Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quite a storm

We had some bad storms go by late last night.  Very high winds and the lighting put on quite a show.  Not lightening bolts but the whole sky lighting up non stop.  Only far off sounding rolls of thunder and it didn't rain long but when it did rain it came down in sheets.
The air was a little cooler this morning and the temperature was 65.  Not long though before it started getting pretty hot again.
The sidewalks and streets had leaves and branches scattered about.  

 I walked a route that I had clocked with my old pedometer and in the car and knew to be 6 miles.  I took along both of my pedometers this morning, old one and Striiv and wanted to see the difference and there was quite a bit.
Old pedometer had me walking the 6 miles but the Striiv had me only walking 5.3 miles.  I just couldn't believe the car and old pedometer could be that far off from the Striiv.  I played around with the Striiv and did find a place that I can change my stride.  (So Beth from Canada, they told you wrong when you asked about your stride.  You CAN change your stride in SETTINGS and click on the LITTLE MAN.)
I had figured out my stride with the old pedometer so I've just plugged that in on the Striiv.
This morning I walked down the road to the end of Gray Rock and back home.
I either took 12,874 steps or 11,594.  Either way it was a good walk. : )
I just now tracked my walk with GMaps and they too had my walk today at 6 miles.  So  tomorrow I'll wear both again and see if the stride change to the Striiv fixes things.
I did a couple loads of laundry and then we went out to do a few errands.  We didn't have much luck and ended up not getting anything we wanted. But we did have lunch out so that was nice.
We were lucky and didn't lose power but lots of people did and sections of places were without power as we drove around.  Stores were closed in places too.

So we are home for the rest of the day just puttering around.  Ken is going to make us some nachos for supper.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.
Hope your day is a happyone.
Happy is the man who has acquired
the love of walking for its own sake.
W.J. Holland

Friday, June 29, 2012

Loving my Striiv

Pretty hot and sticky out there even early this morning.  The temperature was 73 degrees.  It was cloudy so without the sun it kept it a little bit better than it could have been.
The sun was a hazy glow through the clouds.
A walk around the lake again for me.  Nice looking at the lake.  At least it looked nice and cool.  Lots of people again getting out before the heat of the day.

I saw a few rabbits and one squirrel startled me as I walked by him jumping out of a trash can with a half eaten apple.

I found a lucky penny.
I walked my 6 miles this morning and with this pedometer that was 13,267 so I'll aim for at least 13000 steps on my walk.
Thanks Beth from Canada for telling me about the strides.  : ) 

I love my new Striiv pedometer.
I ended up walking 17,193 by the end of the day yesterday.
At home today doing a bit of cleaning. 
I also have been spending a bit TOO MUCH time playing with my Stiiv.  There is a little game MyLand on it that I've been playing.  You get to build up an island putting buildings, flowers and animals on it.  You collect energy from the steps you take and buy coins and then can add things to the island. 
This little thing is so much more than just a pedometer.  I'm so glad that I got it!!

Well, I'd better get off this computer and do some work.
A happy day to you.
Above all, do not lose your desire to walk:
every day I walk myself into a state of well-being
and walk away from every illness;
I have walked myself into my best thoughts,
and I know of no thought so burdensome
that one can not walk away from it.
~ Soren Kierkegaard

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My new pedometer

Another nice sunny morning for walking, though it was a little bit warmer and no breeze but still quite pleasant.
I walked around the lake and the water was like glass.  
You can just make out a boat out there on the lake.
I see very few bike riders around the lake in the morning but today was the exception.  Is it ride your bike day or something, because there were 11 of them today!!!

One of my walking friends said good-bye to me.  This is his last day walking around the lake.  He has sold his house and is moving down to North Carolina.  He was leaving when he finished his walk.  I will miss seeing him each morning.

I saw the heron again.  He had been by the lake most mornings but I haven't seen him lately.  Good to see him back.  A few rabbits were around and I saw three deer too.

