Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Be of good cheer

When bad things happen to us, when we feel rejected or hurt and things seem to go against us let us remember the words of Jesus.

These things I have spoken unto you, 
that in me ye might have peace.
In the world ye shall have tribulation: 
but be of good cheer:
I have overcome the world.
~ John 16:33

Have a blessed Sunday and be of good cheer.  
Do a kindness for someone and be a blessing.
Happyone. :-)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morning walk and memories

 Sunrise 7:33
Sunset 6:09
Ken left for the train show early this morning and just a few minutes later I left for my morning walk.  Nice to get back to walking in the morning.  Just something about the morning that is the best time for me.  Sets me up for the rest of the day. :-)  I walked mostly on the streets today - the picture is one I went down.  Walking along I smelled some good smells coming from some of the houses.  Breakfast was being made and I could smell bacon, French toast and something baking. Made me hungry and I had pancake for my own breakfast when I got home.  I was on a couple of paths too and as I walked around one bend on the path I came face to face with a couple of deer.  I stopped in my tracks, we stared at each other for a second and they took off in the woods.  Really cool being so close to them if only for a second.

Very few people out walking.  I saw a man raking, not blowing, leaves.  He did mention though that he normally would be using the blower but it was too early for that.

Quite chilly out there this morning and I had to wear a few layers and put the hood of my sweatshirt up, but there was no wind so that was nice.  The weatherman said that in a few places there was frost but I didn't see any around where I was. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I don't mind walking in the morning dark, but didn't like walking in the evening dark.  This morning the reason why came to mind.  In the morning I know it's only dark for a while and that the sun is on its way up.  In the evening it is just going to get dark and stay dark. 

Just before coming home I walked pasted the liquor store and I found some coins again.  This time two nickles and six pennies!
My walk today was 7 miles.
I did my morning routine and then out and about to do a few errands.  Once back home I had a piece of left over pizza for lunch.
This afternoon I've been knitting on a pair of new wooden needles I bought earlier.  I'm taking a break now and then I'll go back to knitting.  If time permits I'll read too.

Ken should be getting home from the train show about 6 or so and then we will go out to eat.  I'm thinking the Cheesecake Factory sounds good.  I wonder how long we'll have to wait for a table.  
No ice cream in the house the last few days so we will also be going to Weis to get some more.  Lately my favorite has been vanilla chocolate swirl.  Its so nice and creamy.  

I've been thinking about my father a lot lately.  I was really lucky to have him for my dad.  I was an only child and me and my dad had many good and happy times together.  When I was a little girl and he went out I was usually right there with him.  It didn't matter where we were going I always liked to be with him, riding in his truck.  He loved to drive and we went on many rides together.  He would stop if we came upon a park with swings and let me play on them a while.  Many times we would stop and have an ice cream cone.  His favorite was always vanilla and I would get chocolate.  Maybe that's why I like ice cream so much! :-)  I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to you but me and my dad used to go on walks together too.  I thank my Daddy for giving me so many happy memories. 
I hope you all make a few happy memories today!
Happyone :-)
Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  
You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up 
and store away among its treasured things.
~ Pierce Harris

Friday, October 29, 2010

A day of golf

No morning walk for me today because we left the house this morning at 7:00 to volunteer at a golf tournament on the base (Fort Meade) to help benefit veterans and their families who have been wounded.  You may remember a while back Ken and I volunteered to be the photographers at another golf tournament.  We had an easy job this time, sitting by the number 10 hole to witness if anyone got a hole in one.  What was the prize you ask.  A 2011 Ford Fiesta.  Sorry to say no one won it. :-(
I took this picture from the tee off.  If you enlarge the photo and look closely you can see the two blue chairs we sat in (slightly to the left in about the middle of the picture).
This ball came the closest to winning.  Too bad they weren't playing horseshoes where almost counts.  Though the ball is a bit far away even for that.
It looks like a nice warm sunny day in the pictures but looks can be deceiving.  As the day wore on some large clouds came drifting along on a strong wind which made it quiet chilly. 
Here sits Ken.
 Jane came along to say hi, Ken took a break and here Jane and I sit.  
As you can see I came prepared for the cold day and stayed pretty warm with an old afghan wrapped around me. I made it out of weave-its years ago and Ken now uses it in the Toyota FJ for padding.  It sure came in handy today.
We sat and watch the hole from 8:45 until 3:00, only leaving for bathroom breaks.  We talked a bit to each of the players that played through.  Some even thanked us for being there. :-) 
Even though no one won the car, it was a fun day and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.   
When we left the golf course we went to the old house to pick up the utility trailer that Ken has loaded up with train stuff to sell at the train show this weekend.  We picked up a sub at Subway and then he dropped me off home.  Then he went up to Timonium to set up for the train show for tomorrow and Sunday. He will be back late tonight.

