Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Monday, April 30, 2012

The last few days

Ken took a vacation day on Friday and we loaded up the truck and went up to our land.  We took along a snow shovel just in case.  Thankfully we did NOT need it! : )
We arrived around 10:00 and unloaded the truck and got right to work.  Took a late lunch break and went to Annie's for a sandwich.  Stopped by the tractor dealer which is just across the street to check if the backhoe was in for Ken's new tractor.  YES, it was!  Now it just has to be installed on the tractor and Ken can drive it to it's new home.  The man works all alone in the store so it might take a couple of weeks until he gets to it which is fine with us because the tractor barn isn't done yet anyway.
Back to work after our break and we worked until 7:00, cleaned things up a bit and then went to Brenda's for supper.  The weather was pretty nice with the sun shining but still a bit cool.

We planned to sleep in the bottom of the barn and rigged up a tent like place where we put the inflatable air mattress.  We started up the generator and plugged in the portable heater which didn't work all the that good.  After trying to sleep for a while I said, "The front of me is warm but I feel a breeze on my back and I'm cold."  Ken said, "Me too, lets sleep in the truck."  So we got up, took our pillows and blankets and surprisingly had pretty good night sleep there in the truck.

Saturday we awoke bright and early to a cloudy cold morning.  We had blueberry muffins for breakfast which I had made to bring up there.
It got a bit warmer later in the day and the sun even came out again, for a while anyway.  Late in the afternoon we did have some snow flurries and later yet when we were cleaning things up to come home it rained.

We got the second floor framed out, and sheathed.  It was a bit hard trying to get the sheathing up to the second floor but we managed to get it done.  Sometimes I look back at what we do and it amazes me at the things we get done!!!
We are putting in a couple of windows up on the second floor.
At the front
On the right side
There's Ken looking out of the front window.
 And there he is high up on the ladder nailing up some sheathing.
I am very happy to say that we had no trouble at all with the replaced new nail gun.  It certainly made things much easier and faster.
We didn't see our neighbor Ron this time but our neighbors on the other side of us came walking by with their two dogs to meet us and welcome us to the  neighborhood.  Dale and Sean are part timers here like we are but hope to retire here someday.  

We arrived back home at 7:15 on Saturday night.  Tired but satisfied at the amount of work we got done in a couple of days.
We had been in our same clothes since Friday morning and oh how WONDERFUL it was to come home and take a shower and sleep in a nice warm bed!! : )
Just had time for a 3 mile walk Sunday morning before church.  Walked down the street and along one path.  It was foggy when I started out but the sun was already out by the time I got home.  It ended up being a beautiful sunny day.
A little simple song we sang at church yesterday but it says it all.

The Gospel Song
Words by Drew Jones
Music by Bob Kauflin

Holy God, in love, 
became perfect man 
to bear my blame.
On the cross He took my sin,
By His death
I live again.
Monday morning has come around fast and back to my morning walk around the lake.  It was a cool 38 degrees but it warmed up quickly when the sun came out.

Quite a lot of people out around the lake for a Monday morning.  A few fishermen out along the waters edge but no boats.
I walked off the main paved path and took the detour route from when they were working on the path.  It makes for a nice change to walk along the trail through the woods. 
Back down by the lake I noticed that the water lilies are out.  
 The heron was down in the water waiting for breakfast to swim by.  The water was like a mirror as you can see by the heron's reflection in the water.
Looking down off the foot bridge down the end of the lake I snapped this picture of the geese.  He didn't even know I was up there.
Such a pretty morning for walking.
I walked 6.2 miles.
I don't know what happened to the sun but the nice sunny morning turned into a cloudy day.  I have a load of clothes hanging on the line because it is NOT supposed to rain today. 
I'm home for the day just around the house doing this and that.  A little work, some reading, maybe some knitting, and catching up on some blog reading.
Enjoy your Monday.
The best remedy for those who are afraid,
lonely or unhappy is to go outside,
somewhere where they can be quiet, 
alone with the heavens, nature and God.
Because only then does one feel that 
all is as it should be and that
God wishes to see people happy,
amidst the simple beauty of nature.
~ Anne Frank


  1. I am amazed at how much you all can accomplish! It's looking GREAT!!!

  2. Gosh you guys are like pioneers! Brrrr... We were out in the wind all afternoon yesterday providing help and moral support for a swingset going up. It was nasty so I can just imagine how cold you were working on the shed. Upstairs it is going to be like a treehouse! Very cool.

  3. It sounds like you and Ken work very well together. I, too, am amazed at how much you accomplished!
    Hope it doesn't rain on your laundry today.
    Love the quote today! I completely agree with Anne.
    Forgot to mention how much I liked the photo of the heron. Lovely.

  4. You two do do amazing work!!!

    Is this, on this blog, your chronical of it? It certainly should have a beginning to end story "home".

    Somehow, when we look back, we just don't remember lots of things. :-)

  5. I wanted to change my blog Icon photo and I did. But it looked better, in the bigger version.

    This tiny Icon version, looks snooty. Eeeeek! LOL...

  6. I am loving reading these posts. My husband and I built a shed at our home. We did it working together and it took about 2 weeks. Some of the happiest days I can remember.

  7. RE: Your comment in my blog... Oh no my Dear, I did not say I lost 6 (!!!!) pounds in one week!

    And I said/posted; "Is this lost fat? No! Every time we begin a different way of eating, no matter what 'Name' we give to our 'New' eating plan, we lose some weight. Every time!"

    I was talking about trying the process of... Being careful of what I eat, during the week. Eating less, by being MINDFUL of what/how much.

    Then trying to "fool" my body, by eating MORE, on Sun.

    So my body doesn't fully 'believe' that I'm *starving* it. And thus, go into Hold-On-To-All-Fat, for *survival* mode. The usual thing which happens, on a so-called-*diet.*

    This used to work for me, but I was younger. Recently read some book, which employed that idea... Be careful for 6 days, and then be sure to eat MORE, on the 7th day. It made me remember what I had had success with, in the past. :-)

  8. I missed your blogs when you were away. Thanks for bringing us up to date. Great progress on the shed! Again, your photos are fantastic!.

  9. My son says "Your house is nice. When are you going to start building your shed?"

  10. I loved hearing about all the work you did. What a great project. I've always wished I knew how to build things. If I had taken shop class in high school, I might have had a different career.

    The cloud cover really made for not a very nice weather day today. Soon, though, it's going to be hot here.

    Loved your heron picture. Amazing!

  11. Wow---you all are really making good progress with your 'new' abode!!!!! I (we) could never ever do what you are doing.. Our talents just don't lie in those areas... I am really impressed.

    Beautiful set of photos..

  12. Wow - the barn is progressing at a rapid rate. Great photos of the lake and wildlife.


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