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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The New Dentist

36 degrees this morning when I went out for my walk.  I watched the sun rise and then it was cloudy but calm and eventually the sun came out.  I walked around the farm loop and up and down some of the streets in town.
As I was walking past where Lone Chicken and Friends live, which is in the yard of a day care center, a woman was just getting there and I asked about the chickens because I haven't seen or heard them in a while.  She told me they aren't there anymore because they were given away.  They are all fine and are now living out on a farm.  Though I will miss seeing them I'm happy they have a better life now.

Saw the usual birds and bus drivers but it was really a very quiet morning.  I'm just happy to be out and walking.
I walked 6 miles.
During the month of March I found a quarter, a dime and three pennies - 38 cents.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
We had our dental appointments with the new dentist this morning.  Ken's was at 9 and mine at 10.  So nice to just be able to walk a block to get there.  The office is right next to where I get my hair done.  For those of you who are wondering, no, I didn't bring them chocolate chip cookies like I did at our old dentist.  I thought I'd get to know them first.

Well, I love this new dentist!!  Dr Allen is a woman and is just great.  Had a bunch of xrays taken and just an overall checkup.  She found a very little cavity in my front tooth and filled it right then.  Didn't need any shots and didn't feel a thing.  I'm going back tomorrow morning for a cleaning.

We missed our last 6 month checkup with moving and all and it feels really good to get back in the routine of going to the dentist.
As much as I like our old dentist I already like Dr Allen better.

Oh yeah and funny thing, Dr Allen has twin daughters who are in daycare where Lone Chicken lived and has seen me walk by there and we've waved to each other.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡

It certainly felt like spring here today.  After lunch Ken went out to wash the truck and I did some more yard work.

I cut down a few more rose bushes and all the dead daisies from last year and cleaned up the garden bed.  I noticed that little green leaves of the daisies have already started.

I took a break and sat on the swing.  Ken spotted my there and came over and sat with me for a while.

What a beautiful spring afternoon.
 Hope your day was happy and bright.
happyone : )
Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar
into four pieces with your bare hands,
and then eat just one of the pieces.
~ Judith Viorst
Three Happy Things Today
  1. Dr Allen
  2. A swing on the swing
  3. A clean truck


  1. A very good day! Always good when the new dentist or doctor is going to be a good one. I would love having a dentist right here in town. Our dentist retired and there has been no one to take his place.

    How cool that you can ask questions and find out about anything going on in town.

    Was this your best month for finding change?

  2. Oh Karen, you are my hero. Having a cavity filled with no shot. I have always been a white knuckle dental patient. Why? I have no idea, but it is and always will be embarassing.
    I am glad to know that Lone Chicken has found a new home. When you first talked about not seeing him I was concerned that he had become someone's dinner.
    I hope you will do a post when your roses and daisies are in bloom.
    I must say you and Ken have some nice looking vehicles. My car could use a wash and I'm thinking this week it will happen.

  3. It always helps when you like your dentist. I actually like my dentist here better than I did the one at home. I think a lady dentist would be great.

    I am glad the chickens are ok.

  4. So glad to hear that you're getting some springtime there now! I know that has made for very enjoyable walks.

  5. Part of that routine of moving is to line up new providers, so that is one more thing you can check off. I am glad you like her. Sounds like a good day for you. Loving the spring weather, too! Enjoy the day. Art

  6. Having a dentist you like is so important. Makes a person less fearful :)

  7. I found this post to be so refreshing, i enjoy reading of how my blog friend's days are. I am happy you found a new dentist that you like, I am due for a dental check-up. I am also glad that you are enjoying spring weather and you are out gardening, our weather has gone from very cold to quite warm, 80's for us today, loving it! As always I enjoy your happy thankful things.

  8. April 2 is National Walking Day!

  9. OH I'm SO glad you like your new dentist!!!
    Small town living is great!!

  10. A good dentist is a true blessing! So glad you found one! I love the pictures of your town. Sounds like a really wonderful spring day!

  11. Glad you like your new dentist. After five years here I'm still struggling to find a good one.

    Happy to hear the chickens found a new home.

  12. Nothing looks better than having sparkly teeth. It looks like you and the new dentist got along together really well. So does that mean they'd be getting chocolate chip cookies on your next visit? Lucky dentist!
    Stephen Malfair @ DentistKelowna.ca

  13. Nothing looks better than having sparkly teeth. It looks like you and the new dentist got along together really well. So does that mean they'd be getting chocolate chip cookies on your next visit? Lucky dentist!
    Stephen Malfair @ DentistKelowna.ca


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