Since there was no time for my walk in the morning I went this evening. I walked around the lake.  There were slightly more people in the evening than I see in the mornings.  I must say the morning people seem to be a lot friendlier.  Not many hellos or smiles.  I still smiled and said hi to all who I came across.  A few returned my greeting and others ignored me.
I saw the heron flying over the lake and lots of geese.
Here are a couple of evening pictures of the lake.

I made it home just as it was getting dark.  For some reason I don't mind walking in the dark in the morning, but I am uncomfortable walking in the dark at night.
I enjoyed my evening walk and went 6 miles.

Now I'm ready to go and watch a little television, knit and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Later yet on I'll read as I wait up for Ken.

Hope your Friday was a good one.
Happyone :-)
The more you learn to focus on blessing others, 
the more freely the blessings will flow in your life.
~Thomas Kinkade

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy to be home :-)

 Sunrise 7:31
Sunset 6:11
Walked around the lake this morning.  Weather back to a more normal temperature and nice for walking, not hot or cold and it was nice to see the sun again.  At first there was a mist hanging low over the water but that soon burned off.  Saw a few of my walking friends and had a few words with each of them.  The wildlife was scarce today and only saw a few rabbits and of course the geese.  In the picture those small white things on the lake that you can barely see are geese.  I've been taking a lot of pictures of the colorful Fall trees because it is just so pretty.  There were four others taking pictures along here too.  Before long all the color will be gone so I'm enjoying each day of the beauty.
This morning I walked 6.5 miles.
I've been at home today just doing things around the house that need doing.  Not much to post about but I am enjoying my day doing this and that.  Though I enjoy getting out and about I really am a home body and enjoy being home.
A happy day to you!
Happyone :-)
Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place.
But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around.
~E.L. Konigsburg

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocolate chips in banana bread - yummy

 Sunrise 7:30
Sunset 6:12
This morning I walked along one of my connect the path routes.  It was a dark, rainy, and a very warm morning.  I wore my rain paints and yellow rain slicker to keep dry but don't know why I bothered.  I was wet from the inside out from sweating!!  Still a good walk and I'm glad I went.  Only a couple of other people were out early and I saw a few white cotton tails from rabbits running into the woods as I passed by.
I found a nickle in the Giant parking lot. :-)  October has been a good coin month so far.
I walked 6.3 miles.  The picture is one of the footbridges I walked over.
We have had rain on and off throughout the day with little breaks from time to time.  I stayed home and keep busy inside.
I had some bananas sitting on the counter getting browner and browner and there was no way either one of us were going to eat them so I turned them into banana bread.  I didn't have nuts of any kind so I put mini chocolate chips in the batter instead.  It turned out to be a very good idea! :-)
One of life's little pleasures is smelling banana bread baking and then eating a piece of it warm out of the oven. :-)
I watched a show where they talked about aggressive driving and though its rare, I must admit I have been an aggressive driver at times.  Though I haven't chased after anyone, I have passed cars on the right when they have stopped at the end of an on ramp, I've flashed lights at people to move over and have given them looks.  I can't speak for everyone but I don't do it because I want to be first or because I am impatient but because people don't obey the rules.  People should get out of the left lane and let others pass, learn how to merge on to the highway and obey the lines in the road.  Just saying..... 
Now I'm ready to go sit in my comfortable chair and read.  I'll think about supper a little bit later.
Hope you found a bit of happiness today.
Happyone :-)
Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
~ Elizabeth Lawrence

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just another day :-)

