Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Thursday, August 31, 2023

Home all day

 I stopped on the way home from church last night 
to take this picture of the sunset.
If you look closely you can see cows up on the top of the hill.

Got to town and started my walk at 8:30.
Sunrise was a little later at 6:44.

It was 54 degrees with sun and clouds.

It felt like a fall morning, when it is crisp and clear and taking a deep breath makes you smile and glad to be outside.

Morning Walk Steps 13,306.

Walked around both cemeteries to start off.  
Then down the road back toward home with a little detour up Sale Barn Road.
Back to town, up and down the side roads and lastly around the ball park before getting back to the Jeep.

Rebecca was out walking today.
Didn't see anyone else out walking but it seemed everyone that gives me a toot as they pass me in their vehicles must have been all out at the same time because I did an awful lot of waving. πŸ‘‹

Greg was painting some of the curbs red in town which means no parking.

The second new house in town has the slab poured and now they can start on the house.

🌀         πŸ₯Ύ         πŸ™‚

Finished up the last of the housework for the week.

Watched a couple of deer walk around out back this afternoon.

Took this picture to show how dark one of the deer is.  
It was more gray than brown.

All day was sunny and cool and beautiful.
Walked around outside a bit and ended up sitting on the porch knitting.
Nice to enjoy these afternoons on the porch before it gets too cold.

We didn't have much luck with the two tomato plants we had growing in the pots.
Just four tomatoes. 
Three red and one still green.
For supper we had BLT's with one of them.
Didn't get many tomatoes but the one we had tonight sure was good!!

Happy Thursday and thanks for popping in for a visit.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023



Got to town and started walking at 6:28 and sunrise was 6:43.
58 degrees with some patchy fog around and a bit of sun too.
Morning Walk Steps 13,234

Nice morning for a walk.
Walked all over town, both cemeteries, and the ball park.

Made a stop at the post office to mail a card and the library to drop a DVD down the slot.

Lisa was out walking as well as Eric and Sparky.
Sheila was out around town running.  She has a long pony tail and it swishes behind her as she runs. πŸ™‚

I just found out that Ruth Anne who I know from around town is Farmer Marvin's cousin!  

Saw a few school buses driving through town, maybe learning new bus routes for next week.

☁️         πŸ₯Ύ         πŸŒ€         πŸ™‚

Ended up being a nice sunny day so got another load of laundry done.
Did some housework and then puttered about the rest of the day.

At church this evening Pastor is starting a new Bible study series on the life of Joseph, Son of Jacob.
Joseph is one of my favorite men of the Bible so looking forward to this.  
Pastor Leatherman is thorough so it won't be any quick study either - it may take years!!  

Happy Wednesday and thanks for popping in for a visit.

This button looks like a wheel and tire on a car!

Comment Replies:
Mari - Most all the farmers around here roll the hay and put them in long lines like the picture from yesterday. Farmer Marin had many long rows of them.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Donuts and knitting


Drove to town and started walking at 6:20 and sunrise was at 6:42.
It was 66 degrees and cloudy. 
The sun came out for a few minutes and quickly went away again.
Morning Walk Steps 12,866

Started my walk by going up and down the main street in town and going up and down all the side streets.
Then around both of the cemeteries and finally over to the ball park, around there and back to the Jeep.

One fisherman was at the pond.

Saw Rebecca walking Leo and ran into them 2 different times.
Lisa was out walking and saw her two different times also.

The second house that is getting built in town and ready to have the slab poured.
Still no walls put up in the other house.

☁️         πŸšΆ‍♀️         πŸ™‚

Almost didn't go to the Shop and Save because the only thing we needed was milk but went anyway.
We came home with a bit more than just milk!!! πŸ™‚

I made some donuts in the air fryer.
Very easy but not the best donuts, they were just okay though they look good.
Were a bit dense.  
Ken liked them more than me.
If you want to give them a try, the recipe is HERE.

I've been knitting on the shawl where I started with 2 stitches on the needle and add a stitch every other row.
I'm now up to 150 stitches - just 35 more stitches to go.

Had no idea who I was knitting it for but as I worked on it a name popped into my head so I'm making it for her.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for popping in for a visit.

Comment Replies:
Kim - Yes, my cousin Patty does read my blog. πŸ™‚

Monday, August 28, 2023

Me and Patty


Drove to town and started walking at 6:30.
There was a mix of sun and clouds and it was 68 degrees.
Sunrise 6:41
Morning Walk Steps 13,169

Walked to the ball park and walked around there first, then both cemeteries, and once again all around town.

There are a few bulls back in the big barn - picture above.

Another house in town for sale.
This one is right on the main road and the sale price is $139,000.
It is small but really cute inside.
It already has a contract on it.

The only person I saw out walking was Lisa.

A bit more traffic around town (not that there is ever much) because the teachers are back to school this week.
Kids start the day after Labor on Sept 5th.

