Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A perfect hair wash

I walked my connect the path route this morning.  I counted about 10 deer.  They were all in one spot and started running away when I walked by so there could have been even more that I didn't see.  I also saw the fox walking ahead of me on the path before he ran back into the woods.
These are the first daffodils I've seen blooming on my walking routes.
And here is a strange new flower that I've never seen before
along one of the paths.  : )
Not many people about again.  Just a handful.
This route is one that has a lot of variety in where I walk and it seems like I no sooner get started and I'm home again.  I walk down paths, along some sidewalks, through the school yard and by the pool and along the water.  
Today the temperature was a mild 39 degrees, but it was cloudy and seemed like it would rain any second.  About 2 miles from home I started to feel a few rain drops here and there.  I could hear them falling on the leaves which makes such a nice sound and also I love the smell of rain when it first gets the roads wet.  More and more rain drops started to fall and by the time I got home it was raining steady.  I made it home before getting really wet and was just damp.
I walked 6.6 miles.
Sunrise 6:41
Sunset 5:59
The rain continued and when I left to go get my hair dyed and trimmed it was coming down in buckets.  Not fun driving in such pouring rain.  A couple of people were talking saying they had seen two accidents on the way there.

Cheryl did a great job with my hair as usual and now my dark hair is back with no white roots showing and it's all trimmed up and looking good.  Thanks Cheryl. : )

All the shampoo girls are good there but I must say Meghan is the best.  I had her last time and this time and I will always ask for her whenever I go.  You may not think that there can be such a difference in shampooers  but believe me you just have to have Meaghan wash your hair to know that is not true.  At the end she does this slow massage thing and it feels so good I just don't want it to stop.

By the time I left to come home the rain was down to just a slight drizzle.  Still it was nice to get home to my nice dry house.  A few things needed to get done and now it is just about time to sit and read my book.

Enjoy your day whatever the weather may be doing where you are.
A smile from me to you.
Forget not that the earth delights 
to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair.
~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

By the lake

Sunday evening we went to an auction at Savage Mill.  Not to buy anything but to see what things are going for.  We have a few things we want to sell and wanted to get an idea of what people are paying for them.   Not very encouraging and I don't think we will be putting our few items up for auction.  Still it is always fun going to auctions.

Yesterday morning it was time for Ken and I to take that journey we make every six months to the Dentist.  Good news for both of us.  Just a cleaning and our teeth are good!  Now we are all set for another six months. 
As a lot of you know I bring my dentist chocolate chip cookies when I go because he has a sweet tooth and really likes cookies.  This time was no exception and I took him a couple dozen.
When I bake cookies I use a little teaspoon scoop by Pampered Chef to put the batter on the cookie sheets. 
The cookies come out in a nice uniform shape.  Vee - this may be why your molasses cookies looked different when I made them.

I walked around the lake yesterday morning and walked over by the lake again this morning.  It was 35 degrees, sunny with just a touch of a breeze.  I took one of the fishermen paths and went down close to the water.  It was a nice surprise to find this beaver mound.  I had seen one on the other side of the lake but didn't know there was one down here too.  I heard some strange noises coming from inside it. 
Back up to the main path and about a half mile father along the lake I stopped to take this picture of a lone geese.
Very few people out around the lake and it was nice having the place mostly to myself.  Yesterday I walked part of the lake with Barb.  She was telling me that she has been walking here for many years.  Back in the 80's before it was a 'park' they would walk by the lake when it was just a dirt path through the woods around it.  I would have liked that!!!   But still we are so lucky to have this beautiful place for walks.

I walked up by the liquor store before going over to the lake and found two pennies and a dime! 
This morning I walked 6.3 miles.
Sunrise 6:42
Sunset 5:58
Now that it is light when I walk in the morning, I am not looking forward to the time change in a couple of weeks.  I'll be back to starting in the dark again for a while.

It was knitting day and I left mid morning to go to the mill and spent a couple of hours knitting and talking.  I'm knitting on a pair of slippers.  I was making them for myself but decided I will give them away to a friend. 

