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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Monday, May 14, 2012

The work continues.....

We took off up to our land again early Friday morning.  What a difference just a week made.  All the leaves on the trees have finally come out and everything was lush green and beautiful.  Of course so did all the weeds and undergrowth pop out too.
Both Friday and Saturday were both beautiful sunny days in the 60's and just perfect for working and having fun.
The first thing, Ken put up the ladder/stairs
 and the trap door.
While he was doing that I weed wacked around the building area and part of the driveway.
There were some small trees that were getting in the way of the building so we cut a few of them down. Some of the trees Ken just used the tractor to pull out.  But this one was too big for that so he put a rope around the tree
and I drove the tracker up the hill until the rope was taunt so the tree would fall where we wanted it to.
Then with the chain saw, Ken cut the tree and down it came right where we wanted it to.
If your reading this Dad, I forgot to tell you yesterday that Kenny is still using the chain saw you gave us years ago.  It's still working just fine! : )

We finished putting the top trusses in place and I think that is where we finished Friday.  The two working days have kind of blended into one for me.  We worked till about 6:30, then got changed, and cleaned up as best we could and went to Brenda's for pizza.
We spent the night once again sleeping in the truck.

All the trusses got put up this weekend.  Can you spot me in-between the trusses up there?  I'm going around hammering on metal fasteners on every truss.  I did the top trusses too. I liked doing that because it was a job I could do without any help. : )
 The last two trusses went up on the lower back.
Next work time we should be able to get the roof sheathed and the little bump out done on the right side near the front.
One of the last things we did was hang up my wind chimes.
We worked until 6:00 and then went into town to Perkins and had supper and then headed back home.  We feel like we made good progress this week!
It was so nice to have had two beautiful weather days for working. AND I was NEVER cold!!! : )
The first thing I did when I got home was to take a nice shower!!  
Had a short walk of 3.5 miles Sunday morning before I had to get ready for church. I called my mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day while walking.
Every Mother's Day at church there are plants for all the mothers to pick out and take home.  I picked out this Coleus and planted in a pot on the deck.
I hope I don't kill it.  The strawberry plants I planted last week aren't looking too good and I think they will be dead very soon.

My son and daughter both called me after church to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.   I don't often talk to both of them on the same day! : )
So now it is Monday.  I walked around the lake this morning.  It was a warm 62 degrees but it wasn't long after I started out that it started raining.  Sure glad I took along my umbrella today.  Since it was a Monday and a rainy one there were hardly any people around the lake.
I must have counted a dozen red winged black birds.  A rabbit ran across the path in front of me and I saw two other baby rabbits later on.  The white egret was there as well as the heron.
The geese family was down on the grass near the water.  I walked down to get a picture of them and they all hopped in the water and took off.  
It nice being out and walking even though it was raining. 
I walked 6.2 miles.

I'm planning on being home all day.  Not sure what I'll be doing yet.  I do know that I'll be around later visiting blogs.  I have a lot of them to catch up on having been away from the computer for the last three days.

A happy Monday to you.
Happy people plan actions,
the don't plan results.
~ Dennis Wholey


  1. A lady at my church brings starts from her own flowerbed every year. I picked out a plant I'm unfamiliar with, since I had most of the rest already. It's some sort of ground cover; she didn't know it's name. If this rain ever stops, and the ground is workable, I'll set it in a spot where it can spread.
    I'm glad to see the tradition happens elsewhere.
    Love the reports on your building adventure!

  2. Oh I hope the strawberry plants will surprise you. I love the rich, deep elegance of coleus. A wonderful plant to have around. You guys are really going to town on your getaway. You'll be able to stay inside very soon!

  3. Hi There, I'm trying to catch up after being gone for a week.

    Sounds like you had a very productive weekend... We noticed all of the new spring growth when we were hiking in GA last week... Quite a change from a few weeks ago...

    Glad you got the tree down without doing any damage... Your new little 'home' is going to be perfect. What a fabulous get-away place!!!!


  4. You accomplished quite a lot on your weekend. I enjoyed the pictures.

    I love coleus, such a beautiful plant.

  5. Reading your blog really adds to my happiness, Karen. You always find something to be happy.

  6. Looks like another very productive weekend for you and Ken. That must be a very satisfying feeling to see the finished product and know that the 2 of you built it.
    So nice that you were able to talk to both of your kids on Mother's Day.
    Coleus are such pretty plants. You made a good choice. :)

  7. It is so much FUN to see all the work you guys are getting done! i'm loving it!

  8. A place is never really a home until you've hung the wind chimes, is it?

  9. You're making great progress on your building. It looks as if both of you are doing a great job.

  10. Amazing work you guys are doing. I am in total awe that you are doing this all by yourselves. I wish Mike and I were more handy (at a minimum) ... :-)

  11. You sure are a Jack of all trades! How great to get a shot at driving the tractor. You are making amazing progress with your building.

  12. I had not checked on your blog for a while and am most impressed with the progress you both made on building your little getaway house.

    You are having many happy hours building it and will have many happy hours living there.


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