Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Sunday, February 28, 2010


The things we say can either hurt or heal.
Let's all make a point to have words of healing.

Proverbs 12:18
There are those who speak rashly,
like the piercing of a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

Have a blessed Sunday my friends.
Say something kind to someone today.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A short walk

I went out for my walk this morning but only walked a little over two miles. It was early and still below freezing and there was still a lot of ice around. Some of the roads were really slick. Didn't want to take a chance of falling, getting hurt and then not being able to walk for a while. I planned to go back out again later in the day when it warmed up but never got around to it. Other things to do.
Sunrise 6:43
Sunset 5:58
We went out a did a bit of shopping today. It was Ken Day. He got new ties and a couple of new shirts.
Also bought a bunch of plastic Easter eggs (144) for an Easter Egg Hunt that is planned at my church. They asked if people would please contribute some if they could. Their goal is 3,000!! Other people will contribute candy and then everyone will get together and fill the eggs with candy.

I read some more this afternoon and did a few things at home. Then we headed back out again to get some dinner out. Guess what we had? If you said pizza you guessed right. I wanted a Sicilian and Ken wanted the regular pie so we got one pie of each. We usually get just plain cheese and that is what we got today too. Now we have lots of leftovers in the refrigerator and freezer. Great for lunches.

Tonight will be a nice evening at home. The usual television, knitting and maybe a little more reading. Cookies and tea for snack time.

Hope your first day of the weekend was a good one and tomorrow will be even better.
Happyone :-)
Happiness can be found,
even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.
~Steven Kloves
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A windy walk

I started my walk a little after 7:00 this morning. The temperature was hovering right around the freezing mark and I wanted to walk when it was light so it would be easier to spot the icy patches. I walked 6 1/2 miles along paths and along roads.
You really can't see the snow in the picture but it was coming down and it was VERY WINDY. At times the snow was blowing sideways. When I walked in the direction of the wind it pushed me along and when walking against the wind it was hard going. I'm sure I used up more calories than usual today. :-) Someone stopped to let me cross the street and I wasn't even in a crosswalk!! With all the wind and snow I still managed to spot a dime in the road! Even though it was snowing and windy, I'm so glad I was able to get out and walk.
Sunrise 6:45
Sunset 5:57
I'm glad Ken put the book, Under the Dome on reserve a few days ago at the library because he's number one on the list, we've already picked it up and I can continue reading it without even taking a break. I spent part of the day reading it. :-)

Today was the day I was supposed to meet my friend Lillemor for an afternoon of knitting and tea, but she had to cancel. :-( We've rescheduled it for next Friday.
I knitted this afternoon at home and had that cup of tea too. No cookies though, I saved them for the evening.

Stayed home and made Chicken Enchiladas for dinner.

Here is this weeks picture of the snow pile. This is week number 3. I'm posting a picture each Friday until its all gone. Next week I'll have to take the picture standing on the deck.

Hope your Friday was even better than you thought it would be when you woke up this morning.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
What a pity human beings can't exchange problems.
Everyone knows exactly how to solve the other fellow's.
~Olin Miller

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Made by Ken

I am happy to say we didn't get any of that snow last night. Just a few flurries this morning during my walk. There were even peaks of blue up in the sky when I got home. Once again I just walked along streets and on the paths that didn't have snow on them. Walked my usual 6 miles. I stopped to take this picture of a couple of deer hanging out in someones front yard. Heard lots of birds, even a woodpecker but couldn't spot him. I didn't see any other people out walking. It was great to be outside!!
Sunrise 6:46
Sunset 5:56
I was dusting a piece of furniture today that Ken made and then looked around and noticed just how many things he has made for me. Here are some pictures of some of his handiwork.
This pie cupboard is in the kitchen.
Fashioned after an old tool box this sits in my kitchen filled with colored blocks. Hanging on the wall above it, is where we keep coupons and menus from restaurants. It's also held outgoing mail at one time.
This bench he made I am using as a coffee table.Here is an end table.
A couch table.
This was a cabinet with a door at one time. But I took off the door and now use it as a book case.Thanks Kenny for all the work and time you put into these for me. You do beautiful work! :-)

I had a sweet potato for lunch today. I mashed it up and put some butter and brown sugar on it. It was good, sweet like candy.