Sunrise 7:29
Sunset 6:14
A very warm morning for my walk today around the lake.  I didn't see the sunrise because it was cloudy.  Now that it is so dark when I start out, I don't really get to take any pictures for most of my walk.  I am looking forward to the time change so it will be lighter in the morning but I don't like that it will be getting darker at night.  I didn't see many people out at first, but once it got light there were more.  Maybe it's just too dark and I don't see them. :-)  The geese were back at the lake again.  I saw the heron standing in the low water.  He was just standing there with his head tucked in so I guess he was still sleeping.  Work continues at the lake on the rebuilding of the pier and boat ramp.  I took a couple of pictures.
Actually it was a pretty quiet morning and I really enjoyed my 6.5 mile walk.
Hard to believe another week has gone by and it was time for my Tuesday knitting group again.  Nice to see all my knitting friends.  It's NEVER boring there!! :-) I had to stop for gas first so I got there a little after 10.  From there it was to the library to drop off a couple of movies and pick up the new James Patterson book, The Postcard Killers which I had on hold. 

I got home a little after 1:30 had some lunch and now here I am on the computer.  I'll be here for a little while yet, then make baked ziti for supper. 

My Mom's surgery went well yesterday though she spent a long day at the hospital and is really glad it is over with now.  She said it was very painful but she had pain medicine and she slept last night from 8:00 until 5:00 this morning!!  Now she just had to mend and not do anything which will be hard for her since it's her right wrist.  I'm not sure how long it will be before she is back to normal.  She thanks everyone for all your prayers as she said she just couldn't have coped without them! :-)

A happy Tuesday to you!
Happyone :-)
The greatest mistake you can make in life 
is to be continually fearing you will make one.
~ Elbert Hubbard

Monday, October 25, 2010

A nice break in the day.

 Sunrise 7:28
Sunset 6:15
I walked around the lake on this warm misty Monday morning.  In the dark morning I saw the flash of a white tail from a deer on the path to the lake run into the woods.  Something else ran across the path a little ways up from me but I couldn't tell what it was.  It moved quiet like a cat but it was bigger like a dog.  I thought it was a fox but it looked black.  A mystery animal!  Strange I didn't see any geese, but I did see ducks and the heron.  Quite a few people out around the lake for a Monday.  I've notice the last few times I've walked around the lake that it is shrinking, more and more shoreline showing and since we have had enough rain it was odd.  I asked one of the park workers this morning if they were shrinking the lake on purpose.  He told me yes, because the pier is getting repaired they had to drain some of the water out.  I also asked if the lake was going to be dredged like Lake Elkhorn and he told me yes, but they don't know when yet.
I found coins again today.  A dime and a penny in the Giant parking lot and then a penny in the parking lot by the lake.  Before coming home I walked to the liquor store because I usually find money in that parking lot and sure enough there was a dime waiting for me.
I walked 6.7 miles.
When I was at church yesterday Ken went to the Savage house to do some work on the floors, then in the afternoon I went over there too and did some yard work. I know some of you who have been reading my blog for a while have seen pictures of the house when we lived there, but for the new readers here's a picture of it.  It's over 100 years old and I really enjoyed living there.
I was planning on doing some cleaning today and just staying around the house.  I had a load of clothes on the line and one still to hang out.  Then the phone rang and it was my friend Cheryl.  She was going to be in the neighborhood and we decided to go up the road to LeeLynns and have lunch. A little before noon Cheryl came by and we stayed here at the house for just a bit.  While we were walking up the street to go to LeeLynns we changed our minds and walked over to the shopping center and went to the Chinese place instead.  It was a good choice!
A nice break in the day.

Then it was back home and back to work.  Most of the clothes on the line dried before it started raining.  The damp clothes are spread around the kitchen now drying on every available surface.  Of course now the sun is shining again but I just don't feel like hanging them back out again!

I have been neglecting my exercise DVD the last couple of weeks and got that started up again this afternoon.  I know tomorrow my muscles will be sore, but I like that. feeling.  It makes me feel like I got a good workout.

I have a little bit of time now before Ken gets home from work and I am going to read.  I should really think about dinner soon too. 