I spent the afternoon getting caught up reading blogs and now I must go and get the clothes off the line and at least do a little something around the house.

Hope your enjoying your Tuesday.
A smile from me to you.
You may be deceived if you trust too much,
but you will live in torment unless you trust enough.
~ Frank Crane

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New plants and a magnet

Up and out walking at my usual time of 6:30 this morning.  It was 34 degrees and very windy.  The kind at times where it would push me along a bit or make me take a step or two back!  The sun came out though and when I walked the trail down by the water or the paths through the woods, the trees blocked the wind and it was actually nice to be outside. 
I mapped out a new route for myself this morning.  I walked along paths, along roads and the trail in the picture which runs behind a school.  I have named this route 'The Trail.'
I heard many birds chirping and a woodpecker was making quite a racket pecking on the aluminum siding on a house.  He must have liked making that sound because he kept it up for quite a while.
A handful of people were out and all of them were walking dogs.
I stopped to take this picture of these pretty little yellow flowers, a reminder that spring is on its way.
I walked 6.3 miles.
Sunrise 6:47
Sunset 5:55
I did finish the book I was reading yesterday.  It was Rutland Place by Anne Perry, another Charlotte and Pitt book.   Pitt solves crimes in Victoria London with help from his wife Charlotte.  Lots of books in the series and so far I've liked all that I've read.
Ken got home a bit late and we just had time to drop off the books at the library but not to get anymore out.  Which was good for me.  I've started a book of my own from one of those shelves that I'm working on trying to get read this year.  The book is Middle Age by Joyce Carol Oates.

After lunch we went to Lowe's and walked around looking at building materials and nail guns.  Ken is anxious to get started building on our land and has started drawing the plans and figuring out what will be needed.  First we will build a shed and then the cabin.  Every time we go to Lowe's we walk around quite a bit so I wore my pedometer while we were there for fun to see how far we walked.  I took 2376 steps which for me was 1.2 miles.
Walked past some house plants and I bought a couple.
Left one is a Bromeliads and right a Peace Lily
 I put both of them in the front windows.
I received a handmade by Vee little glass magnet in the mail today.  She had a giveaway and was nice enough to give not only the winners a few of them but all who commented one as well and she gets LOTS of comments.  I had mentioned that my favorite one was the bluebird and that is the one she sent me.  I love it Vee!!  Thanks so much!!  You are most kind and I'm so happy that we have become friends. : ) 
The front of my refrigerator is stainless steal but the side isn't so I put my magnet on the side holding up one of my favorite Bible verse.

It's been a very good day and it's not over yet. : )
Hope your Saturday is a good one too.
If we had no winter,
the spring  would not be so pleasant.
~ Anne Bradstreet

Friday, February 24, 2012


Another 45 degree morning but this one was cloudy and as I started out a bit drizzly.  That didn't last long and by the time I was at the lake it stopped and the sky looked as if the clouds were making way for the sun.
That was not to be.  The clouds kept the sun hidden and about 2 miles from home it started drizzling, the wind picked up a bit and by the time I got home it was raining.  I didn't get all that wet though, just damp.

I didn't even bother trying to walk around the whole lake to see if I could get by the work zone and just stayed on the one side and walked a couple loops here and there.  In the picture I'm looking down at the lake and the path which I had just walked along a while ago.  Off in the distance just to the left a bit you can see the red footbridge I have walked over many times.
A few people here and there but I think the weather kept most people from coming out this morning.  The usual ducks and geese were scattered here and there too and I saw a cardinal and a chickadee.

Not long after I started walking as I got to the traffic light I saw Ken stopped at the light on his way to work.  I waved but he didn't see me.  Light changed, he left, I got on the path behind the church and a few minutes later I heard a BANG and knew that a car had crashed into another one.  You just know that sound.  THEN I heard a car sliding, waited for the other bang but it never came.  That one stopped in time.  I said a quick prayer for the people involved and a thank you that Ken had just made it past there.

I walked 6.1 miles.
Sunrise 6:48
Sunset 5:54
 I'm at home today and put aside all my good intentions of getting some work done around the house.  I've been spending most of the day reading.  I have a library book that is due today and we are going to the library when Ken comes home from work and I'm trying to finish it.