I got a new pedometer yesterday.  A Striiv and used it the first time this morning.   It is an amazing little thing.  It does so much more than just keep track of your steps and miles.  Check out this LINK if your interested.
As you can see here I took 12,401 steps on my walk.  Normally this many steps would be a little over 6 miles for me, but this said I only walked 5.7 miles.  I haven't found a way to adjust my stride.  But maybe this is more accurate than my old pedometer and I've just been giving myself more miles than I've actually walked.  I guess I'll just have to walk a little farther from now on. : )
One nice think about the Striiv is you don't have to clip it on your pants.  Just having it on your person or even in your purse, it will still record your steps.  I'm going to keep it with me all day and see how many steps I walk in a day.  I'm going to try very hard NOT to become obsessed with how many steps I take. 
Went out to buy a birthday present for one of our granddaughters, came home and wrapped it and now have to go out again and mail it.  The granddaughters have birthdays within days of each other.  July 2 and 5. 

Other than that I'm home puttering around the house. 
The weather has turned hot again and it's in the mid 90's.
Hope your day is a good one.
A rose can say "I love you,"
orchids can enthrall,
but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
yes, that says it all.
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Another morning like yesterday for walking.  Lots of sunshine, 66 degrees, and that lovely cool breeze.  I just wandered around this morning taking no special route.  Walked along streets, some paths, through a couple parking lots and through some neighborhoods.

Not many people about.  Only a few walking dogs and no one along the paths.  I guess everyone was over at the lake this morning.

I spotted a couple of rabbits munching away on some grass.  Counted six deer.  One of which you can barely see just beyond this foot bridge.  Two more followed him across the path.
As always I enjoyed my morning walk.  It's just great being able to start my day this way.
I found two lucky pennies.
Steps for this walk was 13,659 which was 6.7 miles.
Well, the association meeting last night was not fun but the good news is that the clothes line stays.  Of course even if they told me I couldn't have one I would still have continued to hang my clothes outside.  But now I shouldn't have any more trouble about it (I hope).  There's not much they can do when you have the law on your side.  There is still one woman on the board who just does not want clothes lines.  She kept giving us dirty looks all through the meeting and she is the one who has been turning in the complaints.   I just don't get what bothers her so much, but I'm not going to let her bother me.  I can have my clothes line and that is all that matters and that makes me happy. 

I had to rip out the blue place mat I started knitting again.  This time due to a mistake that I couldn't fix but I hadn't done very much on it.  I've restarted again and this time so far so good. : )

I've ironed some of Ken's work shirts today.  So nice and convenient being able to keep the ironing board set up. 

I've been meaning to order some stuff from The Company Store that has been on sale and just got around to doing it today.  Good thing too because this is the last day for the sale.

That's my day so far.
Hope this day finds you wearing a smile.
I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things....
I play with leaves.
I skip down the street
and run against the wind.
~Leo Busacglia

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Delightful weather

What a beautiful morning today for my walk.  It was 55 degrees, lots of sunshine, no humidity to speak of and a cool breeze.  Wow it was great.  I walked around the lake and it looked especially pretty.  I went down the little hill by the dam side of the lake and took this picture.
A lot of people out again but not quite as many as yesterday.  I walked a little way with Barb before she turned off on the path that she takes home.  She walks around the lake two times in the morning.  I see her on her second walk of the day!

I didn't see any deer but I did count five rabbits along the bunny trail.  The usual geese and birds were around too.

I found two coins - both pennies.
Walking steps today were 12,923 which was 6.3 miles
I have missed the last two weeks of knitting so looked forward to getting back to that and seeing my knitting friends.  We meet outside in the courtyard of a small mall now that the weather is nice.  It was a little cool sitting outside but nice to be out there.
I started knitting a variegated blue place mat last night and brought that with me today.  I realized that it was going to be way too big so I ripped it out and started over this time only casting on half the stitches called for.

After leaving knitting I stopped over at the old house to take in the empty  recycling cans and then came back home.  Had some lunch and then cooked up some chicken for the enchiladas I will be making for supper.  I like to cook the chicken up ahead of time and then later I just have to put everything together and bake it.  Saves time later.

After supper we are going to the home association meeting.  Most of you know that I hang my clothes outside to dry and this appears to be a problem for some people.  Even though there is a law in Maryland stating home associations MAY NOT FORBID clothes lines.  We have already pointed out the law and was told okay about having the clothes line.  A couple weeks ago in the mail we got the rules that are to be voted on for our townhouse complex and we couldn't believe that there were rules against clothes lines again.  Ken wrote another letter and the rule was changed AGAIN, so we are going to the meeting tonight to make sure they don't sneak in another clothes line rule. 
I hate these meetings!!!!  Wish us luck.

