Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Walking FAQ

Walking Questions

 When did you start walking? 
 Always liked to walk but started walking for exercise in 1988.


How far do you walk? 
Usually 6 miles


What brand of pedometer to you use?
The pedometer I use is called a Striiv and I've used it for many years.  
I'm on the second one and they no longer make this kind.  
I've tried a FitBit but returned it because didn't like it as much as my Striiv.  
My Striiv just fits in my pocket and I have it with me always. 
It is also very easy to see with big numbers.
It gives me the time, steps, miles, calories burned, and I can even play a game where I earn energies for steps walked so I can build structures and plants. 

April of 2023 my Striiv started acting up so I had to get a new pedemeter.
My new one is called a Stiive Fitness Tracker
which is worn on my wrist.
I liked my old pedometer better but this new one works fine.
An APP for my phone goes along with it,

How often do you walk?
Most days - don't miss many.


When don't you walk?
When the temperature dips below 12 degrees. 
Icy conditions 
Thunder storms 
If I'm sick


What do you do when you can't walk because of weather?
My husband has a huge HO Model Train Layout
in the basement and I walk laps around it.
Each lap is about 75 steps,
Usually walk 2 miles when I get up,
2 miles late morning and
2 miles in the afternoon.

Do you ever walk on a treadmill?

No, tried but just can't.
No Gyms for me either.
I need to be outside to walk.


How hot does it have to get before you don't walk?
So far that has never come up.
I walk in the morning and where I live it doesn't get too hot to walk.


Do you walk in the rain and snow?
Yes to both.
I have rain pants and a rain slicker
For snow a good pair of walking boots and add some ice grippers to the bottom.
In winter I keep warm by wearing a lot of layers.

What is your ideal walking weather?
50's and sunny

🥾   🌧   ❄︎

How long does it take you to walk 6 miles?
1 hour 40 minutes
Sometimes longer because I stop to talk to people and take pictures. 

Do you speed walk?
No, I walk at my normal speed which is brisk.


What brand of shoes do you walk in?
Keen Voyageur Hiking shoes/boots
Low and high tops

How often do you replace a pair of walking shoes?
I wear a pair out in about 4 months or so.


Do you listen to music or books while walking?
No, I like to be aware of my surroundings at all times.
Besides there is too much going on around me and things to look at.
Listening to anything would be a distraction from walking.


What do you do with the coins you find when you walk?
I save them in old glass banks.


Do you bring water or food with you when you walk?
No, just my phone/camera, pepper spray, and pedometer.
I bring along a piece of gum and chew that if my mouth gets dry.
When I get back home I have a nice big glass of water.

Do you use sunscreen or other protection in the summer?

No, I don't use sunscreen.  
I go the very first thing in the morning and most days the sun isn't up yet.
I do wear a ball cap. 
Most summer mornings here are cool enough that I wear long sleeves.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll answer them here.

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susan q said...

You have mentioned the brand of pedometer that you use but you could mention that brand again for any newcomers! Walking has so many benefits. Thanks for sharing your walking experience/tips.

Ivy Green said...

Do you use sunscreen or other protection in the summer? Getting sunburned is my biggest problem walking.