Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rain Snow Wind

Woke up to a messy weather day.  Snow mixed with rain and wind didn't make for a very pleasant day to walk.  So with a recommendation from Ken I decided not to walk.  Besides it being slippery in places I'm sure I would have been wet by the time I got home even with rain pants and an umbrella. 
I was supposed to go out to lunch with my friend Mary Jo, but we decided to cancel and go next week.

It was a good day to stay home and that's what we did all day.  Another good thing about Ken being retired.  He got to stay home and not drive on the streets with all the crazy commuters.

To start off the dreary day, I made us pancakes for breakfast.
Made another loaf of bread and did some house cleaning.
In the afternoon I baked some chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow, did a little reading, and worked on the bird puzzle.  Ken usually does puzzles with me but I'm on my own with this one.  He got puzzled out with the last bunch of puzzles we did.

This evening we watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green which we got from Netflix.  It was a strange movie but we enjoyed it.

We didn't get out to replenish the ice cream supply so I had cookies again this evening for my snack.  Not Oreos this time but some of my own chocolate chip cookies.  I didn't eat ANY when I baked them so I had four for my snack.  I took very tiny bites so they would last longer. : )

The rain/snow mix continued all day but never did amount to anything.  The weather forecast is still calling for snow through the night but right now it is 35 degrees and I can see a couple of stars in the sky.  I'm hoping that was it, and that it stays above freezing and I'll get to walk in the morning.

Hope your Wednesday was a happy day.
Happyone : )
 No matter who says what,
you should accept it with a smile
and do your own work.
~Mother Teresa


  1. Heard about the big storm back there and thought of you. It was probably a good idea not to walk today. Sounds like a cozy day and fun to stay home with hubby! I am looking forward to a few years from now when Charly and I can hang out together all day winter and summer. As teachers, we already enjoy our summers home together. Those cookies sure sound yummy. Hope you get a walk in tomorrow!

  2. Some areas got tons of snow and others, almost none.. We got about 2 inches this time --and it's still with us since it's been extremely cold and windy all day long.

    I know how nice it must be to have your sweet hubby at home. Retirement is wonderful.

    Glad you didn't try to walk in that stuff...

    Started my new Photo Blog today. Check it out. http://betsyphotoblog.blogspot.com/

  3. I am sorry you got some of the nasty weather we have been having. I hope it is nice so that you can walk in the morning.

  4. After leaving your blog, I read Ken's post from today...what a nice tribute he did to you and all your hard work at making a nice home. Very sweet. He's a real keeper (but then you know that) ;- ) I also love his restaurant review blog! What a great idea! You two enjoy your Thursday!

  5. I have this theory that any day that starts with pancakes has a better than average chance of being a great day. Yesterday was a great day for you not to walk and for Ken not to commute. I did the commuting for him, and it was not exactly fun.

  6. So glad you avoided possible ice. And that Ken can now avoid that wild morning commute. And evening one too!

    A lovely perk, of being retired!

    I think I've seen reference to that film... A bit of fantasy, I think. Interesting.

    I have not yet gotten NetFlix again. Because I get DVD's out of the library, and we don't always watch them. -sigh- So I'm not confident that we'd watch Netflix ones, either. And I do hate to pay for something, I don't use. :-)

    -moan- I want to do Netflix again! I don't know if I "should." I waffle and don't. lol.

  7. Well I don't quite agree with Mother Theresa on that one other than getting about one's work. Sometimes it is wise to expand another's thinking for his or her benefit. ☺

    So this storm has not amounted to much on the East Coast from all I've been reading this morning. So glad that you didn't try to walk in it. John took a flip last week on snow over ice and hasn't been quite the same since. Perhaps you could wait another day or so...they don't sand the paths do they? The sun will be out soon and it'll be springy again.

    Oh yes, the joys of NOT having to be out in such weather are many and your home sounds so cozy with the cleaning and baking and puzzlemaking going on.

  8. It sounds like it was a nasty raw weather day on Wednesday. Perhaps today will be better.

    We had a bit of snow on Wednesday, but most of it had disappeared by evening.

    Take care! I know those cookies will be enjoyed by many!

  9. I did hear about a big snowstorm expected to hit Maryland and instantly wondered if you were getting it. Sounds like a good day to skip the walk.
    It does sound cozy in your house and I'm sure it smelled good too. You inspire me with your good willpower. I'm not sure if it's possible for me to not eat one cookie fresh from the oven:/. I'll try though :).


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