Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lunch Out

The sun trying very hard to break through the clouds.
It eventually did and I had sun and blue sky on some of my walk.
Left the house at 6:35 and it was 42 degrees with a bit of a breeze.

Walked straight through town, up Barn Sale for a little bit, and then
down toward Happy Trails, and back to town.
Went around both cemeteries. 

 Came across Lisa running around one of them.
We stopped and she told me her new happy news.  
She will be a first time grandma come September.

Continued my walk around town and over to the ball park loop,
 and then made my way home.
So nice hearing all the birds again in the morning.
Walked 6 miles
πŸ’™     πŸ’™
A typical morning doing all the normal morning chores.

We met up with the Super Seniors from church for lunch at Uno's.
There were 16 of us there and we enjoyed a good meal and a fine time.
I got the Berry and Goat Cheese Salad  - it was very good and
I'd for sure get it again.

Later this afternoon when we were back home
I walked over to the post office to mail a birthday card
to our brother in law.
Then stopped in at the library, where I picked up a book that was on hold for me.
( In This Mountain)
Also checked out another book from the new book section.
So much for only reading the books at home on my shelf like I said I was
going to a couple of days ago. 
Just couldn't help myself this time.
I don't need the large print but I like reading large print books.
So much easier on the eyes.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone  πŸ’•

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A walk in the sun

When I got up early this morning it was 22 degrees and still dark.
I've been walking in the dark with rain and clouds for quite a while.
It was supposed to be a sunny day and I thought it would be so nice to walk
in the sun so I postponed my walk till after breakfast when
the sun was over the mountain and left for my walk at 8:45.
It was up to 34 degrees by then too.
So nice to have the sun out and see a bright blue sky.
Walked through town, up Barn Sale Rd and down towards Happy Trails,
then turned around and walked back to town.
When back to town I spotted my walker friend Kathy who I haven't seen
since November.  I caught up to her and we gave each other a big hug.
I've been worried about her and praying for her because she was
diagnosed with Lupus.  
On a return trip to the doctors last month when they did more blood
tests there was no sign of the Lupus. 
Lots of people prayed for her and Praise God He answered our prayers.
Kathy has been walking later in the morning now so that's why I haven't seen
her in a while.  So glad I walked later today to find out the great news.
I walked 3 miles before I saw her and 3 miles with Kathy.
πŸ’™     πŸ’™
Ken went up to the new house site to work on his rock wall
but he came home at 11:15.
He is still not 100% and was getting tired so didn't stay all day.

After lunch we went to Walmart to do food shopping.
Not my favorite chore and was glad to get it done and get everything put away.

I called my friend Bernice today and we had a nice long chat.
 Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone πŸ’•

Monday, February 26, 2018

A bit of sun

37 degrees this morning and cloudy but NO rain. 😊
Got a bit of a late start and didn't get outside walking till 7:00.

Walked through town and up Barn Sale Rd a ways and then down
toward Happy Trails.
Back to town and around both cemeteries a couple of times.
My horse friend Star and the others got a nice new big roll of hay.
Continued my walk down the main street and back home.
I haven't seen anyone else out walking in the morning in such a long time.
Haven't even seen any people outside at all.
Walked 6 miles
πŸ’™     πŸ’™
I made us some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
Had some blueberries sitting around and thought putting them in pancakes 
would be a good idea before they went bad.

Mid morning some of the clouds made way for some sun and blue sky. 😊
I walked to the library to drop off a book and also dropped off
the water bill at public works.
 While at the library I had two books in my hand to check out but
put both of them back.  I'm trying to get some of my own books read
and given away so I won't have to move them to the new house.
Started reading one of those today.  The Run by Stuart Woods.

 We went to Brenda's for half price pizza again this week.
We met our son David there.  He started a new second job and
we were celebrating.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone πŸ’•

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rainy Walk and Happy BIrthday

My walk this morning was a wet one.
Rained the whole of my walk, and not a little drizzle but it poured.
A warm 52 degrees though and not much of a breeze.

