Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A break

Taking a bit of a blog break.  
When I get tired of writing the same things every day,
I'm sure you get tired of reading the same things.
My break probably won't last long.
I'll be back.
Hope your days are happy ones.
: )


Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Trails

I forgot to look at the thermometer when I left this morning but it was probably in the low 60's.  I mapped out a new route today and have a good name for it - The Circle Route because  I kind of walked in one big circle.  I walked mostly along the streets.  Off one street were two different streets I walked down and both of them were circles and led me back to the main street I was walking. So I walked one big circle with two little circles in it.
This little path connects two dead end streets that I walked along.
The street eventually took me to the school.  I walked through the school parking lot, through another little path, along another street, another path that takes me back to the main street and home again.
It was a nice walk and one that I'll walk again.
I saw a few people scattered here and there along the way.  On the last path there were a bunch of crows that really seemed upset about something but I couldn't figure out what it was about.

This route turned out to be 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 6:29
Sunset 7:50
Got a few things done around the house and then packed up a few things to take up to "Happy Trails" which we plan on leaving for later on this afternoon.  Ken is hoping to get home here by 3:00 and then we will leave.

A while back two people mentioned Happy Trails for a name for our land in western Maryland.  The name has kind of stuck with us and have decided that it's just right for our place.  I thank you Cheryl and Retired Knitter! : )  Both are blogger friends and in person friends. : )

Now, I'm about to have some lunch and then I'm going to read until Ken comes home.

Have a great day!
Fill it with laughter and sunshine.
The kaleidoscope of colour which is my life,
shows the interesting choices I've made along the way.
~ Antie Koekie
Vee - I spotted this double acorn walking this morning and thought of you and Sam with the acorn family.  This would make a good member to the family - Siamese Twins. : )

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The man and the bike.

61 degrees with some clouds and sun this morning with a bit of a mist over the lake for the first part of my walk.  Arriving at the lake I turned around and took this picture of the sun.

It was nice to hear some geese on the lake again.  I kind of missed them and their noisy wake up time.
The deer seem to be back today too.  I saw a mom and her two young ones and also three more along my walk.  Saw a fair amount of rabbits too. 

An average amount of people around the lake walking, running and biking too.  I passed by one man walking with a bike and said my usual good morning, walked on a bit and then realized he was a man I used to see all the time around the lake walking with a cane.  I saw him on the other side and stopped and talked to him.  I told him I didn't recognize him with a bike. : )  He told me it is easier for him to walk and he is able to walk faster holding on to the bike.  His leg was crushed in an accident at work and he has LOTS of pins holding things together and has lost most of the nerves in his leg.  He has been getting to the lake much earlier than he used to walk and that's why I haven't seen him.  He told me he goes over to the shopping center when he's done with his exercise and sees me every morning cutting through the parking lot.  He has finished his walk as I'm just starting mine.
Now this man is an inspiration.  He walks 3 miles or so every day!

Today I walked 6.4 miles.
I found a lucky penny.
Sunrise 6:28
Sunset 7:51
I usually go to the commissary on Wednesday but didn't make it there yesterday so with list in hand I went to do my shopping today.  It must be true about Wednesdays being the best shopping day because today it was pretty crowed and I had quite a long line to wait on getting checked out.  I stood there with my Stiiv (pedometer) in hand and collected all the coins from my island while I waited. 
When I go shopping I like to put things in my cart nice and neatly. I like things in there just so.  So many people just throw things in their cart every which way.  I've even had someone tell me how neat my cart was! : )  I guess it is a bit of a compulsion with me but at least I don't care if other peoples carts are a mess.  I don't have the urge to 'fix' their cart. : )
How about you?  What does your shopping cart look like.  A mess?  Or neat and tidy?

I cooked Kenny and I a nice supper at home today.

Vegetable Pasta
 I cooked a finely chopped onion and a few cloves of garlic in some olive oil.
Added a cut up zucchini, red bell pepper, broccoli, and a can of tomatoes in it's juice.
Covered it and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
Cut up some fresh mozzarella in cubes and about 1/2 cup of fresh basil (from my windowsill) and mixed it in.
Made a box of Penne pasta and then mixed everything together.
It's an easy and good meal.  I was going to take a picture but forgot about it once it was done.

After supper we went to Lowe's and bought some building supplies to take up to the country tomorrow.  Stopped at the old house and loaded some more stuff from there to bring up too.  Some old milk cans, advertising boxes, and some other things that we want to keep.

