Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day one of the Thanks Giving Challenge

A pleasant morning with a temperature of 44 degrees as i start my walk around the lake.  No breeze to speak of so it felt quite mild after yesterday.

It was still dark when i got to the lake and very quiet.  Then as the sky started to lighten up for the new day i started hearing a bird or two waking up and calling out to each other.  The geese started waking up making their presence heard too.  Some took flight for places unknown while others arrived.  Heard the squirrels in the leaves on the side of the path as they ran from tree to tree looking for some nuts to bury.  Started seeing a few people here and there too.  Morning had arrived at the lake.
So nice to be out there walking and seeing a brand new day start.
I walked 6.6 miles
Started the month off finding a dime!
Sunrise 7:35
Sunset 6:07
We don't do Halloween so we went out last night.  We ate out and then did some shopping.  One of the things i got was a new pocketbook.  The one thing i like to buy and really don't NEED any more of is pocketbooks.  I just love to get a new one  and then move all my stuff into it.  This one is a bit bigger than i normally carry but i like it because of all the pockets and zippers on the outside of it.  It is very soft and feels like its already broken in.  It was marked way down so it was a very good bargain too.  I've already moved into it.  This was big enough that i could put my knitting project in it when i went to my Tuesday knitting this morning.  
I started knitting a pair of slippers.  I haven't made anything for my Secret Sister lately so i think these will be for her.  Blue is her favorite color.  Here's what i've gotten done so far.
After knitting i went to a few stores looking for a particular item that i thought would be easy to find.  Not so easy but i did find it.  Ken has a birthday coming up and this was for him.  Sometimes he reads this so i'll wait to tell you what it was.  We don't usually give presents but this was just a little something i wanted to get him.
I also bake him a cheese cake and tomorrow i'll be baking that.  I still need to get some graham cracker crumbs for that.  I like to use Keebler brand and haven't been able to find them today.  I like Keebler brand because they seem to be finer than the others and i find they stick to the sides of the pan a lot better.  I still have a Food Lion to check out and now that i think about it, i think that is where i have found them before.

I haven't done anything around the house yet and i'm running out of day time.  I guess i'll have a very busy day tomorrow at home.
I'm way behind on blog reading and plan to get caught up on that today.   As you know it doesn't take long before the number of unread posts adds up.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
Blessed are those that can give without remembering
and receive without forgetting.
~ Author Unknown

I am joining with others in the Giving Thanks Challenge hosted by Leah on her blog South Breeze Farm.  Check it out and if you want to join in too.
I will keep a running list of the things i am thankful for on my sidebar. 

Day One 
November 1
It goes without saying that i have to put God at the
very top of any thankful list.  I thank Him for all that i am 
and the gift of eternal life through His son Jesus.
That said on this first day of the Thankful challenge
I am Thankful for my Knitting Group.
A fun group of women who i knit and talk with who have
become my friends. : )


  1. I like the idea of your Thangsgiving Challenge. I also like your description of the start of your day. You're a very good writer.

  2. Great way to begin a day! Warmer here today, too, thankfully. If it weren't for all my computer-related projects, I'd be knitting too!

  3. Great post! Enjoyed reading about your day and look foward to checking back in!

  4. Enjoyed reading of your day, and like you another purse is not what I need as I too have so many, but it seems when I am out shopping I am drawn to shoes and purses.
    I am now walking 3.5 miles each day, and when I am out walking I think of you so often especially when I get tired and want to quit early, I say "if Happyone can walk 6 plus miles I know I can walk these." So thank you for the motivation.
    Salvation through Jesus Christ is number one.
    I am looking forward to reading more.

  5. The day wakes up long before I do so it was fun to read all about it. Very descriptive!

    Great purse! I also like the pockets and compartments on the outside, but I especially love the color.

    And it's the tips that you give about specific things that I like such as the Hope's Perfect Glass cleaner and now Keebler graham cracker crumbs. I won't forget!

    So glad that you're joining in on the Giving Thanks Challenge, too!

  6. So glad you decided to join in the challenge this month. I pray that each participant comes to a greater knowledge of both God's presence and His many blessings in their life. Happy to have you along! :)

    Hugs to you,

    - Leah

  7. We have so much to be grateful for! Love that purse! And your next knitting project ha some pretty colors!

  8. I am impressed that you are up and walking before daylight! Amazing!

    I am thankful for Jesus too. I am visiting because of the Giving Thanks Challenge!


  9. I like your new purse. I love having compartments in mine too. Makes it so much easier to find what you're looking for. Great that you can also tuck your knitting in.
    Speaking of knitting ... very cute start to the slippers. Your secret sister will love having them to keep her feet toasty this winter.
    I look forward to reading all of the thankful posts. I think it's a great idea, but never seem to get my act together to do it every day.

  10. We too have stopped giving each other big birthday or Christmas presents but instead look for special treats, usually chocolate in my case!
    Here in the UK apart from the supermarket own brands we only seem to have one make of Digestives (Graham Crackers) which is Macvities but I have never seen them as crumbs. If I'm making a cheesecake base I put the biscuits in a plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin or heavy glass jar. This evening I wanted something with my cup of tea so I looked in the biscuit jar. There was one Digestive in there but as they are full of fat I was 'good' and had a couple of fruity Ryvitas instead.


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