Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Another sunset from our front porch taken yesterday.
Pictures were taken 10 minutes apart.

🌷     🌷
50 degrees this morning, calm and cloudy.

Had my usual walk to town.
Was walking around town and up the road past the library
when I saw a big brown dog roaming around without an owner.
I've had trouble with this dog before so I quickly went over to the 
other street and luckily it didn't see me.

It was headed in the direction of my home and I was afraid I'd
run into it again so after I had my walk around town I
called Ken and he came to pick me up.
I just can't believe how much trouble I'm having with dogs
now.  Never used to be like this.
I hate to complain though because nothing has really happened.

Walked around the cemetery at the top of the hill.
Don't usually see cows up around here at the cemetery.
Other years there has been corn or soy beans growing.

 Someone has planted these pretty flowers (think they are primroses)
around one of the tombstones.
This is the only Red Bud tree I've seen in town.
Sure is pretty.
Walked 6 miles 
Ken picked me up at the old house.
🌷     🌷
After breakfast we went back to the old house and I got the
lawn mowed again.  
This time of year the grass grows like crazy!

Still no sale of the house.
Both times people looked at it they seemed very interested
and both wanted to be notified if someone put in a contract.
BUT nothing so far.

Back home at the house I went outside and worked
on the natural fence.
Saw my first snake since I've been working on the fence.
Surprised I haven't been more with all the rocks around.

After lunch I stayed inside getting some house stuff done
but then later went back out to work on the fence.
Got a little reading done this afternoon too
and hope to get more done later.
The latest baby blanket is just about finished.
That should be done tomorrow.
Wasn't sure of the colors but it is turning out nice.
Will post a picture tomorrow if I get it done.

That's it for today.
A happy day to you.
happyone  🥰

Monday, April 29, 2019

Little Shelves

A bit windy this morning but nothing like it was the other day.
35 degrees and sunny so a great morning for walking.

Headed off to town again and walked a loop around town.
 Then over to the ball park and walked the loop there,
passed the post office and over to the lower cemetery and walked around there.

Then headed back home.
Just up ahead around the curve is where that dopey little dog lives.
He was nowhere to be seen when I left but on the way home there he was. 
Came right out into the street again and this time a car
was coming and he almost got run over.
Chased him home a couple of times before he quit following me.

Walking up my road a wild turkey flew across the road flying low.
Those things are pretty big up close.

Walked 6 miles
👟     👟
Hung a couple loads of laundry out on the line and then went
out with Ken to do a few errands.

After lunch Ken put up those little shelves he made for me in
the Broom/Cleaning closet.
Before there was just that one deep shelf at the back.
Much easier to see what I have on the two small shelves.
My clothes dried super fast on the line and I was able to get a third
load dried in the afternoon.

Had pizza for supper at Brenda's.
The half price pizza is still available on Monday's.
Once summer gets here the pizza goes back to full price.

That's it for today.
A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️

Saturday, April 27, 2019


The rain stopped last night and today we had sun BUT it was 
VERY windy.
It was on the cool side too with a temperature of 34 degrees F
when I left on my walk.
It was 40 by the time I got home and though.

Down the road just about a mile away from my house lives a little
dog who for days now has been running out in the road after me barking.
I've tried to be friendly but he is not a friendly fellow.
 When I turn around and stamp my foot he goes running
away as fast as he can, just to come back again.
We do this a bunch of times before he gives up and goes back home.
Three deer ran across the road in front of me and didn't stop
till they got up the hill here.
Here are two of them in silhouette.
Walked to town again and went to the post office first where
I dropped off another Netflix.
Then walked around town, the lower cemetery and then back home
Wayne was out walking today.

Those two rabbits were sitting in the driveway of a neighbor when I passed.
I think it is the same two because they are always in the same place.

By the time I got home I think it was even more windy than when I left.

 Walked 6 miles
Found a nickel
👟     💰     👟
 Made Macaroni Salad this morning to have with supper this evening.
Then got some chicken cooking in the crock pot.
Too windy to do any outside work around the house so 
we drove down to LaVale.
Picked up some more yarn for baby blankets
and got a few more things we needed at Walmart.

When we got back home I baked a chocolate cake.
Will have a piece for my snack this evening 
instead of ice cream for a change.
I'll read some and make some weave-its too.

Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone  ❤️
Comment Replies:
John - I walk a mile in 15 minutes but I'm usually out walking like you said about an hour and 40 minutes.  I stop to talk and take pictures and the last hill I walk up slows me down a bit.  Its a very steep 1/2 mile up. I can't avoid it because I live at the top of it!!

Victor - No bridge, just very hilly countryside!  Funny you should mention finding pennies, no pennies but found a nickel (5 cent coin) today.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Rainy Walk

Yesterday we spent at church working on the Fingerprint Ministry.
I went for my morning walk, we ate breakfast and
then left.  Worked from 9:00am to 8:30pm with breaks for lunch and supper.
People came and went all day.
8,631 Roman's books got assembled and packed up.
An exhausting days work, but fun and a great feeling of accomplishment.
📚     📚
Dressed in my rain gear and took along the umbrella too for this mornings walk.
It was 50 degrees and rainy.
Some periods of heavy rain and sometimes just a drizzle and
even some dry stretches.
Took my usual walk to and around town.
Made a loop around the lower cemetery before starting back home.
 Ken gave me a toot as he passed by in the car on his way to breakfast with Edd.
 Saw a couple of deer on the way home.
Walked 6 miles
🌧     🌧
Had some fun rearranging some furniture and things around in the living room.

This afternoon I made some weave-it square for the latest baby blanket.
So far I've gotten 53 squares made and some sewing them together.
I have 17 left to do.

Didn't get a chance to read yet today but I'll do that later.
That's it for today.

A happy day to you.
happyone  ❤️

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


44 degrees this morning and cloudy with a slight breeze.
Wasn't long before the sun was out though.
Walked to town and today stayed in town for the rest of my walk.

Dropped off a book down the slot at the library
and then walked around town.
Made my way over to the lower cemetery and walked around there
and then up the hill to the other one.
 From there walked down to the Drane house.
The pond behind the Drane house.
 Lastly went to say good morning to the cows who were
not even up yet. 
Sure is muddy!!
From there I walked to the old house and met Ken there.
He was weed wacking.
He had stopped at the bakery and bought donuts and
we went home to eat them.
Walked 6 miles
👟     👟
After breakfast we went back to the house and finished
tidying up the yard.
By that time it was lunchtime and we just went to Burger King
for a spicy chicken sandwich.

As we passed by the old house on the way home we noticed a couple
of cars in the driveway.  
Said a little prayer that the people will like the house and put in an offer.

When we got back home Ken worked on the water feature out front.
There was a leak and he found that and fixed it.
The only thing left to do now is finishing putting the rocks around the
ponds.  No problem finding rocks, they are ALL OVER!!

There was a dirty old bench in the shed at the old house that
we brought home.  I cleaned it up this afternoon.
It sure was dirty!!
  Thought about painting it but decided not too.
I can also paint it at a later date.

Well that's about it for today.
We are off to church now.
A happy day to you.
happyone  ❤️
Comment Replies:
Joyce - No, haven't seen the movie, Out of Africa.  I probably will just skip the book club meeting next month.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Another busy day

Left the house at 6:30 and it was 44 degrees F.
It wasn't long before the sun was up and shining.
Walking down the first bend I saw the first two deer.
After snapping this picture they both took off running
in opposite directions.
Around the bend and down a ways there were those two rabbits again.
The usual birds too.

Walked to town and went to the post office first and dropped
off another Netflix (Foyle's War) and then continued around town.
Walked up to the cemetery on top of the hill and around there.
 This picture I took coming down the hill from the cemetery.
Kids back to school so all my bus driver friends were back to work
and waved to me as they passed.

Saw Lisa out running.  We just waved to each other because we
were too far away to stop and talk.

Walked just over 6 miles
👟     👟
Home in the morning getting house stuff done.

After lunch we went down to the old house.
I mowed the lawn for the first time this season.
Hoping the house sells so I won't have to be mowing it all summer.
Some one is coming tomorrow to look at it.
This will be the second viewing since we put it on the market last month.
The first people that came were very interested but we never heard back again.

There is still some stuff in the shed out back so Ken got rid of some
more of that stuff.

Back home I worked on the natural fence till supper time.

I tried reading Out of Africa again and I don't like it.
Just not interested in it.
I have too many books to read, to read one that I don't like.
Going back to reading An Echo in the Bone, an Outlander book this evening.
This series I like a lot!!

