Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wild Lake

We did go to Red Lobster last night.  Ken didn't have a suggestion so mine held up.  We both had the all you can eat shrimp.  You could choose from a few different kinds to start with and then could get as much as you wanted of those two.  I had grilled shrimp on a skewer and shrimp scampi.  I only had the one serving of each though and didn't get any more.  It was as good as i thought it would be!!
Started my walk a little later than usual at 7:30.  I usually wake up at 6:00 but with it being so dark in the morning i didn't wake up.  My body is already getting ready for the time change in a few weeks.
It was a cool 56 degrees and for a pleasant surprise it was sunny.  I walked a brand new route and discovered another lake.  I wanted to just walk and not have to turn around and walk back home so i told Ken i was off to explore and asked him if he would pick me up when i called. 
I've never walked this way because i have to cross a pretty busy street going this way but i thought i would give it a try because it was a weekend morning.
Here's my morning walk in pictures with few words.
Crossed the busy road and headed down this way.
The mall is up ahead.
Turned onto this path.
Which came came out here by a falls
at the end of Wild Lake.
A bench to sit on and look out over the lake.
Wouldn't it be nice to live here.

This path close to the water took me along a row of townhouses.
The footbridge leads me back to the beginning of the lake path.
A walk down the road
and along some more paths like this one
and i come out by a school.
I've walked a little over 6 miles by now
and call Ken and he comes to pick me up.
Here he comes now in our yellow FJ.
It was nice to walk in a completely different place for a change.  I didn't see much in the way of wildlife and not many people for such a pretty sunny morning.  A few people out walking dogs.
I hope you enjoyed the photos and taking a walk with me this morning.
Sunrise 7:17
Sunset 6:29

When we got back home i made French toast for breakfast.  Then we headed over to the old house.  We have some things to sell and we were meeting a man there who was interested in buying our old gas pump.  He showed up on time, liked the pump and thought the price was a great bargain.  We helped him load it into the back of his truck, he gave us the money and off he went.
The gas pump needs a little bit of work.  We have had it for years.  Ken's dad bought it years ago and we had it sitting out by our garage.  It has been a great conversation piece for years and people were always asking if we wanted to sell it.
Here it is just before it got hauled away.
Then it was off to do a few errands.  Stopped at Pot Belly and had a sandwich for lunch.
One of our stops was at Michaels so i could pick out some new yarn for my next knitting project.  I got these six different colors of yarn called Fun Fur.
Ken works with 6 women in his office and i'm going to knit them all a scarf for Christmas.  A different color for each of them.  The scarves are not very long  with each one only using one ball of yarn.  They are knitted on pretty big needles so they knit up fast.  Ken picked out the colors he thought each one would like.   I'll post pictures of the finished scarves.
Now off i go to start one.

A happy Saturday to you.
Happyone : )
Nobody trips over mountains.
It is the small pebble that cause you to stumble.
Pass all the pebbles in your path
and you will find you have
crossed the mountain.
~ Author Unknown


  1. You are a busy lady! I liked the photos of your walk - such pretty views. Your header photo is wonderful, too. I ran/walked along an old dirt road and on some trails this AM - it was 30 degrees when I started at 8:30 but warmed to 42 by the time I got home.

  2. Wow, nice walk this morning, I'm exhausted, lol!! Nice to discover new stuff, feels like a whole new world, eh? I remember those old gas pumps, before our digital age. I can't believe how fast the days are growing shorter, ugh, great post!

  3. I enjoyed walking along with you today. The lake looks so pretty and I especially liked the falls. I am now taking a walk every day. Not as long as yours, but I am inspired by reading about your daily walks. Maybe one day I'll get up to 6 miles :).
    The gas pump is so cool. I can see why it was a conversation piece. It sounds like the new owner will be very happy with it.

  4. OK, it would take me from now until NEXT Christmas to knit six scarves! LOL

    I have talents...knitting isn't one of them!

    Enjoyed your photos today!

  5. Now that's an interesting quote.

    You just never know what you're going to find striking off on an adventure. I've heard of people doing what you did...asking Ken to come fetch you and I've heard of people being dropped off six miles from home so they'd have to walk home. I like your way best.

    That's a cool gas pump. Glad that everyone was happy with the sale in the end.

  6. Wow, what a great walk. I wish I could do that but no body else in my house drives, so no one can come and pick me up.

  7. What a lovely different place to walk! And delightful to have someone to come pick you up, when you'd done your 6. :-)

    That old gas pump is so cool!!! Hope you got a good price for it. Must be collectible. (Calling the 'American Pickers'! -gigggles-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter." ~ Nova S. Blair


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