Hope your Monday was a happy day for you.
Happyone :-)
A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon.
~ Arnold Haultain

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just got back from my morning walk.  Yesterday I said I was going to walk longer because I didn't walk yesterday, but I only walked a normal 6 miles.  I woke up at 7:00 and got a late start and ran out of time.  I'm doing a quick post and then have to get ready for church.
Just walked down Gray Rock and home again.  A nice sunny morning and warmer out than I thought.  Saw a few other people out enjoying the morning too.
The sky looked pretty this morning.  
I took this picture standing one way.
 Turned around and took this morning moon picture too.
I started reading The Prodigal Wife by Marcia Willett and liked this quote from the book which I thought would be nice for a Sunday post.

"I believe that only God can make change really possible, he'd said at last, almost reluctantly, and only then if we want it.  God will meet us at the threshold of our fear but we are too busy believing that He cannot manage without our tinkering and interfering to put our trust absolutely in Him.  We cannot make that ultimate commitment which makes it possible to die to ourselves so as to receive our security at last, for once, from Him."

Have a Blessed Sunday my friends.
Happyone :-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Saturday Auction

Going to Saturday auctions may become a habit!  No morning walk for me because we left first thing in the morning to go to the auction and it feels strange not to have walked!!  This auction was at the Frederick Fair Grounds and we were there at 8:30 to look things over before the bidding started at 9:00.
The auction was inside which was nice because it was pretty cool outside.
 Ken bought a few items today.
A metal button coke sign - 36 inches.
 Two Circus advertisements in frames.
A small coat and hat rack to hang on the wall.
 An old bench and two chairs.  
He just couldn't resist the two chairs at 50 cents each!!
When we left this auction and went down the road to another estate auction but it was already over so we took a nice leisurely ride home the back way enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Before getting back home we stopped at the library and picked up a few movie DVD's.
Had some supper and now here we are back home.  Later we will have some ice cream and watch one of the movies. 

My sore throat is gone and my cold is very mild.  I really feel fine, just have a runny nose.  Thanks for all your well wishes. 

Hope your Saturday was a happy day.
Happyone :-)
I'll have to go for a long walk tomorrow to make up for not walking today!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Me too

 Sunrise 7:24
Sunset 6:19
I woke up this morning with a sore throat.  That is how my colds usually start so it looks like I'm getting Ken's cold.  My colds are normally pretty mild and I'm hoping that will hold true for this one too.
I felt like turning over and going back to sleep this morning in the dark but got up and went for my walk anyway.  It was a cool morning and it felt so good to feel the sun once it came up. I walked one of my connect the path routes around the neighborhood paths.  I saw three deer and a couple of rabbits.  A few people were out too.  There seemed to be a lot more cars around than usual when I was on the roads.  I took the picture this morning of the colorful Fall street just because I thought it looked so pretty. 
I found a few coins today - two nickels, two pennies, and a dime.  Quite a good find since I hardly ever find coins anymore.  I walked 6.2 miles and I must admit I was glad to get home this time.  I felt a bit tired - it must be that cold coming on.

It was cold, sunny and windy all day and my clothes drying out on the line really got whipped about in the wind.  I had to keep going outside and untangling the clothes from around the line.  Luckily none of the clothes got blown off the line.  I would've had to go looking for them since the lines are up on my deck which is off the kitchen on the second floor.

I just got an email from my mom with an update on her broken wrist.  Not such good news.  She does have to have the surgery.  Monday morning she will have to have two pins put in her wrist.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Thanks.

I made bread again today but this time I made cinnamon raisin bread.  It's baking right now and smells so good.  I know once it's done that I won't be able to resist having a piece.

I've been sucking on Halls menthol cough drops throughout the day.  Man those thing sure clear out your head.  I love these things when I have a cold.  I only have two left.  Will have to go out later and get some more.  I'm hoping to go out somewhere for dinner.  I really feel pretty good considering I have a cold now, just feel a little tired after doing things.  I'm going to rest and read now till Ken comes homes from work.

