Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ken's New Toy

On Monday Ken got a call from Bob the Kubota dealer saying that the backhoe for the tractor had come in and we would be able to pick up the tractor Tuesday or Wednesday.  So you know what that meant, a trip back to our land.

Ken used another couple of vacation days and we headed back up there Tuesday morning.  It was raining when we left but had cleared up by the time we got to the tractor dealer.  The back tire was put on the wheel backwards so we took the tire up to the tire place and waited while they fixed it and then brought the tire back.  We took the tire ourselves because Bob works there alone and it would have taken an extra day for him to go and get the tire fixed. 
He had to put the wheel back on, attach the backhoe, do some other stuff to get the tractor ready and we were told it would be ready for pick up on Wednesday at noon.

After lunch we made it up to our land and didn't get right to work, but went for a walk on our land and crossed on over to our neighbors land to take a look at their house in the woods.  Sean and Dale said we could walk along the trails on their land anytime we wanted to.
Less than a mile away we came across their house.  I like it a lot! A perfect house for in in the woods.
We walked back to our place and did a bit more work.  By this time the sun was out and shining and it was a nice warm day in the 60's.  We got the back truss up and sheathed.  It was HARD getting that up there with just the two of us, but with ropes and ladders and Ken's creativity and ingenuity we managed to to it without either one of us getting hurt.  There it is.  The first truss up.
That was all the work we did on Tuesday.
We drove down into town and ate supper and came back up to our land when it got dark and spent the night in the truck again.  It was a pretty warm night so it was a lot better than a few days ago.  We did have some pretty heavy rain and lots of wind and a few bolts of lighting and thunder but we managed to get some sleep.  We felt good that with all that wind that the back truss was still standing as strong as ever in the morning!!

Wednesday morning arrived and it was still raining but about 10:00 it cleared up and turned into a beautiful sunny warm day in the 70's. 
About that same time we got a call from Bob saying our tractor was ready for us so we went to pick it up. 
I drove the truck back and since our land is just a few miles away Ken drove the tractor back.  There are traffic warning signs for tractors along the road so Ken felt right at home driving his. : )
Here is Ken driving his new toy up the driveway.
By this time we were hungry so left again for some lunch before starting to do some more work.
Though we got the rest of the trusses up we only got the front one in place with the sheathing on.  They rest of them are braced, tied and secure and will be finished the next time we go up. 
 Ken did have some fun playing around on his tractor too. : )
We got home last night about 8:00 and once again it felt wonderful taking a shower and sleeping in a bed!!  Oh the simple things in life we often take for granted. 
My walk took me around the lake this morning.  It was cloudy and 54 degrees with a feeling of rain in the air.  
I left the main path around the lake again and took the detour through the woods.
I saw and heard many birds all chirping away enjoying their morning.  The white egret and heron were down in the water, but I didn't see many geese.  Wonder where they all got too, usually there are so many around.
I walked here through the shopping center near my house.  Not many people about early in the morning. 
By the time I made my way home again I walked 6.1 miles.
Spending the day at home just puttering around getting a little of this and that done, mostly a little. : )  Just enjoying the day.

Hope you find your bit of happiness today.
The basic thing is that everyone wants happiness,
no one wants suffering.
And happiness mainly comes from our own attitude,
rather than from external factors.
If your own mental attitude is correct,
even if you remain in a hostile atmosphere,
you feel happy.
~ Dalai Lama


  1. You two are getting so much accomplished on building up there. Ken looks perfectly at home on that tractor, too.

  2. Thanks for the update. You had a busy couple of days. You deserve a day to relax!

  3. HI Karen, YES--we do get spoiled don't we? A hot shower and nice bed is wonderful!!!!!!

    BUT--you all are making great progress on your new 'home'....

    I love Ken's new RED toy... How special is that!!!!!

    I noticed that not many of the trees up there have 'leafed' yet.... You'd better get more areas cleared before the poison ivy and chiggers take over for the summer!!!! ha


  4. WOW! It's really coming together!! You guys make a GREAT Team!

  5. Ken looks right at home on his new toy. It looks like a lot is being accomplished and your new area will have a lot of pretty trees.
    Another inspiring quote today.

  6. You are getting so much done. You should both be very proud!

  7. Once again, I love your story. So glad that you're taking us along on it.

  8. A very useful toy to have! I love the house in the wood - does it have water or power? And my, yours is looking so good. Enjoy your rest.

  9. Great progress!!!!!

    Fun and helpful new *toy.* ,-)

    Oh that neighboring house is nice, isn't it? Guess they let the wood weather, maybe? It looks almost like part of the landscape.

    Do you have your house all planned, as yet? Not, to DO it yet. But planned?

    "No great thing is created suddenly."


    Full Moon Effect!

    I sent you an email, with all the pics of the house which was Penny Tweedy's home. And it "could not be delivered".


    I wanted you to get the email, with all the pics, before I posted just a couple of the pics, on my blog today.


    I tried. Will try again, after Full Moon.

    Oh and I sent an email to Vee, and it too came back. Will have to answer her question, by commenting in her blog.


  11. What a great adventure, buying the land, building the house, a dream come true. Ken's smile goes from ear to ear. Sounds like you have great neighbors, that's a good thing. You're right about a shower and a bed, I remember my camping days, I'm glad they're behind me. I look forward to seeing your land/house progress, I'm glad you are bringing us along!


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