So ends another day.
 A happy day to you.
happyone  ❤️

Monday, April 22, 2019

Another Try

This morning when I left at 6:30 it was 40 degrees F
and it was cloudy but no wind.
 No deer again today but saw two bunny rabbits.
I saw one the other day, maybe tomorrow I'll see three. 
Walked down the hill to the main road
and then up the hill to town.

Stopped at the post office to mail a letter.
Walked through town to the ball park loop and around there.
Over to the lower cemetery, around there and then headed back home again.

A pretty azalea along the way.
This is the only one that I've seen blooming so far.
 Another quiet morning in town without the school buses.
Not sure now many days the kids have off.

Walked 6 miles
👟     👟
Late morning the cloudy day turned into a sunny one.

We drove down to LaVale and got some shopping done at Walmart.
Also stopped at Lowe's, Tractor Supply, and Surplus City.

Got home late afternoon and just hung around doing this and that
until it was supper time.
No Brenda's this Monday.
Went to Ledo's for a change.

On the way to Ledo's we stopped at the library to pick up
 a book that was on hold for me.
The next book club book.
Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen.
I tried to read this book many years ago and just couldn't get into it.
When I told my book club that they all thought I was crazy.
The people that have already read it, loved it.
So I'm going to give it another try.
Will start it tonight.
It's been so long I don't know why I didn't like, just remember
not liking it.
If you've read it, what did you think?

That's it for today.
A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️

Sunday, April 21, 2019

At Calvary

At Calvary
Lyrics - William Reed Newell
Music - Daniel Brink Towner

1. Years I spent in vanity and pride,
Caring not my Lord was crucified,
Knowing not it was for me He died
  On Calvary.


Mercy there was great, and grace was free;
Pardon there was multiplied to me;
There my burdened soul found liberty,
    At Calvary.

2. By God’s Word at last my sin I learned;
Then I trembled at the law I’d spurned,
Till my guilty soul imploring turned
  To Calvary.

3. Now I’ve giv’n to Jesus everything,
Now I gladly own Him as my King,
Now my raptured soul can only sing
  Of Calvary.

4.  Oh, the love that drew salvation’s plan!
Oh, the grace that brought it down to man!
Oh, the mighty gulf that God did span
  At Calvary!

1 Corinthians 15:3-4  KJV
For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, 
how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

And that He was buried, 
and that he rose again the third day 
according to the scriptures. 

A Happy and Blessed Easter to all.
happyone ❤️

Easter is not about the bunny
but the Lamb.

Comment Replies:
Vee - The 'door' in the fence was not put there on purpose, I'll have to go back and close that up.  Didn't notice it until the picture! I've seen lots of birds going in and out of the fence.  Maybe there are some nests hidden there!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Morning Skies and the fence

52 degrees F this morning, pretty calm, and a mix of sun and clouds.
A quiet Saturday morning walk.
Very few deer, but did hear lots of birds chirping,
and a couple woodpeckers.

Walked to town and went to the post office.
Dropped a Netflix down the slot.

Walked a loop around town and then up the hill to the
cemetery and then down to see the cows by the barn near the Drane house.

Back to the main road and home again.

What cool looking clouds this morning.  
I kept looking up and snapping pictures.

Morning moon 

This is my favorite one today.
Unusual looking with all the clouds in a row like that.
Walked my usual 6 miles.
👟     👟
Inside this morning doing this and that and then late morning
I went outside and started working on picking up the sticks and limbs
and making the natural fence.
Worked till lunch and then went back out after lunch.
Ken snapped this picture of me working on the fence.
A couple more pictures of the fence.
Looking up the property line.
Looking down the property line.
That pretty much took care of the whole day for me.
Ken made a couple of narrow shelves for me to put in the broom/cleaning 
closet.  Will take a picture once they are up.  

Such a pretty day, sunny and in the low 60's, great outside working weather.

A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️
Comment Replies:
Elaine - I've made 15 weave-it afghans with just over 300 squares in each. One bedspread of 500 squares and another huge bedspread with 825 squares.  
Since I've been making them for Babies for Blankets with the church ladies I've made
34 baby ones.  They are only 70 squares.  That comes to roughly 8,205 squares.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Restful Afternoon

Sunset last night while sitting on the front porch.
A cloudy morning while walking but it was 55 degrees and calm.

Just me, the deer, and the birds walking down to the main road.
Walked to town.
 Went around the lower cemetery and then went back
to the main road through town.
Passed by the old house,
made a loop through town and then headed back home.

