Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Sunday, March 31, 2013


I wish you all a Happy Easter as we celebrate Christ's Resurrection.
Happyone : )

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A package

Outside walking at 6:40.  Temperature was 31 degrees and when the sun came up later it stayed out in a blue sky along with some big white clouds.  A nice morning for walking.
I walked a shorter version of one of my connect the path routes.
It was just me and the birds out this morning and there were lots of them.  They were very busy flitting here and there and chattering away.  Birds always seem to be busy and happy. : )

I walked 4.5 miles.
Sunrise 6:55
Sunset 7:30
In the morning we went out and about here and there doing a few errands.   We went early when there weren't many people out yet.

We got home and pulling around back in the driveway Ken noticed a little box in the driveway by the garage and on picking it up discovered it was for me. : )
Blogger and friend Kim from Happy@Home sent me a note saying she was sorry to hear of my hospital stay, a little book of quotes, and this cute ladybug.  How thought of you Kim.  Thank you so much.  You remember I love ladybugs and I will be using many of the quotes on my blog.  : ) 
After lunch I sewed some squares together and read a little.
Remember those mini bird houses I bought last week?  Well today I painted them and they are now hanging on the pegs of the shelf in my bedroom.
If you're of a mind to see how they turned out click HERE.

Just the usual evening at home again - nothing special but we're happy and content and glad to be home.

It's been a pretty nice day. Still a bit cool for sitting out on the deck but it was sunny and we enjoyed the day.

Hope you enjoyed your day and it is beginning to feel more like spring where you are.
Happyone : )
In the bonds of death He lay
Who for our offence was slain;
But the Lord is risen to-day,
Christ hath brought us life again,
Wherefore let us all rejoice,
Singing loud, with cheerful voice,
~ Martin Luther

Friday, March 29, 2013

Chicks and ducks

I was out and walking at 6:45 this morning.  It was 40 degrees and I watched the sun come up again.

I was yearning for a look at my lake so I headed over that way.  
I walked the path to the lake and the walked along the lake by the dam and then turned around and headed back home.
So nice to see my lake once again. : )  I turned around here where I took the picture.  Can you spot the morning moon?
Nice to see and hear all the geese again and I saw a heron flying overhead with nesting material in its beak.  Guess there will be little ones coming along. : )

Saw some familiar faces by the lake and just felt so nice to be part of the morning walkers once again.
I increased by walk by a little bit again and today walked 3.8 miles.
Sunrise 6:56
Sunset 7:29
This morning we headed out in the truck and went to The Tractor Supply store which is about an hour away and a nice ride.  We enjoy just walking around and looking at all the neat stuff.  There is so much stuff I'd like to buy, but don't really need any of it. : )
I could find many uses for things up at Happy Trails!!
Today they had some baby chicks and ducks in the middle of the store for sale.  I so wanted to buy some, they were so cute.  Maybe someday up at Happy Trails we could raise chickens!! : )

While we we were out we stopped for a bit to eat before coming back home.  We had roast beef sandwiches and salads.

Home this afternoon doing this and that around the house. 

The movie Lincoln came in the mail today from Netflix so we will be watching that tonight.  I heard that it was really good and we are looking forward to seeing it.  It is two and a half hours long so maybe we won't see it all tonight.

My snack tonight will be cottage cheese with raisins which I have often for lunch.

Hope your day has been sunny and bright.
Happyone : )
And He departed from our sight
that we might return to our heart,
and there find Him.
For He departed,
and behold, 
He is here.
~St Augustine
Comment Replies:
Diane - I've just been eating lots fruits and vegetables, grains high in fiber and drinking a good amount of water.  I go to the doctors on Wednesday and will get some of my questions answered then.  I've been doing some reading and found out that half of the researchers say to avoid nuts and seeds and the other half say it isn't necessary. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another day : )

This morning it was 33 degrees and no wind and the sun came up soon after I started walking.  I went the route I took yesterday but added a little to it to and walked 3.2 miles.  I felt great and feel like I could walk my usual 6 miles, but I'm still going to get back there gradually.
I saw quite a few Robins in the trees but didn't manage to get a good picture of any of them.
These mini daffodils were growing wild in the woods.  At least flowers stand still and don't fly away so I could get a picture.
I only came across one other person walking and she was walking her three dogs.
Lin called me while I was walking and we talked for about a mile.
It was a great walk. : )
Sunrise 6:58
Sunset 7:28
Today was mostly a cleaning day and I got the upstairs and part of the downstairs all spic and span.  That was a name of a cleaning product, Spic and Span, my mom used it.  I wonder if it is still around.