A happy day to you.
No person who can read is ever successful
at cleaning out an attic.
~ Ann Landers

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A sunny day

Even warmer today at 45 degrees.  Sunny and a slight breeze.  A beautiful walking morning!!  I walked my connect the path route and encountered only a handful of people, but lots of deer.  22 of them!  That must be some kind of a record for me. There were 13 of them all together between a row of houses.  They scattered in all directions when they saw me.  Another group of 5 and another of 3 and then one on its own who stopped to get her picture taken.
Some things made me smile this morning as I walked along.
  • Two Bluebirds
  • Hearing a woodpecker off in the distance
  • Someone stopping in the cross walk to let me cross
  • Having a little chat with Petey and John
  • Feeling sunshine on my face
  • Finding a nickel
  • A couple of kids riding bikes to school who said hi to me.
I walked 6.7 miles.
 Sunrise 6:49
Sunset 5:53
Even though it was pretty windy outside today it was a beautiful sunny spring like day.  I went out front and tidied up the very SMALL front garden of our townhouse.  Trimmed all those ugly yews way back so I have plenty of room to plant some annuals later when spring is really here.
This part of the front is to the left of my front door and steps.
And this is to the right side.

Later in the spring after I've planted flowers I'll post the pictures.  I don't HAVE to do anything in the garden because landscape people come and take care of it.  They came by last week and kind of trimmed things but did a pretty bad job of it.  I think they got things ready for mulching and will do that any day now.  I wanted to get out there and trim things up before that.  They keep it neat but that's about it.  There are quite a few people who at least plant a few flowers.  Sometimes I miss my big yard at the old house but other times I'm glad I just have a little one. 

Back inside the house I had to iron some shirts and do a few other things around the house.
My knitted slippers have both got holes in them so I've started knitting another pair which are teal and light aqua.

Ken won't be home for supper tonight.  He got a White Hat Award at work which is when a fellow worker recognizes another worker for doing something extra at work.  Since Ken is always doing something extra I'm not really sure what this award is for!  Anyway tonight is the night that they take him out to dinner and say nice things about him. : )  It is for work people only so I don't get to go with him.  They are going someplace in VA and should be home late so I'll have the evening to myself.

A lot of times when Ken isn't home for dinner I make a breakfast dinner for myself and that is what I'm going do tonight.  I will be making waffles.   There is some vanilla ice cream in the freezer and I think I might put a scoop of that on the waffle because I don't have any whipped cream.  Yummy that sounds good.  I guess it will be more of a dessert than a supper.

Hope your day was filled with sunshine too and that you found many things that made you smile.
Modesty and unselfishness -
these are virtues which men praise -
and pass by.
~Andre Maurois

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A spring like day

This morning it was 21 degrees WARMER than yesterday!  Today when I walked it was 40 degrees when I started out.  Walked over to the lake and on the path there, saw five deer.   Couldn't make it all the way around the lake because the workers had it closed off and were already working.  There was also a park ranger sitting there so no one could sneak past the barrier.  I walked part way around the lake and then took the upper loop, back down the way I had come and passed up my usual path home and took this one up to the other park entrance and to the main road.
At that entrance to the park is a skate park for the skate boarders which I walked past.  No skaters this morning.
Denise is a woman whose name I just learned this morning.  She is a runner who I have often seen running over by the lake for the last couple of years.  Today we happened to stop and talk about the closed path and exchanged names.  She often starts out earlier than me so I don't see her every day.  It was nice to meet and know the name of still another lake morning person. : )
Today I walked 6.8 miles.
Sunrise 6:51
Sunset 5:52
Last night we ate out at Pasta Blitz.  Ken got home late from work and I hadn't made anything for dinner yet so we decided to go out.  We shared a Greek salad and a pizza steak sub.  Both yummy!  It is about 15 minutes from our house and when we walked up to the counter to order there was Robert, our next door neighbor ordering food too.  Funny we hardly ever see him and there he was at Pasta Blitz.  We talked for quite a while!  We ate our food there and Robert took his to go.

