Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, July 15, 2011

Walking, books and cookies

Another morning like yesterday and again I took my walk around the lake.  So many people out there and it seemed like all the people I've ever met walking were there today.  I was walking on the path and just getting to the lake and came up on a woman and we said good morning.  She started talking to me so we walked a little way together.  She just moved to the area and just discovered the lake the other day and was saying how great a place we had here for walking.  I had to agree! : ) When we got to a fork on the path, I went to the right and she went to the left.
There are usually a handful of cars in the parking lot.  Today I stopped counting when I got to 50!!  Lots of activity around the lake.  Walkers, runners, biker riders, people pushing strollers and one dog stroller!!!  Yes, a dog was getting a ride around the lake!  There were a few boats on the lake.  If you look closely you can see two of them in the picture.

On the way home while walking along the path away from the lake I saw a deer with her two babies.  This picture isn't a good one but it is the best of the ones I took.
I came across the three of them four different times.  As I walked along the path every so often they would come out of the woods, see me and run in the woods again, and later came out again.  I think mom must of thought I was following them because the forth time she was not happy with me.  The little ones ran in the woods, but she walked a little closer to me, snorted and then turned around and ran in the woods after her two little ones.  I think that snort was a warning.   I was near the end of the path by this time so didn't run into them again.
I saw two other deer along this same path.

I walked 6.3 miles
Sunrise 5:53
Sunset 8:33
We didn't go out to eat last night but I'm glad I didn't make the lasagna either.  Ken called and said it would be a late day at work for him.  I ended up not eating a meal but just ate more cherries and some left over soup.  I can't decide which I like best strawberries or cherries.
It was a nice evening for sitting out on the deck and I was sitting out there when Ken got home from work.

This morning I dropped the cake I made yesterday off at church and then continued on to the library.  I had to drop a book off that was due today and also pick up one that was on reserve.  While there I happened to look at the new book section and got a few other books as well so I came home with six more books.  One of the books has four stories in it.  Three of the books are children books which sounded good to read too.  Beside, it will be a few quick reads to add to my reading goal for the year.  I don't think that is cheating do you!?  Here is the pile of books that I came home with.
When I get back from the library with books I like to sit and look at them and decide which order I am going to read them.  I don't always stick to the order but I just like to look at them all.  I picked up the top book Pukka and didn't put it down until I finished reading it.  There are wonderful pictures on every page and not a lot of writing so it was easy to read the whole thing.  It is about a man who gets a new puppy and their adventures for his first six months told from the puppy's point of view.  A delightful book that I really did enjoy. 
Makes me want to get a puppy.  I love yellow labs, my own dear Sammy Jo was a yellow lab. 

Tomorrow we have been invited to a late afternoon/night outside party and this afternoon I baked chocolate chip cookies to bring.  As usual I ate enough cookie dough to equal a couple of cookies.  That's why I don't eat a baked one, I've already eaten my cookie calories. : )

I'm thinking tonight might be a going out to eat night since it didn't happen yesterday.  Hopefully Ken won't have another late work night.

Friday has come around again already.  Hope your week was a good one and today is a great start for a great weekend.
A happy day to you all.
Happyone : )
I have six locks on my door all in a row.
When I go out, I lock every other one.
I figure no matter how long somebody 
stands there picking the locks,
they are always locking three.
~ Elayne Boosler


  1. Hi There, Like I've said before, you all live in a great place for walking... That is awesome.

    Thanks for telling me what your FJ is. I know now---and even saw its picture on your sidebar... (DUH--to me)

    Hope Ken gets home early and that you get to go out tonight....

    Have a great weekend, Karen.

  2. It's been a busy week here and I've gotten behind on blog reading. So I am here catching up on your latest happenings. First off, I think there is a new picture of you and I might add, it is a very nice picture. You look so young and happy.
    The picture of the deers is so sweet. I like how the mom is so protective of her babies.
    The cherries look so good. I've only bought them once so far, but I do love them.
    I hope you are able to get out for dinner. That would be a good way to start the weekend :).

  3. Great picture of the deer. I know that snort they make, you're right, it is a warning. I hope you gave the new lady some tips on the lake, you are the lake expert!:) With this weather, no wonder everyone was out today, it is gorgeous! I'm an admitted cookie dough lover as well. It was the only kind of ice cream I USE TO BUY, nothing better than cookie dough ice cream! Enjoy your date night and have a great weekend!!

  4. I'm glad that all Mama Deer did was snort at you. But it must have been neat to see them so many times.
    I have to admit that I like chocolate chip cookie dough as well. I may even like the dough better than the baked cookies.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Where is Elayne these days? I haven't seen her in a long while.

    Oh that mama deer would have me spooked. Ai yi yi.

    You've got a good plan going with your reading. I don't think it's cheating at all.

  6. I've been using the hub's Kindle and the iPad for reading a lot lately...but I must admit, the joy of bringing home a pile of books and pouring over them, leafing through, reading the jackets...Well, it's just not there with the eReaders. Score one for "The Old Way"!

  7. I've been reading a lot of books. Well, for me, that is. I've read a few young adult fiction that I've really liked.

    Let me know if you're ever free for dinner on a night I'm off. Even last minute. I'd love to see you.

  8. Funny, I like to do that too -- when I get back from the library with my treasure trove!

  9. As always such fun to walk with you. I enlarged the photo, and enjoyed the mother with her twins.
    I also enjoy reading children's book, enjoy yours.
    I apologize for lot coming by to visit sooner , but haven't been online due to work.
    I also admire you for sticking to your walking program, I stopped mine when our produce started coming off,and I really need to get back. Reading how devoted you are motivates me.

  10. The photo of the deer is wonderful. I see you're still busy reading (so am I).


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