The rest of the afternoon I'll be doing a little bit of nothing. : )  A little knitting and will start another book.  I'm going to reread Little Women.  I read it when I was a kid and picked up the book a while ago on sale.  I wonder if I will think it as good as I did when I was young.  I don't remember much about it except it's about four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy growing up during the civil war.

Hope you're having some delightful weather in your area too.
I want to do something splendid...
Something heroic or wonderful 
that won't be forgotten after I'm dead...
I think I shall write books.
~ Louisa May Alcott

Monday, June 25, 2012

A walk and catching up

Nice to be back walking around my lake again this morning.  It was 66 degrees and pretty humid out there.  I could have used some of that cooler mountain air!  It was quite crowed around the lake - more like an afternoon than early morning. 
This is what the sky looked like this morning.
I saw a deer standing in the stream along the path leading to the lake but a couple of dogs scared him off. Except for the birds and geese, that was it for the wild life.
 A foot bridge I walk across going back home.
It's along the path behind the church.
This morning I took 12,639 and that came out to 6.1 miles this time.
We've had some rain showers and it is a bit windy out now and it has cooled off a bit.  Not so humid anymore.

I've spent the day catching up on things around the house and reading blogs.  I don't like getting so far behind.

I've just finished reading the book Middle Age by Joyce Carol Oates.  I really like all of the books I've read by her but they are a bit depressing.  This one too had some depressing parts but it had some happy endings in there too.  I liked the book.  It was one of my own books - one of those books on the shelf that I don't seem to get around to reading with going to the library so much!
This book I will pass on to a woman named Jessica.  She is a fan of Oates and collects her books.

That's been my day so far.
Hope you're having a cheerful day. 
Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world.
Don't go through life creaking.
~ H.W. Byles

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home again

I went for a walk again this morning and this time I headed into town.  On the way down the hill I met a couple (Lena and Jim) walking their dog and stopped to talk to them.  They live just down the hill from our land and have lived there all their lives.  Her family owned a farm for years and I think this is the farm which I walked passed.
Here I am coming into town.
I walked to Annie's Kitchen which is only a little over three miles away.  Ken drove there and we met for breakfast.
Here's Annie's Kitchen.  See that huge chair in front?
I sat in it waiting for Ken to get there.  Once he got there he took a picture of me sitting in the chair.  I felt like a very little girl. : )
Breakfast at Annie's was delicious.  I had only one pancake but it was a very big one.  What kind you're thinking - A chocolate chip one.  It was the best pancake I've ever had!!  The one pancake took up the whole plate and I couldn't eat it all.  I can't believe that I forgot to take a picture of it.  I'll remember next time because there WILL be a next time.

It was great to spend another day on our land and today I got the deck stained.  It is a color stain so looks just like pant.  It went on easy and I got it done pretty fast.  We are pleased how it turned out.
We also got the two wheels at the end of the driveway painted again.  Not a very bright red but you can see it a bit better than the black.
Ken didn't get any more of the shingles done but he cleared up the road on our land that leads to the top of another hill and did a bunch of odd jobs that needed done.  We did take some time for relaxing too.

Traffic was much heavier on a Sunday than a Saturday so it it probably not a good idea to come home again on a Sunday.  I wanted to stay another day but Ken really did have to get back to work tomorrow. 

So here I am at home once again.  It really is nice to be back in a house with my big screen computer. : )
I'll be around to visit all of you tomorrow.
Right now I'm off to have some chocolate chip mint ice cream.: )
Hope all is well in your part of the world.
A smile from me to you.
Vee - there actually is a little church up there that I've thought about going to.  If we plan to be up there on a Sunday I probably will give it a try.  Couldn't today because I didn't have any clothes to wear to church. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another day

I went for a walk first thing this morning and walked among the clouds.  Here I'm walking down the gavel road alongside our land on the left side.
A little farther along you can see the sun starting to come through the clouds.
I walked up the hill again past the horses like last week but it was still foggy there and I couldn't see to the end of their field. 
I'm surprised this tree is still standing here with its roots all exposed like that.
I just walked one way this morning.  An hour after leaving on my walk, Ken left in the truck to pick me up.  I had just walked passed this stream here when he caught up to me and picked me up.
By then the sun was shining and did the whole day.  A beautiful sunny day in the low 80's.

