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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, March 20, 2015

A differnet look in the front room

☃     ☃     ☃     ☃
We got a couple of inches of snow overnight.  It was 34 degrees when I left for my walk this morning.  Didn't realize until I walked out the door that there was a drizzly rain and it was very slushy.
By the time I dropped off the water bill and dropped some mail in the mail slot at the post office I had only walked a mile and my feet were already soaking wet. I wore my hiking shoes which usually keep my feet pretty dry but not this time, so I went back home, changed my socks, put on my hiking boots, got my rain slicker on and left again.  This time I stayed dry.  I walked around town and stayed off the main road and tried to stay away from the snow plows.  Walked the loops around the cemeteries and the ball park a few times.  It was raining pretty much the whole time but it was still nice to be outside walking.  Lots better than walking in the basement. : )

I walked 6 miles.
☃     ☃     ☃     ☃
I enjoy changing furniture around and do it quite often.  It must be the genes.  My grandmother, mother, me, and both my kids are the same way.

This afternoon I changed things around a bit in the front room.  Here's what I ended up with.  A bit unconventional for me having the chairs in the middle of the room.

Changing things around always gives me a good chance to clean behind things and do a more thorough cleaning.

It's been a nice day at home.
A happy day to you, my friends.
happyone : )
The first day of spring is one thing,
and the first spring day is another.
~ Henry Van Dyke


  1. It IS so fun to move furniture around! I love it, too!
    It looks very nice!
    I bet your hiking boots are all broken in!

  2. Snow on the first day of spring! We are in the process of moving things around here since we have been busy with the hardwood. Always gives a look of a new house.

  3. Oh gosh, it's hard to imagine snow on the first day of spring. It was only in the 40s here today, but no snow.
    Your room looks so cozy. I love the fabric on your chairs. It is exciting to have a new furniture arrangement. Interesting that it seems to run in your family.

  4. Gosh -snow! I'm looking out at a blue sky and the sun shining on the grass though the breeze is a bit nippy. I always prefer to sit where I can see out of a window so your sofa would be in a good spot for me. I just can't imagine changing the furniture around here, stuck in a rut I suppose.

  5. We only got the rain out of that latest front that went through but I thought of you because the weather reports were calling for the eastern section of your county to have snow.

    Before moving here we lived in an old farmhouse that had been remodeled. It had such nice big rooms in it and I loved moving furniture around! When we moved here 15 years ago we moved into an older home, but the rooms are small and most of the ceilings are low. Basically, there is only one way the furniture will fit in the rooms. ;)

  6. Hi Happyone, You have a wonderfully warm home. You will not be surprised that this old teacher really likes that student desk by shelves. Neat idea! Enjoyed all the photos! Wishing you a fine weekend. John

  7. I like what you did. Sofa facing the window instead of a TV. Good Idea!!!

  8. Liking the way your room looks!


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