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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Made by Ken

I am happy to say we didn't get any of that snow last night. Just a few flurries this morning during my walk. There were even peaks of blue up in the sky when I got home. Once again I just walked along streets and on the paths that didn't have snow on them. Walked my usual 6 miles. I stopped to take this picture of a couple of deer hanging out in someones front yard. Heard lots of birds, even a woodpecker but couldn't spot him. I didn't see any other people out walking. It was great to be outside!!
Sunrise 6:46
Sunset 5:56
I was dusting a piece of furniture today that Ken made and then looked around and noticed just how many things he has made for me. Here are some pictures of some of his handiwork.
This pie cupboard is in the kitchen.
Fashioned after an old tool box this sits in my kitchen filled with colored blocks. Hanging on the wall above it, is where we keep coupons and menus from restaurants. It's also held outgoing mail at one time.
This bench he made I am using as a coffee table.Here is an end table.
A couch table.
This was a cabinet with a door at one time. But I took off the door and now use it as a book case.Thanks Kenny for all the work and time you put into these for me. You do beautiful work! :-)

I had a sweet potato for lunch today. I mashed it up and put some butter and brown sugar on it. It was good, sweet like candy.

I didn't finish reading Under the Dome and it's due today. I can't renew it because there is a waiting list for the book. So a few days ago Ken put it on his list so I won't have to wait quite as long to get the book again. In the meantime I'll just read another book. Brought Under the Dome to the library and didn't check anything else out!

I got the second disc from Netflix of The #1 Ladies Detective Agency in the mail today and will watch that this evening. I'm sure this one will be as good as the first.

That's about it for the day so far. Don't know what the rest of the day will bring but I plan to enjoy the rest of it. Hope your day has been a good one.

Share your smile,
Happyone :-)
We find comfort among those who agree with us -
growth among those who don't.
~Frank A. Clark


  1. Very nice pieces that Ken has made for you!

    Another great day that you have seen the deer again. =)

  2. Wow, you are a talented couple. How nice to have hobbies that you enjoy. I really like all of the pieces that Ken has made, but I especially love the pie cupboard.

    Your lunch sounds good to me. I am a big fan of sweet potatoes.

  3. Your Ken is very clever and have made you lots of beautiful and useful things.

  4. Glad to see that it has finally stopped snowing in MD! Some MD friends are visiting us next week - they may have more snow than we do here in CO! Ken's talent for furniture crafting is amazing. Lucky you!

  5. Your Ken is so talented. I love that style of furniture.

  6. Hi Dear Karen,

    Your hubby is definitely good... I liked the couch table and the coffee table/ bench very much

  7. I hadn't realized what a talented carpenter Ken is! Those additions to your home are lovely.

  8. Oh, I agree with you, Karen...he does do beautiful work. I think its wonderful you have so many things that he has made. These can be passed down from generation to generation. How lovely. (I'm very sentimental).


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