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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Monday, February 2, 2009

Warmer weather and more house pictures

I don't usually watch football games but I did watch the super bowl last night with Kenny. I really didn't care which team won but it was an exciting close game and I must say I did enjoy it.

Yesterday afternoon the weather warmed up nicely and we had temperatures in the 50's. We went to the historic part of town here in Ellicott City and walked around town and in and out of the shops. Found a couple more glass banks to put the coins I find on my walks in.

The temperature today is once again in the 50's though things did freeze last night and there were some icy spots on the path around the lake this morning. I walked a little over 6 miles today and yesterday. It was 28 degrees both days and it felt almost balmy after the very cold mornings we've been having.
The shiny parts in these two pictures are ice.

We ordered the kitchen chairs and went to pick them up at the warehouse a couple of weeks ago. We got six of them.
Here are a few more pictures around the house.
I put an area rug on top of the rug which I thought
made the little sitting area more cozy looking.I've spent a lot of time sitting there reading.

Isn't this shower fantastic!!?
Here are a few quilts that I have hanging over the railing
of the loft overlooking our bedroom.
We have lots of painting to do and have put those little card color samples all over the house. We will probably paint the living room first. When we do, I'll be sure to post pictures.
We are really enjoying our new house and living in a different area. I have seen some of our new neighbors to say hello to, but haven't really met anyone. Most people go off to work and I don't see many people except for all the workers building the next couple rows of townhouses. I did bake some chocolate chip cookies and took them to the building trailer for the guys to eat. I don't think the cookies lasted very long. :-)

Kenny put up some clothes lines for me downstairs on the lower level which we are using as a utility room. He hasn't gotten around to putting some up outside on the deck yet, but he will one day soon. I did use the dryer a couple of times and I just don't like how my clothes come out in a dryer. I have yet to use the dish washer and probably never will. Kenny says I am a throw back from an earlier time. :-)

The grocery store just across the street is a Giant and we have tried their ice cream, but it just doesn't measure up to Weis's ice cream. Weis has the BEST chocolate chip ice cream of all time. At this Giant there isn't a very good selection and most days Kenny can't even get his favorite which is plan old chocolate. Who ever heard of a place not having chocolate!!!!! We stopped in at our old Weis and stocked up on our favorites.

Just got a call from Kenny saying he will be late getting home from work. That will give me some time later to read and maybe do a little more on my needlepoint.

Happy Monday to you all.


  1. Have you tried Turkey Hill brand ice cream? I love it! My favorite is the chocolate chip mint but that Giant is often out of it. I agree...not a huge selection but that is usually a pretty good thing for me since I can't seem to control my ice cream portions.

  2. Knitty - Yes, tried Turkey Hill. Chocolate not as good as Weis and the chocolate chip doesn't even come close. Turkey Hill containers keep getting smaller while the price goes up. I do like the chip mint though - the chips are very tiny but there are LOTS of them.

  3. Things are looking so nice...I really like how you've defined your reading area and the quilts over the railing are a very nice, cozy touch. The new chairs are nice and tall...easier to sit down? I wish my mother would consider this as she has such a difficult time lowering into a chair.

    Yay for the warmer temps. Someday in April, we'll have some days like that...maybe. ;D

  4. Enjoy the warmer weather while you can. We've been told that winter is heading back this way.

  5. There's a Weis in Waverly -- just on the other side of Rt. 40.
    Also, the Giant down 108 East (Palace 9) is much better stocked than this one :(.

  6. I love the pub style table and chairs so much... I always love those kind. Are those the micro-fiber material on the seats?
    I find that material is excellent for spills as they are easy to clean and repels stains so much easier.
    Is their a leaf in the table that makes it bigger or is that the largest it goes? It is beautiful table and I love the lattice design of the back of the chair.


  7. Your place is looking great! I'm sorry I couldn't get out your way today. Busy week. Party on Sunday at my place. Can we make plans for next?

  8. I like your new blog look! It reminds me of a warm cozy flannel blanket.
    I'm enjoying seeing the new house and how you are decorating. I agree..the shower looks fantastic!!

  9. LOVE the way you have the quilts hanging over the railing. They are lovely!

  10. Nice quilting photos. Quilting and patchwork are very popular in my country.



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