Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Monday, January 02, 2023

Back to normal

This morning the temperature was 45 degrees and I walked under cloudy skies.
Finished my walk and was almost to the Jeep when it started to rain.
Sunrise 7:38
Instead of recording morning walk miles, this year I'll be recording the number of STEPS on my walk - 12,850

The town pond still has a light coating of ice even with the warm temperatures.

Walked first to the post office to drop a birthday card down the slot for our youngest grandson who will be 17 next Tuesday.  He lives in Honolulu.

Continued through town and back down the road toward home a ways, turned around and went back to town.  

Walked around both of the cemeteries and the ball park too.
A little muddy along here and walked on the grass.

This is Eleanor, the feral cat that Karen is befriending.
Didn't want to get any closer because I thought she would run away.

Saw Joy out walking, hadn't seen her for a while so we stopped to talk for a bit.

☁️    🥾    😊

Yesterday after supper I felt like doing a puzzle but didn't want to start the new one of 1000 pieces so I picked out an old one with just 300 pieces.
Wanted to see how long it would take me.
Ken was surprised that it took me only 1 hour and 45 minutes.

This afternoon I took down all the Christmas decorations and stored them away in the round shaker boxes.

Then dusted and got everything put back where it belongs.
Feel good being back to normal.

We don't have an artificial tree so don't have to store one.

Took both puzzles apart and put them away and now all set to new a new one.
Will probably wait a couple of days.

Had a little time to read before supper.
I put a couple of pork chops in the slow cooker this morning.

One of the chops I shredded for Ken to put on a roll.
I made mashed potatoes and beans to go with my pork chop.

That's it for today.
Thanks for visiting.
Happy Monday.

My step count for 2022 was 5,915,267 steps.
That comes out to about 2,025 miles.
This is NOT just my morning walk BUT steps for the WHOLE DAY.

The coins I found on my walks during 2022 added up to $3.21.  I'll never get rich this way.
Since I've been putting the coins in the banks (1997) the total is $261.22.


Bill said...

Every little coin counts. :)

Lowcarb team member said...

We took our decorations down on New Years Day, they are all away now ready for next December :)

All the best Jan

Debby said...

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Vee said...

Another productive day! Your grandson and mine are the same age or will be soon.

Sweet kitty. I hope your friend is able to woo her.

The grass has greened here. I don't suppose this can continue all winter.

Tom said...

...you have a skyscraper of shaker boxes.

Jennifer said...

I love those shaker boxes - and what a perfect way to store your Christmas things. So much better than dragging things back to an attic! I like that puzzle. I've never been patient enough to do puzzles but I think I need to give it a try:) Happy Monday...and hooray for the return to normal!!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Karen. I love that puzzle you finished. 300 piece puzzles are about right for me. I tend to lose interest in longer, more complicated puzzles. I may start a new one tonight. Your youngest grandson turned 17 and my oldest grandson will be 17 on his next birthday. My oldest granddaughter turned 16 a few days ago - Dec. 29. My two youngest granddaughters are three and four. You have found quite a bit of money since you have been walking. I love those Shaker boxes and how easy it is for you to put your Christmas things away. We took our Christmas stuff down (all but the cards) and put it away on Saturday night. Christmas is nice, but it is also nice to get things cleaned up and put away. I like how you are keeping track of your steps each day this year. Glad you had another good day! See you again soon!

Debi said...

I love the little things in your day add up... steps and coins. You may not get rich but it's more than you had before! Happy New Year!

Mari said...

It was a good day! I think it's great that you keep track of your steps through the year. That was a lot of miles. And your coins do add up!

So Much Glory said...

Wow! Congratulations on the steps! Yes, I put all the Christmas decor away today as well. We have an artificial pencil tree that takes just a couple minutes to box up. I like the lightweightedness of it, even at 9 feet tall! Crockpots are great. I used mine today and yesterday. Pork yesterday and a soup today.
I really like your count of found change!!!

William Kendall said...

Pork chops are good.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your shaker boxes in the corner are stunning!! Eleanor is so pretty, I wish she would find a good forever home. You are such a good puzzler!

Hill Top Post said...

Wow, that’s a lot of steps. I don’t keep track of mine but it would be interesting to know that number. We are having a warm start to the new year; makes me wonder what February will be like.

Granny Marigold said...

The US Postal service must be a lot more efficient than our Canadian one. I have to send any card at least 2 weeks before a birthday or such. It has happened that the card arrives in a week but you can't count on it and I know that I'm disappointed when I receive a card late so I just mail early.
Posting your steps will be interesting. I aim for 10,000 steps but that's counting the whole day's steps.

Ann said...

That sure is a lot of steps.
When that pond is totally frozen do people ever use it for skating?

eileeninmd said...


You did do a lot of steps for the year. The puzzle is a cute picture.
I like those colorful shaker boxes. Happy birthday to your grandson.
Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

Hootin Anni said...

Loved reading this with all your stats!!!!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

What a super way to store Christmas away!!!! Bet everyone would do well, to do something the same. Would not be such a chore, if everything went into boxes, right in a corner. Instead of the business of getting stuff upstairs or into shed or attic.

🚰 🚰 🚰 🚰

Connie said...

Those shaker boxes look so pretty stacked in the corner like that.
I think it is so cool that you have saved all the coins you find walking . . . a nice little nest egg:)

Barwitzki said...

I always consider them lucky coins, the coins I find :-)))
All the best wishes to you and good luck in 2023.
p.s. 10,000 steps a day is the target health number, so you're really good. congratulations

Jeanette said...

Love your stats for the year! I need to think up a way to store Christmas decorations in plain view like those shaker boxes!