Then back home for the usual evening - a little television watching and some ice cream. : )
We are watching The Grand on Netflix and are on the second season.  It's set in England in the 1920's and The Grand is a hotel.  It's kind of like Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs, only in a hotel.  It is really good.

Hope you had a good day and you smiled often.
Just living is not enough...
one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~Hans Christian Andersen

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A day of nice things. : )

60 degrees this morning again only this time without the fog - a mix of sun and clouds.  The sun is just coming up now just a few minutes before I start walking.
I was going to walk my new route from last week but the path had a fence blocking the way so I couldn't go down that way.  I can see now that they are repaving the path.  So I just had a random walk this morning.  I got to the path farther down where it wasn't blocked and then went down to the water and walked along the path there.
I saw a deer family - mom, dad, and two young ones.  Another deer was farther down the way.
I also walked along a couple of streets and in and out of some courts.  I only saw one other person and he was running.
I walked 7.1 miles.
I didn't mean to walk that far but a lot of times when I take a random route I just don't realize how far I'm going.  That's why I need to have mapped out routes!
Sunrise 6:27
Sunset 7:52
Only had a little time before I had to leave for my hair appointment.  Took along the cookies for everyone and some knitting to do while waiting for the color to take.  Nice catching up with Cheryl.  She hasn't written in her blog for over 2 months so I really did have to catch up with her!!  I was happy to find that Meghan was working today so I could have my hair washed by her. : )  I've  mentioned quite a few times before that she is the best hair washer ever!!!

I was feeling good with my newly trimmed and colored hair and didn't want to go home right away so I stopped in at Walmart and walked around.  I ended up buying a new pair of jeans.

Home to a late lunch again and then just puttered around the house.

I was so happy when I checked my mailbox today to find the note cards that I ordered from Kreations by Kerri had arrived.  Kerri takes fantastic photos and I am pleased to say is a special blogger friend of mine. : )
If you have never visited Kerri's blog, stop by and take a look at all her wonderful pictures and daily quotes.   She encouraged me with her kind words about my photos and she is one of the reasons why I started a Photo Blog. 

I have such a nice husband!! : )  He told me not to make dinner this evening because he was taking me out again for dinner.  Since I was disappointed with Joe's Crab Shack yesterday he took me to Red Lobster this evening and I enjoyed a variety of shrimp cooked different ways.  Oh it was so good!! : )

Hope you took time today to enjoy a simple pleasure.
What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
~Helen Keller
Comment Replies:
Auntie - We do use Puffs with aloe - what happened with mine? : )

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A full day

This morning the temperature was 60 degrees at the start of my walk and there was quite a bit of fog around.  Here I am just getting to the lake which is off to the right.
It was a nice quiet walk around the lake.  Not many people about.  There hasn't been much wildlife around lately.  Maybe it's just been too hot and the animals will come out of hiding when it stays cooler.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just a nice enjoyable walk. : )
By the time I got home the sun was out and shining in a bright blue sky.
I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 6:26
Sunset 7:54
Did a load of laundry first thing this morning and as I took the clothes out of the washer noticed a white tissue in a million pieces scattered throughout the load.  I hate when that happens.  I'm usually good about finding them before they get washed but this one escaped me. 

Hung the clothes out, ate a quick breakfast, decided what I wanted to work on at the Tuesday Knitting Group and headed out the door. 
A small group today with only nine of us but it was nice to meet up with them to talk and enjoy the morning.  I worked on making weave-it squares and got five of them done.

Stopped at the library on the way home to pick up The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton which was on hold for me.  I still have to finish The Distant Hours before I can start it though.  Her other book The House at Riverton was on the shelf so I checked that one out too.  Then I looked on the shelf for some Elizabeth Berg books and there were quite a lot of them.  Never read anything by her and I picked out one called The Day I Ate Whatever I wanted.  Sounds like something I would like to do one day! : ) All three books are Large Print.  I don't need the large print but it sure makes reading easier on the eyes and really like it.  I get the LP whenever I can.

Had a late lunch when I got home and then did a few chores around the house.
Then I got a little extra time to sit and read for a little while until Ken came home from work.

We went out to eat at a new place we haven't been to before, Joe's Crab Shack.  I had some steamed shrimp.  The food was okay but it was very noisy and VERY informal.  Probably won't go back again.  I much prefer going to Red Lobster.

