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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The roof gets done with weekend.

We left to go 'up to the country' early Saturday morning at 5:30 so there was no time for a walk but I got plenty of exercise working and walking around our land.  A full day of work on Saturday and a half day today and the lower roof is now finished. We thank God for keeping us safe.
Here Ken gets started on the starter strip.
Ken is straddling the roof here doing the ridge cap.
 This view is taken from the window.
Here is Ken coming down off the roof.  : )
There is some other roofing that still has to be done along the lower sides and back and some final touches that need to be done but it is easy and shouldn't take that long. 

Saturday Mark, one of our neighbors came up the mountain on his tractor and asked if we would like some trees. : )  I thought it was kind of funny because we have so many trees but he was going to throw them away so we said we'd take some.  Later in the day he came back with these 9 evergreen trees for us.  We just put them along here and will space them out another day.
 This poor 'Charlie Brown Tree' made number 10. : )
Mark gave trees to other neighbors too.
We don't have many neighbors here but they are all so nice and friendly. : ) 

I went for a short 4 mile walk this morning up to town because I didn't want to stay away too long because I wanted to be around when Ken went up on the roof.  We left a little after noon for the return trip home and got here a little after 3:00.  We drove through a few rain storms.  

With me missing church today it has seemed like Saturday all day.  I'm not ready for the weekend to be over! 

When we got home we were sitting in the living room and both of us just dozed right off and had ourselves a nice little nap.

We made nachos for supper and now I'm just about ready to have some ice cream.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend and you sleep well tonight. 

Comment Replies:
Auntie:  there are many little streams all over the place here. 


  1. It really looks fantastic! I am enjoying watching the process!!

  2. You are both doing a great job. It looks really good.

  3. It looks amazing! Ken must be very knowledgeable to be able to do the roofing himself!

  4. Wow--that is awesome, Karen. Your hubby and you are one very smart people --to be able to do all of that by yourselves... We could NEVER do that. Our talents do not fall in those areas. Love your country area/land--and I'm so happy for both of you. Those little trees are nice...


  5. it is always nice to see your building process. Evergreen trees are very nice.

  6. Your building project is so impressive. It was kind of your neighbour to give you those trees, I like the little Christmas tree. Looking closely at the others they could be Leylandii which grow 15 metres in as many years. They have been the cause of many neighboour disputes and the tallest specimen in the UK is 200 ft and still growing.So if they are, be careful where you plant them.

  7. Hooray for the weekend accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another step done. :-)


  8. Wow, it looks great. You and Ken possess many talents!
    How nice to have such kind neighbors. The trees look really nice.
    I was reading your previous posts and am happy to know you are enjoying the book. I'll have to look for that one next. As far as the reader who suggested Elizabeth Berg books. I totally agree. I think I've read all of her books. I just love her writing style.

  9. What a great building - I often take a short nap in a reclining chair after lunch a bad habit I have got into since I retired! What friendly neighbours you have.


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