I didn't finish reading Under the Dome and it's due today. I can't renew it because there is a waiting list for the book. So a few days ago Ken put it on his list so I won't have to wait quite as long to get the book again. In the meantime I'll just read another book. Brought Under the Dome to the library and didn't check anything else out!

I got the second disc from Netflix of The #1 Ladies Detective Agency in the mail today and will watch that this evening. I'm sure this one will be as good as the first.

That's about it for the day so far. Don't know what the rest of the day will bring but I plan to enjoy the rest of it. Hope your day has been a good one.

Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
We find comfort among those who agree with us -
growth among those who don't.
~Frank A. Clark

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I started out on my walk this morning it was a little colder than yesterday and there were some icy patches in places, but by the time I was home those icy patches had turned to water. Lots more melting going on. I'm not even listening when they say we are going to get more snow tonight!!!
I can't walk any of my regular routes and just walk all over the place where sidewalks are shoveled but I did walk 6 miles. One street I walked town and the whole sidewalk was cleared. There was a man doing some more shoveling and I thanked him and all his neighbors for keeping their sidewalks cleared.
I came across another person on one of the paths who was stopped taking pictures. I stopped to chat - no he doesn't have a blog - I asked.
I found a lucky penny and a quarter too!
Here's my morning picture for today.Sunrise 6:47
Sunset 5:54
I finished writing my shopping list and headed out to the commissary. Even though it was Wednesday and usually a good day to go, there was quite a long line this time. I really needed to go as my shelves were pretty bare. Now they are nice and full with plenty to eat.

This evening was the Ladies Night Bible study that I go to and I had all week to do 5 days of homework. I had only done 2 days of it during the week, so this afternoon I had lots of homework to catch up on. Though it took me almost all afternoon, I finished!
I'm really enjoying the study group.

I never did eat supper tonight so I guess I'd better go and have something to eat.
I'll have my snack later when Ken gets home. He's working late tonight. I'm going to read until he gets home and then we will probably watch television and I'll do some knitting.

I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driving once again

A bit misty this morning for my walk. It was a pretty warm morning too with a temperature of 40 degrees. Very happy that the temperature was warm and that we only got rain and no more snow. A little mist certainly wasn't going to keep me from walking!!! I walked a nice even 6 miles. I stayed on the streets and some sidewalks today.
I took this winter scene behind some office buildings.
Here's one of the sidewalks where they ended up taking up not only the snow but dug up some grass on the sides as well. Lots of street signs got knocked down too. Lots of cleanup to do once the snow is all gone.
Sunrise 6:49
Sunset 5:53
Today was the day that I finally got to take my car out of the garage. It's been sitting there for quite a while and I was worried that maybe the battery would be dead. But I needn't worry, she started right up. So nice to drive again!!!
I went to the Tuesday Morning Knit Group which meets at Borders. Bonnie was there too and I gave her all the hats, mitts and booties that I knitted for her.
I have started a new project - a baby blanket.

Bonnie and I were going to go out for lunch after knitting but I had a hair appointment at 1:00 and we ran out of time. I missed out on lunch today. I went directly to the hair salon and had Cheryl touch up my roots. It was handy having my knitting with me because I knitted during the waiting time.

My daughter is moving to Denver this Sunday and this evening we met with her and the grandkids for one last night out for pizza. We enjoyed a pizza at Ledo's.

Now we are home and will be having a usual evening. A little TV, some reading and a snack. Tonight is cookie and tea night!

Hope this Tuesday was a happy one for you.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
~Garth Brooks

Monday, February 22, 2010

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying my morning walks once again! :-) Still can't get over to the lake but that's okay, its still there and I'll have many many days to walk there. I've been walking along the streets and on sidewalks and paths where I can. This morning while I was walking I passed by my friend Lillemor's house as she was getting in her car to go off to work. We talked for just a bit and made plans to meet later in the week for an afternoon of tea and knitting.
Here's a morning picture.
I see a lot of tree branches broken like these here as I walk along.
Not all that many people out this morning. I only saw a few people walking their dogs.
Sunrise 6:50
Sunset 5:52
The new television is now hanging on the wall between the two book cases. It looks like it belongs there.
Before with the smaller TV.After with the big one.
We went back to Famous Dave's last night and had our free dinner of Blacken Catfish. It was delicious and I still can't get over how nice that was to get the free dinners. The manager who gave us the free dinners stopped by our table to see how things were going.