We did a couple of errands and now I'm home and in the middle of baking some chocolate chippers.  Writing this post in between batches of cookies.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning and as most of you know I bring cookies for everyone there.  Haven't eaten any so far but have eaten some of the dough.  : )

Hope you had a day filled with sunshine.
Just because you are happy 
it does not mean that the day is perfect
but that you have looked beyond its imperfections.
~Bob Marley

Comment replies:
It seems some of you want to know more about our old house.  We lived in it for 14 years before moving into our townhouse in January of 2009.  We just happened to drive by the house one day and there was a For Sale sign out front.  We thought it looked like a cute little old house for us so we stopped to look at it.  Liked it, so we bought it and put up the house we were living in for sale .  It was a great move because it put Ken only 6 miles from work. 
We added on a library, laundry room and full bath downstairs.  We did all the work ourselves, including digging the foundation. It was great living there and I loved the house.  But we lived there longer than we have lived anywhere and it was just time for a move.  
Auntie:  Yes, I do have pictures from when we lived there and yes I blogged then too.  I had another blog then called Captains Log.  No time today to go looking for pictures  though.
I'll post more pictures of the house as I clean more of it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

An old bathtub and stairs

It was cloudy this morning and 65 degrees and I walked around the lake.  Some of the geese have come back and I watched a bunch of them fly in together and make a landing on the water.  Really cool to watch!  No deer did I see but lots of rabbits still around.
Stopped to chat for a bit with my walking friend Donna. 
That's my reflection there in the water.  I stopped on the red bridge to look down at the water and took a picture of the water lilies.  The light from the flash makes me look like I'm wearing a miners hat.
There was a feel of rain in the air but it never did while I was walking.
I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 6:25
Sunset 7:55
I was happy to find these good sturdy working gloves in my size.  They are usually way too big.  As you can see I get good use out of my gloves.  These used to be pink.
Some of you were wanting to see some pictures of the old house.
Here is the claw foot bathtub that is who knows how old.  It is one of the things I loved about the house.
Here is the staircase in the house.  It is narrow and creaky and I always loved it.  It has never been painted which is pretty rare to find in a 112 year old house.
I know the stairs show age but I like them like that.  I like to imagine all the different people who walked up and down them through the years.

I've been home today doing the usual Monday chores and puttering around.  I always enjoy being home again after being away up on our land.  I really love both places!!

It was cloudy all day and then the rain came while we were eating supper.  Were going to go out and do a few errands but didn't feel like going in the rain so we just stayed home. I'll read for a while and then later watch some television and have some ice cream for my snack.

Hope your day made you happy.
The winds that sometimes take something we love,
are the same that bring us something we learn to love.
Therefore we should not cry about something that was taken from us,
but, yes, love what we have been given.
Because what is really ours is never gone forever.
~ Bob Marley
Comment replies:
Ruta:  Thanks for the tree information. I'll try to find out what kind of trees they are.
At least we won't have to worry about the neighbors complaining! : )

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The roof gets done with weekend.

We left to go 'up to the country' early Saturday morning at 5:30 so there was no time for a walk but I got plenty of exercise working and walking around our land.  A full day of work on Saturday and a half day today and the lower roof is now finished. We thank God for keeping us safe.
Here Ken gets started on the starter strip.
Ken is straddling the roof here doing the ridge cap.
 This view is taken from the window.
Here is Ken coming down off the roof.  : )
There is some other roofing that still has to be done along the lower sides and back and some final touches that need to be done but it is easy and shouldn't take that long. 

Saturday Mark, one of our neighbors came up the mountain on his tractor and asked if we would like some trees. : )  I thought it was kind of funny because we have so many trees but he was going to throw them away so we said we'd take some.  Later in the day he came back with these 9 evergreen trees for us.  We just put them along here and will space them out another day.
 This poor 'Charlie Brown Tree' made number 10. : )
Mark gave trees to other neighbors too.
We don't have many neighbors here but they are all so nice and friendly. : ) 

I went for a short 4 mile walk this morning up to town because I didn't want to stay away too long because I wanted to be around when Ken went up on the roof.  We left a little after noon for the return trip home and got here a little after 3:00.  We drove through a few rain storms.  

With me missing church today it has seemed like Saturday all day.  I'm not ready for the weekend to be over! 

When we got home we were sitting in the living room and both of us just dozed right off and had ourselves a nice little nap.

We made nachos for supper and now I'm just about ready to have some ice cream.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend and you sleep well tonight. 

