Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A walk, lights and a good book

The temperature was 29 degrees when I left for my walk this morning.  A slight breeze so it was really nice when the sun came up to warm things up a bit.  It is getting lighter and lighter each morning and now when I leave it isn't really dark anymore.  Though the sun isn't up yet there is a glow in the sky.  I walked around the lake.  There are short paths that lead off the paved path to the lake.  I think they are used mostly for the fishermen. I walked down a few of them down to the water today.  When I got to the end of this one,
I saw these two geese.
Not that many people around the lake again.
On the path behind the church that leads back home I've seen a couple walking their dog a few times now.  He is always barking at nothing.  He just walks along barking.  You know how some people just like to talk all the time even when they don't have anything to say?  I think this dog is like that. : )
It was a good morning to be out walking.
I walked 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 6:57
Sunset 7:28
I thought I would respond to a few of the comments 
from yesterday right in today's post.
The coins from the plastic containers went in my savings account.  
I'm putting it toward a new Corvette 
when it comes time to replace mine. : )
The sign on the tree from yesterday 
has a website address on it that tells all about the BorerTrap 
if any one would like more information about them.
I save all my coins that I find on my walks in old glass syrup banks.  
You can see them HERE.
Yesterday afternoon street lamps were put around in my townhouse neighborhood.  They put one at the end of street in the back by our garage.
 And one in the front across the street.
We will never again have trouble finding the key hole in the dark again.  : )

I finished reading Water for Elephants yesterday. It's about an old man in a nursing home telling about his time in the circus when he was young.  He goes back and forth between now and then.  I thought the book was very good and it had a great ending.  Well worth reading.  
I've been reading more Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Most of them are pretty strange and only a page or two and some not even that long and they are not really that good.  Sleeping Beauty was just about the same as the one I know.  They other tale that I've heard of was Hansel and Gretel and that too was pretty much the same.  Only I don't remember a white duck helping them to cross a river.   

Went to my Tuesday knitting group this morning and was home again a little before one.  Had some lunch and now here I am.
I'll do a little work, start a new book,  read blogs, and if I have time I'll knit some more.

Hope you are all finding your bit of happiness today.
A smile from me to you.
Happyone : )
Don't smother each other.
No one can grow in the shade.
~ Leo Buscaglia


  1. Those street lights are handsome! Loved WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.

  2. I love the street lights. We had a street light put out on the electric pole in front of our house. We have to pay a little extra on the electric bill for it. But after yrs of biking,skating,and playing basketball under that street light . I think it is worth it. Sounds like you are having a very nice day. Me too.

  3. I have thought about reading the book Water for Elephants. I'll put it on my reading list. Sound pretty good.

    I am a big fan of street lights. I hate being somewhere - that when the sun goes down, the only lights are the ones from the house.

  4. Do you think you'll go to the film, of "W4E" when it comes out next month?

  5. Now I can't tell if you like the lights or not. They are nice-looking lights. Guess you'll be walking a few more miles if you're saving for a Corvette. Thank you for the book suggestion...if I see it...

  6. Our neighbor dog in Breck does exactly the same thing - barks constantly when on walks at nothing in particular. He wakes us like clockwork every morning - don't need an alarm. He's a Sheltie, and I think they tend to be "barky."

  7. I've heard that that was a good book. I'll put in on my list.
    Looks like a beautiful day even if it was cold. We are suppose to get some rain tonight and we sure do need it.

  8. Lights are a good thing. They will help with alot more than trying to find the keyhole. You will be on my mind these next few mornings with the nasty weather approaching. Try to stay dry and warm. I know the type of dog you mentioned, was it a Chihuahua? They bark alot. I look forward to the DVD release of Water for Elephants.

  9. Hi there, glad you can see the keyhole now, thats always helpful, perhaps the dog is just ridicously happy and his form of laughing, Reading what a nice relaxing get away a exercise for the mind and thinking processes, nothing like the enjoyment of a good book, my preferences lie in a different direction, have you ever read Flowers for Algernon?? Well Bye for now

  10. Vee, Yes, like the lights. : )

    A Amelia, No, I probably won't see the movie. I'm always disappointed in the movie after reading the book.

    Noofy, No the dog was a large hunting dog of some kind about the size of a lab. The dog looked like a mix to me.

    Bill, Yes I have read Flowers for Algernon.

  11. That's funny about the dog. I do know a lot of people who seem to talk for the sake of talking, but I've not seen a dog doing that. We do have a chihuahua who can be yappy if she sees someone or an animal outside, but she's very quiet on our walks.
    Those new streetlights will be very nice especially when it comes time to look for keys and keyholes in the dark.


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