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~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Strange acting camera

A beautiful spring morning with a temperature of 67 degrees.  Lots of sunshine and a slight breeze - what a great morning for a walk around the lake.  A lot of people out again.  This is the time of year when I see a lot of people - before it gets too hot for them.  There is always the regulars I see though, just like me, out there in all kinds of weather.  I wore my old walking shoes and will until I buy another pair.  I will not wear those new shoes for walking, but I'll keep them to just wear around for every day.  I don't break in my walking shoes.  If they aren't comfortable on my first walk I won't wear them again.  When I get a good walking shoe, they are comfortable right from the start.  With all the walking I do they have to be . : )
I saw the heron along the path by the stream on the way to the park.  The other day when I was sitting on the deck, I saw one fly over my house! 

My camera was acting strange this morning.  When I turn it on, the lens goes out and back in again when I turn the camera off.  I had taken a couple of pictures this morning with no problem.  Then when I went to turn it on again later the lens kept going in and out over and over again.  I finally had to hold the lens in and not let it out when it finally turned off.  That happened a couple of times and then finally it went back to normal.  I'd better start looking around for a new camera.  I don't think I could function very well without one.  : )
Everything is so nice and green now.  Look how nice the path looks with green on either  side - I love this time of year.
I walked 6.4 miles.
Found a penny in the Giant parking lot.
Sunrise 6:16
Sunset 7:56
I was about to leave the house for my knitting group this morning when the UPS  man came with a letter for me.   It was something I needed to get notarized and mailed out again quickly so I made a stop at the credit union to get that done before going to knitting so I was late getting there.  I sewed weave-it squares together there today.

I parked over at the old house and walked over to knitting because I did some more yard work after knitting.  I spent an hour and a half picking up more sticks, raking, bagged leaves and mowed the rest of the front yard.  I filled three bags of leaves and one trash can of sticks.  A little more left to do in the front and then I can start on the back.  Of course I'll have to mow and trim the front often but at least it will be easier now.

Thought about skipping lunch completely because it was so late by the time I got back home but decided I should eat something, so I had a small baked potato.
I should be getting some stuff done around the house but here I sit on the computer instead.   Oh well, the work will just have to wait. : )

Till next time........
A smile from me to you.
Happyone : ) 
Who forces time is pushed back by time,
who yields to time finds time on his side.
~ The Talmud


  1. I must leave the computer when my back starts yelling at me. It's been yelling a lot so up I get and putter about with housework or projects. Guess it's working as far as getting things done. Your method of not breaking in walking shoes is interesting and I vaguely remember your saying so in the past. I always feel as if I have to break a shoe in, but perhaps I should rethink that. It does look beautifully green there. It's ugly brown here still. Shouldn't be much longer with all this rain.

  2. The herons roost not very far from here off 175 and 29. You can see them flying back and forth.

    Before you give up on the camera, check the battery. Mine kind of does that same dance when the battery needs changing.

  3. Lens acting funny like that.... Check your batteries. One time, when my batteries needed re-charging, my lens did that funny thing too.

    It would be worth a try.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Oh look! KathyA above, said the same t hing!!! :-)

  5. I know you'll find the right walking shoe eventually. As long as the old ones are good to go, it will wait. You are absolutely right, finding the right pair is very important as much as you walk. We're coming to the end of the month, I'm anxious to hear how much change you collected this month walking. You are a trooper with that yard work. Once again, you are have my admiration. I can't tackle it without John's help, alot easier with two. I had a baked potato yesterday for lunch, nuked it, done in 7 minutes and it was delicious.

  6. My old camera used to do the same thing; a battery changed fixed it several times, then it just stopped working. Of course, I am like the kiss of death to a camera, and have gone through more than my share of them. I'm supposing it's me, not the craftsmanship!

  7. How did it feel working at the old house? You always did so much work there.

    Thanks for your good wishes and prayers. Needed! Much appreciated Karen.

    My old camera did the same thing. Eventually it wouldn't go back in.

  8. Really lovely pics my friend! Hope your camera doesn't "quit" on you!!

  9. Your walking path does look very pretty and the weather sounds ideal for a nice walk.
    Sorry to hear about your camera problems, but the comments on the battery are interesing. With a little luck that will be the case for you.


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