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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A walk, making trusses and a phone call!!

While I walked this morning Ken went to Lowe's to get the lumber for making the trusses for the upper shed.  Couldn't go last night because it rained.  I walked into town and up to the first cemetery.  The pink phlox growing there looked so pretty.  I call it mountain pink because that's what my mom called it.
It was 55 degrees and the sun was out and it was very windy but the wind was warm.  I saw a groundhog and a bunch of rabbits.  The rabbits here don't stand still to get their picture taken.  They took off like a shot when I got near.  I guess the ones around the lake are used to people walking by.  I also saw a lot of red winged black birds and some gold finches as well.

Ken picked me up in town on his way back from Lowe's and we came home and ate breakfast.

I walked 5.8 miles.

We started on the trusses soon after breakfast.  We got all the wood cut to the right sizes and then put all the pieces in the truck with all the tools we would need and drove it up the hill.  We worked all day except for lunch and we stopped to take a phone call which I'll tell you about in a bit.

Here's one of the trusses as we lay it out and put the pieces together.
We made seven of the things and just have the last two to make which are the two ends and they have a different pattern to them. That will be for tomorrow.

Now for that phone call we got.  It was Terri our realtor telling us we got an offer on the townhouse!!!!!!  Full price!!!  As long as the house appraises for what we are asking and it passes the inspection it looks like the townhouse is sold.  : )
We went to Uno's for supper to celebrate.

Hope your day has been one of sunshine and good happenings for you.
Happyone : )


  1. Wow---that was quick on the house sale. Reminds me of when we sold G's Daddy's house. It sold in a week... Amazing!!!! Congrats --I hope!!!

    What is Uno's? We used to go to a place called Cafe Uno's --which was Chicago Pizza. It was awesome ---but it closed. Haven't had it since... Sniff Sniff...

    Sounds like you are getting alot of work done.


  2. That is just wonderful news and full price... wow, fantastic! I'm so happy for you.

  3. You have had a really productive day with those trusses! And - that's great news with that phone call!

  4. I always love reading about your daily walks and was interested to hear you walk a mile in 15 minutes.
    Good news about the townhouse - fingers crossed!
    Shane ♥

  5. Told ya!!! Yay - that is great. I broke into a huge smile as I read that news.

    You will be in hunting territory. There are old rabbits, there are bold rabbits, but there are no old, bold rabbits.

    Looks like you are both having fun up there. Art

  6. Exciting news about your townhouse!
    I think the wild life up there will get to know you and be more friendly in time. The phlox is beautiful. Keep the photos coming!

  7. Wow! That must mean the market is really picking up. The only thing better would be to have two buyers competing against each other. Way cool, Karen and Ken!

  8. Sounds like great news! That was so fast - hope it works out!

  9. wow, fabulous!!! I am so excited for you and Ken!! Love you, Pam

  10. That was FAST!!! How Exciting!!!


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