I really enjoyed my ice cream last night more than usual because I don't have it very often anymore.  I am really eating healthy and have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water.  I'm eating more than I used to and I've lost a couple of pounds!!

I made a bunch of weave-it squares this afternoon and got some reading in too. 
Just enjoying another evening at home. 

I hope you smiled often and enjoyed your day.
Happyone : )
The greatest gift of Easter is hope,
Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God,
in his ultimate triumph,
and in his goodness and love,
which nothing can shake.
~Basil Hume
Comment replies:
Vee -  Ken kind of cleans up.: )  I have to finish up though.
Roses - Yes, that is little bits of snow left on the bridge.
Art - Oh yes, nice to be out of the fog!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So nice!!!

I got up and went for my morning walk! It was a little early for the sun to be up but it wasn't dark and the sun was shining when I got back home.  The temperature was 35 degrees.  
I saw a deer and thought maybe it was thinking, oh good, she's back again.  : )
So nice to hear all the morning birds chattering and enjoying the morning.  I didn't see the woodpecker but I sure heard him rat a tat tatting on aluminum siding, probably waking up someone in the house!

I walked a nice short route of just three miles and walked a loop by going along the sidewalk and then got on the path and walked home.  I think I'll walk this route for the rest of the week and then increase the distance slowly over some time.  I felt good after my walk this morning but don't want to push it.
I am so thankful to be able to get out and walk once again. : )

Sunrise 6:59
Sunset 7:27
Ken was the one that went to the commissary again this week.  I couldn't go because
I had a hair appointment which was two weeks over due. Ken has started calling me skunk head again because my white roots are really showing.: )

I didn't bring chocolate chippers this time but took some brownies along with me for everyone and they were a big hit.  I'm bringing the recipe with me next time that I go.
I also took along my knitting to do while waiting.

Meghan was there to wash my hair for the very last time. : (  She is leaving for another job in a couple of weeks after working here for 7 years. She will be missed not only by her fellow workers and me, but by everyone who has had the pleasure of having their hair washed by her.  I wish much happiness for her in her new job and in life. Doesn't she have a nice smile? : )
Here she is washing my hair.
That's me sitting in the chair with Cheryl giving me a nice trim. 
When I got home and walked in from the garage some delicious smells drifted down the stairs.  Ken was home and cooking.  He was making peppers and onions on the stove and had his own recipe of chili cooking in the crock pot.  What a pleasant surprise to come home to that.  How lucky can a girl get!!

I read some more of that scary book.  This guy is much more than your average stalker.  He is one scary dude!!!  I think if I lived alone I wouldn't want to be reading this book!!

This evening we will be watching a movie from Netflix, The Ultimate Gift.  I think I'll make some weave-it squares too.
I haven't had ice cream for my snack for while so thought I'd have a treat tonight and have some chocolate chip.

So once again I am thankful for my day
that God sent my way.
Happpyone : )
Expect to have hope rekindled.
Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
The dry seasons in life do not last.
The spring rains will come again.
~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feeling normal again : )

Ah, so nice to feel normal and not in a fog. : )
It was cold and icy this morning so I decided to postpone walking until tomorrow, but come tomorrow morning I'm heading out for a walk!

I haven't been able to drive but now that I'm clear headed it was nice to get out in the car and go to my knitting group!!  There were only ten of us there this morning and I enjoyed my time with them.  One of my friends there, was in the hospital just a few days after me with the very same thing!!!!  I was on the fourth floor and she was on the second.
I snapped this picture of the group.  My seat is down the end by the yellow yarn.  I knitted on a yellow and green baby blanket I just started the other day.  Something different than weave-it squares for a change.

It was a nice sunny day so I took the long way home just to be out driving around for a bit.  Here I am cruising down the road. : )
Once back home I had some lunch and not long after Ken came home from having lunch out with his former coworkers.  We sat and talked for a while and then hopped on our computers for a while.

I've started reading a book called The Wrong Man by John Katzenbach.  I find it scary but really good.  It's about a stalker.

The usual night home of reading and watching TV.  I'll be making some squares while watching and my snack tonight is going to be celery with peanut butter. 