I never did get to stain the deck because the wood still didn't dry enough but I did paint a couple of big old metal wheels black. 
Ken dug a couple of holes with the tractor on both sides of our driveway and put in some posts and then hung the wheels on them.  It's kind of hard to see them in the picture.
We have decided to paint them maroon instead so they will stand out more and will put a white and red rope from one wheel to another across the driveway.  We've bought the paint and rope this evening and tomorrow I'll paint them again.

Ken made some good progress with the shingles on the tractor barn and completed one side. 
We've been enjoying the couple of days up here so much that we have decided to spend another night here.  We usually go home Saturday so I can go to church Sunday morning but I don't think God will mind if I skip a week. : )

Maybe tomorrow I'll get the deck stained.
I haven't had time to visit with any of you because once again I'm at MacDonald's and don't have that much time, but I'll catch up once I get back home.

Hope your day was a good one.
A smile from me to you. : )

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Strange Caterpillar

We are up on our land again today and tomorrow.  I had planned on staining the deck today but we had a thunderstorm so couldn't do it and now the wood is wet.  Maybe by tomorrow afternoon the wood will be try enough for me to stain it.
It didn't rain long though so we were able to be outside most of the day. 
We cleared a little more land and Ken managed to get a few more rows of the shingles done on the tractor barn. 
We got to sit on the deck and just enjoy the quiet around us.  I even got a little reading done. 

I walked around on our land and came across this little snake.  I don't know what kind it is.  I wanted to get a picture of his head but he slithered away.
Then I saw this strange caterpillar on the tire of the trailer.  Anyone ever see one like it or know what kind it is, or what kind it is?  Does it turn into a butterfly?

We just did a little shopping a Walmart and have made a stop here at MacDonald's again using the free internet which is so nice before heading back to the trailer.
The rain has really cooled things off and it is a beautiful evening.

Hope your day was a happy one.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This and that.....

I walked around the lake this morning and it was 70 degrees and humid again, but that is a lot better than ice when I can't walk!!  It really isn't that bad if you go early enough.  I didn't get really hot until I had walked about 4 miles and by then I only had a couple more miles to walk. 
Everyone who exercises around where I live must have been out this morning before it got too hot because there were lots and lots of people.  I started counting them but lost count after 38 and that was only about a quarter of the way around the lake.
Not much wildlife about but I did spot this little snapping turtle hiding in the grass.  I see so many of the turtle eggs smashed that it was nice to see that this little guy survived.
A pretty quiet walk this morning in spite of all the people.  Most looked like they just wanted to get this over with so they could get cool again.  Not many happy faces about.  I still smiled at everyone and wished them a good morning.  There were the usual regulars who like me don't mind to walk in any kind of weather. : ) 
I found a couple of coins, a nickel and a penny.
I took 12,824 steps on my walk which for me was 6.2 miles.
A few people commented on the milk truck from yesterday and milkmen.
Just a few more thoughts about the milkman from yesteryear.  We had a silver milkbox that was kept outside the back door given to us by the milkman.  He would leave our milk in quart bottles there a few times a week.  We would wash and put the empty bottles back in the milkbox for him to take away to get refilled with milk. You could also order other dairy products and they too would appear in the box next time.  I don't know how often but a bill would appear in the box at times and my mom would put the payment in the box to be picked up the next day.  It was a good system and we never had to run to the store for milk.
Sometime in the mid to late 60's the Garden State store opened in my town and we started going there for our milk.  You could get 1/2 gallon bottles which was a big thing back then.  So that was the end of our milkman coming to the house.  Kind of sad.
I now have one of those silver milkboxes sitting on my stoop by the front door.  It is no longer for milk but I keep a little garden shovel and gloves in it.
A got some bread started in the machine, a couple of loads of laundry hung up on the line, then had some breakfast.  I got some strawberries yesterday so put them on my Cocoa Krispies. : )

Then I left to do a few errands.  One was a stop at the bank and another was to pick up some more yarn at JoAnne's.  I went to get some more Simply Soft Yarn by Carron.  As luck would have it, it was on sale - $1.50 off each skein - so I saved $10.50.

