Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
~Henry David Thoreau

This is the day which the Lord hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


This morning it was 47 degrees, cloudy and windy.
A drive to town and I walked all around town,
both cemeteries and the ball park.

Saw a couple of deer on the side of the road and an opossum run across the
road on my way to town.

Lena and Pam were walking around town too and we passed
each other quite a few times!

Pretty quiet around town.
There must have been no school today because I didn't see any school buses.

Walked 5.8 miles

☁️     πŸ™‚     🌬

Looked like rain this morning but mid morning it cleared up
and the sun was shining though it did stay windy.
Lots of leaves coming down today.

Just did the regular house chores in the morning.
After lunch we drove out to Lowe's to get a few things.
All stores require face masks and wore mine
but it sure was nice to get outside and take it off and
breathe again.

Read this afternoon.
I persevered with trying to get library books on my Kindle
and glad I did because now have no problems at all. πŸ™‚

That's all I have for today.
A happy Wednesday to you. 🍭
Thanks for stopping by once again.
happyone ❤️


Jeanette said...

I always rip my mask off my face the minute I walk out of a store! Fresh air never felt so good!

Vee said...

It even looks chilly... Opossum...accckkk...freaky little critters. Have a fabulous OctoberπŸ‚

ellen b. said...

We rip our masks off as soon as we leave any establishment that requires them...which is pretty much all...ugh. I like seeing the corn fields.

Rose said...

I had to work hard, to finally figure out the new way of getting library books on kindle...and may have to work again cause I haven't tried in a while...the way to downloading audio books has changed too, I think. I seldomg listen to one any more but would like the option. I used to listen to them while sewing, and also while cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

eileeninmd said...


Pretty view of the corn fields. I do love being able to download library books onto my kindle. I have the latest in the Vera series by Ann Cleeves. Take care, have a great day!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Best wishes always.

God bless.

Hootin' Anni said...

I always like seeing 'possums here. I read that they eat cockroaches & the subtropical country here cockroaches are big enough for leashes. Pretty countryside in your photos. As for the mask wearing I do the same.

KEV. Robertson. said...

Hi Karen- It is School Holidays here and a Public Holiday this coming Monday. We're still in Spring - warm days and cold nights. Summer is on it's way. Thanks once again for Chris's Birthday Wishes. Stay well. Regards. KEV.

Tom said...

...there sure are a lot of corn field that thi here too!

Deb said...

Hi Karen - I agree with you about masks. Of course I have to wear one all day at school and I wear an N95 masks for better protection, but it sure is nice to be able to take it off and actually take a deep breath. I haven't downloaded a book from the library to my Kindle for a long time, although I have been buying more Kindle books when they are on sale. I am getting more used to reading on my phone and Kindle. Hope you have a good Thursday and I will see you again soon.

William Kendall said...

The corn looks ready.

bill burke said...

Lots of corn to be harvested in that field.

Tarun Harit said...

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Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, I too always take my mask off my face the minute I walk out of a store.

All the best Jan