Hope your day has been a sunshiny kind of day.
Happyone : )
Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection,
not in books alone,
but in every leaf in the spring-time.
~Martin Luther

Monday, March 25, 2013

A snowy spring day

 NO MORE PILLS!!!  I'm already getting my taste back. : )

Snow was predicted but I didn't think we would really get any.  So I was surprised this morning to wake up and see this.  What happened to spring!?
Out the back door
Out the front door
It snowed throughout the day but it got brighter and was in the mid 30's so we didn't get a lot of accumulation.  Just made for a wet sloppy day.

I got some house stuff done.  Made some weave-it squares, sewed some together, knitted, and read some too.

I didn't even go for a little walk today - thought about it but never made it out the door.

We went out late afternoon just to get out of the house for a little while.  Had some books and DVD's to drop off at the library but is was closed and the book drop was full, so we'll have to go back again tomorrow. 

We decided to go out to eat at Outback to celebrate no more pills.  I tried something I've never had there before and it was delicious.
Pork Loin - so tender I cut it with my fork.
Garlic mashed potatoes
and Green Beans.
Yesterday I stubbed my middle toe on my right foot on the leg of the chair in the house and today it is a nice shade of purple.  It is only a little sore, but it looks awful.  Ken keeps telling me I need to slow down a bit.  I should listen to him. : )

We got the second disc, season 1 of Boss from Netflix today so in just a little while we will be watching that.
Yesterday we watched a British comedy called Miranda on the BBC channel.  It made us laugh out loud.  Has anybody seen it?  The big nurse from Call the Midwife is the star and she is so funny. : )

Maybe spring will come tomorrow.
Hope all is well in your world.
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )

Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair
to strength and beauty and happiness.
~Floyd W Tomkins

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I am with you

 Don't be afraid, for I am with you.
Don't be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
I will hold you up with My victorious right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

A happy Sunday to you my friends.
I'm not going to Sunday school today but will be going to church and walking there and back.  That will be my little walk for the day.
Oh happy days. : )

Happyone : )
When we hope in God, our fear will disappear.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time out, a walk, and home

A chilly, windy but sunny spring day.  If it wasn't for the wind it would be really nice out.

I ran out of the yarn I was using and couldn't find it at Jo-ann Fabrics, Walmart, or Michaels near home so we went out this morning to  A.C Moore which is another craft store and I'm happy to say they had some.  The color is called Embroidery.
I also got three more tee shirts there - 3 for $10 - nice springy colors.
The three mini birdhouses I'm going to paint and hang from the pegs on a shelf I have in my bedroom which has some porcelain birds on it.  Other goodies I got were some gift bags, iron transfer paper, and some stuff to preserve the bird puzzle that I finished a few weeks ago. 

We had lunch when we got back home and then I went for another little afternoon walk.  This time I walked over past the Giant and headed down the road for a little bit.  The sun was shining it was 45 degrees out but windy.  I spotted a couple of Robins in the trees and saw a crocus blooming.  I could almost believe it is spring. : )
Today I walked 1.4 miles. : ) 

I read some more this afternoon and did a little knitting too.  It's been another good day. : )

Hope your day is sunny and bright.
Happyone : )
If we had no winter,
the spring would not be so pleasant.
~Anne Bradstreet

Friday, March 22, 2013

A short walk

Friday has arrived and it's been a happy day. : )  Another cold, windy, but sunny spring day.

Home in the morning doing this and that around the house.  I'm able to get most everything I want to get done during the day now.

After lunch I put on a sweatshirt, my jacket with the hood, my walking shoes and went for a little stroll around the block.  It was 38 degrees and the sun was shining.  I walked around the block and up the to liquor store (no coins) and then back home.  It was only one mile but it was nice to be outside and walking.  : )
I was a bit tired after my walk so was glad I stayed close to home and didn't try to over do it.  One mile was just perfect.

Ken and I went out when I got back from my walk to do a few errands around town.  We dropped some books off at the library, stopped in at Rite-Aide, Giant and Walmart.  I got some tee-shirts that were on sale at Walmart for just $3.96!! so I got seven of them.  Now I'm set for summer. : )   I'm happiest in jeans and tee shirts!!
Once we got back home I sat downstairs in my reading chair, put my feet up and read my book.  It's been a good day. : )

Almost time to start supper then it's another nice evening at home.  A little television, a snack (I did have a little ice cream last night) of what I haven't decided yet, and I'm sure more reading.

