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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two parked cars!!!!

Some light snow out there this morning when I walked, but the temperatures were above freezing so it wasn't slippery. The flakes were huge and I enjoyed walking in the falling snow.I've posted some more snow pictures from my walk this morning on my PictureBlog.

To answer a couple of questions about my kitchen table. I don't know what the material is on the seats but they are comfortable. The table is counter top height and it does have a leaf in it. The picture from yesterday has the leaf in it already.
The nice thing about it is that the leaf folds up right in side the table when not in use.
Here is the table with the leaf folded up inside it.
There are two people who live in another row of townhouses less than two blocks away and drive their cars and park in front of my house every day at 3:55 to wait for a school bus so they can drive their kids home from the bus stop. Though I think it's crazy that these kids can't walk home (no wonder why there are so many overweight kids) that is not what I find annoying about this daily routine of theirs. They don't even pull over to the side of the road, but just stop smack in the middle of the road. I had to take a picture of this to show you. I took this from my front window the other day.Other cars pull up behind them and beep their horn and they both just stay parked there. It is most annoying to other drivers and I just wait for some incident to happen some day.

We finished watching Jekyll last night. It wasn't a very long series, but it sure was a good one. Lots of surprises right up till the very end and it really was a different take on an old story. While watching we each had our favorite ice cream. :-) I did some knitting too on Nola's afghan which I need to get finished - I'm taking such a long time knitting that.

I've had a nice day puttering around the house. Did a little cleaning and I'm still moving things around a bit - nothing major but just little changes here and there. I still have some pictures to hang up and I'm deciding if I still want them or not.

I am in the pizza mood for supper tonight. I will suggest when Kenny gets home that we go to Pasta Blitz for some pizza and a Greek salad. My mouth is watering already.

A very Happy Tuesday to you all.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me that some people are so oblivious to everyone around them and feel so very entitled.

  2. Oh hope that he'll agree!

    I can imagine how annoying that is every school day. You can just look forward to the honking horns. I'd take their license plate numbers and call the police. I know...I can be mean that way.

  3. And I thought all the annoying drivers lived in Tennessee!

  4. Oh yes....after ONE week of the honking of horns and rudeness of those parents..The police would be notified..!

    Love your table...I am looking for one that height...where did you find it..? I like that the board/leaf fold down into the table.

    We had a dusting of snow here, too, not much..thank goodness!

  5. Looks like you had a pretty walk this morning. I like how the leafs on your table fold into the table. I have mine stashed under my bed and seem to be constantly banging into them with the vacuum.
    Pizza with greek salad sounds wonderful. The honking neighbors - not so wonderful.

  6. The selfish car drivers are very annoying, when my children and I used to walk to school my lot called the children who went to school by car "the cardboard kids" we thought they might turn to paper mache if they ever got wet!

  7. Fantastic table. Yeh, the one with the leaf folding in is super! No more having to lift them out is awesome... those are such a chore!
    A great size either way for two people and then for entertaining more people... very nice!

  8. Hey I see you have a new blog layout or maybe I didn't noticed it before, it looks great.
    Yes I think it's very annoying to have the cars there every day, but what can you do about it, nothing I suppose.

  9. I'm just catching up. I'm so glad that you are in your new home and on-line. Already you have changed the new house into your home. Everything is so pretty. I really like the table and having the leaf makes it practical as well. The way you display your collections is nice. I especially like the cookie cutter display. Your home projects comfort and love. By the way, a late congrats to you and Kenny for your 37 years together!

  10. Here very few children are walking to school, even though they live close to the school. It would be healty for them to walk and a good start before a day at school.
    My son is one of the few children who walk. My daughter has a free taxi because she has a light cerebral parese (it means her right leg and arm is not as strong as her left), but I am not worried because she walks and runs and jumps a lot the rest of the day.

    How does it feel to live in your new house? I guess you enjoy it :)

  11. Your new home is beautiful! And I love that kitchen table also. Very clever design.

    I can't believe the inconsideration of those drivers. And they probably are going to cause a wreck.


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