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~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, July 13, 2012

No Pictures

We arrived up on our land last night a little after 7:00.  We discovered with the TV antenna on the trailer and a booster we get 12 channels.  We were very surprised.  We didn't watch anything except the news because we had brought a couple of Netflix DVD's with us.  Last night we watched MeatLoaf who is one of my favorites.

This morning as I left on my walk I felt a few drops of rain but all through my walk it never rained.  I saw the two baby deer and their mom again walking down our driveway.  The second skunk I've seen here, I watched waddle across the street.  A few rabbits and a couple of gold finches I saw also on the way down the hill.

I walked into town again.  Just passed the fire house there was a paved path.  When I see a path it cries out to me, walk down here, so I followed the path.  It didn't go very far, just about a quarter of a mile and made a loop behind the ball field.  I spotted a trail in the woods but again it didn't go very far but it did have a little stream.

I walked around two of the cemeteries in town and took a couple of pictures of two of the oldest grave stones I could find.  Unfortunately I left the cable to take the pictures off my camera so I couldn't download them onto my laptop.  I'll have to post the pictures tomorrow.

Ken picked me up at the pond in town again and we went to Annie's Kitchen for breakfast.  By this time the rain was light but steady. Ken  worked on the roof while I was walking and got almost all of the shingles done but the rain kept him from doing more for a while once we got back.  Then he just put on an extra shirt and went out to work anyway.

I stayed inside, got things cleaned up and then knitted for a bit.  I've started a pair of slippers for Ken and when they are done I'll make myself a pair.  These we will keep here at the trailer.

After a while the rain stopped and it looked like the sun was going to come out so I went out and started clearing more of a foot path that I'm working on.  We both were out until 1:00 which was our lunch time.  It was then that it started raining again and rained all afternoon.  Too hard this time for Ken to do any more work.  It sure was nice having the trailer when it was raining.

About 4 the rain let up and Ken once again when outside and he worked till supper time.  And now here we are sitting in MacDonald's parking lot once again.
It is supposed to rain some more tomorrow so we might be going home earlier than expected tomorrow.  We shall just wait and see.

Hope you made some happy memories this Friday.


  1. The rain seems to have a way of bringing about a change in plans.:)

    Hopefully that skunk will not get too "friendly."

  2. Sounds cozy and lovely being in your trailer when the rain comes. Your walk sounds very nice. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. The rain is welcome to some I'm sure though it's putting a crimp in your weekend. Every little bit that gets done is progress. It must be looking very good.

  4. I bet it is nice having the trailer and being in out of the rain. We are still not having any rain here although areas around us today got almost an inch of rain.

  5. We ' ve had lots of rain the past few days. Wish we could send it to the drought areas!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Sounds like a nice day. When I see a new path I have to try it as well :)

  7. Have to hand it to Ken! He is persistent!!!! Kept going back out, when rain let up. Good for him.

    Glad you have the ability to get some tv, whether you want to watch things or not. Nice to have the option. A DVD sounds like a better choice though.

    I'll write the next, not remembering your exact comment in my blog, when I mentioned the following....... So if it doesn;t apply, excuse please. :-)

    Perhaps you'll try renting "The Moon Spinners", the Disney Haley Mills film I mentioned. Just an old movie, but rather cute mystery with sweet, young Haley Mills. And of course, the Isle of Crete. :-)

    Just finished the book, and may... that was very different. The film re-wrote the book. -chuckle-

  8. Karen..I've been enjoying catching up with your blog.I wanted to mention how much I am enjoying reading about your adventures on your new property and exploring the area around you.Your elevation at your new property is about what our elevation is here in the mountains of southern West Virginia.We can have snow here but just 20 miles away there might not be any.Hope this posts.I tried a few weeks ago to post and had problems with getting it to post so will keep this short and cross my fingers and toes that one of my comments finally posts.

  9. I'm going to use my imagination as far as what you saw on your walk. When you post the pictures I'll see how good my imagination is :).
    You and Ken are hard workers!
    When you say Meatloaf are you talking about the singer?

  10. Enjoy the weekend, Karen. It is great that you are seeing wildlife on your walks. I have a brand new camera and am just going through the 250 page user manual. I can't wait to try it in the field. Art

  11. I LOVE the sound of rain ....and I bet it is really quiet where you are in the country and you can hear it pretty good.

  12. The rain probably gave you the rest you both needed - it's good to sit back reflect and relax in your lovely dry caravan. You sound to be getting on extremely well with the building.


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