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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Black and Whites

 Some more birds

Very cold here this morning with a temperature of minus 13, so you guessed it, another 6 mile walk inside.  The sun came out and later in the day it got up in the 20's.

I finished putting the rest of my recipes in the protective plastic covers and in order so now hopefully it will be much easier finding a recipe when I want it.  Feels good to be finished with that project. : )

Did a little reading and knitting this afternoon and never went outside today.  

Looking up the basement stairs.
The Backyard
My Black and White was delicious last night.  Today I went on line and found a recipe for them called New York City Black and White Cookies and plan to make them in the next few days.  Black and Whites are a New York staple and you can find them in all the bakeries in the area.  I'm originally from northern NJ and they were in all the bakeries there too.
We used to stop in the International Bakery on the way home from church when I was a kid and get some.  When I grew up and met Ken it was a pleasant surprise to learn  that his sister Kathy married Dennis, whose family owned the bakery.  : )  Dennis is still a great baker and has made me some delicious birthday cakes over the years.  He has also made me some Black and Whites a time or two.

Some of you were wondering what they are.  It is just a big cake like cookie with the white and chocolate icing. 

There was a Seinfeld episode about the Black and Whites which brought it to every one's attention.  I looked the episode up on YouTube and you can see the part about the Black and Whites HERE.

Diana - I had never heard of a Neenish Tart but looked it up and it does look like a black and white because of the same icing but they are very different.  I understand that a Neenish Tart has a crispy bottom and a sweet filling of butter, icing sugar, condensed milk and lemon juice.  Is that right?  They sound delicious as well

Only had the one black and white so tonight I'll be back to a snack of ice cream.

Hope your day was sunny and bright.
happyone : )
Laughter brings out the child in all of us.
~ Bill Cosby


  1. Your birds today are a welcome sight. I am looking forward to seeing baby birds in my yard.
    -13!! Brrr. That is COLD. We woke up to a beautiful snowfall today. I had no idea it was coming so it was a pleasant surprise.
    I am intrigued by your stairs to the basement. Is there a staircase inside the house that also leads to the basement?

  2. You were a bit colder than us this morning by about 4 degrees and we actually got up to 35 here today. :) Thanks for sharing about the black and whites.

  3. Still looks delicious to me! Those bird figurines look pretty nice too.

  4. I'm glad the Black and White was so good!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful bird collection you have!! I had never heard those cookies called Black and Whites - but I'm sure I have seen them before (they look familiar). They do look yummy! I'm sure the ones you back will be yummy too.

  6. Love the pretty bluebirds! And your backyard scene is amazing, I hope we have some warmer weather to melt our snow.. Maybe you can share your cookie recipe when you make them? YUM! Have a happy Wednesday!

  7. We had some of those cold temps here as well - coldest I've ever felt! Love those snow pics :)

  8. We love the Black and Whites also. The Shoprite in West Milford and the Market Basket in Franklin Lakes make them. They are so good with a cup of tea.

  9. This got me thinking. Was there ever a day (except for hospital stays) where I did not step outside? Hmmm... I cannot recall even one. ...Though perhaps it occurred without my noticing.

  10. This cookie is new to me...off to see the video...

    1. "I wonder what you'll be like when you're senile," hahahahahaha...

  11. Pretty snow pictures. I like the view of your basement steps. The black and white cookies sound good!



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