I finished knitting the baby blanket last night while watching television.  It is all cotton and feels very soft.
Home today trying to get a few things done around the house.  It has turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and a perfect one for hanging out the wash.  It is a white load and I like to keep them out there a bit longer past drying because the sun bleaches them whiter.

Hope your Wednesday is a happy day for you.
There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.
~Mark Twain

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A cold start

Pretty cold out there when I first walked out the door with a temperature of 19 degrees.  It quickly warmed up though once the sun came up and by the time I was home it was already 32.
I walked my connect the path route and saw just a few people out walking dogs. 
Passed by three deer standing off to my right in the woods along a path.  They just stood there and watched me as I slowed down and slowly walked by. 
Took this picture from the sidewalk along the road.  You can barely see a couple of geese standing there in the water. 
Here in the close up you can see them better and also the thin coat of ice on the water.
Another quiet and peaceful walk to enjoy this morning.
I walked 6.7 miles.
Sunrise 6:52
Sunset 5:51
Not much time to do anything in the morning before it was time to go to my Tuesday morning knitting group.  Forgot to count how many people where there but the tables were full and there were two brand new people there. 
I made some weave-it squares.  It is time to start another afghan.  This time a small one for a baby.

It is hard for me to get any work done in the house once I go out in the morning.  I don't know why but when I get home I am just not in the mood to do work.  I'd rather do it the first in the morning before I have to go out.  I don't even mind working later in the day if I haven't gone out.  Just something about leaving and then coming back home.
I had a friend once who like to get her housework done in the night once her kids went to bed.   At the time our husbands worked the eve watch so he was out of the way too! : ) 
How about you? Do you have a time of day that you prefer?

That said I'm off to put clean sheets on the bed and then read.

A happy day to you.
I am only one,
but I am one.
I cannot do everything,
but I can do something.
And I will not let what I cannot do
interfere with what I can do.
~Edward Everett Hale

Monday, February 20, 2012

A quiet day

I would like to say Thank You to all who left comments here on yesterdays post.  Thanks so much for the kind words!! : )

I am happy to say that we did NOT get any of the snow/rain that was predicted here yesterday and last night!  It stayed to the south of us, so I got to have a very nice morning walk.  It was 30 degrees and there was a slight breeze.  The clouds in the picture didn't stay around long and before long the sun was shining and warming things up.  I walked around the lake.  I was there early enough so that the workers weren't there yet.  The blocked off path was opened so I could walk without a problem.  I made it just in time though because as I was leaving the work area the trucks and workers were just getting there.
Very few people were out around the lake.  I only counted four others.
Quite a few Mallard ducks were around and they were all paired off swimming around the lake.   There were also some of these ducks around too.  I had to zoom in from far away to take this picture and I think it came out looking like a painting. 
A very quiet walk.
I walked 6.3 miles.
Sunrise 6:54
Sunset 5:50
Not much happening today.  Ken had the day off but went into work anyway.  He can get more done when there is no one around to bother him asking questions.  
I've just done a minimum of work around the house which leaves me time for some knitting and reading.  

So until tomorrow......
A smile from me to you.
Certain flaws are necessary for the whole.
It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks.
~ Goethe

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Only time for a 4.5 mile walk this morning before church.  It was a cloudy morning and 30 degrees.  Walked down a couple of paths and a little on the sidewalks.  A few others were out walking dogs.
There is a small newsletter for the women at church and each month one of the woman writes her Testimony and it is put into this newsletter.  I was asked to write one and mine was in the February issue.  I thought I'd share it with you here.

I was born and raised in northern New Jersey into a church going family.  It seemed we were always at church and I asked Jesus to come into my life at the young age of 6 one morning during Sunday school.   Jesus has always been part of my life, though I have not always put him first.

My parent’s marriage was not a happy one and when I was a teenager they got divorced.  Our church was not pleased and the people turned their backs on them and they both stopped going to church.  I went to Sunday school for a while but then I too stopped going.

When I was 18 my mom remarried and starting going to a new church.  I went a few times but not regularly.