Hope your Friday has been a good one too.
Happyone : )
No matter how long the winter,
spring is sure to follow.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's been cold and windy here all day though the sun has been out from time to time.  Feels more like the beginning of winter than of spring!

Ken went to the commissary - that's two weeks in a row for him.  I could have gone with him but decided to stay home and read.  The book I'm reading by Ann Perry is really good. Besides it's nice when Ken gets home to look in all the bags to see what extra things he's picked up. : )

Just a typical day around the house for me.  I think tomorrow sometime during the day if it's nice, I'll go for a short walk around the block.  

Quite a while ago I started collecting old planters.  There were no special ones I looked for, just ones that caught my eye and I liked.  It was a fun collection and I enjoyed looking for the planters and they were not expensive.  My collection got quite large and had no theme  so I've gotten rid of a lot of them and will sell more at the action one of these days.  I've whittled my collection down to just the white ones and will only collect them from now on.   I like the ones of people.
And animals.
These three I'm just keeping because I like them.
The planter of the little duck that was just hatched I had given my gramma with a plant in it one Easter when I was a very little girl.  She saved the planter for years and when I started collecting planters she gave this one back to me for my collection. : )

I'm going to get back to that book now.  I'll probably finish it today.

Hope spring has sprung where you live!
Happyone : )
Sickness comes on horseback 
but departs on foot.
~ Dutch Proverb,
sometimes attributed to 
William C Hazlitt
Comment replies:
OE - I haven't had any ice cream yet, but I just might have a little tonight.  : )
MJ - The picture of the flowers in the clay pot aren't mine.  I snapped that in front of a restaurant.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring : )

It was cold this morning but the sun came out again and it made for a pretty day.  I daydreamed about walking around the lake. : )

Ken started our taxes and I did a lot of reading again with some house chores spaced out between reading.

We decided to go out to eat since it seems like it's  been such a long time.  It was such a treat to get out of the house and sit in a restaurant.  Besides I think Ken deserved a dinner out too.: )

I am glad that spring has arrived and though it is still cold out, I know that it will be warming up soon.  I've noticed a few yellow daffodils here and there as we drive down the road.  Soon there will be spring colors everywhere - a new beginning is just waiting to burst into color.

A nice quiet evening here at home - there's a lot to be said for a nice quiet evening at home. : )

I hope you have enjoyed this first day of spring.
Happyone : )
The patient should be made to understand 
that he or she must take charge of his own life.
Don't take your body to the doctor as if
he were a repair shop.
~Quentin Regestein

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A sunny day

The day started out cloudy, rainy and foggy but by mid morning the sun was shining. : )

No knitting for me today.  Don't have my wits about me good enough to drive yet.  Can't be driving in a fog!

Did a few more things around the house this morning and I continue to get stronger.  Just looking forward to Sunday when it's my last pill day.  

This afternoon we went out and did a few errands.  It was nice to be outside in the sunshine.

I finished reading a book that I borrowed from my friend Mary Jo.  It was only 90 pages but what powerful words.  It was excellent and I read it in one sitting.  The Case for Easter by Lee Strobel.
The cover says, "The Case for Easter probes the core issues of the resurrection.  Jesus Christ, risen from the dead: superstitious myth or life-changing reality?  The evidence is in.  The verdict is up to you."
Lee Strobel was educated at Yale Law School and was the award winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and an atheist until 1981.

This evening I was back to cooking and doing the dishes.  Things are returning to normal. : )

We watched a little television, a DVD we got from the library, Jesse Stone: Night Passage with Tom Selleck.  It was a bit depressing but pretty good.

My snack tonight was two pieces of wheat toast.
I would have had a little ice cream but can't take my pill after having dairy.

Hope your Tuesday was a happy one.
Happyone : )
Be careful about reading health books.
You may die of a misprint.
~Mark Twain

Monday, March 18, 2013

Foggy, but doing good : )

Hi everyone! : )
Thanks so much for all the prayers, good thoughts, concerns, well wishes, cards, emails, and food that you, my many friends, have passed along.  They all help more than you know.  Each day when I count my blessings, I think of you all. : )

I am feeling quite a bit better and if not for the antibiotics I'm taking would be fine.  These drugs put me in a fog.  I had to stop taking one of the meds because it made my feet numb so now I'm just on the one and have to keep taking it until there are no more pills left.  I take the last pill Sunday night. : )

I'm not going to start walking again until next Tuesday and will start out slowly, but I sure am looking forward to it.