This weekend I baked some chocolate chip cookies using the chocolate mint chips. that I got at Ann's House of Nuts a few weeks ago. They were very good and are my favorites!! I'll have to make another trip there one day soon. I'm out of cashews too who knows what else I'll end up coming home with. :-)

We are getting some light rain now - NOT SNOW but rain. This should help melt a lot more of the snow!! :-)

I hope your enjoying your Monday.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, "Why did this happen to me?" unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way.
~Author Unknown

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finding Peace

From a little daily devotional book that my mom sent me.

Finding Peace by Margaret Steinacker

....Praise from a heart full of thankfulness,
Joy from a soul now at peace.
The combination giving a calmness
A sense of sweet release.

In turning our problems upward
With praise from a joyful heart,
We find the problems lessen
Peace can find a start.

Peace by its very nature
Assures a calm release.
When release is found in Jesus,
You've found the source of peace.

Philippians 4: 6&7
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Have a blessed Sunday.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

The snow pile is melting......

Hi I'm back for a second post in one day though it is a short one.
I felt so good today because I got to walk outside. It just makes my day brighter. :-)
I did 40 minutes on the Wii too.
I ended up shoveling even more of the pile of snow out near my driveway.
Here is this weeks picture of the mountain of snow. It sure is dirty now.Click HERE to see last weeks picture. You can see that it has melted quite a bit. I'll post a picture each Friday until it is completely gone.
I cleaned the downstairs and then read until Kenny came home from work.

We are having a nice quiet evening at home this Friday night.
Watch a little TV, and I'll knit, and then later read some more of my book. I'm reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. It started out good and now it's at a slow part, but I'm sure it will pick up again. I usually find his books like that. Always feel he could cut his books in half. I do like reading them though.

I'm thinking ice cream for my snack tonight. :-)
Enjoy your evening.

Share your smile.
Happyone :-)
Don't find fault. Find a remedy.
~Henry Ford

I'm back to walking!!! :-)

I thought that my walk today deserved a post all it's own. :-)
It was icy when I first woke up but with the temperature rising, by about 10:00 the ice for the most part was melting.
I thought enough is enough I am going outside to walk. I don't care if I have to walk in the street. Now that most of the streets have been plowed the whole width of the street, I felt safe enough to walk facing traffic. I can't yet get to the park around the lake but I did find some sidewalks and paths to walk on too.
Come and walk along with me.
I started out walking down the street.
Sometimes I walked on shoveled sidewalks.Sometimes they looked like this.
Other times I came upon a dead end of snow.
I got lucky some places and the paths were even plowed.
Then I would get to one of the bridges
that was still covered in snow and had to
turn around and go back the same way.
It was wonderful to be outside and walking once again and I walked my usual 6 miles. It was pretty windy but the sun was out and I was walking and breathing in nice fresh air. You just can't beat walking outside. To me its the best kind of exercise there is and it makes me happy!! :-)
I saw a few Cardinals but no deer or any other animals. I wonder where they all were.
A few more pictures I took while walking along.
This car still sits covered in snow.This stop sign got plowed right along with the snow.I paused a moment to look up
at the bright blue sky through the trees
and Thank God for this beautiful day.Happy Days of walking are back!!

Sunrise 6:54
Sunset 5:49
I'll be back later tonight.
Happyone :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A trip to the dentist

Another morning workout on the Wii and a walk around the house.
Here's today's morning picture during my workout.Sunrise 6:56
Sunset 5:48
Another 6 months has rolled around and it was time today for trip to the dentist for a cleaning. I have a great dentist and all went well. I do have to go back next week though and have an old silver filling replaced. I usually bring some chocolate chip cookies for my dentist (he has a sweet tooth) but I forgot to make them this time. I'll be sure to bring some next week. :-) There is no place for my car to park at the dentist yet because of the snow so Ken drove me and then dropped me off at the house again and went back to work.