I was married at 20 and my husband was in the military so we traveled around a lot and lived over seas for seven years.  It was a great life and we enjoyed our lives together.  We were blessed with two children.  During that time I went to a couple of churches on base but never really enjoyed going.  Back in the states I again tried a few different churches but nothing ever really clicked with me.
I eventually quit trying and didn’t go to church for years!!  I have  always read my Bible and prayed and thought that was enough for me.

Through the years my husband and family became number one in my life and God got put in second place.  
We were happily married for 37 years when things started to go a bit wrong in our marriage.  You see my husband had become my idol and God had to show me how wrong that was.  Of course I didn’t see that at first. 
The more I tried to hold on to my husband the more he pulled away and finally he left home and we lived apart for four months.
To back up a little bit we bought a townhouse in the middle of our troubles and there just happened to be a church down the road from where we lived. I passed right by it every morning going on my morning walk.  I kept having the feeling that I should go there but I kept ignoring it and thinking I just didn’t need to go to church again.  I read my Bible.  I prayed.  I was saved.
But when my husband left I was totally devastated and felt so alone and for a time I was depressed.  I prayed with all my heart for him to come home but it just wasn’t happening.  It was then that I finally listened to that voice, which I now believe was God telling me to go back to church.  Telling me that He was to be Number One in my life.  I wasn’t listening to Him and He had to do something to get my attention.  He did!!  

That church down the road was Harvester Baptist Church and the moment I walked in the door I felt like I had come home and I knew I belonged here.   After attending a few months I decided to be baptized and became part of this church. 
Being on my own and putting God first where He should be I began to change for the better and so did my life.   My husband and I worked things out with the help of a Christian counselor and my husband moved back home and we once again have a happy marriage.
I am thankful and blessed to be part of this church family.
Life is good and with God Number One in my life I know things are as they should be.

Proverbs 3:6
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

May you all have a blessed Sunday.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking Paths

Back to those cold mornings.  Only 25 degrees but the sun was out and there was no wind.  This morning I walked along a few sidewalks and down a few paths.  Only saw a few people out.
A lot of the paths run down the back of yards and I think how nice it would be to live right on a path.  I could step right out my door and be on a path already.  Then I wonder how many people live there and have never walked along the path.  When I first moved here I was walking down a path and it seemed to go on a long way and I was wondering where I would wind up when I got to the end.  There was a guy walking his dog and I asked him where the path came out.  His answer was, "I have no idea, I've never walked to the end."  To live right on the path and not know where it came out totally amazed me. 
I love having so many different paths and routes to walk along.  It certainly never gets boring!!  I love finding new paths though it is getting harder to find them now.  I've pretty much covered the whole area where I live.  I could get in the car and discover new areas, but it is so convenient just walking out the door.

I walked passed the liquor store and was rewarded to find two pennies.  So far this month has been a low coin one.  Only a few pennies so far, but who knows, the second half of the month just might be my biggest find yet!
I walked 6 miles.
Sunrise 6:56
Sunset 5:47
We were out and about during the day doing errands.  Stopped at Subway for lunch.  I had a turkey sub with cheddar, spinach, tomatoes and a little mayo and vinegar.  It sure hit the spot for me.
Home now just hanging out doing this and that. 

Hope all is well in your part of the world.
Till next time.......
A smile from me to you.
Get lost in the clouds every now and then
so you never lose sight of God's wonder.
~ Paul Vitale

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Word Picture

I walked my connect the path route today.  Starting out there were patches of fog around and the temperature was a nice 38 degrees.  No wind and soon after I was out the sun came up stayed out and chased the clouds away and when I got back home it was a sunny day.
Not many people out but enough to know I wasn't the only person out there walking.  Stopped for a chat with Petey and John.
I smiled a couple of days ago when I read Vee and Auntie talking about 'word pictures' and thought I'd try writing one.

