Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fire Pile

Another foggy picture left over from yesterday morning.
Just a short quick 3.2 mile walk for me this morning around both
cemeteries and the ball park loop.
It was 60 degrees and sunny.
Pretty quiet out there on an early Saturday morning.
The only person I saw was Rebecca out walking her dog.

The house the two people are taking down looks like this now.
The porch is gone.
Yesterday there were 4 people working on it.
 This is the daisy garden at the end of my driveway.
They are just starting to bloom.
 Had a short walk this morning because we wanted to get to the new
house early.  My job was to get all the burnable building material burned 
and wanted to do that early when it was still cool out and no wind.
The wind usually picks up here in the afternoon.
It didn't take long to get a nice big fire going.
All the boxes and cardboard that you see in the picture all got thrown
on the pile and there is nothing left of it but ashes.
It took all morning to accomplish.
There was some more building debris and garbage in cans too and
I went through it and took out all the burnable stuff for the fire and the
rest I put in garbage bags. 
Ken took down a tree that was in the front of the driveway and
after lunch that got burned up in the pile too.

He also worked on getting more stone walls made.
By early afternoon I was done working for the day.
I walked around, watched Ken work, and sat out back in the swing.
Came home at 3:45.

Then we went to church again to finish that job from yesterday.
This time we had all the right tools and things went smoothly.
In an hour we were all done.

Stopped at Subway for supper on the way home.
Glad to be home now to enjoy another quiet evening.
I'm sure you all know what I'm looking forward to -

Hope your day was a happy one and you smiled often.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

"How is it that one match can start a forest fire,
but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire?"
 ~ Christy Whitehead

Friday, June 29, 2018

More Stone

My walk this morning started out with some patchy fog.
Couldn't decide which picture to post so here are all three of them.

The temperature was 55 degrees.
The fog burned off fairly quickly and then it was full sun for the
rest of the day.

Had my usual walk through town and down the main road.
Back to town and around the cemeteries and the ball park loop.
I saw the man from yesterday again walking around the ball park
and stopped and introduced myself.  His name is Bill.

Walked 6 miles
🌫     ☀️     ⛅️
We had a little job to do at church but didn't have much luck with it.
Forgot a tool that we needed and then broke a drill bit.
Decided we weren't meant to do this today and left it for another day.
Stopped and had lunch on the way home.
Then we got the dump trailer and went to the quarry and got
two more loads of the big sized gravel stones.
Here we are arriving at the new house with a load.
It was for the upper driveway in front of the garages.
Here you can see how it is all coming together now and getting level. 
Should make driving the cars into the garage easy.
 Stayed at the house till 5:45 and then headed home.
Didn't feel much like cooking so we just had pancakes for supper.
I put chocolate chips in them and we had syrup and a bit of whipped cream
on top.  A nice cold glass of milk hit the spot.

Nice to be home now to have a nice relaxing evening.

Hope your day was a good one and you smiled often.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

"I will find my joy -
Not in a bed of hothouse roses,
but in a wayward roadside flower."
~ Muriel Strode


Thursday, June 28, 2018

A short walk and a short post

Rained during the night but had stopped by my morning walking time.
It was cloudy but no rain and the temperature was 64 degrees.
Walked around town this morning including the usual cemeteries
and ball park loop.
I saw the older gentleman out walking again.
He looks a bit scruffy but is very nice and always has a smile and a kind word to say.
My walk was shorter than normal at only 4.4 miles.
Couldn't walk my usual 6 because we had to leave the house at 8:00
to go to church.  It was a work day for the Fingerprint Ministry.
We worked there till 3:30.
At one time I counted 24 people there working.  People come and go all
day and work whenever they can.

A couple, Sandy and Brian always provide a lunch for us workers.
It is a fun time with much talking and laughing as we do our work.

That pretty much took care of the day.
Before coming home we did stop up at the new house to see how the
siding was coming along.  Slowly but surely.  Some of the back of the 
garage got done.

Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More than a little wet

It was a cloudy morning when I first left the house at 6:30 for
my morning walk and 60 degrees.