Temperatures warming up nicely today and the sun was out too. I went outside and shoveled more of the pile of snow away from the sides of the bottom of the driveway. I had to use a square regular shovel - our snow shovel got too much use and the handle broke off.
There is a bit of a drop at the end of the driveway to the street and Ken had made a little ramp with wood so we could drive the Vetts down without scraping. It worked just fine, but when the snow plow came it destroyed the ramp which is just one more reason I can't drive my car. Ken is going to have to make a ramp again. You can see the wood from the ramp here mixed in with the snow.My mom and I email back and forth most days, sometimes a few times a day but sometimes its just nice to hear her voice so I gave her a call this afternoon and we had a nice chat. :-)

Congratulations to my grandson Antonio!!! He passed his drivers test today and now has his license. He has waited a long time for this. Way to go Antonio!!!

I'm writing this waiting for Ken to come home from work. Since I need to go to the commissary and hardly have any food in the house we are going to go out to eat. I just haven't decided what I'm in the mood for. Maybe Ken will have a good idea when he gets home.

Later we'll have a nice evening at home. A little television, reading, knitting, and a tasty snack.

I hope you had something good happen to you today.
Happyone :-)
Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.
~Peter Marshall

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My morning exercise today was 1 hour on the Wii.
Here's my Mii. :-)I even took a picture of the sun coming up through the window while I was doing my exercises!After the Wii I walked up and down the stairs and around the house for 2 miles. Not quite the same as a walk outside but its something.
Sunrise 6:57
Sunset 5:47
Once again my loft has become a mess. Its the one room that is totally mine and I tend not put things back where they belong. It's supposed to be my craft, knitting, sewing (when I learn) and music room. It feels too cluttered now and I have stuff up there that just doesn't belong there. I tend to put things there that I don't know what else to do with. Well today I spent some time up there starting to make some changes. I'm getting rid of the stuff that doesn't belong and trying to have it more organized. Its a fun project and I still have more to do, but I did get a good start.

In between other house chores I got some reading and knitting in.

Though it is Wednesday and I usually go to my knitting group, I won't be going there for a while. There is another knit group that meets on Tuesday mornings at Borders and I'll be going to that one. Its a smaller group but some of the same people go from Wednesday too.
The ladies group at my church have started a new Bible study group called Breaking Free which meets on Wednesday nights and I went to that. A good turnout tonight with 36 of us on the first night and we watched a DVD. We have homework and next week we break up into small groups for discussion.

When I got home I had a couple of cookies and tea (Mint Medley) for my snack.

I hope your Wednesday was a happy day for you.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
~Author Unknown

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tried walking, finished a book, and knitted a hat.

This morning I put on my layers of clothes and headed out for my morning walk. I just had to give it a try, but I'm sad to say its still not good for walking. Still icy in many spots and sidewalks are not shoveled. I ended up walking around the parking lot and the sidewalks that were shoveled in the little shopping center across the street from me.
I only walked a mile and it took me 1/2 hour just for that. I slipped a few times and then decided it just wasn't worth the risk of falling and getting hurt. So I'll just have to be patient and wait a few more days.

Sunrise 6:58
Sunset 5:46
The snow we were supposed to get yesterday and over night just ended up being a dusting, thank goodness.

This morning I sat down to read for a little while and ended up finishing the book, La's Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith. It was a library book and number 4 on my list for the year. 71 to go!!
It's about a woman named La. Her husband leaves her, the war starts, she leaves London to live in a little town near a small RAF base and starts a small amateur orchestra. I liked this book a lot even though there was a touch of sadness throughout. I liked the ending which made me cry.
A few lines from the book.
She stood quite still, transfixed by the moment; as happens sometimes, when we are not expecting it; we stop and think about the beauty of the world, and its majesty, and the insignificance of our concern and cares. And yet we know that they are not insignificant - at least not to us; pain and loss may be little things.... but to us, they loom large, are wounding, are sore. So each of us, thought La, each one of us should do something to make life better for somebody.
It was then time to get some of those never ending chores around the house done.
Those done I knitted a while and then started another book. This is a BIG one, over 1,000 pages. Its good though and I'll be through it in no time!

Did a bit more knitting after supper and finished the hat for Ken that I've been working on. I'm happy to say he likes it. :-)

I'll be watching more of the Olympics later, have some tea and cookies, probably knit more. I'll get back to knitting hats for Bonnie.

