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I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Dad

No pictures from this mornings walk. It rained during the night and it must have turned to snow for just a short while because in places it was white and slippery. No sunrise to see because it was cloudy. The sun came out later during the day. I walked a bit over 6 miles and took the connect the path route through the neighborhoods. I saw many deer, some rabbits and a downy woodpecker. A nice way to start the day. :-)
Last night we went to Best Buy and bought a Wii and the Wii Fit Plus. We are going to wait for the weekend to set it all up. I can't wait to start an exercise program with this. I haven't been doing my exercise DVD since we went on the cruise. I just can't seem to get started with it again. I've been doing that for years and need a change. This is it! Should be lots of fun.

Did the usual morning house stuff and then made a quick trip to the commissary to pick up a few things for the week.
Once home I had another piece of pizza for lunch.
I've been staring at everything in the living room and trying to figure out how I want to change things around in there. I know I want to change it around I'm just not sure what I want to do with it yet. That will be a good project for me tomorrow.

I sat down started to read and fell asleep for about 1/2 hour this afternoon.
I started knitting another little blue bootie. Lillemor called and asked if she could get a ride with me to the Knitting Group tonight. I'll be leaving in just a little while. Ken won't be home for supper so I'll just eat at Panera's when I get there. I plan on finishing the blue bootie, though there is a possibility that I would get much knitting done because of talking too much!! :-)

I have a bit of bad news to share. My Dad spent the last week having some tests done and this week it was confirmed that he has cancer. He will be given hormones and radiation treatments. I am praying with all my heart that this will work and he will be well once again. He is in no pain and looks and feels fine. I ask all of you who pray to please add my Dad to your prayers.
He is my step-dad but a super dad to me and has been for the past 40 years. My own Dad died 11 years ago. I've said before that most people are lucky to have one good dad, but I've been blessed to have two wonderful, caring, and loving dads. :-)

I hope this Wednesday you took time to do something you really enjoyed!
Happyone :-)
I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.
~Jim Carrey


  1. It's always tough to hear these diagnoses and I will certainly add your dad to my list. Wonderful that we live in this day and age when medical care is so amazing, but God's love and care has always been amazing and it continues to be. You truly are blessed to have known the love of two great dads...no wonder you're so special and so self-assured!

  2. I'll keep your dad in my prayers.

  3. My prayers are with you and your Dad.
    I do want a wii fit. They look fun to me. Good luck. And have fun.

  4. Oh Karen I am so sorry to hear this news. Many Prayers sent your way and your parents! ((((Karen))))

    On a happier note, I have the Wii Fit and will be starting Jillian's 2010 workout, let me know how it's going! Love ya, Pamie

  5. I'll be sure to add your Dad to my prayer list. You are right - two loving fathers in your life is a great blessing.

  6. So sorry to hear about your dad! I will be thinking of you...and him...in the days to come.

    Enjoy your Wii fit program!

  7. Oh Karen, I'm so sorry....my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Prostate? If so, my dad had that and lived for 13 years afterward feeling great. They can do so much more now. Big hugs.

  8. My thoughts go out to you about your Dad, my own father has recently had the hormone and Radiotherapy and is doing very well, we are just waiting for the latest scan results.He has had amazing treatment via the NHS and we are so grateful.
    Wii is such alot of fun! Yesterday it was my Father's 76th birthday and my parents came up for a meal and we spent the evening playing on the Wii...great fun! We have the Wii Fit and enjoy it alot.

  9. 1. that Wii is so much fun, our daughter got one for Christmas and she and I did the boxing... I was puffing in two rounds.
    2. Prayers for your dad, absolutely.

  10. Saddened to hear this news about your step dad, Karen. I lost my step dad 18 months ago to cancer and he was like a father to me as well. But remember that tons of people now survive cancer. Praying for a good outcome. This is a good verse on cancer, what it cannot do:


  11. What a great idea to train with the Wii, I would like that too.
    "Lillemor" is a Norwegian nick name...

    I really hope your Dad will be well again, I will pray for him.

  12. Will keep your Dad in my prayers. Remember they have advanced so much with cancer treatment with great success rates.

    I have considered gettng a Wii, let us know how you like it.

  13. I will certainly keep your Dad (and you) in our prayers.
    I've heard good things about the workouts people can get with Wii. Let us know what you think after you get it set up.

  14. Will pray for your dad, Karen. I'm so sorry you all have to go through this.

  15. Hi Karen,
    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. It is always a shock to find out a loved one has cancer. I will pray for him and you too.


  16. I am so very sorry about your Dad! My thoughts and prayers are with you. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1998 and had surgery and radiation and has been cancer free since. I pray that whatever cancer your Dad has will be completely healed with the treatment he is having! Having a parent that is ill is tough. Please keep us posted on his progress!

  17. So very sorry to hear this news about your step-dad. Will keep your family in my thoughts and pray for the best outcome. (Lost my dad to cancer 18 years ago.)


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