Walked first on the roads behind my house and took the above picture there.
Then walked through town and down the main road.
Turned around and started back to town when the rain
came down.  Not just a drizzle but a drenching rain.  
Heard a loud clap of thunder and thought it a good idea to go home.
But after a mile the rain stopped for a while and though I was
soaking wet continued walking.  Went around both cemeteries and
the ball park loop.  I started to dry out a bit by the time I was back home.

Didn't see anyone else out.
Walked 6 miles
πŸ’¦     πŸ’¦     πŸ’¦
Rain started again after I got home and rained for the rest of the morning.
We thought it a good day to go to Walmart for food shopping.
Got everything we needed and was back home for lunch.

The rain pretty much had stopped so Ken went up to the house to
move some HUGE stones around with his tractor.

I stayed home and baked another bunch of cookies for Bible Time
next month.  That make 12 1/2 dozen so far.

After that I read a while.

Made Rigatoni and Vegetables for supper.
Recipe HERE.

A happy day to you.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

Never ask, "What reason do I have to be happy?"
Instead ask, "To what purpose can I attach my happiness?"
 ~ Robert Brault

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


What perfect weather for walking this morning and I was out walking
at 6:05.  55 degrees with a bit of a breeze and sunny.

Walked the Farm Loop.
Turned left off the main road where the truck is coming out.
Notice the tractor on the shoulder up ahead.
A bull watches me walk by.
I must have walked too close to some bird nests a few times and
caused a panic because I got dived bombed three different times.
Red Winged black birds

I saw Lisa running around the Farm Loop.
Don't usually see anyone else around there.

Walked a couple of miles around town too to make up 6 miles.
The house in town that the two people are taking down on their
own now looks like this.
πŸ¦‹     πŸ¦‹     πŸ¦‹
Home in the morning getting a couple loads of laundry hung out on the line
and the usual morning chores done.
 When I was finished inside I went outside and mowed the lawn.

Ken came home for lunch and afterward we went and got two more loads
of stone.  One load of big stones and then one of crush and run to
put on the top of the big stones.

We were very happy to see that Ronnie and Walter have started
the siding on the house.  They've started at the back of the house
by the bedroom.
Color isn't exactly right in the picture which just looks dark gray
but there is a green tint to it.
We like it a lot and are happy with the colors we've chosen.

That's it for today.
Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end.
It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing;
it's when you've had everything to do,
and you've done it."
~ Margaret Thatcher

Monday, June 25, 2018

Counter Top

Walked through town and down the road a ways,
back to town, around both cemeteries, the ball park loop and home.
It was 60 degrees with both sun and clouds.
An older man who I see once in a while was walking around the
ball park loop and Gail was out walking too.
She used to walk last year for a while and now she's back walking again.

Not that there is ever a lot of traffic around here but now with
 school out for the summer there is even less.

Walked 6 miles
🌀     🌀     🌀
I was home in the morning long enough to eat breakfast,
hang a load of wash outside, and do a quick straightening up.
Then I went with Ken and spent the whole day up at the new house.

Helped Ken a bit with making the little waterfall in the front yard
and getting more done on the driveway.  This time up at the top
of the driveway in front of the garages.
 Will wait to post a picture of the waterfall when it is finished.

Ronnie and Walter continue to work on the outside of the house
doing more trim, soffits, and the peeks.
Hoping they start the siding in the next day or so.
Meanwhile inside the house the men came to install the 
kitchen counter tops.
Oh, the counter top turned out wonderful and I love it.
From the picture it looks solid black but it isn't.
This picture of the cook top shows the color better but it still looks more gray.
It does have a tint of blue which shows up next to the blue.
The cook top is below the microwave and hard to see in the above picture. 
Won't be long before I'll be cooking supper and baking cookies in
my new kitchen.

We met David at Brenda's again for our Monday night pizza.  
It's still great pizza even though it isn't have price again till the fall.

Beautiful weather today.
Sunny, a slight breeze and a high of 70.

A happy day to you.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

"A laugh is a smile that bursts."
~ Mary H Waldrip

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rock Maze

Didn't go on my walk this morning.
Ken got three more loads of stone this morning.
I went with him for one of the loads and got the other two on his own.
While he was doing that David, our son,  picked me up and we went on a hike.
He went to this place a month or so ago and thought I'd like
it so he took me there today.

