Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Farm Loop

 55 degrees, sunny, and calm when I walked this morning.
Sunrise 5:51
Morning Walk Steps 13,008

This morning I decided to walk the Farm Loop for a change.
I named it the Farm Loop because I pass by 5 different farms.
Used to walk it often but it is kind of remote and don't usually
see any people.
But it is a beautiful walk and I took quite a lot of pictures
so you could walk along with me.

From the pond parking lot I walked up to the school,
turned right and walked down here.

Will let the pictures speak for themselves.

If you look down the road you will see a mower going along mowing
the sides of the road.
When I got down to the mower, the man stopped mowing and
opened the door and said to me,
I'll be mowing the area by your house next week.
I had to laugh because I didn't even know he knew me
let alone where I lived! 

Up ahead at the stop sign is the main road to town and I turned
right and walked back to town.

Back to the pond completes the whole loop and it is 4 1/4 miles.

The rest of my walk was around both cemeteries.

Hope you enjoyed the scenery along the way.

☀️    🥾    😊   

Since we didn't go food shopping yesterday we did that chore today.
This week is was at Casselsman Market.

Another nice sunny day so went outside walking around Happy Trails.

Spent about an hour talking on the phone with my friend Bernice.
We had spoken for a while and was nice to have a catch up talk.
She lives in NJ.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Kayaking 🛶

 55 degrees this morning when I started walking and
cloudy, but it turned sunny by the time I was done.
Sunrise 5:52
Morning Walk Steps 12,800

Walked around the lower cemetery first, the upper cemetery, 
and over to see the few cows and the little horses at the big barn.

Next it was over to the ball park to walk around that loop.
Wild flowers growing down by the stream.

The people who have property along one side the ball park have let their
chickens out of the chicken coop for the first time.
At least the first time I've seen them.
A thin little fence was put up and I was thinking it was for the chickens.
There are 12 of them and they all look the same.
They were quite friendly and came over to the fence to see me.
So now I have 12 new chicken friends.

Saying good bye to the chickens, I continued walking up to the main road
and up and down some side streets before ending my walk.

Didn't see any people out this morning except for Phil at the car dealers.

🌤    🥾    🐓    🙂

No work around the house today.
We loaded up our kayaks in the truck and went to
Savage River Reservoir 
for some kayaking fun.
Weather was perfect - sunny and cool.

Wind kicked up a bit and we had some little waves come along.
We paddled against the wind and when we wanted to go back we
went to the middle of the water and let ourselves drift to see
where we'd end up.
So funny that we drifted right to the cove where we put
the kayaks in and out.

This was the first time kayaking this year and hope to go many times more.
Last year for some reason we only went once.
I guess we get caught up doing other things and forget about it.
I love to be out on the water paddling.
So peaceful and calm and beautiful.
We only saw 2 fishermen in a small fishing boat and two other
people in kayaks.

    🛶       🛶    

Thanks for visiting.
A happy Tuesday to you.

Comment Replies:
Jeannette - we like hot dogs roasted very well done too. 😃

Monday, May 29, 2023

Another sunny day


Thank You to all the men and woman who gave their lives
so we can live in the Land of the Free.

🇺🇸    🇺🇸    🇺🇸    🇺🇸

51 degrees this morning when walking. Sunny, some clouds, and no wind.
A beautiful morning.
Sunrise 5:52
Morning Walk Steps 13,109

On the drive to town I had to slow down for 
and either a fox or a coyote.
Ran by too fast to know for sure.

More DVD's to drop down the library drop so went there first.
Then up and down all the streets around town.
Walked around both cemeteries and the ball park loop too.

Some balloons escaped from somewhere.

Would be nice to have a gazebo up at my house like this one.

Rebecca was out walking Leo and the man who runs laps and laps
around the ball park was running his laps.

Pretty quiet around town with it being Memorial Day (observed).
The real Memorial Day is tomorrow!!

Seemed more like an early Sunday morning.

🙂    🥾    🌤

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning.
Got the sheets washed and hung out on the line.
By the time a second load of laundry was done, the sheets were already dry.

Baked a chocolate cake.
Did my usual house chores in the morning.

Afternoon we both went outside and puttered about the yard.

Sat out back on the deck.
Got a fire started in the BBQ Ken made and we roasted hotdogs for supper.

Thanks so much for popping in for a visit.

America without her soldiers
would be like God without His angels.
-Claudia Pemberton

Sunday, May 28, 2023


 Happy Sunday

Morning Skies

📖    📖    📖

Psalm 1:3-4

 And God said, Let there be light: 
and there was light.

 And God saw the light, that it was good: 
and God divided the light from the darkness.