I didn't go to Sunday school yesterday but Ken drove me to church and I sat through most of the service.  I left a bit early and Ken picked up me. 

I've been doing some reading but mostly haven't gotten much done.
Ken has been such a blessing through everything and I really don't know what I'd do without him.  He even keeps me laughing. : )

I'm trying to do some work around the house today but take it in small doses and rest.  Many things I try Ken takes over for me!  : )
Later on this afternoon we are going to take a trip to the library.

I have always tried to eat good but have been more concerned on the calories and my weight.  But that is going to change and I'm going to eat more of the fruits and vegetables like I always say I should.  I keep a food journal anyway so it won't be hard for me to keep tract of more than just the calories.  Ken has made up a chart for me to keep track easily of the foods I eat.  I can just check off the little boxes and know I'm eating what I should be eating.

I feel ready to start blogging again so here I am.
Thanks again for all your concern. : )
Have a wonderful Monday and don't forget to count your blessings!

Till next time......
Happyone : )
The greatest wealth is health.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guess where I've been

If you've been wondering where I've been, I ended up in the hospital in the emergency room late Sunday night with a fever and abdominal pain.  Thought it might be my appendix but it turned out to be Diverticulitis and they admitted me.
I'm home now and doing better, but the antibiotics are doing a number on me which I have to take for 12 days.
No energy for walking for a while.  I'll be taking a break from blogging as well but will probably be around to visit you once in a while.

I would very much appreciate your prayers. : )

And please a prayer for Ken too who is taking very good care of me. 
From Ken
I'll be back when I'm feeling better.
Till then......
Have a happy day.
Happyone : )

Issiah 40:31
But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength:
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary.
They shall walk and not faint.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

A beautiful spring day

I had a nice sunny walk - no wind and the temperature was 32 degrees.  I walked around the neighborhood and then headed on over to the lake.  There were lots of runners there so after a quarter of the way around I took the path leading back up to the road.  Then walked down a couple of paths where I saw no other people.

I counted 8 deer and all the birds must have been enjoying the early morning sun because they were all singing to me as I walked along.
I love mornings like this.

I walked 6.3 miles.
Steps 12,244
Sunrise 6:28
Sunset 6:09
My son and two of my grandkids drove down from NJ and spent the day with us.  We had a nice visit.  We ate the soup and bread I made yesterday for lunch. Of course I had chocolate chip cookies here and some for them to bring home.  A trip to gramma's house is a chocolate chip cookie day. : ) They left for a while and went to the park by the lake.  When they got back we sat out on the deck in the sun.  It was in the low 60's and was just beautiful out.  Then we had pizza for supper and they left about an hour after that.

I did finish the bird puzzle last night before going to bed.  Here's the picture you asked for Robin.  Sorry that I cut part of the lower right hand corner off.
I'll take another one once we frame it and hang it up.

We watched another Wallander show and I had chocolate chip ice cream again.  I also made a few weave-it squares.

I won't forget to turn the clock forward at bedtime.  I complain about it every year and want to move to Arizona where they don't have DST.  I'll be back to walking in the dark in the morning.

Hope all is well in your part of the world and that you had a happy day.
Happyone : )
The future lies before you,
like paths of pure white snow.
Be careful how you tread it,
for every step will show.
~Author Unknown
Comment Replies:
OE - The same post I wrote about the ice cream at the end of the post I said that I had the chocolate cupcake flavor.  Though chocolate chip is my favorite I just had to see what the cupcake flavor was like. : )  Sorry no prize. : )

Auntie - I see people who remind me of someone else I know all the time.  Some days it seems like everyone I see reminds me of someone.  I checked out Larainy Days and though it is hard for me to see myself in her I thank you for the compliment. : )

Friday, March 08, 2013

A walk to the cemetery

It was 32 degrees this morning with some sun and clouds and gusty winds.  It's been a while since I walked over to the little garden cemetery so I headed over there for my walk.  It's a tad over 3 miles there and then I walked on the trails there and then headed back home.  I'll have to go there again in a couple of weeks when the daffodils are blooming.  I've written about the cemetery before and you can read about it HERE.
On the way back I walked the same way until I got to the school and then walked a different route home.
I walked down this windy path.
I only saw two people out along my way, but a saw a whole flock of robins along one of the paths.  There must have been at least 25 of them.  I wanted to take a picture but none of them would sit still and they all flew away.  It was really cool to see so many of them together.