🌀         πŸ₯Ύ         πŸ™‚  

I did a couple of loads of laundry even though it looked like rain.
Glad I did because later the sun came out again.

Made a good start on the weeks house cleaning today.

I have two cousins named Patty, one on my mothers side and one on my fathers side.
Came across this old picture of Patty (mothers side) and me with my dog Cookie.
We were sitting in the front seat of my dads boat in 1962.
I am 11 and Patty is 10.
Patty - I thought you would get a kick out of seeing the picture.

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 27, 2023


 Happy Sunday

🎢 Since the Savoir Found Me 🎢
Edgar J Haskins

1. Since the Savior found me
Pardoned all my sins
I have had the joy
And living hope within
Gone is all the shame
And sorrow of the past
They're underneath
The precious blood
Of Christ at last


Saved saved saved
I'm happy on the way
Saved saved saved
I love Him more each day
Saved saved saved
I know He's mine each hour
He saves and keeps
And sanctifies me
By His pow'r

2. Since the Savior found me
All to Him I owe
For His precious blood
Has washed me white as snow
Now no condemnation
Happy as can be
I'm glad that Jesus justifies
And sets me free

3. Since the Savior found me
I have perfect rest
Living in the realms
Of joy and happiness
Leaning on my Savior
Looking for that day
When He shall come to catch
His waiting bride away

πŸ“– Romans 6:18 πŸ“–

 Being then made free from sin, 
ye became the servants of righteousness.

A Blessed Sunday to all.

Comment Replies:
Billy Blue Eyes - The house for sale is $279,000 and sits on an acre of land.

Debby - I haven't been inside the house but know the people who lived there and is it supposed be very nice inside.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

House for sale


I get up in the dark now and it is just getting light when I get to town.
Started walking this morning at 6:20.
It was 66 degrees and cloudy.
Sunrise 6:39
Morning Walk Step 12,526

Walked my usual walk all around town, the ball park, and both cemeteries.

John was out walking Prim and I saw them around the ball park loop.
Also the man who runs laps was there.

Noticed a house in town was just put up for sale.
This is across the street from the lower cemetery which is behind me.

The property goes from street across to the other street.
This picture taken from the other street and is the street going up to the cemetery on the hill and the pond is behind me.

I hope someone buys it and renovates it instead of demolishing it and putting up a couple of new houses!!!

I took a picture of the inside of the new house being built.
This is taken looking in the front picture window.
As you can see the walls for the rooms have not been built yet but the lumber is sitting there.

Saw a couple of skunks around town and a couple of rabbits.

☁️         πŸšΆ‍♀️         πŸ™‚

We went to the DG Market and picked up a few things.

Would have liked to go the library to knit with the ladies, but everyone had something else to do this week.

Took a little walk up the lane this afternoon.
Happy Trails is along the right of the lane.
Sometimes in the winter when I can't walk in town because of the snow I walk up and down this lane.

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Thanks in a mailbox

To town and walking at 6:20.
54 degrees and cloudy.
We had thunderstorms during the early morning hours but they stopped just in time for my walk.
Sunrise 6:38
Morning Walk Steps 12,101

On the way to town had to stop along the main road to let two deer cross the road.

Walked all around town, both cemeteries and the ball park.

Made another stop at the library to drop a DVD down the slot.

The house being built had all the shingles sitting on the peak.  
Maybe the roof will done during the day.

Didn't see anyone else out walking.

I've been passing by a small trailer on a back street by a house that looks like it has a bunch of junk in it for the dump.
Since last week every time I walk by it, I can hear a beeping sound, the kind you hear when you have to replace the battery on a smoke alarm.
Today it was still beeping but now it is very faint and is one long beep.
I am amazed at how long that thing is beeping!!!!

Walked passed a mailbox that was opened and saw this thanking the letter carrier.

I thought it was so nice and now I want to get one and put it in my mailbox too.

☁️         πŸ₯Ύ         πŸ™‚

Our church works on Fingerprints once a month on a Thursday and Friday. 
Usually the third week of the month.
So we were off to church again today for some more work.
Friday work is from 9:00 - 12:00.
Another 20 or so people showed up again to work.
During the two days we put together, stapled, cut, and packaged up 8,8013 Roman books.

Had a relaxing afternoon at home.
Ken made us a pizza for supper.

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by.

Comment Replies:
Jennifer - Our pastor named it Fingerprints Ministry because we all put our fingerprints all over it.  πŸ™‚

Debbie - I read the part over about the lady and the chickens from yesterday and it does read like she lived with the chickens.  I went back and put in a comma. πŸ™‚

Sandy - Click on the word Fingerprints in the post and it will explain what it is.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Work Day

Got to town and started walking at 6:25.
Temperature was 64 and it was cloudy.
Toward the end of my walk I felt a couple of rain drops but that was all.
Morning Walking Steps were 12,962.

Headed on over to the library first to drop a DVD down the slot.
Then around both cemeteries.
Continued on through town and up and down the side streets, around the ball park and back to the Jeep.