I hope your Friday is a sunny, happy day for you and the start of a great weekend.
Happyone :-)
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~ Albert Camus

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another home day

Sunrise 7:23
Sunset 6:20
 I start walking in the dark but the sun did come up today.  Much nicer than yesterday.  I walked around the lake for a 6.3 mile walk.  My son called so we walked and talked again.  It's nice that his work break and my walk are at the same time so we can walk together.  The deer I saw today were on the path leading to the lake.  Around the lake I saw the white egret, bunnies, the heron and all the usual geese.  A lot of geese have left but there are still many who stay.
I'm seeing less people around the lake but I think that is because it is so dark in the morning and that they are just leaving later when it gets light. 
The picture I took today is near the front entrance.  I'm across the street from one of the parking lots.

Ken took another sick day off from work.  He is feeling better today but thought it best to stay home than to go to work and pass along his cold.  Thanks to you all who left get better wishes for him.  Thankfully so far I haven't gotten his cold!

I made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  For quite a while now I've been making bread in the bread machine.  I go through stages making bread and then buying bread.  Anyway grilled cheese tastes really good on the home made bread.  The cheese soaks in the bread and just tastes so good.

I spent some time reading and knitting in the afternoon. 
It's been a sunny but windy day.  Another pretty quiet day around the house.

Last night we finished the last of the William and Mary series.  There was only I think 12 episodes in all and I was sorry to see it end.  It was really good and I wanted to watch more of it. 
Tonight we will watch some more of Carnival which we got from Netflix.  That is a pretty strange show, and I'm not sure yet if I like it enough to continue watching it.

Have a happy Thursday!
Happyone :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A dreary day

This mornings walk was on the paths and streets around the neighborhoods.  A very quiet morning and only saw a couple other people out.  It was dark and even when it lightened up a bit it was cloudy, damp and felt like rain, though it never did rain.  A couple of rabbits hopped by and I saw a deer with her two young one and then later two more deer.
I walked just over 6 miles.

Ken is home from work today sick with a cold.  When I got back from walking I made him tea and an English muffin and gave him breakfast in bed.  He was up by lunch time and feeling a bit better.

The weather has been dreary all day.  Just stayed home and got some more cleaning done, and then spent some time in the cozy corner knitting and finished reading a book. 

Not sure whats up for the rest of the day.
Enjoy your Wednesday.
Happyone :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Times

This morning I walked around the lake.  It was dark and rainy.  I enter the park down by the wide part of the lake and usually turn right on the path and walk around that way and that is what I did today.  The main entrance is then about 3/4 of the way around the lake.  Today I didn't see anyone at all until I had made it to the main entrance.  The last quarter around the lake I saw 3 people.  One of the those people I wasn't surprised to see, was the woman from Seattle.  She loves the rain and I always see her on rainy days.  Once it was light I saw 4 deer, a couple of bunnies, the white egret and LOTS of cardinals.  I wore my rain pants and took the small umbrella.  It was just a light rain and I didn't think I'd need the huge golf one.  Besides the small one is much lighter to hold up. :-)
It was a nice quiet walk and I went 6.5 miles.

Did a couple quick things around the house, had breakfast and then headed out the door to go to my Tuesday morning knitting group.  We met inside at the mill again because of the weather.  I had to leave right at 12:00 today because I was meeting a friend from church for lunch.

I picked up MJ and we decided to go to Bertucci's for lunch.  There was only one table left when we got there and it was in a back corner.  The server apologized for putting us in the corner but it was a perfect place for us to be.  We enjoyed our time together eating and talking for the 2 hours and 15 minutes that we were there.  We decided we must do this again soon.  We always sit together in church and never have enough time to chat before the service starts. :-)

When I got back home I rushed around getting some stuff done around the house and before I knew it Ken was home from work.  He came home on time today because we had to be up the street at LeeLyn's meeting our friends Jackie and Kerry for dinner.  When I made the lunch date with my friend I had forgotten that I was going out to dinner on the same day.  So lucky me, I got to go out to eat two times in one day!!  That said, lately I have been cooking and eating at home a more than we used to.

The other day when I moved a few things around in the living room. I made this cozy little corner by the front windows.  It's nice for reading, knitting or just sitting and talking. 
I want to thank all who commented yesterday and left kind words and said they would pray for my mom.  It is much appreciated. 