Waiting in line with my yarn I started talking to the woman in front of me.  She had a card of buttons in her hand to buy.  She told me that this was her second time in the store today.  I laughed as she told me her story.
She came out to just buy the card of buttons, but walking around the store she picked up material and other items because they were all on sale and ended up spending over  $200.  She got her stuff in the car and realized that she had forgotten to pick up the card of buttons that she originally came out for!!  So there she was in line again.  This time with her $3 card of buttons. : )

When I got back home, my clothes were dried and the bread was just about done.  I waited and had lunch once it was done.  A couple of nice warm pieces of bread with butter and jelly.

Got some work done around the house, cleaning bathrooms, some dishes and just a general clean up.

Now is my time to relax - read some blogs and hopefully have some time to read my book before Ken comes home from work.

We have to go out this evening and pick up a few things to take with us tomorrow up to our land.  Ken has been using some of his vacation days on these Fridays.  He is getting used to and liking working a four day week!

Hope all is well in your part of the world. 
A smile from me to you. : )
On cable TV they have a weather channel -
24 hours of weather.
We had something like that
where I grew up.
We called it a window.
~ Dan Spencer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The milk truck

A warm humid morning for walking but it wasn't that bad early in the morning.  I walked one of my connect the path routes and I was mostly under trees and there was a slight breeze.
There were quite a few people out along the paths which is unusual because normally I only see a few and sometimes no one at all.  I'm thinking more people were out early before it really got too hot to be exercising.
I saw a little toad hopping along the sidewalk.  He was a tiny little thing and didn't stay still long enough to get a picture.  Then there was the fox and other times I've seen a fox they are very skittish and run away at once.  This one walked slowly across the street and across the sidewalk and stopped and stared at me.  I stopped to take this picture and then he slowly walked away.  I'm wondering if he was sick or something.  I didn't want to get too close.
Walking down one of the side streets I came across this truck delivering, among other things, milk.  I didn't know you could get milk delivered to your door anymore.  I remember as a kid the milk man coming around a few times a week leaving milk and other dairy products.  One of my friends father was a milk man.  The milk trucks have gotten a lot bigger than those easy to recognize shaped milk trucks from yesteryear.
 The milk man was friendly too.  I was going to ask if I could take his picture but I thought he would think it strange so when he left the truck I just took a picture of his truck.
I was pretty wet when I got back home and it didn't rain. : )
Today my walk was 12,389 steps which came out to 6 miles.
Last night we did decide on Mexican and went to Don Pablos for supper.  We hadn't been there in more than three years.  What I like about the menu is that they have all the calories listed next to the food.  It really made a difference for me in what I chose to eat which was Mama's Skinny Enchiladas.  It was under 500 calories and I brought a little less than half of it home. : )  Oh and they were very good too.

Made a trip to the commissary mid morning to replenish my dwindling supplies. A good day to go, not many people there and no lines to wait on. No windows open in the car today during the drive there.  It is definitely an AC kind of day.  It is always so cold in stores with their AC turned up and I'm always freezing but today it felt good.  When I walked out of the store it was like walking into an oven.  Summer has arrived right on time here.  It is supposed to cool of a bit tomorrow though.

 It being so hot out, my clothes dried in record time outside.  They were even hot just like they came out of the dryer.  Actually when the weather is cool is when they smell the best!

So that's been my day so far.
Hope you're enjoying this first day of summer.
 What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.
~John Steinbeck
A lot of times when I email a reply to comments, people are just receiving the email with just their comment and my response isn't there. 
I usually only answer direct questions so I'm going to try to just answer the questions at the end of the next day's post. 
Vee - Scout chose turquoise for me.
Shammickite - there was some question about the orange/red color being radioactive but it wasn't true.  All the colors are perfectly save.
Edit: It appears I was wrong about the red/orange fiestaware not being radioactive.  It is in the glaze.  Still they say it's not enough to matter.  I'll continue to eat off of it because I have for years and I seem to be fine. : )  Besides I don't eat off of it very often.  My favorite color is the green.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Missing them already

Spending time yesterday and this morning with the kids was a blessing.  It is great to just spend time playing and listening to the little ones.  They really are a joy to be with and makes for a happy heart. : )
David, Scout, Japhy and I went out for a little bit of shopping after spending the morning talking and catching up.  We had lunch out at The Noodle Company and then went back home.  It was a rainy day so we couldn't go to the park but we had fun inside playing.
Here sits Japhy taking his new toy out of the package.  He was too intent on what he was doing to look up.
We all laughed at Scout being silly here with the orange peel.
Ken came home early from work and received a quite a welcome with lots of hugs and big smiles.
Scout helped with dinner and set the table.  We used the colorful fiestaware and she had quite a fun time deciding which colors would be just perfect for everyone.

