Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Friday, August 07, 2020


 60 degrees this morning when I left on my morning walk.
It was mostly cloudy with just a little sun
which soon gave way to all clouds and then some rain.

Sunrise: 6:23
Sunset: 8:22

Saw the Doe and her two fawns and 4 other deer.

Once I got to town I walked around the lower cemetery a couple of times
and then walked through town, passed our old house,
and then over to the industrial park and walked around there.

Ken was in the Dollar General parking lot when I walked by there.
A thunderstorm was on its way and he came to town
so I wouldn't have to walk home in it.
I continued walking around the industrial park until I heard the rumblings of thunder, then walked back to the truck and got a ride home.

Walked 5 miles
Found a penny.

🌦     πŸ™‚     🌦

Got some work done around the house in the morning.
Sun came out in the afternoon so went outside for a while out back.

Read and got some more squares sewn together. 

Thought about grilling some hamburgers on the new BBQ for supper
but wasn't sure what the weather was going to do so
had pizza for supper instead.

πŸ“–     πŸ“–     πŸ“– 

August Bible Verse Challenge   Day 7 - Evil

Matthew 5:11 KJV

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you,
and persecute you,
and shall say all manner of EVIL against you falsely,
for my sake.

πŸ“–     πŸ“–     πŸ“–

Thanks for stopping by.
A happy day to you.
happyone ❤️


Rose said...

I so love that second shot!

Deb J. in Utah said...

I love your pictures today. Sounds like a nice, relaxing day - always nice. Have a good evening and see you again tomorrow.

Susie said...

You got a great picture even with a storm coming in. I just love that your husband came to pick you up and not have you in danger. He is a sweetheart. You keep busy. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

ellen b. said...

Glad you had the option to get that ride home when you heard the thunder. We had quite the thunderstorm last night. That's a great verse you shared!

Tom said...

...your neck of the woods sure is beautiful.

Vee said...

The light was so nice. Ken does a good job of keeping his eye out for you. Sounds like an easy, pleasant day as most of yours are. Easy not to mean no hard work, but more of an "at peace" kind of day.

Debi said...

Sounds like a really nice day. Enjoy your weekend!

Granny Marigold said...

That was so considerate of Ken to rescue you from having to deal with a thunderstorm. I guess it didn't last too long before the clouds went away and the sun came out.

Hootin Anni said...

Well golly...10 more walks and you will have a dollar with the dime or penny each day.

Gimme pizza OR burger any day.

Love the 2nd sky pic.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Another great Bible verse. Thanx.

And a penny too.

God bless.

eileeninmd said...


Love the sky shots, the 2nd photo is gorgeous.
You Ken is very thoughtful, glad he came to your rescue.
Pizza and burgers are two of my favorites. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

KEV. Robertson. said...

Hi Karen- Great photo of the Storm Rolling in. We've had a lot of rain here on the East Coast with a lot of Flooding further South. Looking forward to Summer and an end to this COVIS-19 Pandemic. Best Wishes. KEV.

Bill said...

The sky is gorgeous even with a thunderstorm on its way.

Lowcarb team member said...

As others have also commented, that sky does look good, so pleased you shared the photograph here.

All the best Jan