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I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Musical intruments

Stayed away from the lake on my walk this morning and just walk on neighborhood streets and some of the paths. No special route, just walked where ever I felt like going at the time. I left a little bit earlier than usual this morning and things were really quiet but then later I saw a few people out. Came across the older couple in their late 80's who walk and stopped for a chat with them. We came to the conclusion that most all of the walkers we come in contact with are very friendly. :-) The weather was perfect. Dry, sunny and cool with a breeze. Everything is so green and pretty. I wish spring would last all through the summer! A deer stepped out onto the path almost in front of me. I think it was startled by me because he took off super quick back into the woods. A few rabbits were on the side of the path eating and the birds were singing in all their glory.
I walked a tad over 6 miles.
I found not one but two lucky nickels!
Sunrise 5:54
Sunset 8:14

We were both home for breakfast this week so I made us pancakes for breakfast. We put bananas on top and then syrup. Fruit always makes the pancakes a bit special. We both opted not to have whipped cream.

At least 10 years ago I bought a Hammered Dulcimer and wanted to learn how to play it after hearing one being played. I thought it sounded so pretty. When I first got it, on my own I learned a couple of songs, but never really learned how to play it very well. I'm not very musical inclined so it just sat around for years and years, being moved from one room to another. So I decided I'd get rid of it and today we went back to the music store where we bought it and sold it back to them. Back then the store was a little tiny shop. Not any longer. It moved down a few doors and is now a huge store. Very nice people working there and it was not a hassle to sell it back to them. And now I don't feel guilty about having it around and not playing it. Now I need to get rid of my bagpipes! They didn't want those. :-( I love bagpipes too but they are hard to play. I did take lessons from an old Scottish piper, Mr McCleod, when I lived in Scotland. I'd have a lesson and then he would tell me stories about Scotland and his wife would make us tea and scones. I liked that part more than playing the bagpipes. I was never very good at playing those either, but I sure did have fun trying. :-)

Did a few other little errands today and picked up a sandwich at Subway while we were out at. I got a turkey sub with cheddar cheese, spinach and cucumbers. Very tasty!!

Here it is Saturday afternoon and we are home for a little while before going out again later. Next we are out for pizza and then a stop to get some ice cream at Weis for later tonight.
Now that you know all what I'll be eating for the whole day, I'll sign off for today.
Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.
Happyone :-)
Don't ever save anything for a special occasion.
Being alive is the special occasion.
~Author Unknown


  1. I love listening to dulcimer music too and bag pipes, but I think both of them would be hard to learn to play.
    Enjoy your pizza and ice cream!

  2. What interesting things to learn about you...a dulcimer playing bag piper! Incredible. It doesn't matter that it didn't work out. It only matters that you gave it a whirl. What an adventuresome gal you are!

  3. A lovely post about your day! I'm catching up with you - glad you're still out there walking, meeting deer and people. I like your story about the musical instruments. In you heart of hearts, you want to be a musician. (I ,too, would have loved the scones above the bagpipe!)

  4. I, too, love the hammered dulcimer and the bagpipes!
    Spent the day outside working around the garden. Such a beautiful day!

  5. LOvely post dear Karen.... Wish me luck for i am gonna start walking from tomorrow....

  6. Nice walk, nice stories. I would love to hear more about your time in Scotland some time when you up to writing about. How cool!

  7. I also like the hammered dulcimer and bagpipes Karen, and model trains.
    When I was a child my grandparents had a big old upright piano and I was always fascinated with the strings. When I first saw a hammered dulcimer I just had to have one. My oldest son recently took it to live with him in Chicago and is learning to play it. We bought him a set of bagpipes about 10 years ago.
    I really like the mountain or Appalachian dulcimer because it reminds me of bagpipes. They are fun to play. If I could only have a Hurdy-Gurdy that would be great, for they sound like bagpipes to me as well.
    How wonderful it must be to have a chance to live in Scotland for awhile.

    Diane in AL


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