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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Donate for a chance to win this afghan

I have made this weave-it afghan on a 4 inch weave-it loom.
  There are 288 squares in it.
16 squares by 18 squares.
It is approximately 59" x 64".

For every $10 you donate to the 
American Cancer Society on my page 
I will give you a raffle ticket and a chance to win the afghan.
Once you get to my personal page click on

and follow the instructions. 
It is very easy to do.
I will be able so see who has donated.
Or if you prefer not to leave your name there
you can email me.

 I will then write your name on a raffle ticket for the drawing to be held in May.
The ticket will be drawn at the
Relay for Life Walk.

Remember for every $10 you donate
you get a raffle ticket.
$20 will get you 2 chances,
$40, 4 changes and so on.

My goal is to raise $800,
but i have no problem with raising much more. : )
And God bless you.
Happyone : -)


  1. Oh a worthy cause for sure!

  2. Thanks for doing such a worthy thing. I much appreciate this as a cancer survivor. Art

  3. Wow, Karen, beautiful and a work of love. Bless you for your caring spirit :).

  4. Awesome afghan, Karen, and a fabulous cause... Thanks!

  5. Wonderful project. Will email you, Hon.

    I am not young enough to know everything."
    - Oscar Wilde

  6. Donation, done! I have three other close friends participating in this as well, good luck, great cause!

  7. I'll do it on the site, after all. After I figure it out! ,-)

    That place where you click "support an individual" or some such.... Does YOUR name get typed in there????? Or does my name get typed in there????

    I figure that your name goes there, at the beginning of the process. But gonna' wait to make sure.


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