A happy Tuesday to you all.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Those who wish to sing, always find a song.
~Swedish Proverb

Monday, February 15, 2010

A free dinner :-)

Yesterday we went out to eat at Famous Dave's. We went there because of their commercial on television which showed delicious looking blackened catfish. We stepped into the restaurant and was told that there was a 45 minute wait. We happened to spot an empty booth in the bar so decided to eat there right away instead of waiting. We didn't see the special on the menu so asked about it. Our server said that the special wasn't available any longer. They decided to stop it because it took too long to cook and they were super busy. Ken in a nice way said, "Oh, we saw the add on TV and came just for the catfish because it looked so good". She then said, "I'll go ask in the kitchen if they would make it for you". We waited a while and the manager came out. He told us they couldn't make it for us tonight because they were just too busy, but he gave us his signed card with a note that said we were to get two FREE blackened catfish dinners the next time we were in. Wow! Wasn't that nice!!? So we ordered something else (catfish strips), had a great meal and time and have a free dinner in our future. :-)

We bought a new television yesterday. A big 46 inch one!! It is awesome. Great for watching the Olympics! We haven't gotten a chance to hang it up on the wall yet. When I do I'll post a before and after picture of the old and new TV. What a difference.
We checked out the prices in various stores and ended up at a store called Belmont TV. They had the best price and it was $200 cheaper than the next best price on sale at another store.

Now I have the other television up stairs with the Wii hooked up to it and can do my exercises up there. Since I moved the television upstairs I had to do a little rearranging up there as well so then I vacuumed too.

Once again I didn't walk. Its cloudy today and supposed to snow again tonight. Only 4 - 6 inches this time. I'm praying for warm temperatures so it will be rain instead. So far this year we have gotten 83 inches of snow!!!

Even though its a holiday Ken went to work anyway. He has lots to do and this way he can take another day off when there's not so much to do.

I want to knit Ken a hat but I seem to be having a problem find just the right pattern and have attempted to knit a hat quite a few times with different patterns. I think I've found one I like and have started knitting on it. So far so good.

That's about it for today so far. Don't know what the rest of the day will hold, but right now I'm going to read until Ken comes home from work.
Till next time......

Sunrise 6:59
Sunset 5:44

Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
There are two types of people - those who come into a room and say, "Well, here I am!" and those who come in and say, "Ah, there you are."
~Frederick L. Collins

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Since it's Valentine's Day
Here are a few Bible verses about love.

1 Corinthians 13: 4 - 7

Love suffers long and is kind;
love does not envy;
love does not parade itself,
is not puffed up;

does not behave rudely,
does not seek its own,
is not provoked,
thinks no evil;

does not rejoice in iniquity,
but rejoices in the truth;

bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.

1 John 4: 7 - 10

Beloved, let us love one another,
for love is of God;
and everyone who loves
is born of God and knows God.

He who does not love
does not know God,
for God is love.
In this the love of God was manifested toward us,
that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world,
that we might live through Him.

In this is love,
not that we loved God,
but that He loved us and sent His Son
to be the propitiation for our sins.

1 John 4:19
We love Him, because He first loved us.

Have a blessed Sunday
and Happy Valentine's Day.
Happyone :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A day of clouds and sun.

We enjoyed our night out at Rams Head listening to the Association. We ended up eating there watching the show because it took us a lot longer to get there. A half hour ride took us almost 2 hours. Mainly because of how the roads are plowed. Two lanes all of sudden turn into one and quite a few of the on and off ramps were being plowed. We did get there on time and safe so there is nothing to complain about.
The show was pretty good. I loved all the songs but I'm sorry to say that the singing was really not that good. I also thought that the music was too loud for the singing and at times drowned it out. May they did it that way on purpose.
Had a good time though and one thing nice about going to Rams Head is that it is small and everyone has a great seat.
The trip back home was a lot faster!

We are looking into getting a bigger television and putting the one we have now upstairs and I will use it for the Wii which by the way I did again today. We checked out BestBuy and then went to Walmart. While at Walmart looking at the televisions I noticed water dripping from the ceiling onto one of the TV's. I was looking for someone to tell and another lady spotted it too as an employee was walking by. She pointed it out to him and he said, I don't care, it's not my TV, go tell them at the service desk. She said, You tell them, you work here. With that he turned around and left. I couldn't believe it. What an attitude!!

Ken went over to the old house and shoveled snow off the roof of the garage. Don't want that to collapse like the carport! He said the snow was deep and very heavy.

I stayed home and did a few things around the house.
Also made Ken's Valentine's card for tomorrow.

It just about time for my snack. I'm going for the cookies and tea!