I hope your Tuesday was a good one.
Happyone :-)
If you want work well done, select a busy man - the other kind has no time.  
 ~Elbert Hubbard

Monday, October 18, 2010


Back to my morning walk and I went around the lake today and then some for a total of almost seven miles.  The lake was beautiful with the reflection of the colored leaves in the very still lake.  I saw the heron and took a picture of him walking in the water at the edge of the lake.  Lots of deer about too - I saw at least a dozen all spread out all around.  Lots of people out also enjoying an early morning walk or run.  There were a few bike riders too.  I walked through the parking lot and found a dime! 

I didn't make pancakes over the weekend because we left early on Saturday and Ken was out on Sunday so I made myself some today for breakfast.  I only eat one and that does the trick to satisfy my sweet tooth until my evening snack. 

I'm staying home today hopefully to get some things done around the house.  I have a few loads of laundry drying outside and next I am going to clean the living room.  I have an urge to change things around a bit in there too.  That is always fun to do, though it is time consuming as well.

A little bit of bad news.  My mom slipped and fell on wet grass the other day and broke her right wrist trying to break her fall.  She goes back to the doctor this week to see if it is healing straight.  If not she may need surgery.  I ask those of you who pray to please say one for my mom.  Thanks.
I think the hardest thing for her now is that she can't knit. :-)  The knitters out there will know how she feels!!

Enjoy your Monday everyone.  Stay safe and do a kind deed for someone today.
Happyone :-)
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.  
~Author Unknown

Sunday, October 17, 2010

God's beautiful world

Genesis 1:1 
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:31
Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.  
So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

I didn't walk first thing in the morning like I usually do.  I had something I had to do this morning and didn't have time to walk before church.  So when I got home from church at 12:00 I changed into my walking clothes and went then.
I walked the same route again as the last couple of days on the streets and paths.  I only saw one deer which was nice because I didn't think I'd see any in the middle of the day.  I thought I would have seen a lot of people but I had the paths to myself.
I usually don't stop and sit on any of the benches I pass 
but this afternoon I stopped and sat here.
And looked out at the woods. 
It's hard to tell from the picture but it is quite a steep hill 
and there is a small stream running down below.
It was such a pretty day that I couldn't resist just sitting awhile to enjoy the woods.
The next four pictures are just pictures I took while walking along enjoying this beautiful world that God created for us.

Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy our beautiful world that God gave us.
Happyone :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun at the auction

I didn't sleep so good last night which is unusual for me.  I woke up at 1:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 4:30.  I usually wake up at 6:00 but didn't get up until 6:40 so was a bit late on getting outside for my walk.  I walked the same route as I did yesterday.  It was a beautiful Fall morning.  Lots of sunshine and cool.  There was quite a breeze too and I loved listening to the sound of the wind blowing in the trees as my feet rustled the leaves on the path.  Most all the people I met on the paths looked they were really enjoying being out there. 
The only wildlife I saw was two deer in one place and three more in another. 

When I got home Ken was sitting at his computer looking at an advertisement for an auction that was taking place today and asked if I wanted to go and of course I said yes.  We ate a quick breakfast (English muffins), I got ready and we left a little after 9:00 and went to Mt Airy where the auction was.  It was an estate auction of the contents and the house itself.
We stayed at the auction for 3 hours or so. 
Here are a few pictures of our time there.
 The Crowd
 Some of the furniture to be auctioned.
 Some old cans are up for bidding.
 Here is Ken, happy with his $5 purchase of a small sturdy work bench that will be in the garage after he paints it up.  
With Ken in his bright orange sweatshirt he was easy for me to find him in the crowd.  It was pretty chilly and he didn't bring a jacket so just wore that because it was in the car.
I wanted this nail keg and Ken bid on it but it went for more than I wanted so spend.
 I thought maybe it would go for 10 or 15 dollars.  He quit bidding when it got to $22 and it finally sold for $47.50.
We left before they auctioned off the furniture and the house itself.  It was a fun day and we enjoyed being there.
Leaving the auction we drove into Mt Airy and had lunch in town at a nice place with good food.