Comment Replies:
Auntie:  there are many little streams all over the place here. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

A new route

The sun greeted me as I started my walk this morning.
There are four main routes that I walk along.
  • The Lake Route
  • The Pond Route
  • The Connect the Path Route
  • The Road Route
Sometimes I take little detours off these routes or add a little before or after the route.  Then there are the days that I don't walk on any route and just have a random walk.  I like having options. : )
Today I was going to walk 'the road route' but when I got to the path that is closed for a month there were no workers there yet so I went down the path to see what they were doing.
The only thing I saw were these dirt piles on each side of the path for a bout a quarter of mile.
 Looks like they buried something - drains, cable?  Anyway there was no problem walking along it till the end.
Walked along the path and took an off shoot here to a road.
 Looks like fall along the road here with the sycamore trees leaves all coming down. 
Walking along here I happened to spot a deer munching on a bush right next to this house.  He's right there in the middle of the picture.
I stopped here and took a look off the bridge at the little stream that looks as though it would like a little more water to be flowing in it.
From here I just wandered my way back home along two more paths and a couple more roads.
I really liked this new route today and will make it my number 5 walking route.  : )
Only came across two other people out this morning.
63 degrees and sunny.
I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 6:23
Sunset 7:59
I haven't done all that much today.  I've been on the computer and have been reading.  Every so often I get up and take a walk around the house to get some more steps in.  I can just sit still for just so long. : )

I got some things packed and ready to go so I would be ready to go if we decided to go up to the country this evening.  Ken came home from work early at 3:15 but we decided not to go this evening but wait and go early tomorrow morning.  We went over to the old house and loaded some things in the truck to take with us.  It still hasn't rained but I think the rain is coming over night.  The weather report for western Maryland looks quite nice for tomorrow.

Before coming back home we stopped and had pizza for supper at Pasta Blitz.  Then a stop at Safeway to replenish our ice cream.
Tonight I'll be having some Turkey Hill Chocolate Chip Mint.

Hope you had a great Friday.
Don't worry about a thing,
every little thing is gonna be alright.
~Bob Marley
Comment replies:
Vee - No, I didn't write the words. : )  Races are held quite often around the lake and it was written for the competitors.
Auntie - No, still no name.  We just keep saying up to the country.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My day

Kenny came home yesterday and had that BEEP BEEP turned off in no time! : )  My Hero! : )

It was a lovely morning for walking today.  63 degrees and very low humidity with a slight breeze.  10 degrees lower and it would have been perfect!!
Walked around the neighborhood a bit, passed the liquor store where I found three pennies in the parking lot, and then headed out to the lake.  I walked along the path around the lake
a third way of the way and then headed up another path away from the lake.  Walking along that way is a hill and here are some encouraging words to help people get up the hill. : )
The path took me to the north entrance of the park and I turned left up ahead here which took me to the street
and I walked toward home along the street.  Didn't walk straight home but went in out of a couple of side streets along the way.
Saw quite a few others out but not much wildlife.
I walked 6.2 miles.
Sunrise 6:22
Sunset 8:01
I am really enjoying reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton which I started yesterday and liked it right away!

Such a pretty day outside - in the 80's, sunny and low humidity.  Don't know how long it will last but I'm enjoying it today. : )

I did some laundry, made bread again and did a little cleaning here and there around the house.

We were going to go over to the old house after supper and load up the truck so we would be ready to go up to the country tomorrow after Ken gets home from work.  Now it looks like it will be raining so our trip up there might be postponed until Saturday.  We will have to see what the weather does.

So here we are at home this evening.  I'm going off to read some more of my book.  Later we'll watch a little television - watching Dexter from Netflix.  We still have a ice cream most evenings for our snack.  I'm having Turkey Hill fudge ripple tonight! : )
Hope your day was a happy one.
Some people feel the rain.
Others just get wet.
~ Bob Marley
Comment replies:
Kim - Thank you so much for the offer of your book. So kind of you! : )  But I have put The Forgotten Garden on hold at the library.  I'm number one on the list so will have it in no time.  I plan on reading her other book too, The House at Riverton.

Dot - Thanks I'll check out the author Elizabeth Berg.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The temperature was 64 degrees this morning which was quite pleasant without the high humidity.  I had a most enjoyable walk around the lake.: )
The geese still aren't back and I'm wondering if they will be coming back when it gets colder.  Pretty quiet around the lake today.  Not many people or animals about.  I did stop and chat for a bit with my newest walking friend Donna.
I paused as I walked over the two footbridges around the lake just to take in the beauty of the lake.  I try never to take this beautiful place I have for walking for granted. : ) 

