
Tried to find a picture of mine but couldn't find one.
Ken said he'd have a look.
If he finds it I'll post a picture.

This is our friend Russel's 1931 Model A Ford.
He's standing there on the left in the brown hat.
He said one of these day's he'll take me for a ride.
I'd like to ride in the rumble seat.
There were also people there with remote airplanes and
we watched them for a while too.
Sad to see one of them crash on landing.
So much work and money!!

From there we stopped in at Subway for lunch.

Worked out back again for an hour or so doing more clearing.

Then sat out on the porch and made some weave-it squares.

For supper we cooked hot dogs out at the fire pit
and then ate them on the front porch.

 Hope your Saturday was a happy one
Life is Good
happpyone πŸ₯°

Friday, August 16, 2019


Left the house at 6:30 this morning
62 degrees and walked through low hanging clouds and sunshine
Sunrise 6:30

Walked to town.
Ken passed by in the truck on his way to meet Edd for breakfast.

Turned in at the lower cemetery and walked around there.
Then up to the other one and walked around there a few times.
Down to the Drane house (first picture)
and then headed back home.

Nice to see the deer and rabbits back this morning.

Lisa was out walking today (she usually runs)
and Tina and her dog Max too.

It was a good morning for walking.
I ate my breakfast of toasted English muffin slices with
butter and raspberry jam out on the front porch.
 By that time those low hanging clouds were gone
and it was a bright sunny day.

A good day for getting the laundry done and hung out on the line.
Did a bit of house cleaning too.

After lunch I went out back and did some more clearing
of the deadfall and cut down some little saplings
and added them to the natural fence.
Another two days or so and I should be done with the section
I've been working on this summer.

After that work it was time to sit on the porch and read!

Hope your Friday was a happy one
Life is Good
happyone πŸ₯°

Comment Replies:
Vee - We did not do well at all trying to put baby pictures with the right people.  We each only got one or two right and no, there were no prizes.  Just a lot of laughing.  We all did get one picture right though!!  Courtney, because she was the youngest of us there and her picture was the only one in color!!  

Kim - That was just the sun shining on the tree in yesterday's photo.  Though there are a couple of leaves here and there turning color, no whole trees like that yet.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Baby Picture

Out the door this morning at 6:35
60 degrees with low hanging clouds and sun
Sunrise 6:30

Walking down toward the main road I stopped to take this picture.
On the way back home stopped in the same spot and took this picture.
At the main road turned left and walked to town.
Stopped at the post office and dropped mail down the slot.
Continued walking around town,
then over to the lower cemetery.
Walked around there and then back home again.
No people or animals again
except for lots of birds.
     🚢‍♀️     🚢‍♀️
No breakfast at home this morning.
It was Baby Blanket day at church.
12 of us were there today.
Donna brought us bagels and juice for breakfast
and Pam gave the devotional.
This week we brought a baby picture of ourselves
and put them out on the table.
It was fun trying to figure out which picture was who.
This is the picture I brought of myself.
Me at 4 months
After all that it was finally time to work on the blankets.
I look forward to Baby Blanket day.
It is always a good time.

This afternoon I sat out on the front porch and got some 
more reading done.
Ken and I ate some watermelon out there too.

When I go out in the morning it is hard for me to get
motivated to get any work done.

After supper took a little walk around Happy Trails.

Hope you had a happy and sunny day 
or a rainy one if you need rain!!
Live is Good
happyone  πŸ₯°
Comment Replies:
HTP - I use Bluetooth to get the pictures off the phone onto my computer.