We then went to the old house and dropped off the work bench where Ken will paint it before bringing it home.  We made a stop at Weis for ice cream and then finally here we are back home.
That's been our day so far.
Hope your enjoying your Saturday as well.
Happyone :-)

One last thing. A few people mentioned in the comments yesterday how much they like key lime pie. I thought I would share the recipe with you.  It is so simple to make and takes hardly any time at all. 

One 9 inch graham cracker pie crust
14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup Lime Juice ( I used Nellie & Joe's Key West brand, but I'm sure any would do).
Combine milk, eggs yolks and lime juice.
Blend until smooth.
Pour filling into pie shell and 
bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
Allow to stand 10 minutes before refrigerating.
Just before serving, top with freshly whipped cream.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Walk, work and pie

Another day, another walk. :-) Great walking weather this morning - cool and crisp.  It was nice to see the start of another day as the sun came up.  I walked along streets and paths and made up another route connecting the paths up.  Only saw a couple of other people out -  the others must have been walking around the lake. In a back yard along the path I saw seven deer having breakfast in someones garden.  The people would be happy to know that they all ran away when they saw me.  It was too dark to get a good picture.  I tried but all that came out was their bright eyes from the flash.  I also saw the white of a bunnies cotton tail as it ran away into the trees.
As I come to the end of one path, I crossed the street and went down another.
 Another path I walked along.

I took some money with me today and just before coming home, I stopped in at the Giant to pick up a couple of things. Sour cream for the taco salad tonight and sweetened condensed milk for the key lime pie I made this afternoon.  There were only a couple of people in the store at 8:00 in the morning.  I walked up and down most of the aisles and probably added half a mile to my walk.
I walked a little over 6 miles.

I washed and hung the sheets out to dry.  On these cool days the sheets smell extra good line dried.  Also got some of that house cleaning done that I didn't do yesterday.

Here's the Key Lime Pie that I made this afternoon.  Very simple to make.  I used the recipe off the bottle of Nellie & Joe's Key West Lime Juice.
A 9 inch graham cracker crust.
 Filling in, baked for 15 minutes and now it just has to cool.
No ice cream tonight, I'll have pie instead. A dollop of whipped cream would I think go nice on that. 

That's been my day so far, I just have a few more things I need to get done yet before I can sit and do a little knitting or reading. 

Hope your Friday was a good day with lots of sunshine.
Happyone :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A walk and no work

This morning I walked around the lake once again.  Very few people there today.  Rain was predicted and it felt like it was on the way.  Just as the sun was about to come up I took a picture of lake and sky. The pretty sky only lasted a few minutes before the clouds took over and it was gone.  How lucky I was to get this beautiful short peak at such beauty.
I was about three miles into my walk when I started to feel drops of rain and thought, I'm going to be soaked by the time I get home.  As luck would have it, the rain stopped just like that and it didn't start again until I was a block from home.  Perfect timing, Thanks God. :-)
Walking around the lake I saw a couple of deer, a chipmunk, heron, green heron, white egret and ducks and geese.  I stopped for a while and stood to the right on this bridge watching the geese swim through the lily ponds and just enjoying the scenery.
Someone walked across the bridge and since I was still, I could feel the bridge moving.  It was an odd sensation.
A walker friend Barbara, who I see most mornings walking her dogs, was out as usual.  From a distance before I knew it was her I saw two red blinking lights in the distance.  As the lights neared I saw that it was Barbara and each one of her dogs had a flashing red light attached to the little coats they were wearing.  Good idea for walking in the dark.  A couple of runners that I saw had lights somehow attached to their hats.  Looked like coal miners hats. 

The first little rain shower was just enough to get the ground damp and it had the smell  of wet pavement that smells so good to me.  Walking past the Giant, nearing home, I smelled another one of my favorite smells, baking bread.  A walk and good smells, a good way to start this wet rainy day.