I walked 6.2 miles.
Sunrise 6:21
Sunset 8:02
All night long one of the smoke alarms started beeping about every 5 minutes or so telling us to replace the battery.  We both just fell back asleep and didn't bother with it during the night.
Ken went off to work in the morning and I went on my walk.  When I got back home there was the beep again.  I tried to take it down to change the battery.  Didn't have much luck and couldn't even find the battery in it!! I got the cover off and then a very loud beeping starts  and a voice saying FIRE, FIRE over and over again.  The next thing I picture happening is fire trucks showing up at the house!!  While I tried to just stick the whole thing back together it all went quiet.  I just couldn't get the cover to stay on and now the cover is just hanging from the rest of the alarm by wires from the ceiling.  I'm afraid to touch it again because I don't want it to go off.  I'll just have to wait until Ken comes home to get it back together and put in a new battery.  In the meantime every so often all day long I'll have to hear that BEEP BEEP.  I've turned on the television just to drown it out.
While at the library yesterday I looked up a few books that people had recommended on their blogs but every one I looked for was checked out.  I'll have to put them on reserve and then just go pick them up.
I did end up with one book though, Distant Hours by Kate Morton.   I was looking for The Forgotten Garden by the same author which was out so thought I'd try this one.
I'll start it later today sitting out on the deck so I won't have to hear those BEEPS!!!

The beeping is a pain but if that is the worse thing that happens today I'll still have had a very good day. : )
Hope all is well in your part of the world.
Enjoy your day.
To laugh often and much;
to win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children,
to leave the world a better place,
to know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived,
this is to have succeeded.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Comment Reply:
Kerri - The first book was A Caribbean Mystery and it kind of leads right into Nemesis.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walk, knitting and lunch out.

It was 73 degrees outside at 6:30 this morning when I started on my walk.  There was a light mist in the air when I left and I wasn't going to take my umbrella but by the time I got to end of my street it started raining so I went back for my umbrella.  A good thing too because it rained the whole time.  Not hard, just a light steady rain.  Didn't walk any of my routes just had a random walk.  Along sidewalks and down a few paths.
Stopped on a foot bridge here and looked down at the water.  I looked a bit farther away and spotted a deer head sticking out of the tall grass.  I doubt whether you will be able to see him.  He is in the middle of the picture on the left side of the water.
Farther along my walk I saw a deer and her two babies again.  Not sure if they are the same ones I keep seeing.

I found a quarter and two pennies but then lost one of the pennies so someone else can have a lucky day too. : )
Every time I find a coin I say, "See a penny, (or what ever the coin happens to be) pick it up.  All day have good luck."
In the gentle rain I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 6:20
Sunset 8:04
I headed out to the mill for the Tuesday morning knitting get-to-gether.  11 of us there today.  I parked over at the old house to take in the recycling can and then walked over.  It was only 448 steps from the house to the mill!

I left knitting right at 12:00 and went to pick up my friend, Mary Jo.  We went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch and as always it was nice spending time with her just talking.  She has become a very good friend. : )

So now here I am back at home. 
I'm just about done with the second Agatha Christie book, Nemesis in the 4 novels in one book.  Just a few more pages to read and I'll finish that up later.

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday.
Friends are those rare people who ask how we are
and then wait to hear the answer.
Comment reply:
Helen - Yes, I write in my food journal every day and have for years.  I also write the calories too.  It really DOES help me NOT to over eat.  I've done it so long that now it has become a habit.

Monday, August 13, 2012

At the old house

The temperature was 63 degrees this morning and actually quite pleasant for walking.  I took this picture of the sky just as I got to the lake.
So nice walking around the lake.  Not a lot of people about but I did see some of the regulars. Only one fishing boat today.
I saw a few rabbits and deer scattered around the lake.  A few geese and ducks were around as well.  There are three deer in this picture, though they are a bit blurry and far so you might not be able to find them. They are on the side of the path straight ahead.  I took the path to the right which leads back down to the lake.
No coins today but yesterday I found a quarter and a dime!
This morning I took 12,585 steps on my walk.
Sunrise 6:19
Sunset 8:05
Ken worked on the old house (112 years old) getting it ready for sale the last two days so today it was my turn to go over and do a little work.  My job is to clean the inside of it.  I got over there about 9:30 and spent four hours cleaning and got the upstairs done.  I cleaned the bathroom including the window.  The bathroom has an old claw foot bathtub which I always loved.
There are two bedrooms and I washed the five windows , washed the floors, and put up curtains.  The house has a wooden stairway original to the house and I gave that a good washing too.  The upstairs now is completely clean and empty. I feel good that I got that done. : )  Next time I'll continue on with the living room. 

When I got home I had some lunch and now here I am on the computer for a while.  I don't feel like doing ANY cleaning in this house today! I think I've done enough for one day!

I plan on sitting out on the deck and reading later on.