Wore my rain paints and yellow rain slicker.
It was too warm to wear the hood on the slicker so I also used my umbrella.
Besides when it rains hard after a few miles the water somehow gets
down my neck and my shirt gets wet so the umbrella prevented that.
As you would expect on an early rainy Saturday morning not much 
activity around town.
It was just me, a few geese, and lots of worms.

Walked all over town as usual and around the cemeteries and ball park loop.
Didn't walk all of my usual 6 miles - just 5.3 this morning.
πŸŒ‚     πŸŒ‚     πŸŒ‚
Did the usual morning chores around the house.

After lunch we went over to the new house to see what had been done
in the last couple of days.
 The dry wall is all hung.  It hasn't been spackled yet but that will get
done next week.

Took a few pictures.
Kitchen/Dining Room
  Standing in the far corner of the kitchen.
Kitchen, dining area, living room
Pantry door on right, basement door on left
Mud room
The washer and freezer will be on right in the dark area.
A half bath will have pocket doors.
 We spent quite a bit of time just walking around the house and
picturing where to put all our furniture and stuff.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
 happyone  πŸ’•

🎈     🎈     🎈     🎈     🎈     🎈
Bernice is my life long friend and today is her birthday. I am an only child and she is the sister I never had. The year we turned 50 (quite a few years ago, we are turning 67 this year) I wrote this letter to her. I thought I would post it here today on her birthday. You can get an idea of what she means to me.

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Bernice,
Today you are 50 years old. When I look at you I don't see a 50 year old woman.
 I see a little girl who I've grown up with and have known my whole life.
We first knew each other in church when we were only babies.
Third grade I moved to Waldwick and we ended up in the same class.
I walked into the room and you shot up your hand and said
"That's Karen, she's in my Sunday school class."

In those young years we knew each other from church,
then as teenagers at the age of 15 we became very dear friends.
Where one was the other one was.
 We called each others parents mom and dad,
spent many nights over each others houses,
roller skated every Saturday night (some great times we had there)
and many times liked the same boys.
We've done so much together that it would take a book to write it all down.
And through it all we told each other everything.
 No secrets between us and we grew up knowing we would always be there for each other no matter what.

Going through the teenage years is sometimes hard and whatever happened
I knew you would always be there for me to help me through it.
 I don't think I would have made it through with out you.
 We had so many good times together and have spent many hours laughing and have shed a few tears too.

We got older, married, moved away from each other,
had babies but have always kept in touch.
 Sometimes years went by without seeing each other,
but once together again no time had seemed to pass.
 We were kids once again.
I treasure our friendship and I know I am so lucky to have you
for my friend then, now, and forever.
So when I see you now on your 50th birthday I don't see a 50 year old woman,
I see that same little girl,
that same teenager,
that same grown woman who is my dearest friend.
I love you Bernice.
Love your forever friend,
Karen :-)

And so today on my friend Bernice's birthday, I want to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is one in a million!! 😊

Here we are many years ago.
Me on the left and Bernice on the right.
I have that odd smile because I had braces. 😊

Friday, February 23, 2018

Foggy Morning

This morning when I started walking it was 37 degrees and cloudy.
Things were wet and it felt like rain at any minute but it never rained on me.
Little fog around too.
Walked through town and up Barn Sale Rd a ways.  All the cows were
still sleeping in the field when I walked by.
One stood up and then the others followed.
Walked down toward Happy Trails and then back to town.
Around both cemeteries and the ball park and through town again and home.

Even more geese at the town pond, I guess about 25 of them now.
Saw the first Robin.  Spring is on the way.

Another morning that the rain held off so I didn't have to walk in the rain.
Walked 6 miles

πŸ’™     πŸ’™
We've just been home today not doing much of anything.
I read quite a lot.
Our son, David stopped by.
He decided to relocate here to Garrett county, Maryland.
He found a job and has moved into the cabin that we built up at Happy Trails.
So nice having him close by for a while.
The cabin is 1/4 mile from our new house.