No school today so no buses.
An uneventful walk but still a good one.

This picture taken from the end of my driveway
getting back home.
 Walked 6 miles
👟     👟
Ken was gone when I got home to have breakfast with Edd.
I'm surprised he didn't pass by me while I was walking.
Must have been walking around the cemetery.

Made myself a waffle for breakfast.
Topped it off with strawberries and whipped cream.

Finished up the house cleaning for this week.
Today I took all the cushions off the chairs and gave
them a good vacuuming.
 This was the afternoon I was going to work on my natural fence
but it rained.  Maybe God's way of telling me to take a rest! 

I read and made weave-it squares.
Have 18 of them made for next months baby blanket.
Probably make some more this evening.
Got the next Foyle's War in the mail and we'll watch that tonight.

That's it for today.

A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️
Comment Replies:
Tom - Thanks for identifying the Snow Fountain Cherry tree.  What a perfect name.
Debbie and Bettye -  Looked the tree name up and the full name is
White Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree

 Sandi - Yes, the tree is real.

John - Summer walks here by me are actually pretty nice.  We don't get those real hot days and walking in the morning it is usually pretty cool.  Those days when it is hot, I just get hot. A nice big glass of cold water is just the thing after walking.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

No Yard Work Today

Another terrific day for walking.
45 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds with a bit of a wind.
I like being able to get out of bed, get dressed and start walking.
Nice that I don't have to wait for it to get light.

Walked to town again and took a right off the main road
and went passed the library.
Don't know what kind of tree this is but I call it
the umbrella tree and it is in front of the library.
Made a stop at the old house.
These are the forsythia at the property line.
They seem to be blooming better this year than any other year.
From the house I walked over to the lower cemetery and walked around there.

Then headed down the main road toward home.
Turned around and took a picture of the guys working on a bill board sign.  
You can see an opossum up there in the road that didn't make
it across in time.
Man those things are ugly!!
The forsythia along here aren't in full bloom yet.
I'm about to walk up that steep hill just around the bend
that leads to my house.
Lots of deer and birds along the way.
Walked 6 miles
👟     👟
No yard work for me today.
It was Baby Blanket day at church.
Nice to sit and chat and make squares.
They all liked the latest blanket I made with the orange in it.
We had breakfast, a short devotional
and then we set to work.
14 of us were there.

This afternoon I baked the last and final batch of Snickerdoodle
cookies for the Sunday school kids and got them in the freezer.
(the cookies, not the kids)

What a pretty day it was today.
Felt like summer in the mid 70's.
I sat out on the front porch and got a little reading done
before it was time to go inside and get dinner ready.
I made Manicotti.

This evening will find me,
watching Netflix and making weave-it squares,
and of course eating ice cream.

A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

More weeding

A nice warm sunny morning for walking.
54 degrees and no wind.
Back to walking in only a tee shirt, one of my new bright colored ones.
I wore a short sleeve over a long sleeve.

Had my usual walk into town.
Just walked down the steep hill from my house here.
Once I got to town I walked around both cemeteries, a quick
loop around town and then headed back home.

Saw all the usual deer and birds and today there was a cardinal and a blue bird.
I've seen a couple blue birds flying around Happy Trails too.

An old sign by an old tree that looks like it lost its message a while ago.
Walked 6 miles
👟     👟
Got some more housework done this morning.
I had finished the next 24 weave-it squares for the 6th
strip on the yellow gingham bedspread I'm making.  
Sewed the squares together last night and this morning
I sewed the strip onto the bedspread.
Now it is 1/4 done.
I'll put that aside for now, while I make the next baby blanket for next month.

After lunch once again I went down to the old house.
Today worked on the daisy garden down by the road.
Got all the old daisies cut down,
weeded, and edged.
I still have one more garden to do
and then have to mow the lawn for the first time.
 Not doing it tomorrow though.
Need a break.

That's it for today.

A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


32 degrees this morning but the wind died down and it
was sunny.  The air is always so fresh and crisp after a day of rain.
A beautiful morning for walking!
I saw deer, red winged blackbirds, robins, killdeers, and a rabbit.
Walked to town and stopped at the post office first to drop
a Netflix down the mail drop.

Passing by the little town pond
I noticed that the fountain is hooked up and working
which is another sign that spring has arrived.