Hope your day is sunny and bright.
A cheerful friend is like a sunny day
spreading brightness all around.
~John Lubcock

Comment reply:
Auntie - Yes, I have read Wicked years ago and really liked it.  Didn't like the sequel Son of a Witch though and didn't finish it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


And God blessed the seventh day,
because that in it he had rested from all his work 
which God created and made.

Genesis 2:3

A blessed day to you, my friend. : )
And a restful one too.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A father and daughter go fishing

It rained again very early in the morning but by the time I got up it had stopped.  The temperature was 67 but it didn't feel quite so humid and the weather was actually quite pleasant for my walk.  It was mostly cloudy but I did see the sun a couple of times. I walked to the Font Hill Wetland Park.  I haven't walked this route in a long time.  I only walk it during a weekend morning because it is a busy road during the week and most of it doesn't have sidewalks.
I walk straight down my street for a while and then turn right and that leads right to the park which has a little pond that I walk around and then head back home.  Walking down the path I cross over this wooden footbridge
which comes out by the pond.
I walked passed a man and his little girl who were fishing off a little pier.  I wanted to take a picture of them because they looked like they were really enjoying their time together but didn't think they would want me to.  His daughter must have only been 3 or 4 and she had a little pink fishing pole.  It made me smile to see this father and daughter together. : ) Though I never went fishing with my dad I was with him a lot and it made me think of him and all the good times we had together when I was little.
When I got over to the other side of the pond I zoomed in and took this picture. 
Walking along I looked down in this back yard and caught sight of the tire swing.
I took a little detour walking home.  I thought I was taking a short cut but it ended up being longer so my walk today ended up being 7 miles.
I found a lucky penny. : )
Sunrise 6:17
Sunset 8:07
Last night Ken and I went out for a bite to eat.  We went to Champs and shared an appetizer of Mile High Nachos for supper.  It is a huge amount of food and plenty for two people.  We sat at high tables and talked and had a really nice time.  : )
Ken is over at the old house today painting the ceiling of the porch and painting some trim around the garage and sheds.

I got started doing my routine things around the house and when I looked at the clock it was already 11:15 and I realized that I was hungry and had forgotten to eat breakfast.  So I made myself a pancake and added a few mini chocolate chips on top with the syrup.  A nice cold glass of milk topped it all off.  Yummy - it was good.  Since it was practically lunch time I just combined the two meals.

I noticed the box of things that needed to be shredded was getting pretty full so I got the shredder out and took care of that pile.  I always enjoy that job!! : )

The never ending clothes still need to be taken off the line, folded and then iron a few work shirts of Ken's.  Then I'll have time for some reading. Though I have shelves of books here at home to read I've missed going to the library.  I feel a trip there coming up in the next few days.

Hope this day finds you mostly with a smile upon your face. : )
It is always a good day to be grateful for all of life -
grateful for large blessings and small.
Especially to be grateful for the symbolic blessings -
the rainbows and butterflies that come into our lives
when we least expect and most need them.
~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Friday, August 10, 2012

A rainy walk

Woke up to pouring rain beating on the windows and roof this morning.  But did that stop me from getting up and walking?  No, it did not. : )
Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while weren't surprised that I walked in the rain and know I enjoy it.
I headed on over to the lake with my big golf umbrella.  This is the path that starts my walk to the lake and my house is just two blocks from here, though I walk around the block first to get here.
Because of the rain there were only a handful of people around the lake and that is the way I like it.  I had the lake practically all to myself.  There were only two cars in the parking lot which has been full lately.  It has been a while since it really rained hard during a morning walk.
About a quarter of the way around the lake the rain eased off, and finally settled down to a steady light rain.
I saw the white egret, a green heron, and a couple of gold finches. A few geese were around too.
On the way back down the path to home I stopped to take a picture of the little stream that runs along the path.  As you can see it is muddy and full.
 I walked 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 6:16
Sunset 8:09
We are staying home this weekend again and not going up to our land.  Ken had to work today and besides with all this rain we wouldn't get much done.  (it's raining up there too).

I've done the house stuff that HAS to get done and now I'm just having a bit of fun around the house. 
This afternoon I plan to:
Be on the computer
Nothing very exciting but these things make me happy. : )

Have a great day and hope you get to do something you enjoy.
Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years.
We grow old by deserting our ideals.
Years may wrinkle the skin,
but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
~ Samuel Ullman

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Baked potato topping

It was 68 degrees this morning and it was warm and humid.  Here is the sun trying to shine through the hazy sky.
One thing that is not so pleasant walking on such warm mornings is that when I walk through the spider webs if I'm sweating they stick to me and it is hard to wipe the webs off.  Luckily so far I haven't walked into the spiders who own the web. : )

I walked around the lake and the water was like glass because it was so still out - not a breeze to be felt.  There goes a duck swimming by.
Once again there were a lot of people out around the lake.  Mostly runners today but I saw a lot of the regulars and my walking friends too.