This morning I made them all French toast and after that they left to spend today and tomorrow down at the shore in Delaware.
I look forward to seeing them all again.
I took my walk as usual early this morning and walked around the lake.  It was a cloudy morning and humid with a temperature of 67 and just for a few minutes there was a light little rain shower.   That was nice though because it cooled me off a bit.  Later the sun came out and we've had a sun and clouds day.
Lots of people out around the lake.  Walkers, runners, a bike rider, fishermen and boats.
There were many rabbits up on the bunny trail - so many I stopped counting after six.
Nothing unusual happening around this morning but a most enjoyable walk non the less.
My steps for this walk was 12,577 and again I walked 6.1 miles.
I didn't really feel like doing much after the kids left.  I guess I was missing them already but then felt happy that at least I got to see them for as long as I did.  And God willing, will see them plenty more times. : )

Instead of just doing regular cleaning I decided to clear off the hutch, give it a good dusting and change the dishes on it.
Here it is before with the Fiestaware on it.
 And here it is with dishes on it that I've picked up at different antique and flea markets over the years.  I like that they don't match and think it is fun to set the table with all different patterns.  One good thing about that, is that if one breaks, its no big deal, I don't have to find a particular pattern to replace it.
So I've just been puttering around the house, moving a few other things around a bit too.  Nothing big just little things.

When Ken comes home from work we are going out to do some errands and will eat out somewhere.  Not sure yet where we will be going.  I'm thinking maybe Mexican.

Now I'm off to catch up on some blog reading.  Once again I'm getting behind!

Hope you have found your bit of happiness today and don't forget to be thankful for it.
With every deed you are sowing a seed,
though the harvest you may not see.
~Ella Wilcox

Monday, June 18, 2012

A walk and a visit

The temperature was 58 degrees under cloudy skies when I started out on my walk this morning.  I left a little earlier than usual because we woke up a little early.  I didn't take my umbrella because it wasn't raining when I left but by the time I got to the lake there was a light drizzle.  It drizzled on and off during all of my walk but I never did get wet, just damp.
It was very quiet around the lake and I only saw a handful of people and they were all runners.
The geese seemed to be enjoying the rain on the lake.
 And this turtle was stopped in the middle of the path taking in the shower.
The birds were all out too and I got lucky and saw a blue bird.  As usual all the birds were singing their happy morning songs.
It was nice to hear the rain dripping down through the leaves and even though it was drizzly I enjoyed my walk. : )
I took 12,624 steps which for me was 6.1 miles.
I'm posting earlier than usual today because later this morning my son, David and my two youngest grandkids are coming down from NJ for a visit. 
I have the bread machine going and I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies which the kids know I always have on hand.
For dinner we will have baked ziti and a salad with the home made bread.
It should be a great day!! : )

A happy day to you all.
Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.
~Albert Einstein

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Living Waters

 John 4:14
Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him 
shall never thirst,
but the water that I shall give him 
shall be in him a well of water 
springing up into everlasting life.

A blessed Sunday to you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A friendly horse

This morning I went for a walk first thing just like at home.  I walked down to the paved road and instead of turning left toward town I took a right and walked up another hill! I turned around half way up and took this picture.  It might not look like much of a hill but believe me it is!
Just a little farther up the hill I saw these two horses.  They both stopped eating to take a look at me. They are pretty far away but I zoomed in on them.
I stayed to watch them and the one on the right walked on over towards me.  When he got to the fence he just stood there looking at me.  I talked to him a while and then continued on up the hill.
 When I got to the top of the hill I was rewarded with this view.
Then I got to walk back down the hill.  But there was the hill to walk back up again to get back to the trailer.
Besides the horses, I saw some cows, quite a few deer including a mom and baby, chipmunks, a ground hog, red winged black birds, two wild turkeys and some other birds that I've never seen before.

