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Monday, March 27, 2017

Barn Collective

A couple of barns of the many we pass on the way to church.

Linking up with Tom for his Barn Collective series.
Why not join us and post a barn picture too.

 Everything is fine and dandy
just taking a bit of a blog break.
Be back soon.
By the way this post is number 2,786.
happyone  😊

I'm reading Belgrave Square by Anne Perry
and wrote down a quote from the book that I liked.

"Too much happiness is lost because we spend our time 
regretting the past and seeking for the future 
and miss what we are given for the moment at hand.  
The gift to be happy is a blessing to all around."

Saturday, March 25, 2017

It is Saturday

🌻     🌻     🌻
This morning it was 55 when I started out walking at 6:30
and it was cloudy once it was light out.

Walked the Town Route.
It seemed very quiet this morning as I walked.
No school buses and didn't see the the usual people who give me a toot 
as they drive past on there way to work.
I guessed the kids were starting spring break and had no school.
Then it hit me.  IT IS SATURDAY.

The horses down by the Drane house have been in the barn lately
but today they were out and came over to say hi.
Saw a few rabbits chasing each other about and there
were lots of birds singing too.

Walked 6.4 miles
Found a dime
🌻     🌻     🌻
 Didn't see much of the sun today but it was nice and warm in the 50's.
We went up to Happy Trails for a few hours this afternoon.

Here's the latest picture of the road Ken is making by the side of the shed.
He still has quite a lot of rocks to add to the wall yet
and collected some more rocks for it today.
Ken has gone to church for supper tonight.
It's the men's Steak Out Night.
Grilling steaks and baking potatoes.

I did what I usually to when Ken isn't home for supper.
I made pancakes for my supper - chocolate chip ones.
I do enjoy my pancakes!!

A happy day to you.
happyone 🎈

 I thought this was so funny.

After  moving to the country, my three-year old daughter and I
were often home alone in our house.
Because we lived in a rural area with no close neighbors,
I wanted to make sure she would be able to call 911 
in the event that something happened to me.
After instructing her, I decided to test her:
"OK, what would you do if you found me on the floor
 and you couldn't wake me up?" 
I could see her little brain working.
To my surprise, she said,
"I would go into the kitchen and eat anything I want."

~ From Readers Digest

Friday, March 24, 2017

A spring day

Rain was forecast this morning so at 6:15 when I woke up I was not surprised
to see it pouring down rain and of course dark.  Just didn't feel like walking in the
rain so I waited until later in the morning to walk when the rain had stopped.

Glad I waited because when I walked at 9:00 the rain had stopped
and it was 44 degrees.
Didn't have my camera with me so these couple of pictures are taken 
with my phone.

Since it was later and the kids were already in school and I didn't
have to share the road (no sidewalk) with the school buses  
I walked the Farm Loop.
Nice to be walking the Farm Loop for a change, it's been a while.
During the summer it is the route I walk most days.

The silos on this barn looked like they are about to topple over.
Back to town I made a loop around town and then home.
Walked 6 miles.
🌻     🌸     🍃
In the afternoon the sun came out and though there was a bit of a breeze
it was near 70 degrees.
Went outside and did a bit of yard work.
Got my 8 square plots in the vegetable garden cleaned out.
Ken helped me move some logs around to expand our little back
yard meadow.  This year I plan on planting some wildflowers in it.

The day has been delightful (I like that word 😊) and
so nice to actually have a spring day.

A happy day to you.
happyone  🍦

 "A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him
than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word,
'darkness' on the walls of his cell."
~ C.S. Lewis