I walked 6.8 miles.
13,148 steps.
Sunrise 6:29
Sunset 6:08
We went out this morning for just a little while to do a couple of errands and then we've been home the rest of the day.

I made another loaf of bread.  This time a dill loaf.  It goes great with the potato soup that I made.  We will be having that tomorrow - soup tastes better the day after.

I've worked on the puzzle and had a little help from Ken and it's just about done.  I'll probably finish it before we go to bed.
Tonight when we watched television I had the chocolate chip ice cream which is my favorite.  It has to be Weis brand though.

Hope your Friday was a happyone.
Happyone : )
 Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls blossom.
~Marcel Proust
Comment Replies:
Auntie - The lake is at a county park and they have park workers who take care of the park and lake.
The neighborhood paths are part of the neighborhood associations and they take care of them.
The snow is cleared from the streets by the county trucks and workers.
That is how I understand it anyway.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

A trip to the dentist

We never did get any more snow or rain during the night so the big storm never materialized here.  It was 33 degrees this morning but it must have been below freezing last night because there were icy patches in places so I had to be careful walking.  All the footbridges had a crunchy, icy snow on them.
I walked around the lake.  There were very few people out and it was very quiet.  That is except for the geese.  They are always noisy.

Sometimes walking along there are good smells of breakfast cooking coming from houses and from the Giant I smell baked goods.  Today walking along I smelled chicken noodle soup!

A beautiful morning walk and so nice to be outside.
 I walked 6.3 miles.
Steps 12,349
Sunrise 6:31
Sunset 6:06
We had dental appointments this morning for just a cleaning.  I was first and though my cleaning went fine the dentist did find a small cavity.  He asked if I wanted him to fix it now or make another appointment.  I choose for him to do it now to get it over with.  It was just a small one so I didn't even need a shot for pain and I didn't feel a thing.  It worked out good me being first because while Ken was having his teeth cleaned I got my filling done.  Ken's teeth, by the way were fine - just a cleaning for him.
Those cookies I baked yesterday I brought to the dentist office for everyone.  They always look forward to my appointment because of the cookies. : )

We did a few errands while we were out before heading back home.

We went out again after supper to pick up some ice cream.  It's been a few days since we had any and I needed some tonight. : )  It was on sale so we bought enough to last awhile.  Can you guess what flavor I had?
Our TV viewing pleasure tonight was another Wallander episode from Netflix.  This episode was the same as the book Faceless Killers that I just finished reading.  Though the show was good, it wasn't nearly as good as the book. 

Hope your day was filled with sunshine and you got to eat a bowl of ice cream!
Happyone : )
If you guessed the flavor ice cream of Chocolate Cupcake you guessed right.  It was pretty good but I should have had the chocolate chip.
A smile confuses an approaching frown.
~Author Unknown
Comment Replies:
Vee - The path around the lake they do clear and put down kitty litter on the icy spots but just on the main path.  The paths throughout the neighborhoods, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't and just parts of them.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rain Snow Wind

Woke up to a messy weather day.  Snow mixed with rain and wind didn't make for a very pleasant day to walk.  So with a recommendation from Ken I decided not to walk.  Besides it being slippery in places I'm sure I would have been wet by the time I got home even with rain pants and an umbrella. 
I was supposed to go out to lunch with my friend Mary Jo, but we decided to cancel and go next week.

It was a good day to stay home and that's what we did all day.  Another good thing about Ken being retired.  He got to stay home and not drive on the streets with all the crazy commuters.

To start off the dreary day, I made us pancakes for breakfast.
Made another loaf of bread and did some house cleaning.
In the afternoon I baked some chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow, did a little reading, and worked on the bird puzzle.  Ken usually does puzzles with me but I'm on my own with this one.  He got puzzled out with the last bunch of puzzles we did.

This evening we watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green which we got from Netflix.  It was a strange movie but we enjoyed it.

We didn't get out to replenish the ice cream supply so I had cookies again this evening for my snack.  Not Oreos this time but some of my own chocolate chip cookies.  I didn't eat ANY when I baked them so I had four for my snack.  I took very tiny bites so they would last longer. : )

The rain/snow mix continued all day but never did amount to anything.  The weather forecast is still calling for snow through the night but right now it is 35 degrees and I can see a couple of stars in the sky.  I'm hoping that was it, and that it stays above freezing and I'll get to walk in the morning.