A Blessed Sunday to all.
Jesus Loves You ❤️

Saturday, May 27, 2023


The temperature was 44 degrees with full sun this morning when I walked.
A little bit of a breeze once in a while.
Sunrise 5:53
Morning Walk Steps 13,571

Had another DVD to drop down the slot at the library.
Then walked up and down all the streets in town.

A peek at the pond from main street.

 Next I walked around both of the cemeteries.

Over at the big barn the little horse was still there.
Looks like it is a baby little horse and that must be its mother.
The other little horse could possibly be the father.
Hard to see the other horse.  He is on the left behind the fence.

The cow with its head in the hay trying to get to the bottom of it
made me laugh.

Another big rhododendron bush.

Another project that Kermit is working on is a green house.
Here he has added dirt to make the floor even.

Continued walking over to the ball park and around that loop
and then headed back to the Jeep.

A couple of kids were fishing at the pond and I saw Rebecca
walking Leo two different times.
As I was getting back to the Jeep I saw three people running
up the hill to the cemetery.

☀️    🥾    🙂

Baked another batch of Chocolate Chippers and added them to
the ones in the freezer so now have 100 and enough for the
Sunday school kids snack.

Just before lunch we went to the library to pick up a couple of
books that I had on hold.
Another Anne Perry book.
The other book is a biography of Anne Perry.
I know she was convicted of helping murder her friends mother.
But don't know anything else about her.
She is one of my favorite authors so should be an interesting book.

Got a load of laundry washed and hung out on the line.
Sure having some perfect weather for doing laundry.

We didn't have our usual Friday pizza so we made some for supper today.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Saturday

Comment Replies:
Barwitzki - No, we don't celebrate Pentecost.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Tiny Horse

 39 degrees but sunny and no wind when I started walking.
By the end of my walk it was 45 degrees.
Sunrise 5:54
Morning Walk Steps 13,747

Once again I went to the library to drop a DVD down the slot.
Then to the post office and dropped off some mail.

Headed on over to the industrial park and had a nice walk there.
You can see a very light frost.

Walked on the road behind the Dollar General and then up and
down all the streets in town.

Lots of Rhododendron in bloom all around town

but this one is by far the largest one around.

Continued walking up to and around the cemetery on the hill and over to
the big barn where there is the cutest tiny horse.
Don't know its age.
I'll have to ask Farmer Marvin when I see him.

Lastly walked around the other cemetery and that ended this walk.

Very quiet around town this morning.

☀️    🥾    🙂

Put chicken in the slow cooker first thing after breakfast so
and that took care of supper which is always nice.

Had the routine chores to do but major cleaning is done for this week.

Too nice to stay inside so spent the afternoon outside again.

That's it for today.
Happy Friday and thanks for visiting.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Slip Covers

 Sunny and cool this morning for walking.
41 degrees with a little breeze.
Sure nice walking weather!!!
Sunrise 5:54
Morning Walk Steps 13,204

Had another DVD and a book to drop down the slot at the library
so went there first.

Then walked up and down the main road and side streets.

Around both cemeteries and over to the big barn.
A few cows are still left and were enjoying their breakfast.

Walked on down to see the Drane house garden.
Looks neat and tidy.

Continued walking over to the ball park and walked a few loops around there. 
Bill was getting ready to mow and weed wack the area.
Stopped to talk for a bit.

I walked down by the stream at the ball park and spotted this
heart rock in the water.
I always think of Anni when I see a heart in nature so this is for you Anni.

Not long after I took the heart picture I felt my wrist vibrate so
headed back to the Jeep.

☀️    🥾    😊

We have two smallish chairs with black and white checked slip covers 
that we got at Ikea some years ago.
I took the covers off and washed them today.
A bit awkward hanging them on the line.

Thought I might have some trouble putting the covers back on
the chairs but they went back on without a problem
and they sure look better now they are nice and clean.

A couple of deer passing by our bedroom widow.

Baked some Chocolate Chippers for the kids at Sunday school for snack time.  
Have another batch to bake.
These are for June 11, but I'll put them in the freezer till then.

Back outside again this afternoon to putter some more around
Happy Trails and went for a walk too.

Once again ended up on the porch reading.
Started the book for the June's book club meeting.
French Braid

Ken had to go to the library to make copies and I went along
with him and picked out a few more DVD's to watch.
Hope we have better luck with these then the last ones I picked out!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Thursday.

Comment Replies:
HillTop - No, nothing has been planted in the fields yet.  Probably waiting till after Memorial Day.

John - The two tones iris from yesterday stays those two colors.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Another sunny day

 A beautiful sunny morning for walking.
47 degrees and calm
Sunrise 5:55
Morning Walk Steps 13,278

Driving to town I had to stop for a deer crossing the road
and then a rabbit.
There were 3 opossums dead in the road.
Thought it very unusual to see THREE of them.