Sunrise 7:02
Sunset 5:42

Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.
~Arthur Rubinstein

Friday, February 12, 2010

The snow pile

More sunshine today and the melting snow continues. It makes for icy mornings though because it all freezes up at night again.
Yesterday I mentioned that the carport at the old house caved in under the snow. Ken took this picture of it on his way home from work.This picture is the top of the mountain of snow at the end of the street by our driveway. I took it out the back door that leads out to the deck. I thought it would be fun to take pictures of it as it melts and gets smaller and smaller. I wonder how long it will be there until its completely gone! I'm thinking sometime in March.

I did my exercise with the Wii again this morning. You can get a good workout with the Wii Fit if you don't just play the games. The strength training is really good and some of the exercises are very tiring. You start out as a beginner and as you get better, the next stage is unlocked and you get to do more repetitions. I'm enjoying the step part of the workout too. The balancing games are fun and I save them for last. As nice as this Wii system is I still really miss my morning walks. I'm hoping by Monday I'll be back walking around the lake once again. :-)
Please snow melt FAST!!

I did a bit more snow shoveling to widen the driveway on my side of the garage.
Knitted some more on Ken's black hat and hope to finish it later today.
I read this afternoon too and the book I'm reading is very good and hard to put down.

I'm looking for to this evening because we are going out to Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis to see The Association. The show starts at 8:00 but we will go earlier and have a bit to eat first. Hope parking won't be a problem with all the snow.

I'm off to read some more of that good book now.
Enjoy your Friday!

Sunrise 7:03
Sunset 5:41

Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
~Rabindranath Tagore

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The monster icicle

Thanks for all the compliments on my new header picture. :-) I'm thinking spring!!

The sun is out today and some of the snow is starting to melt. Of course no walking again for me but I got lots of exercise. I did a little over an hour on the Wii again and then I went outside to shovel snow. It was nice to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
The driveway was kind of shoveled.
But I cleaned it up a bit.
Couldn't get down to the cement
because the FJ had driven over it quite a few times
and it was pretty well packed. Shoveled the stoop and steps out front
and the sidewalk in front of my house.
I don't know why but I just like this picture. I took this picture of this monster icicle
out of my bedroom window.
Its hanging from the neighbors roof.
I no sooner got back in the house and a bucket loader came and tried to push the huge mountain of snow back farther and managed to put more snow in my driveway again. Back outside for some more shoveling. I know I burned lots of calories today! :-)

Yesterday I knitted Ken a new hat but it was way too small so today I ripped it out and started another one for him.

I got an email from Jen, a neighbor at the old house that we still haven't sold. (waiting for the house market to improve) She told me that our carport roof caved in because of all the snow. I guess the slate on the fireplace wall will have to be put off again this weekend while we deal with the carport.

Ken came home from work and said come on, I'm taking you out!! Oh I love those words. :-) Off we went for a Greek salad and pizza.

This evening I had ice cream for my snack - my second favorite kind, Chocolate Cookies and Cream Supreme.
The rest of the evening I'll be working on Ken's hat.

Sunrise 7:04
Sunset 5:40

I hope you had some happiness scattered throughout your Thursday.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Make time in your life for wonder.
~ Thomas Kinkade

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blizzard

Another day at home because of the snow. No walk. :-(
I did have fun again with the Wii.
I spent most of the day looking out of the windows watching the blizzard. I guess by now you are getting tired of hearing about all our snow, but its hard to think of anything else.
Here are some pictures I took today out of the windows.
This is out the back window.Out the side window.Out the front window. There is a road down there!!The Deck
Ken went to work in all that and was practically the only one at work. Lunch time they sent the few people there home. He stop by the hospital on the way home and volunteered to be a driver to bring people back and forth to work. They said they would call when needed. So far he hasn't been needed but he might be called later tonight.

Not much else to blog about today.
My evening will be a quiet one at home.
Some television.
Some reading.
Some knitting.

Notice the nice spring header I have now. That's what I'm looking forward too. :-)

I hope your Wednesday was a sunny one!
Share you smile,
Happyone :-)
A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world; everyone you meet is your mirror.
~Ken Keyes, Jr.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More snow and no walk

No morning walk again and I really miss it!! :-( I spent an hour and 10 minutes on the Wii doing exercises and playing games. We've come a long way from Pong!!