A quiet day around home and now a quiet evening also.
Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone  πŸ’•

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fingerprint Day

Left over picture from my walk on Monday.
Old sunflowers at Farmer Bill's place.
Didn't see a pretty sunrise this morning on my walk.
It was a cloudy morning with a bit of a mist at first but then it
stopped so I didn't get wet.
Did have some rain on and off today though.
It was 42 degrees with a bit of a wind.

An uneventful walk around town, the cemeteries, and the ball park loop
but still a good walk. 
Thanks for the get well wishes and prayers for Ken.
Still sick but his fever is gone and he is feeling on the mend.

I went to church for a day of Fingerprints on my own today.
We all missed Ken because he is the cutter. 
A couple others can work the cutter and do once in a while 
but they all couldn't make it either.

Left a little after 9:00 this morning and finished up at 3:00 and left for home.
There were just 10 of us working today.
Lots of sickness going around.

Before getting home I made a stop at the Shop and Save to pick up
a few things.  One of those things being ice cream.
It was on sale again.

That's been my day.
I'm off now to get supper made.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone  πŸ’•

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chirpping birds

Another beautiful morning.
55 degrees this morning, windy but sunny.
Another great walking day though I think most mornings are good for walking. 😊

Walked around the ball park loop first today and then both of the cemeteries. 
Then it was just walking around town till I got my 6 miles in.

The little town pond that had the 2 geese from yesterday have been
joined by 12 others this morning.  

My horse friend Star came over to say hi to me again.

 This morning was the first time I've heard the birds chirping early in the morning.
That's enough to make anyone smile. 😊
Spotted this cardinal on top of a tree calling his distinctive call.
Zoomed in and got a pretty good picture.
Didn't realize there was another bird there as well till I downloaded it.
I am thankful to be able to take a morning walk.
πŸ’™     πŸ’™
Got the sheets washed this morning and outside on the line to dry.
Nice sleeping tonight on nice smelling sheets.
Then got supper started in the slow cooker.
Went outside and spent some time in the garden.
Sat on the porch and read.

Mid afternoon it clouded up and we had rain showers,
but between the showers the sun came out.
Ken is not feeling so good today, sure hope he is just getting a cold
and not the flu like I had.
Looks like I'll be going to church alone this evening.
Off I go now to eat supper.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone  πŸ’•

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A spring/summer like day

One of the benefits of an early morning walk is to see the sunrise.

My usual 6 mile walk.
Very warm this morning at 57 degrees and once again all the snow is gone.
A bit windy and a mix of sun and clouds.

Geese on the little town pond.
Back to my walk all over town up and down all the streets.
A couple loops around each of the cemeteries and the ball park loop.
Perfect weather for a pleasant walk.
πŸ’™     πŸ’™
The weather was spring/summer like today.
After breakfast and doing a few house chores I went outside.
The temperature was in the mid 60's, sunny and made it up to 70.
Much too nice to be in the house.
I decided to do some work in the garden along the front walk.
Cut down all the dead flowers and spruced things up a bit.
Thought I'd get a little head start while the weather was so nice.
This is just a tease because there is no doubt that it will be cold again and snow.
The before picture.
The after picture.
Look what I spotted and it is only February.
After lunch I walked over to the library to pick up the latest book
club book.  The book club used to meet at 5:30 on Wednesday night
which is a church night so Ken would pick me up a little early at 6:30 
and then we went to church.
The time has been changed to the second Thursday of the month
at 11:00 in the morning.  Now I'll be able to stay for the whole meeting. 

It's been such a warm day that I even sat out on the front
porch and read for a little while.
Time now to go and make supper.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone  πŸ’•

Monday, February 19, 2018

Walking the Farm Loop

Went for my usual 6 mile morning walk today.
The temperature was 39, no wind, but a little mist in the air once in a while,
but mostly it was just cloudy.

It's been quite a while since I walked the Farm Loop Route and it was
so nice to be walking there again.
It's been too dark for me to walk there and I don't like to walk on the
road the school is on because of no sidewalks and all the buses.
Today there is no school and the mornings are lighter.

