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Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trouble with pictures

Yesterday I walked my 6 miles along the sidewalks in the neighborhood and today I was back to walking around the lake.  It had rained early this morning and had stopped by the time I left and boy was the air thick.  Very humid and it wasn't long before I was soaked.  I was wishing for some rain to cool me off.  I walked all 6 miles and a tad more.  Just a couple of pictures during my walk.

I stopped on the red foot bridge and looked down there was a painted turtle swimming in the water.  I took a picture but it didn't come out very good.  He then swam under the bridge.  I walked the opposite way around the lake.  I've done that enough times now that I'm starting to see the same new people. Quite a few people out walking in spite of the hot morning.
Those clothes that I hung out on the line Monday were on and off the line a couple of times due to the rain.  They all did manage to get dry though.  I was taking in yesterdays two loads in the afternoon just as we got a brief shower.  I made it just in time!
Yesterday was knitting group day and we met outside again.  Remember I told you about the other Corvette that is always parked next to me when I leave?  Well it was there again yesterday and this time I left a note on the windshield saying I noticed they always park next to me and thought I'd say Hi.  Maybe next week they will leave a note on my car. :-)

On the way home I stopped at the library to return a book that was due and I just can't believe that I brought 4 more books home.  Now I have 7 library books here at home!!!  And two more books on the reserved list!!  

I finished ready the next book in the cat series by Lilian Jackson Braun called The Cat Who Came to Breakfast.  I enjoyed reading this one like all the others, but do think the first few books were better than these latest ones.  I still have quite a few more to go. 

We went out to eat last night at Outback.  I got a new credit card and wanted to break it in so I took Ken out to dinner! :-)  I had grilled chicken with veggies.  Very Good.

Our snack last night was watermelon.  It was very sweet and oh so good.  Not quite as good as ice cream though. :-)

I am having a frustrating time putting pictures up on my blog now.  I used to use the Old Editor and once the pictures were uploaded I could easily move the pictures around by just dragging them.  With the Updated Editor I can't seem to do that.  I still have the Old Editor clicked but now it appears I can only use the new one.  Any hints on how to move the pictures around now?

I'm at home today.  Another load of clothes on the line and I'm hoping once again they will dry before we get another rain shower.  We haven't been getting much rain, just widely scattered showers that just happen to go over my clothes!

Enjoy your Wednesday.
Happyone :-)


  1. Well I am so new at this blogging thing, I didn't know that you could move pictures around in the past. I did think that the picture function wasn't as user friendly as it could be. I, too, would be interested in knowing if there was a way to move pictures.

    Also, are these pictures store on Blogger? If I delete them off my computer, will they stay on blogger?

  2. RK - Blogger pictures are stored on Picasa Albums. You get to store 1024 MB for free. I've used up 92% of my free pictures. Deleting pictures stored on your computer won't delete them off of blogger. I usually delete the pictures off my computer after I post them.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and especially for leaving a Comment! Comments rock! :-) [I get so tired of "lurkers." Sounds grumpy but I do. I get many more Visits to my blog, than Comments, and it is confusing to me. 'Cause I always seem to have something to Comment, in others blogs. -grin- Enough!]

    On my blog I asked which people enjoy most, in blog reading... Pretty all the time, or Real Life? And you and I both, like some of both. Plus we both are disappointed when a blogger gives too little, of peeks into a their life. :-)

    Your blog is marvelous for peeks into your life! And for me, it should be an incentive to get myself walking again. But I can't in this heat/humidity, that we're having in the NE, even. I know it's not like Southern heat/humidity, but....... It seems the older I get, the more humidity bothers me. -sighhhhhhh- It gets so I have trouble breathing! And I never smoked nor do I have such issues. It's humidity. And my age.

    But of course, I'm not complaining too loudly. The alternative is unthinkable, as the saying goes!

    So I simply escape into our window A/C unit bedroom at night. And into our window A/C unit den in daytime. And am oh so happy when the humidity falls again! I really don't like to be "cooped in."

    Oh my! I wrote a "novel," in this Comment! ,-) Time to stop. Thank you again, for coming by and saying "Hi"!

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Oh my! I'm back again! :-)

    You asked about moving pictures in Blogger... I never changed to "new" things offered. So I'm still doing the "grab & drag" pics, the way I always did it, I guess.

    You say you changed to "Updated Editor." Could you go back to "Old Editor"?

    Whatever, I hope you get this figured out. I love putting photos on my blog, myself!

  5. Hello dear Karen..... leaving the note was a really sweet idea of you... I think that they will revert back.... could you explain more about the problem that you are facing? I think the new editor is simple as well... you can select the pictures tht you wish to put in the blog after uploading and then hit the ok button....i am not if this is wat u are looking for... if you clear it further.. i may be able to help you

  6. Hi Karen, I'm using the New Editor and not having trouble. Initially, I went back and forth - so maybe if you're having difficulty, try shutting down and then going back and choosing Old Editor. It'll be interesting to see if you get a note from the other Corvette owner.

  7. Thank you so much for answering my question, over in my blog Comments!

    You said; "For some reason Blogger just put the new editor on mine. I have the old editor checked but it doesn't seem to matter."

    No fair Blogger! I really dislike it when Net things do this. Move us to "the new," whether we want it or not.

    Possibly, if you sign out of your blog, and sign back in again, and do your Setting Selections again....... Could this jog them into knowing what you really want?

    Or, if worse comes to worse, you could try asking Blogger about it. I know I very much dislike asking things, on the Net, so I'm not happy with this suggestion but.... We really need to be able to do our blogging, in the way which is most comfortable for us. Even if Blogger IS FREE. [People often tell me, welllll, it's free. I know. I know. I still want to set my own Settings! -grin-]

    Good luck!

  8. It's super humid here today too. When I went outside earlier my hands felt sticky.
    I am using the new editor and like how you don't have to load your pictures in reverse order. I'm not sure if I have tried to move them around since using it.
    I see in comments you mention how much free space you are using to store photos. Is there a way to check how much you've used?

  9. When I'm having trouble, as I often do, I switch back and forth between the new and the old editor. Hmmm, watermelon. I love it, but I refuse to buy the seedless ones so have been going without. Hope you get a return note!

  10. I have no idea how to work things in the new editor. My blog is still with the old editor. My "art" blog I changed to the new editor and I can't get it quite to look the way I want it - so I am sticking with the Old one for now on my main blog.

  11. You can drag pictures around??? How?

  12. Kathy, Once the picture is uploaded, just click on it, hold and move it to where you want it. It only works that way with the old editor.
    I've since learned from Ratz in my next post how to put the pictures where I want with the new editor.


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