Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Saturday, September 30, 2023

Some Bulls


On the way to town saw the twin fawns once again.
Started walking in town at 6:30 and the sun rose at 7:12.
It was cloudy during my walk but later in the morning it turned sunny.

Walked up and down the streets in town, both cemeteries and the ball park.

Lisa was out walking too.

Went down the farm road to the big barn to see the bulls which are all are down one end.

No modular house yet on the lot by the cemetery but now there is a big hole.

Years ago when we first moved here there was an empty house on the lot.
It was taken down and the lot sat there for some years till it was bought some time last year.
The house had a basement and when the house came down the basement was filled with some of the house debris and covered up.
As the years went by it settled and sunk a bit.
I met Kathy who bought the lot and she mentioned the depression in the yard and that is when I told her about the basement.
So I guess they had it dug up so they could see what was buried.

A pretty quiet Saturday morning around town.
It is great to be outside early in the morning and being part of the start of a new day.

Morning Walk Steps were 12,460

🙂         🥾         ☁️         🚶‍♀️

This morning I went to the library to meet the ladies for some needlework.
The name of the group is A Stitch in Time.
There were 5 of us there today.
I was knitting
Another crocheting
One quilting
Two embroidering 
I was going to bring some Welsh Cookies along but forgot all about making them.
Will try to remember for next week.

This is what I saw sitting out on my front porch this afternoon.

Happy Saturday and thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 29, 2023

The Story of the Desk


On the way to town I saw 6 deer all along the road down from my house.
Had to drive very slowly.
Also saw a couple of eyes glowing in the dark and it turned out to be a groundhog on the side of the road.

52 degrees this morning at 6:30 when I started walking.
Of course it was dark but once the sun rose at 7:11 there was a mix of sun and clouds.

I walked through town and made a stop to drop a book down the library book slot.
Continued walking down the main road till I got to the curve in the road and turned around after walking up this driveway a little ways.

Back through town I walked and kept going down the road toward home, turned around again and went back to town.

A few times I have found gloves along my walk and have put them on the posts along the road.
Someone always takes them off after a while.
One time I had 12 or so of them up before they were gone.
I've started again and today put the first glove up.

When I got back to town I walked around both of the cemeteries.
So nice to walk in the sunshine.

Corn shadow

Didn't see anyone else out walking this morning.

Morning Walk Steps were 13,561.

🙂         🥾         ☀️

Some of you mentioned the secretary desk pictured on yesterdays post.
There is a story to go along with the desk.
About 25 years ago we were living down state in Savage, Md and lived a block away from Savage Mill.
At the time we lived there it was mostly an antique mall and we would go there often.
I saw the old desk there one of those times and loved it.
So I stared saving my money and every so often would go to the mill to look at it.
One day Ken said, let's go walk around the mill.
We were walking around and of course I wanted to go look at 'my desk'.
Nearing the desk I saw a SOLD sign on it and a big red bow and was so disappointed and wasn't even going to go see it.
Ken kind of dragged me there and then told me it was he who bought it and we were there to pick it up.
I was so surprised and happy that it made me cry.
I've loved the desk even more since then. 🙂

Ginny and Deb mentioned the pictures on the wall.
The snow scene my mom gave us when we were first married and it has moved around with us these many years.

The other picture of the barn scene I got at an auction for a dollar about 10 years ago.

🙂         ❤️         🙂

I've been making weave-it squares and I'm more than half done with Octobers baby blanket with only 4 more rows to do. (28 squares)

Happy Friday and thanks for visiting.

Comment Replies:
Sorry Tom I forgot to answer your question about the bowls. No, they are NOT Fiestaware, though I do have some.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

One last move


Got to town and started walking at 6:23 this morning.
It was 51 degrees, cloudy, and a bit breezy.
Sunrise was at 7:10.

I saw a little peek of blue sky when walking but it only lasted a couple of minutes before the clouds covered it up again.

Walked through town and back again and kept going down the main road toward home a ways before turning around and heading back to town.

Took a detour up and down Sale Barn Road.

Continued through town again and then walked around both of the cemeteries.

Rebecca was out walking Leo and Dwayne was walking on his own this morning without Lisa.