I walked down the main road for about a mile and then turned off here
to walk up by the farms.
Passing by Farmer Bill's place Grace and Faith look up from eating breakfast
to watch as I walk by.
Just past Farmer Bill's place I turned left and walked down this way
 and up the hill passed the Dairy Farm on the left.
There is a little pond by the farm and there were some mallard ducks
and geese but they all flew away when I walked passed.
 At the end of the road I turned right, passed the school, and walked back to town.
Walked around town and then down the main road a little ways
before turning around and going back home.
This is my walking route today.
My walking route today.
More detail around town.

πŸ’™     πŸ’™
Ken went up to the new house site to work on the rock wall by the driveway.
I stayed home to get some housework done.
He came home to eat lunch and then went back to his wall making.

I finished up my housework for the day. 
Still have to dust a couple of rooms but by 1:30 I felt I had
done enough cleaning for one day.
Then got the urge to make some chocolate chip cookies and that is what I did.
I was good and only ate one cookie, though did eat some cookie dough.

Since it is Monday I think it would be a good idea to go to
Brenda's for half price pizza.

Ken's not home yet and its too early for supper so
I'll read some blogs and then some of my latest book
while waiting for suppertime.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone  πŸ’•

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sunrise, wood flooring and dry wall

Another 6 mile walk this morning.
It was 22 degrees, no wind and I got to see the sun come up.
A good start to the day. 😊

Walked through town down toward Happy Trails, then back to town,
around one of the cemeteries, then to the other side of town
and walked around the small industrial park.
This road runs along between the main road and the industrial park.
It's a dead end so have to turn around and walk back.
A nice quiet street and one I enjoy walking down.
Before I knew it my walking time was up and I had to head back home.
🌺     🌺
After breakfast we left and picked up Ronnie, our builder and we went
to the floor store to make our final decision about the wood floors
for the kitchen/dining and living room.

So many beautiful woods to choose from but we ended up picking
this Hickory wood floor with random widths and lengths.
We like a little more knots in our floor so ours will have more
knots in it than this sample.
The place where we ordered it from makes all their own boards at the shop.

After we dropped Ronnie off at home Ken and I went up to the new house.
The dry wall is done in our bedroom.  Took this picture standing in the corner.
At the opposite corner is the walk in closet.
 A peek in the bathroom
and the second bedroom is our office which we will share.
The rest of the dry wall will be done this week.
It is really looking like a house now and we are both very happy with
how it is all going and excited to know it won't be long now before
we will be living here. 😊

Before coming home we stopped at Cornucopia Cafe in Grantsville
and had lunch.  
I had the Ham and Swiss Pretzel. It was very good.
Ken liked his Eggplant Parm Panini too.

This afternoon I started reading another book.
Oh, and by the way at 3:00 it started snowing again
and we are supposed to get at least 6 inches.

Life is Good
Count your blessings and have a happy day.
happyone πŸ’•

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rainy Day

The ice has all melted on the town pond and after so much
rain it is VERY full.
πŸŒ‚     πŸŒ‚
This morning had my usual 6 mile walk around town and
made a few loops around the cemeteries and the ball park loop.
 It was 49 degrees and it rained the whole time I was walking. 
 I don't mind walking in the rain.

 Didn't take my umbrella because I wore my rain pants and yellow slicker
with the hood.   
It was nice hearing the rain on my hood.
Near the end of my walk though I didn't enjoy it as much because
somehow rain had dripped down my slicker and my shirt got wet.

Lots of worms all over the place.
The little stream behind the ball park loop has come up over its banks.
A while ago I lost my pepper spray.  Thought it was in some pocket and
looked through all my walking clothes and just couldn't find it.
Today while I was walking I was so surprised to see it in the grass on the side of
the road between the library and the car dealer.
It must have dropped out of my pocket and got covered in the snow.
I checked it out and it still works fine. 

As you can expect on this rainy day I didn't see any one else out walking.
πŸŒ‚     πŸŒ‚
Got the usual house chores done and then finished another puzzle.
This is the last one for the season.  
I've put them away and will take them out again next year.
The temperature dropped during the day and by mid
afternoon it was snowing like crazy.
We just got a dusting though and I think that will be all we get,
at least for now.

Life is Good
Count your blessing and have a happy day.
happyone πŸ’•