Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Friday, March 17, 2023

Marilyn's Quilt

48 degrees, a little wind, and cloudy for walking today.
Sunrise 7:24
Walking Steps 12,674

Driving down my road this morning it was like driving through
a wildlife preserve with all the deer.
I had to drive very slowly, deer on both sides of me and
crossing the road from both sides.
They were all taking their sweet time, just slowly walking around.
It was really something!!!
Would have taken a picture but it was dark.

Kinsley was getting dropped off at daycare and she
came running over to me calling Ms Karen and gave me a big hug.
That put a smile on my face and a great way to start the day!!

Walked up and down the main road and side streets,
the ball park loop and the two cemeteries.

Went down to see the 'girls' in the muddy barnyard.

I was walking down from the cemetery and Farmer Marvin was on his
way up in his truck and he stopped to say hi.
He told me the barnyard the girls are in will be getting cleaned up today.
He usually puts a bunch of hay around and it soaks up some of
the mud, at least for a while.
He asked me if I'd been up to the new barn.
I told him part way but didn't know if I should go there.
He assured me it was no problem and I was welcome to any time.

Saw RuthAnn out walking her two dogs around the block.

Phil was out moving trucks around in the car lot.

The logs that were cut down clearing the land in town
are being loaded up and carted off today.
Stopped to talk to the man loading up.

It was a great walk and got to talk to a lot of people today.
Just as I was getting back to the Jeep I felt the first drops of rain.

☁️    🐄    🥾    😊    ☘️

Yesterday at blankets for babies Marilyn brought a quilt she made for us to see.  
Pam and Marilyn held it up so I could take a picture.
Marilyn saved up lots of the salvage edges of fabric she has used in
other quilts and made a quilt out of them.
Except for the red in the quilt the whole thing is made up of the salvages.
I thought it was beautiful and amazing!!

🧵    🧵    🧵

I was going to read for a little while this afternoon and then knit
but once I started reading I kept on reading till I finished the book.
Death With a Double Edge by Anne Perry.
It's a Daniel Pitt book and I gave it a 5 Star!!
A real page turner for me and couldn't put it down.

Before I knew it it was supper time!!

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Friday

The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, 
not a right.
- unknown -


Rose said...

I so love that quilt! It is beautiful. I have never tried to do anything with selvages. This sure makes me want to. And there is a book written by Riel Nielson...she used to blog and show her selvage quilts.

I finally actually read an Anne Perry book, and could not put it down. Which I am that way about her audio books...will find excuses to stay in the kitchen and listen to them.

Tom said...

...ah, mud season is here.

Granny Marigold said...

Could those be Swans in the first picture? They look rather big to be geese!! Just this morning I saw 3 Swans flying over. I happened to look up at the perfect time.

Mari said...

That quilt is beautiful and so amazing that it was made with scraps.
Nice to walk and be able to talk to people again. That probably happens more as the weather gets nicer.
I haven't read a mystery book for some time. I should look for that one.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Karen. Wow, that quilt is amazing. The women who made it are so creative. So glad you could get outside and walk again today. It's great that you ran into and chatted with so many people from your nice, friendly town! That mystery sounds so good. I need a good book right now! See you again soon!

Debbie said...

That quilt is amazing!

Linda said...

That’s quite a quilt! I haven’t seen one like that.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a neat and original quilt! I could spend all day reading it! I love the two large birds in flight in your first photo. Are the Herons?

Visits With Mary said...

That is a lot of mud!! The cows should enjoy the hay and maybe a little less mud to tolerate. The quilt is so pretty, love the way she used her scraps to go around it. We've been cold here this week, mornings in the low 40's, it will be back in the 80's next week!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

How wonderful; driving with all those deer around.

God bless always.

Ann said...

It sounds like a perfect day.
That quilt is amazing.

eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a great day, a wonderful walk, nice people along the way.
The quilt is beautiful. Have a great weekend.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

poor cows having to walk in that mud all the time Yuck. The quilt is beautiful, must hav etaken hours to make. There is one in a shop window in our local town I must get a phot of

ellen b. said...

What a great morning walk with so many encounters. Spring is in the air! That quilt really is a work of art. Happy weekend to you.

Hootin Anni said...

Oh my gosh, that quilt is a work of art. Did she keep track of how many hours of work to create this?!!

Is it rutting season for the deer?

William Kendall said...

Quite a quilt.

Barwitzki said...

What a gorgeous quilt. Thanks for the enlargements...they are great fabrics.
Enjoy reading ... a greeting to you from Viola

Vee said...

That quilt is wonderful! A work of art for sure.

Love that you get hugs from the little miss every now and then. It is so
nice to have littles around us.

And I also love that you are welcome at the big barn! Looking forward
to seeing it up close.

Bill said...

The quilt is beautiful, must have taken lots of hours to make.

Nellie said...

That is definitely a muddy barnyard! I have never tried to quilt, and I always admire the handiwork of others. This quilt you picture is exceptional!

Happy@Home said...

I am in awe of people who can make such beautiful quilts. It looks like a lot of tedious work. A true labor of love.
That is so sweet how Kinsley greeted you. That would make for a bright spot in the day :).
I love a book that you can't put down. I'll have to make note of this one.

Lowcarb team member said...

The quilt is wonderful ...

It's good when you get a book to read which you can't put down.

Enjoy your weekend.

All the best Jan

Jeanette said...

That is an awesome quilt and she did a beautiful job! I wish I would have learned to quilt at one time! I realize it's never too late but don't have a desire to learn it anymore!