Rebecca was out walking and I ran into her two times.

Passing by the yard with the chickens by the ball park and I saw the woman who lives there, out with the chickens. 
I stopped to say hi and she told me saw a hawk swooping down and she has been out running up and down the yard chasing it away.

The roof on the new house now has all the plywood on the roof, the tar paper is on too and some other kind of roof wrap.

Stopped to talk to a man who was looking at all the trucks at the dealership and we commented on how expensive all the trucks are!!!!  
Most were around $75,000.
That is a crazy amount of money.

☁️         πŸ₯Ύ         πŸ™‚

Today was a Fingerprints work day at church. 
We left here 11:00 this morning and got back home at 5:30.
Didn't count all the people but there were around 20 people throughout the day coming and going.

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Another day another walk

Got to town at 6:20 and started my walk.
Sunrise was 6:37.
The temperature was 55 degrees and sunny when the sun came up.
Morning Walk Steps 13092

Walked all around town up and down all the streets and both of the cemeteries.

The big barn has no cows in it right now and is getting cleaned up for when the cows and calves return for the winter.

Lisa and I passed going in opposite directions in the middle of town.

The one lone fisherman was at the pond again.

Workers were working on the house this morning working on getting the plywood on the roof.
Interior walls not put in yet so can't tell the room sizes or placement. Seems like the rooms are going to be pretty small.

🌀         πŸšΆ‍♀️         πŸ™‚

We drove out to Uniontown, PA this morning because Ken had to get some routine blood work done.
His appointment wasn't till 12:00 but we left early and looked around in Michaels and Home Depot before his appointment.
Ken had to fast till them appointment so I did too in sympathy.
So the first thing we did afterward was get something to eat!!

Didn't get anything done this afternoon when we got back home but read and knit.

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

A couple of wood barrel buttons today.
I had some of these on a camel hair car coat many years ago.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023



On the drive to town there is an apple tree a couple blocks from home at the edge of the road and the apples have started to fall.
The deer often stop to eat the apples.
Today a few deer were there and I had to stop till they cleared out of the road. 
Got to town and started walking at 6:25.
Sunrise was at 6:36
The temperature was 64 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds.
Morning Walk Steps were 12,903

Walked through town and over to the industrial park and walked around there.
Danielle who I see walking once in a while was there too and we stopped for a chat.

Back in town I walked around both of the cemeteries.
Lisa was out walking too.

One lone fisherman was at the pond and I saw him catch a fish and then throw it back in.  
It looked like a good size.

🌀         πŸšΆ‍♀️         πŸ™‚

Food shopping day and this week we went to the Shop and Save.
Don't like shopping all that much but do enjoy putting everything away.

I put a load of laundry in the washer before we left so had to hang that out when we got home.

Today I got more windows washed, this time the half bath window, dining room windows and the French doors that are all glass.

I made Vegetable Bean Soup for supper.  
Makes a generous amount so can freeze some too.
The recipe is HERE.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by.

The Button for today.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Drane House

On my way to town saw deer and rabbits.
Got to town and started walking at 6:20 just as the street lights were turning off.
Sunrise was at 6:35.
It was 60 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds.
Didn't find any coins today but yesterday I found a quarter.

Walked over to the ball park and walked around there first.
Then through town and back toward home for a ways and then back to town again.
Continued around the cemeteries, around the block and back to the Jeep.

I ran into Lisa up at the cemetery on the hill and we walked around one time together.
We saw that Bill and his helper were down by the Drane House and the door was open.
I said I'm going to go down there and see what they're doing.
Lisa left and I went down to the house.

I've known Bill for quite a while now but just today I met his helper Greg.
Poked my head in the door and said I was just being nosy but wondered what you were doing.
Bill said come on in and told me they were cleaning up inside getting it ready for a meeting of the town historic society that was going to be held there this afternoon.
He then told me some very good news.
The Drane House is going to be fixed up and inside made to look like it did in the 1800's.
It is the oldest structure in the county built by James Drane in 1800 and they want to get it looking good and then open it up a few days a week for the public to see.
I'm excited about it and look forward to watching it happen.

Morning Walk Steps were 13,133

🌀         πŸšΆ‍♀️         πŸ™‚

Sheets washed and hung out on the line first thing, then it was time to get the living room windows and the front door windows washed.

I don't have curtains so I have to clean the windows pretty often because I hate to see dirty windows when the sun shines on them! 

I use Norwex clothes for washing windows because with them it is quick and easy and you don't have to use any product, just water.  
The two clothes are a bit expensive but I've been using my same clothes for about 8 years now and they are still just like new.

This afternoon I sat on the porch while knitting and watched a deer walk around sampling the different weeds and getting a drink in our little water feature.
Then she walked over to my deadfall fence, made herself comfortable and took a nap.

Happy Monday and thanks for popping in for a visit.

These two anchor buttons are off Ken's peacoat from when he was in the Navy.