On this rainy day I stayed home and planned to get some cleaning and ironing done but you know how that goes.  I walked into the living room, saw my book sitting there and read some of it.  Went upstairs in my loft to put something away and saw a bookmark counted cross stitch project started and worked on that for a bit.  I was given some yarn the other day and started a new knitting project with that.  Before I knew it lunch time had come and gone.  I missed lunch but I did eat a nice crispy juicy granny smith apple.
I suppose I should go and get some of that cleaning done, but it is too late for that now.  I guess I'll go and finish that book.
Tomorrow is another day.
Hope you enjoyed your day.
Happyone  :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall at the Lake

Today my walk was around the lake.  A beautiful cool morning with sunshine.  As I was walking down the upper path down to the lake, I ran into my friend Joanne on the lower path and walked around part of the lake with her.  Her daughter is having a baby boy next month and he will be Joanne's first grandbaby.  As you can imagine she is really excited about that.  Her daughter also lives in Denver!  Maybe one day we can go out to Denver together and visit our daughters. 
Since we did a lot of talking I didn't see all that much wildlife.  The usual geese were on the lake, and I saw the fox again on the path to the lake.
By this picture you can see that Fall has arrived at the lake.
I made up a short list and went to the commissary this morning.  Renovations continue and I had a heck of a hard time finding the soda.  There used to be a huge section in one part of the store that was piled high with soda.  No longer, it was just gone and I couldn't find soda.  I asked a worker where the soda was and she told me to ask at the customer service.  There is an aisle where there is soda, but not cases, just 12 packs and they cost more than when you buy a case.  I never did ask because as I was walking down an aisle I spotted soda.  In a few different aisles different kinds of soda were stacked in small piles.  I finally found the aisle with the diet coke, put my soda in the cart and was happy. :-)

Last week I ordered three long sleeve tee shirts, three 3/4 quarter length shirts, a pair of black leggings, and a nice thick blue zippered hooded sweatshirt on line from Hanes.  It all came in the mail today. :-)  I love the blue color of the sweatshirt and it should keep me nice and warm walking on those cold mornings that we will be having.  I got  the whole bunch for sixty five dollars and free shipping.  I thought I got a pretty good deal!

We have gotten into the habit of eating out a lot and I want to stay home a bit more and get back to cooking more often.  So I started tonight by making chicken, roasted potatoes, and corn.

I made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon for Ken to take over to Howard's house this evening.  They are having a train guys night out and I'm sure they are playing with trains and eating the cookies right now.  I've made these cookies so often for Howard, that now if Ken goes over there without them, everyone asks, "Where's our cookies!!"

Ken shouldn't be gone too late so I'm going to wait for him to come home and have some ice cream with him for our snack.  We are also going to watch an episode of Oz which came in the mail today from Netflix.

I'm off now to take my shower and then read until Ken comes home.

Hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday.
Pleasant dreams tonight.
Happyone :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Street Cleaners?

I went walking yesterday morning and today.  One day around the lake and today I walked my connect the paths route but connected them up in a different way.  It is good to walk different ways once in a while, keeps the walks interesting.  Both days I walked just a bit over 6 miles.  It is quite dark when I start out now and doesn't get light until I've walked a couple of miles.  It will only get worse until we have the time change coming up in a few weeks.  I didn't see any deer today but I heard 4 gun shots way off in the distance.  Maybe the deer are hiding.  I saw a fox which crossed the path up ahead of me.  Very few people out both days.

I spent the day at home yesterday and this morning it was knitting day.  Met the group at Savage Mill.  As is becoming my routine, I stopped off at the library afterwards to drop off a book or two.  I used extreme will power and didn't check anything else out!!

When I was nearly at the end of my walk this morning a block away from my house a street cleaner was going down the street supposedly cleaning the street.  But all it did was sweep the leaves out to the middle of the street.
Now cars can just drive though the leaves and scatter them around some more before they end up back in the gutter.  What is the point!!?
They should have one of the vacuum trucks and pick them up! 

It also bothers me when the groundskeepers use a blower to blow everything into the street after they have just mowed the lawn.  Another time I wonder just what is the point.  When they don't sweep up the stuff they blow around, it all just settles back down and it's still there.  I really hate having to drive past when the stuff is being blown into the street.  And that's my complaint for the day!

The last few days have been so nice.  We are getting one last taste of summer and I am so enjoying it.  I've sat outside on the deck and read and it's been just beautiful.  I'm enjoying every moment of it.

I have a few things to do yet before Ken gets home from work so off I go.
Hope all is fine in your part of the world and that your Tuesday has brought you some happiness.
Happyone :-)