Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Monday, September 25, 2023


I didn't blog yesterday and post a sky picture so here is one for today which I took some morning last week.

It was a misty rainy walk for me this morning and 55 degrees.
Got to town and started walking at 6:30
Sunrise was at 7:07
Morning Walk Steps were 13,789

It was one of those very random walks for me all over the place around town, went around one of the cemeteries and the ball park got walked around a few times.

Ran into Lisa and we walked about 1/2 mile together before we each went off in another direction.
We met once again when I was on my way to the cemetery.

A few of the trees have started to turn pretty colors, most are still green though.

Looks like the auction at the house for sale went well because everything was gone from under the tent.

Bill was out working around the town pond trying to get some of the weeds growing around the edge under control.

Sure glad I had on my rain pants and yellow rain slicker because I stayed nice and dry this time.
It was just a mist so no blowing rain made it down my face and neck so it was really a nice walk.

☁️         🙂         🥾        🌧

These Mondays roll around fast and once again I got a start on the weekly house cleaning.

I baked cookies this afternoon, the kind where you use a cake mix.
Followed the recipe HERE but used a yellow cake mix instead of chocolate.
The cookies were very good.

The misty rain on my walk has stayed with us all day.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by.

This button reminds me of a coat of arms.


Lowcarb team member said...

That sky picture is fabulous.
Yes, that button reminds me of a coat of arms too.

All the best Jan

Happy@Home said...

Very pretty sky photo.
Yum, those cookies look good! I'm off to check out the recipe.

Tom said...

...yum, I'd like to order a dozen please.

Mari said...

It's looking very similar here - little patches of color.
Beautiful sky!
I like the button. It looks kind of nautical to me.

Bill said...

A gorgeous sky indeed.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Karen. I love the sky pictures and the autumn leaves in your town. Those cookies look so good. Sounds like you are getting the end of tropical storm that went up the East Coast. Missed you yesterday, but hope you had a nice Sabbath. I hope you have a great week! See you again tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Misty rain days just call for yummy cookies!! Have a beautiful week!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Indeed it does look like a coat of arms, so it should be on a coat!

William Kendall said...

A beautiful sky.

Granny Marigold said...

I like that tree, all dark green, with clumps of pretty Fall colour.
Those cookies look good too!

Ann said...

Hooray for rain slickers and pants. Walking in the rain is better if you can stay dry.
It's starting to look like that around here with the trees too.
Those cookies sure look good.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful sky and photo. The fall colors are looking pretty
Your cookies look yummy! Take care, enjoy your day!

Debbie said...

That tree!! What a beauty! And I used to make cake mix cookies quite often. I need to try that again. They look delicious!

Jeanette said...

Tr3ees around here a starting to look like that, too! The cookies look delicious! I have made the cookies using the German chocolate cake mix several times!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's so nice to see some Fall color. I was hoping we could go somewhere and see some this year. Take care and enjoy your day!

Henny Penny said...

Love the colors in the sky picture. Those cookies look so good! You bake the most delicious looking cookies. I have never been much at cookie making.

Michelle said...

I love a rainy day and walk in some misty rain sounds great to me.