The weather was just like yesterday, sunny, and in the low 70's.  A perfect day to spend on our land.

We didn't really do any work today.  Ken played around on the tractor clearing some more rocks and trees to make roads and trails.  This huge rock he moved over to the side of a trail which I thought would make a nice place to stop and take a rest.  I cleared out the weeds and dead fall around it. 
We had left over pizza for lunch sitting out on the deck.  Ken did a few little jobs that needed done around the place.  I got the trailer back to order and cleaned up a bit.  Then I did take my book on the deck and sat out there and read.
We really enjoyed our time there.  : )

We are back home now and I just finished my ice cream snack.  I'm off now to just sit in my chair in the living room and watch a little television before bed.

Hope you all had a great day.
Pleasant dreams.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Deck and a Walk

I'm at MacDonald's again using their free Internet after eating pizza for supper at Brenda's and  a trip to Lowe's.  Pizza at Brenda's is becoming a Friday night habit now.  We returned some lumber at Lowe's.  It was a nice change to get some money from them. : )
We started on the deck as soon as we arrived this morning and progress went pretty fast.  I had fun nailing the decking with the nail gun.
Here is Ken working on the deck.  
We took a break for lunch and by late afternoon we were finished with it.  Here is Ken taking a well earned break on our new deck.  We are quite pleased with how it turned out.  I'm hoping tomorrow to spend some time sitting out there reading! : )
We decided to keep the railing low so we could sit and out over it.  After the wood has some time to dry out I am going to stain and seal it.

Late afternoon I went for a walk around our land.  I went up this path for a while and walked here and there on any paths that came along.
Then I walked down to the road 
 and walked up the driveway to the first lot of land we bought.  As you can see it is pretty overgrown now.  We will work on that tomorrow.
Then I made my way through the woods to the road that Ken has started making with his tractor.
From there I went to our driveway and then back to the trailer.
The weather was sunny, low humidity and in the low 70's.  A perfect weather day for working and walking in the country.

Hope your day was filled with happiness.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day

Another lovely morning for walking.  62 degrees, sun and clouds and low humidity.  I walked over to the lake.
This cute little young bunny was so scared he just stayed there and let me take his picture.
After walking about a quarter of the way around the lake I walked up a path and came out on the north side of the park.
Then I walked along the road  almost to my house, but turned left before I got there and walked down the road a bit.

As I neared an intersection I watched a car go right through a stop street with cars coming down the street.  Breaks squealed, a horn blared, I put my hands to my face and  waited for the crash.  The cars were only inches apart when they stopped and luckily there was no accident, but boy was it close.  I thought maybe someone would get out of their car but they didn't and they both continued on their way. 

I continued on my way too and turned in by the pool and walked along the path.  John and Petey were walking along the path and I stopped to talk to them.  For those of you who are new readers they are a 90 year old couple who walk a few miles every day! : )
I continued along the path and then home.
Instead of writing the miles I walked today I'm recording the steps I took - 12,219.
I enjoyed my pancake supper yesterday and added some mini chocolate chips and strawberries on top and of course some maple syrup. Didn't have any whipped cream but I didn't miss it with all that other good stuff.

I whizzed around the house this morning getting some cleaning done.  I feel good that I gave the kitchen floor a good cleaning.  It's been a while since I've gotten down on my hands and knees and actually scrubbed it good.  I don't feel it gets really clean with just a mop.

Ken worked late yesterday so he could come home early this afternoon.  He wanted to be here for a delivery we are expecting this afternoon.  Our latest purchase is a wood chipper so I can feed those little trees to it that Ken has been cutting down up on our land.  It weighs almost 300 pounds and it is being delivered as freight and we have to get it off the truck because they just bring it to the door and we have to unload it ourselves.  Since I can't do that by myself Ken will be here too.
Then later we will go and buy the decking for the deck and just bring the load up tomorrow when we go.  We decided to use pressure treated lumber because the cost is one third that of the trex we were going to use.  I will just seal the wood which cost about $30 to do.

So I'm posting a little earlier than usual today because I don't know if I'll have time later on.

Hope your day is a good one.
Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!
- Francis Scott Key, The Star-Spangled Banner, September 14, 1814.