I walked 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 6:15
Sunset 8:10
Today I've been home moving a few thing around downstairs.   Put my rocking chair in the living room that was in the corner of the kitchen and moved a desk back into the living room.  A small round table got moved as well and then a whole bunch of little stuff.  I enjoy changing things around every so often.  It helps me clean better and it's just nice to have things a bit different.

As a result I've been on the move walking around the house all day and by tonight I should have a pretty good step count!  I've been doing real good about not becoming obsessed and have kept my steps between 15000 and 16000 with just a few days above that. 

I just have some clothes to fold - no rain today so far and all clothes dried on the line.  A few dishes to do and then I'll be done working for the day - except to make dinner. 

For lunch today I had a baked potato and tried something different on it -  Newman's Own Lite Raspberry and Walnut salad dressing.  It was really tasty and a lot less calories than if I added butter and sour cream.  I will certainly have it again.  I also think it would make a great potato salad addition.
That's been my day so far.
Hope many things made you smile today. : )
Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day, saying,
I will try again tomorrow.
~Mary Anne Radmacher

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A lovely backyard

It was 68 degrees this morning, cloudy, and humid and very still - not a breeze to be felt.  The first of the paths I came to was closed for maintenance. 
So I passed up the path and decided to walk along the sidewalks along Gray Rock to the end and then back home again.  I haven't walked this route for a while and it is always nice to look at the houses and gardens.
This is one of my favorite back yards along the way.  It looks so inviting and I'd love to take a stroll around it or maybe sit and read a book.
I saw a few deer walking through back yards and two crossing the street.
Lots of people out walking and running.  We have nice sidewalks along both sides of the street and yet I bet three quarters of the people were in the street.  It is one of those things that really shouldn't matter to me, but it annoys me anyway, especially if I'm driving.

There were a lot of workers doing different things.
Curbs and sidewalks getting worked on.
Then there was the path.
Cables being put in along the sidewalks. 
Someone was getting a new patio and the stones were being delivered.
Another person getting a new shingles put on their roof.
Quite a busy morning!!

Lots to look at on my 6.5 mile walk.
Sunrise 6:14
Sunset 8:11
I took a chance and hung out a load of clothes even though it was cloudy, but after an hour the sky took a dark turn and it started to rain.  So I had to hurry and take in the laundry and now it is drying on a wooden drying rack.  I put the rack over an AC duct and they will dry fine there.

Yesterday we took the paint label I got off the paint can earlier in the day and went to the Sherwin Williams paint store to get another can.  We went there because that's where we got the paint originally and thought it would be no problem to just get another can.  Well, we got the paint years ago and they don't make that color anymore and when we asked if they could mix up a color to match they said NO.  What a surprise, thought now a days they would be able to match a color easily.
So off to Lowe's we went and they mixed up the color exactly.  No problem at all. : )

Nothing planned for today.  Just taking what comes along. : )
Till next time......
 Have a great day.
You don't get harmony 
when everyone sings the same note.
~ Doug Floyd

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Old Jeans

This morning I walked my connect the paths route.  The temperature was 65 so a bit cooler than it has been the last few days.  Still warm but I didn't come home soaking wet.  I'm probably going to be wishing for some of these warm mornings when I'm walking in the winter in the teens. : )
 I saw the deer with her two young ones and a couple more deer later on.
Quite a few people along the paths too.  Most of them walking dogs.
A lot of the sidewalks are getting repaired and new concrete poured.  Must be getting things fixed up for school which starts in a couple of weeks.  Though why the sidewalks need to be fixed for that I don't know.  Kids don't walk to school around here.  They can't even walk to the bus stop!!
As always, my walk was a perfect way to start my day.
I walked 6.2 miles.
Sunrise 6:13
Sunset 8:12
Knitting day today so off to the mill I went.  I parked in the driveway of the old house and walked over to the mill which is only a block or so away because I had to get the label off a paint can out of the house.
It was a nice morning of knitting and talking with knitting friends.  A smallish group of us there today with only 11 people.

Driving on the way home I had to stop the car for some deer crossing the street.  I counted one, two, three, four, five baby deer who all were very young.  Then two adults crossed over.  My camera was tucked way in my purse so I couldn't get a picture of any of them, but what a treat to see.