The trail name is Rock Maze and this is the start of it.
 Walked down this trail a while and then we came upon the rock maze
just sitting there in the middle of the trail.
It was awesome. The pictures don't give you the the beauty or the size of it all.
Took a bunch of pictures and I'm sorry to say they didn't come out all that good
But here they are anyway.

Here is David sitting under an outcropping.
What an awesome place it is.  
Sure glad he brought me there.
Though there were two other cars at the head of the trail,
we didn't see a soul they whole time we were there.

That took the place of my morning walk.
πŸ„     πŸ„     πŸ„
After the hike David dropped me off at the new house by Ken.
Worked a little while with him there and then came home.

Had a few rain showers this afternoon in between sunny periods.

I enjoyed the afternoon sitting and reading my book.
I have less than 200 pages left to read of the 979 pages in The Fiery Cross
by Diana Gabaldon. 
Though I've read a bunch of other books while reading this one,
it is taking me such a long time to finish it.
I'm not reading anything else till it's done.

Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone πŸ’•

"In every walk with Nature one receives
far more than he seeks."
~ John Muir

Friday, June 22, 2018

Back and forth for stone

60 degrees this morning and a little misty rain once in a while and very windy.
I was up and out walking at 6:05.
A couple peeks of blue sky once in a while too.
Walked through town and down the road a ways and then
back to town.
Around one of the cemeteries and the ball park loop.
 No one else out walking that I saw.

Walked 6 miles
🌦     🌦     🌦
While I was out walking Ken went and got another load of the
big stone for the driveway.
On the way for another load he stopped home.
We had breakfast and then I went with him for the next load of stone.
  And for the next 4 loads.
That was how we spent our day, going back and forth for stone.
We had a routine worked out.
Ken would drive the tractor up to the dump trailer with the bucket loader
by the tail gate.
I was in charge of the raising and lowering the dump trailer.
 The stone would get dumped right into the bucket loader and when it
was full I'd lower the trailer.
Then Ken would dump it on the driveway.
Each trailer load we dumped about 5 bucket loads.
As you can see from the picture there is still more stone needed.
Ronnie and Walter were working on siding the gable ends of the house.
The garage side of the house.
And the other end of the house.
The siding will be vertical and a green/gray color.
Maybe that will get done next week.

That is all we did today.
Oh, we did go to the Shop and Save for milk and the most important thing. 
 Ice cream.
Trying a new flavor for me called,
Vanilla Chocolate Crunch. (Turkey Hill)

Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

I may mot be there yet,
but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
~ unknown

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Walking in the rain

It was a drizzling rainy walk this morning.
64 degrees with a bit of a wind too.
I started out walking with my umbrella but was getting wet anyway 
from the wind so I walked back home 
and dropped of the umbrella and then continued on in the rain.
It kept me nice and cool.
I did get pretty wet though.
Had my usual walk around town again.
No people around and the workers weren't working on the
sidewalks today because of the rain.
 I enjoyed my rainy walk and went the usual 6 miles. 
🌧     🌧     🌧
Ken left when I did with the dump trailer to get a load of big sized gravel
for the driveway up at the new house.
He dug a drainage ditch along the side and put in a pipe and
the gravel is for there.
He made three trips for stone.
I would have gone with him but it was Baby Blanket Day at church.

Today was my turn to give the devotional before starting to work on the blankets.
Another brought breakfast.
I was a bit nervous about giving the devotional because I don't
like speaking in front of people but it went good.
I just thought of Philippians 4:13.  
I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.  
That did the trick.  😊
We've had widely scattered rain showers around here today.
Coming home I drove through rain and sun a couple of times each.

Got some more reading done this afternoon.
Didn't do much of anything else.

