Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day out doing errands

One of the paths I walk along.
I not only like walking down the paths I also like pictures of them. They always make me want to take a walk.
This sign was out in front of a house.
Never saw one like this before.
Does this mean that it will soon be for sale?
On the way to the commissary yesterday I stopped by the old house to pick up the mail and a couple more things that I left at the house. Some of the things I thought I didn't want anymore, I realized that I do want them after all.
I was in and out of the commissary pretty fast. Only needed to pick up a few things and there were no lines. When I got back to the car there were a couple of sea gulls waiting for me so I took their picture.
We went to another grocery store called Mars a few miles away from the house last night to try out their ice cream. The chocolate is VERY good - nice and creamy and just as good as the ice cream at Weis. They didn't have any chocolate chip for me to try but I got a flavor called Sticky Bun to try. Cinnamon caramel ice cream with pieces of sticky bun and cinnamon swirls. It was very good but I still like my Weis chocolate chip better. I'm hoping next time that they will have my flavor to try.

When I came downstairs this morning there was a card and a chocolate rose waiting for me for Valentine's Day. I'm glad Kenny still wants me to be his Valentine after all these years! :-)
Kenny did have to go to work for a few hours this morning, but he went while I was walking. I met a lady this morning on my walk who is an inspiration to me. She was walking at a pretty good pace but I caught up to her and as I passed said the usual good morning. We started talking and I slowed down and walked about 1/2 mile with her. Her name is Gertie and she was telling me how much she enjoys walking - she wakes up each morning, throws on her walking clothes and heads out the door. Sounds a bit like me! :-) I said to her, "Do you mind me asking your age?" She said, "Not at all. I'm proud of my age. I'm 86." I couldn't believe that was her age. She is a role model for me and I hope to be still out there walking when I'm 86! Her family keeps telling her that she is too old to be walking outside every day but she refuses to listen to them and I say good for her!! She said she tried walking in the mall but it was just too boring for her. I think I've met a fellow Happyone today. :-)

Once Kenny got home and we had some breakfast we were on the go all day long. Went by the old house 2 more times, went to the library and stopped in where Cheryl works so Kenny could make an appointment with her to get his hair cut - he goes next Tuesday!
We also took my NEW Orek vacuum cleaner in to have it looked at because it was making a weird noise and smelled like it was burning. The kid working there took a look at it and asked if we had new carpeting. Yes - a whole house full. Since the carpeting is new and is shedding a lot and the vacuum just cleans too good and was picking up too much of the new rug fibers which clogged things up. Even though there is a $25 charge for cleaning things out, he didn't charge us anything this time. He told me for the next month or so when vacuuming just to lean the vacuum to the side a bit every so often to let some air under to break the suction and it will be fine. So we left there happy with a working vacuum.
While we were out we discovered another library not too far from the house so we had to stop in to check it out. We are lucky to have 3 libraries so close to where we live!!

My parents are coming by tomorrow for a visit so today I baked a lemon cake for dessert - a favorite of my step-dads!

Well here it is 8:45 - time to watch a Bramwell episode, have some of the Sticky Bun ice cream and relax.

I leave you with this:
Two bricklayers were asked what they were doing. The first replied, "I'm laying brick." The second replied, "I'm building a great cathedral."
Same task, same bricks, two thoroughly different perspectives!
Just something to think about!

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)


  1. What a wonderfully full day you had. Not only do we have three libraries close to us -- but they are always full of people. I think that's great! The Central Library, however, is harder to get in and out of quickly as the parking is terrible. Have you tried the Weis in Waverly, yet?

  2. If I didn't know better I'd think you were the one who drank all the coffee today and not me! So much to say! So many errands run.

    It was a great surprise to see you and Ken today. It's been way too long! You looked great. I loved my gift.

  3. A wonderful post today... I am intrigued by the 86 year old walker.. definitely an inspiration! WOW!
    Do you see wildlife on these trails?
    That was so sweet of Kenny to leave you the card and chocolate rose... oh, so romantic!

    Have a good day!

  4. I think your new friend Gertie just goes to show that valentines come in all shapes and sizes.

    Sounds like a great Happyone day.

  5. This is a really long post. I am glad you met that nice lady out walking. Your photos makes me want to walk as well :)
    The valentine surprice from your husband was very nice.

  6. It sounds as if you had a great day. Gertie sounds a lot like my Dad. Dad is 96 and still mows his own grass and if we're not careful, will get up on the roof of his house to clean his gutters! Dad says you're only as old as you feel!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope I am out walking and hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature when I am 86! Two years ago my brother and I climbed Mt. Washington in New Hampshire with my 83 year old friend, so we can do it, Happy One! Carpe Diem! Art


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