I have a favorite old pair of jeans that are so comfortable that I just don't want to throw them away.  They have lots of rips and holes in them and are really thin but they make good around the house pants.  I was going to throw them out last night but I ended up throwing them in the laundry.  : )  Just can't make myself throw them out yet.  Do you have a hard time throwing old jeans away too?
Here's what mine look like!
Nothing planned for this afternoon, just enjoying my time at home.
Hope your making your day a good one.
There is only one way to happiness
and that is to cease worrying
about things which are beyond the power of our will.

Monday, August 06, 2012

One Strawberry

Quite hot and humid out there this morning.  The temperature was 75 and the humidity was somewhere in the 90's and as you can imagine I was soaked by the time I got home.  Still it is great to be able to be out early in the morning and walking AND I do come home to a nice cool air conditioned house and a nice big glass of cold water : ) .
It had rained last night and looked like it would again but it never did while I was walking, though it would have been welcomed.
I walked around the lake and there were quite a few other people there as well.  Saw a few deer, the usual rabbits and that is about it.
My friend Lin is back in town and she called so we talked and walked 'together' for about 2 miles.
I walked 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 6:13
Sunset 8:13
A while ago I mentioned that a coworker of Ken's brought in some strawberry plants and gave them away.  We got three plants and I planted them in a pot on the deck.  One plant died right away, one looked as if it was about to die and one looked so so.  Well I am happy to say that the two plants have survived and one plant produced one strawberry which I picked and ate yesterday.  I shared it with Ken.  It was only one and we only had a taste but what a taste it was.  So sweet, it was like candy. : )  Of course it deserved a picture. 
The first strawberry.
Ken holds it in the palm of his hand.
Maybe next year there will be lots of strawberries for us.

This morning I made a three bean salad which will be part of supper tonight and also made a loaf of bread.  It smelled so good that when it was done I cut two pieces and had them for lunch with butter and raspberry jam on them.  Yummy!
The rest of the afternoon I'll be doing a little cleaning, ironing and then reading some more of my book.

Hope you're having a great Monday.
We have a choice every day regarding
the attitude we will embrace for that day.
~ Charles Swindoll

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Star-Spangled Banner

Did you know that Francis Scott Key wrote a second stanza to The Star-Spangled Banner? 

Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must when our cause it is just.
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Philippians 3:20
For our citizenship is in heaven, 
from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior,
the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed Sunday.
Smile often. : )

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Hot and sticky

out there walking this morning - 74 and very humid.  I walked down a couple of paths and a couple of roads between paths.
Here things look lush and green by the water and you can see the haze above the trees.
Walking along the the road I saw two baby deer when I looked down in the woods.  They stood still and I took their picture.  They are kind of hard to see down there, hope you can see find them.
Just ahead I walked down the path and saw a grown deer who must have been there mom.  I saw two more deer later on too.
I passed some cone flowers with three gold finches were eating the seeds for breakfast.
People out running, walking, biking, and pushing baby strollers.  Quite a lot of activity for an early hot Saturday morning.
Found the first coins of the month - a dime and a penny.
Didn't quite make the 6 mile mark this morning.  Walked 5.7 and I must have drank a quart of water when I got home!!
Sunrise 6:11
Sunset 8:16
Ken left to go to work at the old house while I was out walking.  He plans on spending the whole day over there.  One of the things he will be doing is power washing the house. He loves that job and it should keep him nice and cool.

In the morning I walked down to church to watch and support the musical pastor of our church get questioned by a panel of pastors.  This is part of the process of him becoming an ordained pastor.  He stood for 2 hours and 15 minutes getting questioned about his life, beliefs and church doctrine.  It was quite an ordeal and I thought he did a great job.  He spoke well and seemed at ease answering all the hard questions. 
Then all the pastors went off to discuss how he did.  Just 5 minutes later they came back with a recommendation of YES.  Now tomorrow morning during church the church members will vote yes or no on the recommendation. If it is yes, there is a ceremony tomorrow evening at church for Pastor Bob and it becomes official.
Pastor Bob has my yes vote!! : )
I wasn't going to go first but I'm glad I did.  I'd never been to anything like it before and actually learned quite a lot.
I could have stayed at church for lunch but decided to come on home and had lunch here.

I plan on doing very little the rest of afternoon.  I'm enjoying my book so I'll read some more of that. 

We plan to go out eat somewhere for dinner which is a nice thing to look forward to.

Hope your day is a happy one.
We shall never know all the good
that a simple smile can do.
~Mother Teresa