Pretty quiet around town. 
Still no modular house on the lot by the cemetery which was supposed to happen this week.
One day left, maybe tomorrow.

Another dead skunk in the road.

On the way back home I saw the twin fawns - getting big!!

Morning Walk Steps were 14,446

🙂         🥾         ☁️

By lunch time the sun shinning ending 6 days of dreary weather.
We had a high of 60 degrees and breezy - sure felt like fall today.

I made a bit of a change to my reading corner.
Moved my old secretary desk to the corner too.
Since it had shelves with books on it thought it should be in the reading corner as well.

I ripped out the shawl that I started knitting the other day.
Changing the pattern to knit/purl wasn't working out, it was starting to roll and I knew it would bother me.
So I have started it over and this time will knit the whole thing like I did the other one.

There were a mess of wild turkeys roaming out back today.
Must have been a least a dozen of them.

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.

Comment Replies:
GrannyM - Yes, it is just weeds between the corn and and road.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A couple more changes


When I got to town and started walking at 6:30 it was 52 degrees and windy.
It was mostly cloudy with a very light misty rain occasionally, but not enough to get me wet.
Sunrise was at 7:09
Morning Walk Steps were 13,729

Walked around town under the street lights and then headed down the main road toward home aways and then back to town.
Continued walking all over town, both the cemeteries and the ball park.

Ran into Lisa up at the cemetery and we walked around it a couple of times together and then we each went off on our own.

The corn was blowing around pretty good.
It has its own cool sound that I love to hear. 

I smelled a skunk and then later saw it in the road after it had gotten hit by a car.
Lots of skunks around lately.

Walking along I saw this and it made me smile.
Nice to see that some kids still play outside and use their imaginations.
Salad anyone!?

 🙂         🥾         ☁️

Got a crock pot of chili going this morning.
This gives us 3 different meals, chili, taco salad, and chili mac.

Then we went to the dump to get rid of this weeks garbage.
Made a stop at the library on the way home to pick up a book I had on hold.
The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict which is next months book club choice.

Changed a couple more things around this afternoon.
Got tired of looking at these white shelves in the kitchen.

I have some old boxes and turned them into some shelves to replace the white shelves.

The white shelves are now in my craft closet.

Happy Wednesday and thanks for visiting.

The button pictures are winding down. 
After today, just 6 more.

Comment Replies:
Deb - No, I don't have any of the pictures I've taken hanging on my walls.  Don't even save the pictures except on my blog.  I can always go outside and see the real thing!! 🙂

HillTop - The corn I see on my walk are feed for animals. It is cut down when it all turns brown sometime in Oct.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023



55 degrees when I started my walk at 6:25 when I got to town.
Most of the time it was cloudy but the last half hour a light misty rain started so I got a little damp.
Sunrise was at 7:08

Had a couple of DVD's to drop off at the library so did that first.
Then the usual walk up and down the streets in town, both cemeteries and the ball park.

Something going on with the library parking lot.
Maybe just getting new parking lines painted or maybe it is getting repaved.
Will see what's up with that tomorrow.

Saw Lisa out walking, John with Prim, and Rebecca running.
Had a little chat with all of them.

End of the line.

Morning Walk Steps were 13,698

🙂         ☁️         🥾

Shopping day and this time it was at the Shop and Save which we did first thing after breakfast.

I started knitting another shawl like the last one but instead of the garter stitch I'm using a stockinette stitch.
Making this one for myself and it is pink.
I will mostly be working on this Saturdays when I meet the ladies at the library.
This is something that I don't need to count stitches and can talk without thinking about what I'm knitting.
Last week I had to back stitch a couple of rows that I messed up when I got home.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 25, 2023


I didn't blog yesterday and post a sky picture so here is one for today which I took some morning last week.

It was a misty rainy walk for me this morning and 55 degrees.
Got to town and started walking at 6:30
Sunrise was at 7:07
Morning Walk Steps were 13,789

It was one of those very random walks for me all over the place around town, went around one of the cemeteries and the ball park got walked around a few times.

Ran into Lisa and we walked about 1/2 mile together before we each went off in another direction.
We met once again when I was on my way to the cemetery.

A few of the trees have started to turn pretty colors, most are still green though.

Looks like the auction at the house for sale went well because everything was gone from under the tent.

