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Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nancy Drew

 No featured picture today.
Haven't been out walking to take any.

Another icy winter morning which means another day walking inside.  I look forward to the days when I can walk outside again.  I sure do miss it.  Still walking inside is better than not walking. : )

I have a collection of Nancy Drew books that I've been collecting for quite a few years and have 52 of them.  When I was a kid I'm sure I read them all or at least all of them that were in the library in our town.  Here's a few of mine.  I started reading The Mystery at Lilac Inn today which is book number 4.  (read the first three last year) I thought it would be fun to read them again.  Wonder how many I'll end up reading this year?
I've done a little cleaning today and with that came a little moving around of things.  Nothing big just a few things here and there.  I moved my old church pew over against this wall.  On the back of it is a quilt that Ken's mother made for me.  The doily on the quilt was made by my grandmother.  My granddaughter Scout gave me the heart.  The doll sitting on left in red, a friend made for me years ago.  The crock was my grandmothers.  You can barely see it but my fathers old tool box is sitting on the floor at the right of the pew.  Until I looked at the picture I didn't realize how much all those items meant to me.
In the front room I just moved the two chairs against the wall.  They used to be facing the window at an angle.  I've also had them facing front out of the window.  Always nice for me to have a bit of a change.
A pot roast is in the slow cooker for supper tonight and it's smelling mighty good.  Time to go and get the rest of the meal ready.  Then after supper it is off to church.

A happy day to you.
happyone : )
No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil;
not that he practices it, but he suffers from it.
~ Guy H King


  1. I read Trixie Belden mysteries as a child. Kind of like Nancy Drew, I think. I love the church pew arrangement with the doiley and quilt. Have a good evening.

  2. I loved the Nancy Drew books also...and like Melanie, Trixie Belden was another of my favorites. Karen, you certainly have a lot of treasures in the second picture. I love and treasure the things I have that belonged to my grandmother...and I have a little tool tote (wooden) that my grandfather made.

    I can tell which chair is yours and which one is Kens. :)

    Have a great evening and enjoy that ice cream this evening.

  3. Hi Karen, I loved the Nancy Drew books! My sister collected them as we grew up so I read the over the years. I remember well The Mystery at Lilac Inn. You have a great collection!
    We continue to have things in common. I too have my Dad's old tool box. It is very precious to me. I love how you have arranged all of your lovely things. Hope you enjoyed your church evening!

  4. Your 'moves' look really nice, a change is as good as a holiday, so they say. I like to re read some of my childhood favourites as well, you're never too old to read a children's book I don't think. Love the quote about the devil and prayer, so true!


  5. I love the changes you made in your home. That old church pew with those special things on and surrounding it is just the right touch for the wall where you moved it! I used to read Nancy Drew books too. I still have a few somewhere, I think. I never could really get my daughters interested in them. Oh well. I think it is cool that you are rereading them! Enjoy church tonight and have a great day tomorrow.

  6. Your Church pew is gorgeous, very welcoming.
    Pot roast sounds delicious :)

  7. What a wonderful collection of items you have!! Very special!
    I was a big fan of Nancy when I was younger :)

  8. Bad me: A thousand years ago, when in elementary school, I had to write a book report. I hadn't read anything; sooo I made up a Nancy Drew title and wrote a book report about this non-existent book? I didn't get caught.

  9. You have a wonderful collection of Nancy Drew books there and they
    brought back fond memories for me. I think my love of reading got it's start with Nancy.
    I like the changes you made around your house. I think little changes like that are especially welcome at this time of year.

  10. Your winter window looks cheery! I bet the pot roast smelled wonderful in the house. I loved Nancy Drew books as a girl and read them often, and bought a few for my girls. I reread some a few years back -- such simple, fun, good stuff. I keep a few for future grandkids :)

  11. Hi Karen, Just looked over your last 3 posts and enjoyed all. My favorite thing you said back on Monday ... "I do like winter but I think I'm about ready for spring about now." I couldn't agree more!!! :-)

  12. I never read the Nancy Drew series, not sure why! There aren't too many books that I reread but I do enjoy the Little House on the Prairie series and the Mitford series and go through them every couple of years.

  13. Our oldest daughter was a huge fan of Nancy Drew, and she read all the ones the library had!! It didn't take long for her to move to the Alfred Hitchcock series! Having those belongings from your grandparents, granddaughter, and others is very special!

  14. Nice cozy rooms for reading... I like how you displayed your treasures around the pew.

  15. I just packed up all the Nancy Drew's a week or so ago. Now I am missing seeing them on the shelves so I think that they are getting unpacked. I need to make up my mind. I have my grandfather's tool box and crocks and lots of similar things; however, I do not have that wonderful pew!


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