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Psalm 118:24


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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Deck and a Walk

I'm at MacDonald's again using their free Internet after eating pizza for supper at Brenda's and  a trip to Lowe's.  Pizza at Brenda's is becoming a Friday night habit now.  We returned some lumber at Lowe's.  It was a nice change to get some money from them. : )
We started on the deck as soon as we arrived this morning and progress went pretty fast.  I had fun nailing the decking with the nail gun.
Here is Ken working on the deck.  
We took a break for lunch and by late afternoon we were finished with it.  Here is Ken taking a well earned break on our new deck.  We are quite pleased with how it turned out.  I'm hoping tomorrow to spend some time sitting out there reading! : )
We decided to keep the railing low so we could sit and out over it.  After the wood has some time to dry out I am going to stain and seal it.

Late afternoon I went for a walk around our land.  I went up this path for a while and walked here and there on any paths that came along.
Then I walked down to the road 
 and walked up the driveway to the first lot of land we bought.  As you can see it is pretty overgrown now.  We will work on that tomorrow.
Then I made my way through the woods to the road that Ken has started making with his tractor.
From there I went to our driveway and then back to the trailer.
The weather was sunny, low humidity and in the low 70's.  A perfect weather day for working and walking in the country.

Hope your day was filled with happiness.


  1. Oh how I love your land, Karen. You are going to love it FOREVER.... AND--the deck is a wonderful addition.

    Be sure and wear bug spray when out walking. They say that the bugs (chiggers, ticks, and skeeters) are HORRIBLE this year.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Reading your update made me happy. You two have accomplished so much. I'm just amazed. I admire Ken's know-how and how hard you two have been working. Enjoy some relaxation this weekend.

  3. I love your deck! Your land is beautiful. What a great life for you, even if you have to go to McDonalds to use the internet ;-)
    Have a great weekend. Enjoy relaxing on the deck!

  4. The deck is beautiful. You both did a great job.

  5. Things are improving by leaps and bounds! Great deck, great job! Nice to have a place to sit and relax and read.

  6. Hi Karen. The new deck is very nice! I also enjoyed the walking tour around your property, all seems quiet and peaceful.

    John and Ellen

  7. Ahhhh you are at your other place, and that is why, the pic of baled hay!

    You guys do goooood work!!!!!!

    "This is not a letter
    but my arms about you
    for a brief moment."

    ~~Katherine Mansfield

  8. Those pix take me back.
    You are so blessed to be able to have a "Country Place" (like the rich and famous).
    Our cabin was right at the edge of the woods. We had a porch with a porch swing. I guess the diff between a porch and a deck is that a porch has a roof. I loved to sit out in the swing and hear the rain on the roof.
    Love seeing the pix.

  9. I can't believe you two built that deck so quickly. It's very neat work and looks quite sturdy.
    Enjoy it!!!

  10. What a beautiful place!! The deck turned out GREAT!

  11. What a beautiful place!! The deck turned out GREAT!

  12. The deck looks fabulous and so useful for sitting out and just relaxing. Great that you have the mobile home to relax in.


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