This morning I walked along a paved winding path through the woods.
Tall leafless trees stretch high in the air on either side of me.
The path has bits of moss on it here and there.
The forest ground is covered in brown dead leaves,
but little bits of green are starting to pop through the leaves.
To my right through the trees I catch a glimpse of a house.
To my left is a stream that meanders along side the path.
Up ahead is a wooden footbridge.
I look up and through the trees I see
blue sky shining through the branches of the trees.
All around me I hear birds chirping good morning to each other,
a woodpecker drumming a little tune on an old dead tree,
and the crows off in the distance cawing a warning.
As the water in the stream flows over rocks it makes its own music.
All is peaceful and calm.

I walked 6.7 miles.
Sunrise 6:57
Sunset 5:46
We had a great time last night at Ram's Head On Stage.  The concert was much better than I expected!!  I liked Gary Pucket and the Union Gap a lot when I was a kid and had quite a few of their records.  Some songs you might remember are,  
Young Girl
Over You
Lady Willpower
One nice touch was when he asked all the Veterans to stand and thanked them and then sang HOME and dedicated it to them.  I was proud that Ken was standing!
 Went out this morning to do a few errands around town.  One was a stop at the post office to mail a few oversized envelopes to some of you! : )

Remember those herbs I was growing that I got for Christmas?  Here's an update on them.  The dill and basil are doing fine.  I had no luck at all with the chives.  Nothing happened so less than week ago I put some cilantro seeds in the third pot and they have already sprouted. 

That's it for today.
Till next time.....
A smile from me to you.
What is a weed?
I have heard it said that there are sixty definitions.
For me, a weed is a plant out of place.
~ Donald Culross Peattie

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterdays walk was on my connect the path route and it was 40 degrees and sunny.  I walked 6.6 miles.
This morning it was again on the warm side at 39 degrees but it was cloudy and damp.  No rain or wind though so that was nice.  The rain was nice enough to wait until later in the day. I walked over by the lake.  Couldn't walk around the lake because the path was closed for the drainage work.  This time they meant business because there wasn't just a sign at the edge of the path but they had it all blocked off.  So I turned around here and went back the other way.
 I walked passed the path leading home and just walked around up the other side of the lake going around some loops and just making it up as I went along.  Others were there doing the same thing and we passed by each other a few times.
I spotted the heron down by the waters edge.  He had just caught a fish and was having breakfast.
Since I wasn't walking any route and didn't realize how far I was walking I ended up walking a little farther than usual and walked 7.7 miles.  I had nowhere to go today so it didn't matter if I was later getting home.  It was great to be out there walking.  After 5 miles of walking I get that high that runners often talk about!
Sunrise 6:59
Sunset 5:45
Notice that the sun is finally rising before 7.
Yesterday I went to the commissary and it was a bit of a challenge finding everything I needed.  I did though with the help of a very nice lady who was stocking shelves.  The commissary opened yesterday after being closed for four days.  The renovations had all been done and now they wanted to rearrange the WHOLE STORE.  Nothing was where it should be.  There were a few items I just could not find after having walked up and down the aisles a few times.  That is when I asked for help.  The very nice lady actually walked around the store with me and showed me where to find things.  One item was molasses which had been in the baking aisle.  I looked over every inch of those shelves.  I couldn't find it because it was over in the breakfast cereal aisle.  I had a nice chat with the nice lady while we walked around finding things.  : )  She no sooner got done with me and was off helping another person.  So nice to come across these nice people every so often.
There were new carts too and there are three sizes of them now.  I got this medium sized one which is not as deep as the bigger ones.  I'm ready to load up my car.  I always park away from other cars but as you can see someone parked right next to me anyway. 
I put a load of laundry in the washing machine and when it was done and I opened the lid I had a surprise waiting for me.  A TISSUE in a million pieces all over the clothes.  I don't think I can even blame it on Ken, because I'm pretty sure it was me who left the tissue in my pocket after a walk.  I'm pretty good about checking but every so often one gets by me.  Oh well, things could be a lot worse!!!

Got doing this and that around the house this morning and forgot all about breakfast so didn't have anything to eat till a few minutes after 12:00 and I realized I was starving.  I made myself a breakfast/lunch of a pancake with strawberries.  I indulged a bit and even put a dollop of whipped cream on it.