The forsythia in town is starting to bloom.
It doesn't bloom very long but it sure is pretty.
 Walked around the ball park loop and then headed back home.
Neighbors Gene and Peggy pass me just about every morning in the car 
when I'm walking up the last STEEP hill near home and wave.  
Today they stopped to say hi.

Walked 6 miles
👟     👟   
Worked around inside the house in the morning and then 
after lunch went to the old house and did some work outside
in the garden.  Got some edging done, old plants pulled up and weeded.
Finished the sides of the front walk,
the cone flower garden
and the garden near the top of the driveway.
Then put Preen down.  That seems to work pretty good on keeping
the weeds from taking over!

 Ken started helping and since he is not that crazy about weeding and
I don't mind, I suggested he go on home and let me work
and pick me up at 4:00.
So that's what he did.
It was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 50's, good working weather.

When back home I got the wash in off the line and folded
and cooked supper.
It's been another busy day and I sure am looking forward
to my ice cream this evening.
Cookies and Cream.

A happy day to you.
Comment Replies;
GrannyMarigold - We live in western Maryland, the most northwest part of the state in Garrett County!  Very close to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Uniontown, PA is 49 miles away.  Takes about an hour to get there.

Monday, April 15, 2019

One last snow , I hope.

Woke up this morning to a cold, VERY windy 🌬 morning
with snow blowing sideways. 🌨
Thought the wind might blow me away so I skipped my walk. 
There was no accumulation but it stayed cold and windy all day.
Tomorrow is supposed to be back to nice weather.

 Since we couldn't get any work done outside around the house
we went to Uniontown, Pa for the day.
Picked up some stuff at Lowe's and then went to 
Hobby Lobby.
Ken got some stuff for his train layout
and I bought 3 colorful short sleeve tee shirts for walking.
Got 2 long sleeve ones too and they were gray and white.
The short sleeve ones were $2.78 each
and the long sleeve ones were $5.59.
Sure can't beat that price.

There is a Wal-mart there too and we went and got our
food shopping done too.

Topped the day off with going to Brenda's for half price pizza.
They were also giving everyone free bread sticks today.

By the time we got back from Brenda's the sun was coming out
but it was still windy.

Sorry no pictures today.
This day seems to fly right by.
Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone ❤️
Comment Replies:
Susan q - Thanks for the comment.  Glad to hear you enjoy my blog. 😊  Are you a walker too?

Saturday, April 13, 2019


Well I did get out to walk this morning.
It was 45 degrees F, no wind at all with a mix of sun and clouds.
Things are starting to green up all over now.
Can you spot the bunny sitting up ahead in the road?
He wouldn't let me get any closer.
Walked to town and as I was passing by the bakery on the way to
the old house I saw something that caused me to smile.
Two construction workers were just sitting down at one
of the tables that are out front with their donuts and coffee.
Before eating they paused, bowed their heads and thanked God.
 The plan was for me to walk to the old house in town and
Ken was going to pick me up there.
It would have been a 2 1/2 mile walk to get started again.
When I reached the house
I should have called Ken to tell him I would be heading back
home and he could pick me up along the way.
But I didn't because I thought for sure he would spot me.
I didn't know that he planned to stop at the bakery
to surprise me with donuts for breakfast.
While I walked passed the bakery going home he must have
because we never did see each other.
When I got down to the turn off to go home
I texted him and asked where he was.
He answered at the house in town.
So he headed back home and stopped to pick
me up on the way.  
By that time I'd walked 4 1/2 miles.
It all worked out good though, because I wasn't tired and
could have walked all the way home
and it was great having the donuts.
A picture of spring.
Not mine, but a garden in town.
A beautiful sunny day and 70 degrees.
Ken spent another day working on the water feature.
It has a water fall, the water flows under the footbridge,
fills up a small pool, which overflows into another pool,
which flows into a third pool.
Still needs lots of rocks around it but it is coming along great.
I try to help but Ken has the plan in his head and changes the
plan as he works so I just let him go.
Sure is nice to have all the rocks needed for it!!

Sure was a nice day to put my clothes line to good use.
My big job this afternoon was to wash our VERY DIRTY car.
Most every time I wash a car I think of my mother.
She once told me that she NEVER washed a car in her life!!!

One last thing.
Some people came for a look at the house for sale this afternoon.
Haven't heard back anything yet.
This is the third weekend it's been for sale and this is the
first viewing!!
But then it only takes one.

A happy day to you.
happyone  ❤️