We had a hard time deciding what we wanted to eat for supper
and finally Ken suggested French toast so that's what I made.
Was surprised that Ken suggested that because he usually
doesn't like breakfast for supper.
Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone πŸ’•
"Multitudes of people are beauty blind to the outdoor pictures.
I doubt if one in a hundred begins to take in the beauty
visible on even a short walk in the city or country."
~ Delia Lyman Porter 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The running geese

Woke up a bit early this morning and was out and walking
at 6:15.  It was 64 degrees with a little breeze, cloudy and felt like rain.
Walked around town, the cemeteries and the ball park.
The man who runs around and around the ball park was there today.
He must get dizzy running around so many times. 😊

Watched a cute thing walking down the hill from the cemetery.
The road is between two fields and all the geese families were walking
up the field going from one pond to the other.
When they saw me coming down the hill they all turned and ran
back to the pond.  It was so funny to watch them all running.
One of the little ones got left behind and was quite a distance
from all the rest of them.  He was running for all he was worth and 
crying along the way.  He must have been saying, "Hey, wait for me."
Mama Geese finally realized he wasn't with the rest of the kids
and came running to the rescue and the two of them got back to the pond.

I mentioned that one of the old houses in town was getting torn down.
Took a couple of pictures of it today.
It is being taken down slowly by a man and a woman, just the two of them.

 At four miles I felt the first raindrops.  They only lasted for about
a quarter of a mile though.  Then at 5 miles the raindrops came again
only this time more of them came and I was pretty wet when I got
back home at 6 miles.
Didn't mind the rain though, it felt nice and cooled me off.
🌧     🌧     🌧
Rain stopped after breakfast and Ken went back to the house
to work on the driveway again.

Ended up being a nice sunny day with a breeze to chase the
white clouds across the sky.
I was going to wash my car and then take a ride this afternoon but when I went to start it, the battery was dead again.
Didn't hold the charge so I guess that means time for a new battery.

Walked around the front yard and took a couple pictures of the
flowers along the front walkway.
I did know the name of these pink and red flowers at one time
but forgot what it is.

Late in the afternoon a thunderstorm rolled by and boy did it rain.
 It is just ending now.

Hope your day was bright and sunny.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

This is such a sad quote it brings tears to my eyes.
What an awful testimony some Christians give to the world.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Lord, help me to be more like Jesus.
Showing Mercy

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A warm morning

A warm 72 degrees this morning which is pretty rare to have it 
so warm first thing in the morning here.
It was cloudy and there was a breeze which kept it nice.
Looked like rain any moment but it never did.
Walked through town and down toward Happy Trails which is where the new house is.
The turn off is just down the road from here about a quarter of mile.
 Counted 11 little ones down there.

Back to town and walked the cemeteries and the ball park loop
and through town once again.
Saw Lisa out running and we stopped to say hi and saw two young women 
out running that I've never seen before.

Walked 6 miles
 πŸ‘     🏑     🏑
Ken has been up at the new house working on the driveway with the tractor
trying to get it just right.  
It is pretty steep with a curve and he's trying to lower it a couple of feet.

I was home baking cookies.  Bible time is coming up next month at church and
I'm baking 20 dozen cookies.  
Have some already made in the freezer.  
Today made chocolate chippers but will also bake snickerdoodles.
I've baked 8 dozen so far.

Took a walk down the street to the dentist.
We have cleaning appointments next week but can't make it then
and had to change our appointments.
But when I got there the office was closed today.
Well it was a nice little walk anyway.
Did some more reading this afternoon.

We've had a few thunderstorms throughout the day
and some sunshine too.

Hope you found the good in your day and you smiled often.
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

"How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
In a believer's ear;
It soothes his sorrows heals his wounds,
And drives away his fear."
~ John Newton

Monday, June 18, 2018

End of half price pizza

A warm 64 degrees this morning when I left on my walk.
It was sunny with some low hanging clouds.
 It had rained during the night but had stopped by morning.
I would have welcomed a light rain shower like yesterday morning to cool me off.
Walked the Farm Loop.
The only sound to hear was all the birds chirping their
happy morning songs and a tractor off in the distance.

 Once back to town I walked around one of the cemeteries a
couple of times, through town and home.

The horses I usually see were nowhere to be seen today
and the cows weren't around either.