I finished reading book number three for the year.
Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker. This is one strange book, but then again all his books are strange. This one is about Jakabok Botch, a demon who gets fished out of hell and spends time on earth. The book was So So!

We got mail today! I walked down the street to the mailbox and then walked around just a bit around the townhouses. The roads are still a mess and only room for one car. I was only out for a little while. There really is no place to walk.

A quiet day around the house for me. I'm missing not being able to just get in my car and go somewhere. I don't go out all that much but just knowing I can't leave makes me want to leave.

No going out tonight. I've been watching television. I had orange spice tea and 4 cookies for my snack.

The snow started again about 4 this afternoon. Its supposed to stop tomorrow evening.

Hope you had a good Tuesday.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Either way, things are a lot better - either a lot better than they were or a lot better than they're going to be.
~Robert Brault

Monday, February 08, 2010

No morning walk for me as expected, but I did spend 2 hours playing around on the Wii! I did the yoga, strength exercises, some balance ones and had lots of fun. :-) I can't believe how fast those 2 hours passed by. I planned on just one hour.

I put the ingredients in the bread maker to make French bread and then went outside and shoveled off the front stoop and steps. A nice sunny day again and more of the snow melted! :-)

Vacuumed up and down stairs. I always like to hear the noises of the little bits going in the vacuum. I can't find the right word for that sound but I'm sure you all know that sound. Makes me feel like its worth doing the job in the first place.

Next I felt it was time to sit down and read for a bit. I also snuck a little knitting in there too.

I had planned to eat dinner at home but when Ken came home from work he said I needed to get out of the house and we went to the mall. Walked a mile around there and had a bit to eat at Chevy's, a Mexican restaurant.

Driving around is quite a challenge. Some of the lanes just disappear when your driving and some ramps haven't been plowed yet. In places you feel like your driving through huge white tunnels. Parking lots have huge piles of snow everywhere.
And guess what!! Tomorrow more snow is on the way. Now they are saying between 10 - 20 inches depending on where you live.

In a little while when I get off the computer I plan to go and watch a little television and have 4 cookies for my snack (raspberry chocolate chip).

I put a nice spring scene of one of my walking paths on my desk top. It's so nice to look at green grass and purple flowers. :-)

Sunrise 7:08
Sunset 5:36

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Happyone :-)
There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go.
~Frederick Faber

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The snow plow arrived this morning about 9:00. Here it is coming down the road in front of our house. Today was a nice sunny day and everyone was outside digging out of the snow.
We got out and went for a ride to see how the roads were. Most main roads had at least one lane that was good. Another story for the side roads. Most are pretty bad and in some housing developments the plow hasn't even been down their road yet. In some places residents got together and were shoveling out their STREETS.

Back home we have a huge mountain of snow in front of half our driveway. We shoveled just enough for Ken to get out. I won't be going anywhere in my car for a while!
Here I am climbing up the mountain.King of the Mountain.Ken and our neighbor Robert have a chat.

Ken thought the bathroom upstairs could use some better lightening so while we were out we went to Home Depot and got some lights and also a mirror. He installed the new lights and hung up the mirror while I did a little knitting.

Later we are going to make pizza and we will eat pizza while we watch the super bowl.

A happy Sunday to you.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.
~Alphonse Karr

Saturday, February 06, 2010

It finally stopped

The snow finally stopped around 4:30 and we saw a little bit of sun before it set. We ended up with at least 30 inches of snow. The road along side our house is plowed and cars are driving by once in a while. What is really annoying is that in our development the plow has not even been through once and there is no way we can leave even with the FJ, it's just way too deep.

We were planning on doing the slate by the fireplace today but realized we needed a wet saw to cut the slate so we had to postpone that project. We did get the curtains ironed and hung in the living room and I am pleased with how they look. Makes the room even cozier.

We spent a lot of time at the different windows around the house watching the snow fall, people shoveling snow, snow plows going by, and people walking in snow past their knees!
It is very pretty but I hope it all melts and goes away fast!!

I played on the Wii and did a little reading too.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.
Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.
~Author Unknown


Just a quick post to show how much snow we got overnight. This is 7:30 this morning and the snow is supposed to continue all day!!
As you can see there is no way for me to walk.
The orange that you see by the telephone pole is a barrel in the road! No way can we get out of our street!!I'll be back later.