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Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not yet

We are still not on line at the new house, so here I am at the library just to do another quick post.
The Verizon people were supposed to be at the house on Monday between 8 and 12 to hook us up. At 2 Ken called to find out where they were. It appears that two weeks ago when Ken first called to get our account transferred, the woman took down all our information, gave us a work number and then forgot to put it in the system. So when Monday came along there was no work order for us. At first they just wanted us to wait another two weeks until the 30th, but we DID NOT LIKE that answer!! Ken finally got to talk to a supervisor and after over an hour on the telephone was told that he would try to get someone over to the house as soon as possible. Ken is going to call them again today to see what's up.
I think they should have sent someone over right then since it was their mistake!!!

I can't tell you how much I miss being on line!!!

I'll be back to blogging just as soon as I possibly can. I really miss reading all of your blogs, and will have a LOT of reading to do once I get on line again.

I have to get going now but I will be back. I hope you all don't forget about me. :-)


  1. Your missed!! I think FREE service from Verizon is warranted..!!

    Hurry back...

  2. oh my goodness, we will never forget you and to think you stunned us by stopping your blog for a day or so, smile!!! We miss you!!!!

  3. There's always some sort of hang up, isn't there? I'm glad that you insisted...it's really the only way that things happen anymore.

    See you soon!

  4. How could we possibly forget about you??? Check my blog -- there's something there for you!

  5. We are waiting for you, I know you miss blogging. lol.

  6. We could NEVER forget you, Happy One!! We miss you too and hope that you are online again soon!

  7. Oh we could never, ever forget you in a million years!
    I hate it when we have internet "issues"! Here's hoping your service provider gets on the ball soon! Hey, call back and ask to speak with that supervisor's supervisor! Nothing worse than having the head honcho fuss at the troops!

  8. I agree -- keep going up the ladder until someone is at your house by the time you hang up the phone! In times like this you would think companies would bend over backwards to keep customers happy.

  9. Forget you? Hells-Bells what would I do with out my daily shot of sunshine?

  10. Hi :) No, I do not forget you :)
    I understand you look forward to be able to blog from your new home and I look forward to have you back here.
    Hugs to you.

  11. I understand completely. It is AWFUL not to have internet service. Hope they will get to you soon.

  12. I've been waiting, waiting, waiting. There's nothing worse than no Internet. It's like a lifeline, gone.

    I hope you're well. I miss you.

  13. Forget about YOU??? NEVER ever will happen! You are my daily dose of inspiration...my morning cup of coffee.
    Wow...I'd sure be angry at Verizon and I agree....they should have been out there the very next day...FIRST thing to get you hooked up.
    What kind of people do they employ anyway? How can someone take a work order and then FORGET to put it in the system? Simply amazing.
    Here's hoping that you'll be hooked up by tonight! Hugs.

  14. Never will we forget you! Waiting for service folks to come is a pain. They usually are neither prompt nor polite. Good luck.

  15. We had a similar experience (different provider) on election night - actually Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). all our service - phone, internet, and cable - were out and I wanted someone out there to fix it Monday night. But the earliest they could do it was Tuesday night. Then when no one showed up the next night I called and the guy had keyed in the WRONG DATE even after confirming the day of the week and the date with me multiple times. We argued for a long time - and I am not an argumentative person, I usually can go with the flow - because it ticked me off so much, I had a long discussion with a supervisor, etc. They absolutely could now not get there sooner than Wednesday, which they did. But it is very frustrating to be without these services that we pay for.

    Yeah you will have some catching up to do HappyOne - but it gives you some reading to look forward to. Good luck! Art

  16. Just checked to see if you were on-line yet and can't believe you are still waiting for your internet service. I would think that they should have had someone to your house the next day because they made the mistake. I can't figure out why you had to wait two weeks in the first place to have you service installed. BOO to Verizon.

  17. I imagine that you're about ready to chew nails about now. I can't believe they've made you wait this long. Any chance on you going with a different company altogether? These companies who have monopolies just treat us horribly and get away with it because we, as consumers, have no other choice but to use their services. We have the same thing here except our provider keeps raising the prices (2 to 3 times a YEAR, every year...about 2 or 3 dollars each time). I can't wait for the day when they have some competition and I can change companies!
    Looking forward to seeing you online SOON! God Bless.

  18. Hi, hope you`re back online soon. Miss you :)
    It`s a challenge for you in my blog at January 26, but just if you want to.

  19. Missing you! I hope you get online soon! I need my dose of HappyOne.


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