Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Up in the loft today

Woke up to another rainy day and the temperature was a hair over 32 degrees.  I thought there might be some ice here and there so I waited a bit before starting my walk this morning.  I wanted it to be at least light out so I could see better.  I got started about 7:45.  It was 33 degres when I left and didn't come across any ice.  There was lots of rain though and everything is getting a bit soggy.  I wore my rain pants this time and with my umbrella stayed dry except for my feet.  Just can't keep them dry in the rain.  I can't wear any kind of boots because I wouldn't be able to walk far and fast.

The stream along the path on the way to the lake is pretty swollen and muddy and the lake level is higher than usual.  I'm walking across the stream over the footbridge in the picture.  The lake is a little less than a half mile away from here.

I only encountered three other people out walking and there was only one car in the main parking lot.

I saw the hawk again, and a blue jay, kingfisher, and a cardinal.  The rain didn't seem to bother them at all or the geese either.

As you know I don't mind walking in the rain but after so many dreary mornings I'm ready to have some sunny mornings.  : )

Today I took 12,513 steps on my walk.
Sunrise 7:25
Sunset 5:10
I felt like a nice warm breakfast today so I made myself a nice hot bowl of Cream of Wheat and put a little bit of syrup on top.  It really hit the spot.

Up in the loft today I put my yarn in the boxes and rearranged things so it makes for a nice work room.  I like to have a big open space on the floor so I can set my afghans out and make the design.  It was a fun time getting everything in place.
Here's a few pictures of what it looks like now.

Elaine, if you happen to be reading this I know you will get a laugh out of my small stash. : )

It's been raining all day long and it sure is dreary out.  I'm glad my loft and office are bright and cherry on days like this.

I'll be working on the jigsaw puzzle later and doing a little reading too.
If there is sunshine where you are, please send a little my way. : )
All walking is discovery.
On foot we take the time to see things whole.
~ Hal Borland


  1. You have done a wonderful job on your loft. It looks so nice and cheerful. I have about that much yarn stashed away too. I need to get busy and make something. :-)

  2. Glad you didn't come across any black ice, on your walk today! Poor Joyce did, right on her back patio, and it..... Threw-her-for-loop. -pout-

    Even if she does describe it, as having been quite exciting. Only Joyce would say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. And thank you for the super photos of your work space! It is soooo pretty and neat.

    The magic of blogging... Sharing a peek, right into our world, via pictures.


  4. I love your loft! Looks like such a nice, cheerful place to work. It is bright and sunny here in Arizona and has warmed up a little. It has been bitter, bitter cold the past few days. I actually like a little rain and cloudiness but know that it can dreary after rain many days in a row. Enjoy your evening.

  5. What a lovely spot for working! No sun here for days and days! Our rain gauge measured almost 8 inches since the rain began late Sunday afternoon. There's a chance of snow on Thursday afternoon!

  6. Your loft is a wonderful space for creative endeavours!

  7. Love your loft! Looks like a fun place! Nice and cozy.

  8. Looks good, Karen. You certainly are ambitious these days... I've had alot of energy too lately.. Guess it's the new year. Or maybe it's the RAIN... ha


  9. Great job on the loft!
    I'm tired of the rain, too. It's seeping into my basement. MJ

  10. It's been a dreary week here too, and I've had a bad cold and don't feel good, so I am counting on you to walk a mile for me! :^) Glad you get out there rain or shine, but good to wait until daylight if there is a risk of ice. Enjoy the day, Karen. It looks like one more day of rain / snow here and then some glorious sunshine, praise the Lord! Art

  11. Hi, Karen,

    Yes, I am reading your post and I did wonder if you had any other yarn stashed away. :-)

    My own stash has its own closet now and there isn't much room for more. Unfortunately I can buy yarn faster than I can knit it. But the process of organizing it and documenting it ... has definitely slowed me down. I am more careful now about buy more.

    You craft space looks lovely and inviting.

  12. Thank you for writing every day...it brings me peace.


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