Bill was out working around the town pond trying to get some of the weeds growing around the edge under control.

Sure glad I had on my rain pants and yellow rain slicker because I stayed nice and dry this time.
It was just a mist so no blowing rain made it down my face and neck so it was really a nice walk.

☁️         🙂         🥾        🌧

These Mondays roll around fast and once again I got a start on the weekly house cleaning.

I baked cookies this afternoon, the kind where you use a cake mix.
Followed the recipe HERE but used a yellow cake mix instead of chocolate.
The cookies were very good.

The misty rain on my walk has stayed with us all day.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by.

This button reminds me of a coat of arms.

Saturday, September 23, 2023



49 degrees this morning when I got to town and started walking at 6:30.
A very light mist at first that got harder as I walked till I was soaked by the time I got back to the Jeep.
Ended my walk a little shorter than usual with 11,123 steps.
Sunrise was at 7:05

Walked through town over to the DG Market - hoping to find some coins in the parking lot, but no luck this time.
Went up and down the road behind the DG and then walked around the industrial park and back through town.

The house with the tent yesterday that I said was getting reading for a yard sale today is actually an auction.
Good thing they had a tent because of the rain.
They put sides up on the tent today.

Lisa was out walking getting wet too.

☁️         🌧        🥾        🙂

Went to the library this morning and met the ladies for a happy time of knitting.
Just us four again.
Last week I had given Jalene (Farmer Marvin's wife) a basket and this week she baked me an apple pie to say thank you.
I asked her if she I could give her another basket next week!! 😀
Ken and I had a piece of it as soon as I got home.
It was delicious!!!!

This afternoon I worked on getting my craft closet back to order.  

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

Comment Replies:
Debby - No, haven't washed the pot holders but I do dust them.
Population of my little town is 338.  It does not seem like it is getting more populated. Though there are some new houses being built, they are not sold and who knows how long it will take to build 4 more.
Not many people want to move here because there is no work, too remote, and the snowy winters.  It is not for everyone, which makes it nice for us.

Bill - The modular home is supposed to arrive on the lot next week, but we shall have to see.

Ginny - Here is my reading corner.

The two dressers I moved.  This one I took out of the bedroom for my reading corner.

This one got moved from my craft closet to the bedroom.

You can see my pot holder collection HERE which I posted back in Feb of 2022.  Have gotten 5 more since then, three you can see in yesterday's post.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Fiesta Pot Holder


In town and walking at 6:20
Sunrise was at 7:04
Temperature 49 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds
Morning Walk Steps were 13,461

A random walk all over town including both cemeteries and the ball park loop.

When I got up to the cemetery on the hill Lisa was already up there walking around and we stopped for a chat.
While we were talking John and Prim came up too and they stopped and joined us.

Spotted some orange fungus at the bottom of a tree.

The house that is for sale on the road between the cemeteries is having a yard sale tomorrow and have started setting up under the tent.

A small lot across the street from the cemetery was sold a while back.
I met the woman who bought it about a year or so ago when I was walking and she told me they were going to have a house built there in the spring.
Never saw her again.
Yesterday I was told that they were going to build a garage in the back and put a module home there on the lot.
Today walking by I see that work has begun.
Something else to watch develop.

🌤         🥾         🙂

Ken was driving in the woods on the tracker when he went over a log and ruptured the oil filter.
I went with him to buy a new filter and oil.
We got the oil in the DG Market of all places, then went to the dealer to get a new filter - thankfully they had one.

While in DG I saw this potholder on sale for $1 and bought it.
I have quite a few pieces of FiestaWare that I've collected over the years so thought it was perfect for my collection.
Came home and hung it up - I now have 23 of them hanging up by the ceiling.

Finally finished with the reading corner in the bedroom and have bedroom all back to order.
Now I just have to do the office and craft closet.
So many items were involved in the moving of those two pieces of furniture!

Friday so it's pizza day, Ken is making it as I type this, so off I go.

Happy Friday
Thanks for visiting

Comment Replies:
Deb - Don't know the square footage of the house but it is pretty small.  Walls inside aren't up yet but it looks like a bathroom and kitchen will be on the left and a living room and 2 bedrooms on the right.  Houses aren't sold - there will be 5 of them and all built on spec.