This evening we are going out to Rams Head in Annapolis to see an old band from the 60's, Gary Pucket and the Union Gap.  Anyone remember them?  We are going with our friends Toni and Rob.  It should be fun.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.
A smile from me to you.
Being too good is apt to be uninteresting.
~ Harry S Truman

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts and a winner

Had a nice morning walk around the lake.  It was cloudy and 32 degrees with no breeze and warm enough that I didn't have to wear my outer most layer.  I walked 6.4 miles.

Happy Valentine's Day
I don't decorate for the day but after I was asked if I did I took a walk around the house and realized just how many Hearts there actually are around the house. Here are a dozen that I found.
Gift from grandchild

Counted cross stitch


Wooden heart

Candle holder

Cookie cutter

Cookie cutter

Hanging hearts

Counted cross stitch

Heart cut outs

Block hearts

Today I drew the name of the WINNER of the 
dish cloth
And the winner is
Joyce whose blog is called 
 Congratulations Joyce  : )
Please email me your address and which two dish cloths you would like.

There were only 6 others who left a comment for the drawing and I have decided to send each of you a dish cloth too.  I will surprise you with a color. I just need addresses for Marti and Suz. 
Thank you all for participating! : )

Enjoy your day.
A smile from me to you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A warmer walk

When I got up this morning the temperature read only 14 degrees.  The wind had died down to a slight breeze but still 14 sounded pretty cold so I decided to wait until the sun was up and out and left about an hour or so later when it had warmed up to 19.  As I walked I could feel it getting warmer and by the time I was back home the thermometer read 31 degrees.
I did a body electric workout before I left so I got that out of the way early in the day.  I walked around the lake.  I saw a few people here and there but it was pretty quiet.
I saw a wren on a branch of a tree and a downy woodpecker on the trunk of the same tree right near the path.  As I clicked the camera for what I thought would be a great shot, they both took off.   Farther on though I saw this big bird which I don't know what it is fly by and land on top of the light.  I had to zoom in but still I was glad to get the picture.  Does anyone know what it is.
After not being able to get much of a walk in yesterday it was so nice to be out walking on a nice sunny day.  I stopped often around the lake just to take a close look at things.  I had finished walking around the lake and started up the path away from it and sat down on a bench just to look back and say a prayer of thanks to God for giving me such a great place to walk and for all the beauty around me.  I felt a wash of joy come over me and knew that it was God smiling down on me and saying Your Welcome.
Continued walking and hadn't gone very far when I saw some geese walking around on the hill.  When I stopped to take their picture I scared them (not on purpose) and they all took off.
From there I walked on home.
Walked 6.7 miles.
Sunrise 7:02
Sunset 5:42
When I got home there were 8 shirts waiting to be ironed so I did that while I watched some house shows on HGTV.
That done I made some corn bread to go with supper tonight.  I made the recipe that was on the box.  It was quick and easy.  I tasted a little bit of it when it was done and it wasn't the best I've ever had but it was pretty good.
I been wanting to bake these molasses cookies ever since I saw the recipe on Vee's Blog.  I've been moving the recipe from one place to another for quite a while now and today I finally got around to baking them.  Since this is the first time I've baked them I had to eat one to see how they came out.  After eating one I wanted another but only ate the one.  BUT,  I'll be having more later tonight for my snack!! They are sooooo good.  The cookies are supposed to be bigger made with a tablespoon, but I made them teaspoon size.  That's one way to count down on the calories. : )
After I got the kitchen cleaned up, I spent a little time working on my counted cross stitch.  Usually I use two strands for the cross stitch and one strand for the backstitching.  There are some half cross stitches that I'm doing now that call for five strands.  It doesn't make it easier or harder just mentioning it because I've never had to use that many strands before.

In just a little while I'll go and do some reading until Ken comes home from work and it's time to eat.

Hope your having a great start to this week.
A smile from me to you.
Remember the tea kettle -
it is always up to its neck in hot water,
yet it still sings!
~Author Unknown

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very short walk

This then is the message which we have heard of him,
and declare unto you,
that God is light, 
and in Him is
no darkness at all.
I John 1:5

A very short walk this morning of only 2.5 miles.  It was only 17 degrees and very windy and just too cold to walk farther.  I was whimpy this morning! : )  But tomorrow is another day.