Hope your Wednesday was a happy day.
Happyone : )
 No matter who says what,
you should accept it with a smile
and do your own work.
~Mother Teresa

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Another blue sky day

This morning was another sunny one with a temperature of 26 degrees with no wind so it was a beautiful morning to be out walking.
Look at the blue sky!
Sleeping geese
I walked around the lake.
It was a quiet morning with few people out and not a lot of wildlife either. I saw some birds - cardinals, robins, and a blue bird.

I walked 6.2 miles which was 12,139 steps.
Sunrise 6:43
Sunset 6:04
Knitting day once again so off I went to the mill in Savage.  I worked on weave-it squares and made five of them.  There were only 8 of us there and two people left early at 11:00.  Though the group was small it was still a good time. : )

I worked on the bird puzzle for a while this afternoon.  The edge is finished and the cardinal and the blue jay are pretty much done.  The red and blue were the easiest colors to find so I started on those two first.

We are supposed to get a measurable amount of snow starting tonight and into tomorrow so we decided we had better go out for pizza today for supper just encase we are snowed in tomorrow.  If it is going to snow then I hope we get a lot.  An inch or two just makes a mess.
We went to Ledo's this time.  Their pizza is good, just different and I think of it as nacho pizza.  We went to a different Ledo's than we usually do.  This one is across the street from a diary farm and we sat by a big window and watched the cows. 

Tonight we watched And Justice For All which we got from the library.  It was from 1979 and a bit dated but the story was a good even though a depressing one.         

We still don't have ice cream so I had some Oreo cookies for my snack.  I eat my Oreos by taking them apart, first eating the icing and then the cookies.  How do you eat Oreos?

Hope you have had a terrific day.
Happyone : )
The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes, 
but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.
- Helen Keller
Comment replies:
Auntie - I think you have me mixed up with someone else.  I didn't write about Cozy Mysteries, but I am going to check them out.  : )

Betsy - No, haven't seen Monday Morning.  I'll check it out.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Walk, books, a puzzle & TV

The sun came up this morning and decided to stay out for a change.  It was a chilly 24 degrees with bit of a breeze early this morning.
I went for my walk around the lake and was surprised to see this man up ahead run past me in his shorts.  He must really be hoping for spring to get here. : )
Saw a few others out around the lake and everyone else was wearing winter clothes!
Walked a short way with a fellow walker Ray until I had to turn off toward home.

The only wildlife about today were the ducks and geese.  I've mentioned before that there is a white duck and a black duck that are always together.  I've never seen one without the other.  Today I just saw the white one, and the black one was no where to be seen.  I'm wondering if something happened to the black one.

Sure was nice walking in the sun. : )
I walked 6.4 miles.
Steps taken were 12,117
Sunrise 6:35
Sunset 6:03
We were out walking around in Joann Fabrics.  I was looking for a particular color of yarn but they didn't have it.  What I did find was another jigsaw puzzle that I liked and just had to buy it.
 Once I finish a puzzle I just take it apart and save it to do again another time, but after I finish this one I am going to save and frame it and hang it in our bedroom.  I have a bird theme going on in there and this will be a perfect addition.  I'll be sure and post a picture of it when it's on the wall.

At Books A Million I found this book for just $3 and thought it would be a nice addition to go along with a big book of all of Beatrix Potter stories that I already have.
We've been watching the TV show Wallander from Netflix which is based on a series of books by Henning Mankell.  The show is set in Sweden and is about a detective, Kurt Wallander.  I have just read the first book in the series called Faceless Killers and thought it was very good.  There are quite a few books in the series and I plan on reading all of them.

 We watched another episode of Revenge this evening.  No ice cream today.  My snack this evening was cereal - dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I think it makes good snack because it's tasty, low in calories, and if I eat them one at a time they last a good long while too.

We started to watch the television show The Bible on the history channel last night and only lasted for the first hour.  We didn't like it at all.  Everything just got rushed along and was disjointed.  Thought it was cheesy.  THE BOOK IS MUCH BETTER. : )

The day seemed to fly right along and here it is the end of another day already.  Hope your day was a good one and you smiled often.