Another DVD to drop off at the library so went there first.
Walked up and down the right side of town and then
up to the cemetery.  
Even though the cows aren't at the barn anymore I still walk there.
Some geese walking around in the field.
They were at the edge but ran off as I got closer.

Next headed over to the ball park and walked around that loop
a few times.
This is a short trail behind the park.

Walked up and down the roads to the left of town and then
over to the other cemetery.
KitCat came running over to see me.

Noticed in RuthAnn's yard that her old shed has been knocked down
and looks like a new one is about to be built.
Something else to watch around town.

The two-toned iris was blooming this morning in that same yard.
I can't make up my mind which I like better, light purple, dark purple,
white, or this one.  All are so pretty.

☀️    🥾    🙂

Washed another load of clothes and got them drying on the line
and for once I'm all caught up.
Had some house chores to get done and then it was lunch time.

Too nice to stay inside so went outside to putter about the yard for a while.

Ended up sitting on the porch and reading.

That's going to be it for today.
Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Happy Cows


45 degrees this morning and sunny with no breeze.
Sunrise 5:56
Morning Walk Steps 13,780

Started off walking down the main road towards home for a bit
and then turned around and came back with a little detour up
Barn Sale Road.

I'm walking to town here on the main road and took a picture
of the big barn.
I'll be walking up there later.

Back in town I walked around the lower cemetery a couple of times,
and then around the other cemetery and then over to the big barn.

From there I stopped at the Jeep and picked up a couple of DVD's
and walked over to the library and dropped them down the slot.

Another iris is blooming in the same garden as the other two
and this time it is a white one.

A two toned one of yellow and purple looks about to bloom next.
You will probably see it tomorrow!

Didn't see anyone else out walking but did see Kermit out back
working in his shop so I stopped to say hi.
He showed me the little chicken house and run he made with wheels on
it so he can move it around.  He will be getting 3 chickens.
Also got to see his 2 pet rabbits, Salt and Pepper - so cute.
He is trying to breed them.
Oh no, there may be a rabbit in my future.
I asked him about the stove that he put in the structure he made 
out of old doors and he told me yes it does work.
His wife has already baked a cake in it.

Kermit will be 80 next week.
Always interesting to talk to him.

☀️    🥾    😊

Food shopping at Casselman's this morning.
On the way home we were behind one of those HUGE turbine blades!!

Did some house chores and in the afternoon went outside.
It was warm in the sun and cool in the shade.
Walked around Happy Trails and then puttered around outside
the house.  Next week I'll be able to plant some annuals.

Love these sunny cool days.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Tuesday

Comment Replies:
Deb - You remembered correctly, my birthday is coming up next week, May 30.

Ginny - Farmer Marvin has a few pastures around this area but also has some
in PA and WV so I won't be seeing all the cows.  The 20 pair that he put in the pasture down the road I will see. I stopped down the road from my house on the way to town to take this picture.  I think I'd be happy there if I were a cow. :)

Monday, May 22, 2023

Cows out to pasture

 45 degrees when I started walking this morning and sunny
with some high thin clouds which made the sun look like a glowing ball.

Sunrise 5:57
Morning Walk Steps 13,413

Walked to the library and dropped off a DVD and then over
to the post office to mail a birthday card to a friend.

Next walked up and down all the streets in town.
Around the lower cemetery and up to the other cemetery.
Didn't see anyone else out today except for Farmer Marvin who
was at the big barn.
The cows and their calves have been moved out of the barn now
and into many different pastures.
I will miss seeing them but I'm sure they'd rather be roaming around outside.

There are just a few cows left down at the end of the barn.

20 pairs of cows and calves have been put in the pasture down the
road from my house.

Leaving the barn I went to the ball park to walk around the loop
a couple of times and then back to the Jeep.

Thought it would be fun to watch this garden grow.
It looks so nice and neat with the plants planted on little hills.

Another Iris has bloomed in the same yard I took the picture of
the light purple one the other day.
I like this dark one too.

🙂    🥾    ☀️

Sheets washed and hung out on the line this morning and got a 
 start on this weeks house cleaning.

After lunch I was outside trying to control some weeds.
Weeded some out of the gravel and did a some mowing out back.
Pretty hard going though with such uneven rocky terrain.

I enjoyed my time afterward sitting on the front porch knitting.
I'm still working on the pillow.
It is red and I was sitting near the hummingbird feeder.
The hummer must have been attracted to my red yarn because
it hovered right in front of me checking it out.
Pretty cool to be so close to the bird!!

Well that's been my Monday so far.
Thanks for popping in for a visit.
Happy Monday

Sunday, May 21, 2023


 Happy Sunday
A couple of Sunrises

📖    📖

This month at church we have two versers to memorize.

Psalm 51: 12-13

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; 
and uphold me with thy free spirit.

 Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; 
and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

A Blessed Sunday to all.
Jesus Loves YOU ❤️