Hope all is well in your world.
Have a Blessed Sunday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A snowy walk

It was 32 degrees this morning and lightly snowing when I walked.  Made for a pretty walk.  I didn't walk any particular route.  Just down sidewalks and through the woods on paths.  I came across a couple of people along the roads but no one at all on the paths in the woods.  It was so quiet and peaceful with the snow lightly falling. I didn't even see or hear any animals. I  was the first person to make tracks on all the footbridges. 

Not much else to say about my walk.  It was just great being out there.
I walked 6.1 miles.
Sunrise 7:05
Sunset 5:39
We enjoyed watching The Help last night but of course both of us liked the book much better.  You just can't get to know the characters in a movie like you can in a book.

Thanks RT and Kim for suggesting I watch Downton Abby on the computer.  I found it on PBS.com and will be watching it later today.  : )

I made us French toast for breakfast which is always a treat. 
We went out this morning and did some errands but went farther away then we normally do.  Ken wanted to go to a hobby store.  While we were out that way we stopped in at a Wegmans.  They are building one near our home and it should be open sometime in the spring, I think.  They are nice stores but I don't see why everyone likes them so much.  To me they are nice but really just a big expensive grocery store.

By afternoon all the snow was gone and it just ended up a cloudy rainy day.  Supposed to get really cold tonight so probably everything will freeze.  Hope I'll be able to walk in the morning.

Now we are home for the rest of the day and Ken is playing around with his hobby store purchase and in just a bit I'm going to go and work on my cross stitch.

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!
There are few hours in life more agreeable
than the hour dedicated to the ceremony
known as afternoon tea.
~ Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Friday, February 10, 2012

A sign?

The sun rose and stayed out and I saw the moon again this morning There was no breeze at all and the temperature was 25 degrees. 
Saw a deer by the red footbridge again which ran back into the woods as I walked by.  I was happy to see a little rabbit!  Haven't seen one in a very long time.  He hopped right across the path in front of me.
Only a few people about this morning by the lake.  I saw Tom, my neighbor, who is a FAST runner and zipps around the lake in no time!!
Coming up to the park there is a sign saying that part of the path around the lake is closed.  I enter the park by the red arrow that says you are here. It is at the end of the path behind the church which I walk on to get to the lake.  The red line in the picture is where the path is closed around on the other side.  The closed part is 6 tenths of a mile long. 
 I was early enough walking that they hadn't started work for the day so it wasn't closed yet.  It is where they are fixing the drainage problem by the tennis courts which I posted a picture of the other day.  Now I see they have put big drains in under the path as well.
Just before reaching this work place there is another drainage problem and they will be working on that area too.  It's a much smaller area and we usually just stay to the right and jump over the wet part but it will be nice to have the problem fixed.  
It was clear and crisp out this morning and good walking weather.
When I got back home, there was an empty white garbage bag that had blown into my little front yard.  I thought maybe that was a sign that I should walk around my townhouse complex and pick up the trash.  So that is what I did.  I picked up quite a lot of trash for just a small area.  Now, at least for the day we are trash free!!
I walked 7 miles.
Sunrise 7:06
Sunset 5:38
We never did go out or watch The Help last night.  We thought we would save the movie for tonight after we go out for pizza.
I thought that Downton Abby was going to be on again last night (it is usually repeated then) but it wasn't, so I guess I won't get to see that episode. :( 

Well, I did the usual chores around the house and then I finished reading The Remnant by Tim LaHaye, book number 10 in the series.  This is one of my own books so I got a book read off those shelves I'm trying to read!!  Only one but it's a start.  Next I have a couple of library books I want to read.

I worked some on my cross stitch too.  The one I'm working on now is going to take quite a while so I won't be posting a picture for some time.

Hope your Friday was a good one and that you smiled often.
There is no trouble so great or grave
that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.
~ Bernard-Paul Heroux