Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
~Henry David Thoreau

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Thunder Storm

Woke up to some claps of thunder but no rain.
Checked the radar before I left for town and the storm looked like
it would stay south of us so I went to town.
Driving there the storm hit and the rain came down in torrents.
Luckily town is just 2 miles away.
Once I got there I waited for about 10 minutes in the car for the
storm to pass and then I started my walk.

It was 60 degrees and just cloudy when I did walk and even saw
a little bit of the sun for a little while.

The corn is so tall now that I can't see the barn anymore.

 Walked around town, the cemeteries and the ball park.

Went down to see the bulls.
Only three of them there today.

Lisa was out walking.  Nice to see her again - it's been awhile.
Someone else out walking a dog.

Walked 6 miles

⛈    ☁️    πŸŒ₯

Since we didn't go to Shop and Save yesterday because of dealing
with the TV, we went there today.  Just needed a few things so
we were in and out quickly.

I'm behind on the house cleaning this week so the rest of the
morning I did that.

Did some knitting this afternoon.
I've tried a few different hat patterns but wasn't happy with them.
The pattern I'm using now just might be THE ONE.
It is easy and appears to be a good size for an adult.
Should be able to finish it this evening.
That's all I have for today.
Thanks for stopping by.
A happy day to you. πŸ™‚
πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🦳 happyone ❤️
Comment Replies:
Thanks to all who said the H-E was Hits and Errors.  Seems obvious now that you all said it.

Many of you said you hardly watch TV anymore.  We don't either.  We mostly watch DVD's and Ken has a few games he likes to play and uses the television for that too.  Sometimes we will watch some things on YouTube.  

William - I did a bit of research about the 'webs' on the grass yesterday. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  I think they are spider webs though because I can see the hiding spot of the spider.  It could also be something called 'dollar spot' which is a lawn fungus.  Here's the link that tells of both. What do you think?


Hill Top Post said...

Radar is a wonderful thing to have; wish I had checked it that time I got caught in a terrible storm. I learned a lesson the hard way that day. It looks like the red bulls may be the ones the farmer keeps. Around here the pastures are full of black cattle. I have been behind on my cleaning all week. Wonder why?

Nellie said...

Sometimes you can trust that radar, sometimes it fools us! Seems like I’m always behind with house cleaning. There is always something to do, and I’m easily distracted when it comes to chores.πŸ˜‚

Tom said...

...after receiving no rain in June, we are now having a thunderstorm or two almost everyday. You have been finding some interesting old doors lately.

ellen b. said...

We could use a nice downpour without lightning right now. Glad you could get that walk in after the downpour. Fresh corn is so good! Have a good night.

William Kendall said...

It could be either way.

The bulls look in fine form.

Granny Marigold said...

I wonder where the farmer gets the various bulls from... and then he sells them. Is he sort of a middle man for bull sales? There seem to be different ones all the time.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Why do cattle have two identical ear-rings?

God bless.

eileeninmd said...

It was good you could wait out the storm in your car before walking.
Love the shot of the bulls! Take care, have a great day!

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm pretty sure it was spiders myself. Funnel spiders? Maybe. Awesome door photo today. Wish it'd rain like that here...quickly passing over. Love the individual photos of the bull pen

KEV. Robertson. said...

The Corn sure grows fast there in Summer. Cold here now- it was -1 Deg C last night...middle of the day can get warm- night time is freezing. Best Wishes.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

One of the bulls looks blue! -smile-

Oh I love your new Icon! Bangs and a bit longer. Love it!!! How did I miss it????

Ya' know.... I feel that if people enjoy tv, then can. And if others do not enjoy tv, let them not enjoy it.

What I don't like, is what sometimes looks like .... Some people have a 'holier-than-thou" attitude. As if not watching tv, is the Higher Way.

I am not accusing anyone of this. It's just a feeling I have gotten, over time.

Probably just me. -smile-


Kim said...

I bet your walk was refreshing with the rain cleaning the air. Smells so good after a rain, especially if there was thunder as well.

Retired Knitter said...

I have taken to watching YouTube sometimes as well. Sort of an eclectic mix of stuff - Short little things that are interesting and sometime odd. Fun Actually.

Lowcarb team member said...

Great pictures of the bulls.

All the best Jan