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Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat

It was a mild 52 degrees this morning.  I left at 6:45 so it was dark and there was a little bit of a mist at first but by the time I walked to the end of the street it had stopped.  Walked around in town where there were street lights and then I headed down the road toward Happy Trails.  I got around the curve up ahead in the picture when four dogs came running down to the road from their house.  I was a little leery of four of them together so I turned around at that point and headed back to the main road.  Just lately dogs seem to be around when I walk.

On the way back to town I stopped by the cows and then walked around the loop by the ball park and then back home.

Didn't see any other people walking or running around town.

I walked 6.1 miles - 11,471 steps.
Sunrise: 7:45
Sunset: 6:16
Had a 9:30 hair appointment for a dye and cut.  Nice to be able to leave 5 minutes before the time and walk there. : )  Sherri cut about an inch or so off the ends.   It's still a layered bob.

The Trick or Treat time here in town was between 6 and 7.  We had 180 pieces of candy in two baskets to hand out.  At 6:50 we ran out of candy and had to turn our porch light off which means 'no more candy.'  It was a drizzly night but that didn't seem to keep anyone at home.
We had kids coming in droves and sometimes the driveway was covered with kids. I've never seen so many trick or treaters before.  We will definitely have to have more candy next year!!
The picture is of no one in particular just a random shot of the trick or treaters.
So what was it like at your house?

Happy Halloween.
happyone : )
We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone.
~Ronald Reagan


  1. We also have lots of trick-or-treaters. They haven't started coming here yet, but will be in out in force in about 2 hours. I don't blame you, I would turn the other way if I saw four dogs running toward me too. I don't dislike dogs, but you just never know how they will react. Hope you save a few pieces of candy for yourselves! See you tomorrow.

  2. For the first time ever, we had a group of children from our street - all eight of them! A mother of young sons herself had thought to include new ones who have moved into the neighborhood. Very nice, and I doubt we will have anymore tonight.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Quiet... Oh my! That is a lot of boys and girls.

    Now those dogs...there must be leash laws. It's not right that people can't walk without fear of dogs.

    Bet you look cute as a button!

  4. I would be so afraid of those dogs!

    Sparky was so Barky! I had him in his crate upstairs with the door closed and I sat outside on the porch to give out the treats. Sparky barked the whole time.

  5. I had no trick or treaters as it is still raining out and has turned chilly.

    That is really a cool picture of your trick or treaters!

  6. Don't tell anyone but we turned out the lights and headed out for dinner with our neighbors.
    Yikes, I would not like to see four dogs heading my way. Not a good feeling.

  7. I'm glad you didn't have any problem with those dogs. I like dogs but four unknowns at once would be scary.

    Pretty much our entire state postponed trick-or-treat night until Friday or Saturday because of severe weather that was predicted for tonight. Good call on the forecasters' part. Torrential rain at times and strong winds, power lines and trees down in some areas. Things are settling down now and, thankfully, no damage at our house.


  8. We usually have been 100-125 kids at our door. But this year it was only about 60. Don't know if the light rain kept the numbers down or if there are just fewer kids. I must say I am totally surprised by your numbers. Fun!!!

  9. I agree about the dogs. Pack mentality can make even a reasonable dog dangerous. I'm just wondering if pepper spray would work on dogs.
    Halloween has become more popular here in the UK in the last few years but but we are too far from anybody. I did have some sweets in case our neighbour's son came around but he didn't.

  10. Halloween is fun, and I am glad yours was good.

    I'd be leery of four dogs. People are worried of bears but there is probably more to fear from a group of dogs than a wild bear. you were smart to turn around.

  11. You have a good head on your shoulders and a good way to keep it there is to avoid packs of dogs!
    There were not many children out last night.
    I bet your hair looks great. Mary Jo


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