One side of the street in town has all new sidewalks
and the other side is about half done.
It is taking a while but looks so nice.

Walked 6 miles
Found 2 pennies
🐰     🦊     🐻
Got a couple loads of laundry hung up out on the line.
 With it warm and sunny they dried faster than if I had a dryer.

Made a quick sweep around the house cleaning and straightening things up.
I'll be doing that daily until the house sells.

 Next up was to get the grass mowed.
With my 0 turn rider mower I get our acre mowed in just 45 minutes.

During the afternoon I took a break and did some reading.
Haven't done any reading for the last few days.
Also my nails were in bad shape after all the weeding
(though I did wear gloves)
so I did my nails too.

We met David again for supper at Brenda's and had pizza
but it is no longer Half Price Pizza Monday.
Now that it is summer time this week they quit doing it.
Half price will start again after Labor Day.
We will still have a Monday Pizza though.

 Temperature up to 82 degrees - that is pretty warm for here.

Hope your day was a happy one.
 Life is Good
happyone πŸ’•

Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to.
~ unknown

 πŸ      🏑     🏘
Feedback from the house viewing on Friday.
Realtor said it showed well inside and out but the people said it was,
Over priced
Didn't like painted cabinets
Didn't like our choice of colors
🏠     🏑     🏘

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A day of weeding

49 degrees and sunny and calm this early Saturday morning.
Walked up and down the streets in town today and both cemeteries
and the ball park loop.
Coming down from the cemetery on top of the hill in this picture.
 The old barn by the pond at the Drane house is still standing
though I think a few more boards have fallen off.
Ivy has grown up the trunks of the trees.
There are a couple more bunnies hopping around at the cemetery.
I saw two little ones.  They sure were cute.

This is such a nice time of the year for walking
and I walked 6 miles.
🐞     🐞     🐞
I spent the whole day outside weeding the large front garden
down by the driveway.
Started at 9 in the morning.
Took a break for lunch at 12:15 to 1:00 and weeded again till 4:15.
 That is a lot of weeding.
I have a blister on the palm of my right hand, a thorn in my finger
on the left hand which I can't get out and I have a wedge of
sunburn in the small of my back.  The space between my jeans
and my t-shirt from leaning over.
The garden sure looks nice now though but I tell you,
I sure don't feel like weeding again for a while!!

We haven't heard anything back on the reaction from the people
looking at the house yesterday and haven't had any
others looking today.
Maybe tomorrow.

I always look forward to my evening ice cream but
I'm really looking forward to it tonight.

Hope your day was a happy one.
Life is Good
happyone πŸ’•

May all your weeds be wildflowers.
~ unknown

Friday, June 15, 2018

Viewing Number 1

Walked over to the library to drop a book down the book drop,
then walked around the Farm Loop again.
49 degrees, sunny and calm.
It was a beautiful morning.
I saw quite a few killdeers and a bunch of red winged blackbirds.
I must have been by some nests because the birds were noisy
and kept flying around me.
The corn have sprouted and are just tiny little things.
I walked into the field to take the picture.
I saw a couple of bears getting ready to take a little row around the pond.  😊 
I walked the loop in the opposite direction of yesterday so when I
got back to town I walked around by the industrial park for a 6 mile walk.
 πŸŒΌ     🌼     🌼
11:30 this morning the photographer came and took a bunch of
pictures of the house.
So before she came we made sure everything looked as good as
we could make it.

After lunch we got a call from our realtor and the first viewing was
coming at 3:30.  As you can imagine we were pretty excited.
We left the house at 3:15 and no sooner got out of the
driveway when they showed up.

We went down the street and parked in the dentist parking lot
to wait for them the leave.
We thought it was a good sign that they stayed for 45 minutes
looking around.
Haven't heard anything back yet, good or bad.

After supper we went up to the new house to see what's been
done today.  Didn't see anything different from yesterday.

I liked the Golden Oreo's yesterday but do like the original
ones best.  A close second for me is the mint ones.
Going for the ice cream tonight though.
Cookies and Cream

Hope your day was a happy one
Life is Good
happyone  πŸ’•

"Patience is the companion of wisdom."
~ St. Augustin