Till next time.....
Happyone : )
Never ask, "What reason do I have to be happy?"
Instead ask, "To what purpose can I attach my happiness?"
~Robert Brault
Comment replies:
Beth - Yes, I'll post both steps and mileage just for you. : )
Auntie - Yes, that's the show and we are liking it!!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

A home day

It was 30 degrees this morning under cloudy skies.  I saw a peek of blue sky for a few minutes and had some snow flurries as well.
Walked one of my paths and sidewalk routes.  In the picture I've left the path and have been walking for a half mile along the sidewalk.  I'm headed on over to the school from here.

I saw a red headed woodpecker and six deer along the path.
I passed a few walkers along the way, a few people walking dogs and a group of three people flying down the road on their bicycles.  They must have been doing 30 miles an hour and they were having a conversation that I could hear because they had to talk loud to hear each other.

Though I haven't seen any daffodils blooming yet, I have seen some starting to sprout up in a few places this morning. 

 Today I took 12,201 steps on my walk.
Sunrise 6:38
Sunset 6:01
We stayed home today.  It's nice not having to do our errands around town on the weekend now if we don't feel like it when it's so crowded everywhere.  We can go anytime we want to during the week. : )

I finished reading the book, Windows on the Parables by Warren W Wiersbe.  It is a book I bought from the bookstore at church.  My Sunday school class has been studying the parables and we are using this book.  It was a good study and I enjoyed the book.

I made some brownies this afternoon.  They are for the dessert social after church tomorrow evening.  A family is moving away and this is to say good bye to them.  I will miss Anne and her beautiful singing voice.  Many times her singing has brought me to tears.  She can also play the piano with an amazing talent.  Their new church is in for a treat! : )

I finished up the last of the chocolate chip mint ice cream this evening watching another episode of Revenge.
Made a few red weave-it squares this evening also.

Hope your Saturday was filled with good things.
Happyone : )
Never tell people how to do things.
Tell them what to do and
they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
~George Smith Patton
Comment replies:
Cheryl - No, haven't seen Parenthood but just went to Netflix and added it to my queue.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Building material auction

This morning it was 36 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun.  It's been getting lighter and lighter out each time I start walking and it's been nice not walking in the dark.  I am NOT looking forward to the time change coming up soon which will plunge me right back to walking in the dark again.
I took the picture just as I came to the lake.  I usually go to the right but kept left around the lake today.  I guess I usually go right because it just feels natural to me to go right.
I saw the heron flying over the lake.  Nice to see him again, it's been a while.
Quite a few cardinals around and saw a couple of red winged blackbirds down on the rocks by the edge of the water.

Very few people out this morning.
Started the month of finding a penny. : )
Added up the coins from last month which weren't many.
3 dimes, 2 nickels, and 9 pennies - for a grand total of 49 cents.
Sunrise 6:40
Sunset 6:00
We also brought a few movies home from the library yesterday too.  Last night we watch Chocolat.  It is one of my favorite movies and I've seen it a couple of times before.

After lunch we went to a preview for an auction that will be held tomorrow of building materials.  The timing isn't quite right for us yet to go to one of these kinds of auctions and buy anything but in a year or two when we build our cabin up at Happy Trails it will be perfect.  We aren't going to go to the auction tomorrow but just wanted to go and see what kind of stuff is there.
Here's a few pictures.
Outside stuff.
Inside stuff.  These are different colored sinks.
Door and windows.  There were several buildings like this.
The sunny morning turned cloudy, cold, windy and we saw a few snow flakes while walking around looking at stuff.

I've retired the February bookmark and have started using the March one. : )
We got a new series from Netflix today called Revenge and gave it a try this evening.  We watched the pilot and the first episode.  We liked it and will continue watching.

While watching I ate my snack, which is still most evenings ice cream.  I'm working on a container of chocolate chip mint right now.

For quite a while now I've been posting my blog in the afternoon but when I first started I would post at night.  I'm going to start posting at night again - at least for awhile. 

Hope you had a happy Friday.
Happyone : )
Faith is putting all your eggs in God's basket,
then counting your blessing before they hatch.
~Ramona C Carroll
Comment replies:
Kim - same thing happened at the house at Savage.  I used to open the cabinet doors and draws right next to the stove.  I have oak cabinets now at this house and the heat didn't bother the wood.
Betsy - I'm old fashioned and like books.  I like the feel of a book in my hands when I read. : )

Sounds like no one really likes their self cleaning oven but as much as I don't like it, I still think it's better than the old way when you actually had to clean it.  I used Easy Off and what a mess that was!!