Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Saturday, January 31, 2009

At long last I'm back!!

Hi all!! It's been a long time and I'm happy to say that the Verizon ordeal is finally over and I'm back on line!! Oh happy days!! The new header picture is where I get to walk every day. It is up at one end of the lake where it looks more like a river than a lake and as you can see it is frozen. This past week has not been a good one for walking because we had freezing rain and for a few days it was a sheet of ice outside. One day that I tried walking I fell (didn't get hurt) and thought I'd just better head back home again. That day I only walked 1 mile and two other days I didn't walk at all. Before the ice I have really been enjoying my walks. Not only do I have the lake to walk around but I've discovered lots of paths throughout the neighborhoods and quite a few times have been surprised where I end up. :-) Since I haven't been on line I've had lots of time to have some fun decorating the house.
Here is my computer
and Kenny's is hidden away in this corner cabinet.
I put my cookie cutters over the window by the kitchen sink.
These are the two windows by the stairways. Bottles of flowers and a swag of Battenburg lace. We bought a couple more small book cases for the living room and as you can see we ended up buying a television. We also bought a new DVD player.We didn't get cable though and just have a few channels off the air. I didn't really want to get a television again but since we have our two computers in the kitchen and we didn't want to have to watch Netflix shows in the kitchen, we broke down and bought a television again. The only thing we've watched so far is the weather and Kenny watched a football game. I'll be posting more pictures in the days to come.
I have been reading quite a bit lately and have added four more books toward my 75 goal for the year. I've read two more books in the Left Behind Series. The Indwelling and The Mark.
Both are good but I think they are a bit drawn out and the whole series could have been written in a few less books. I bought a book that contains 4 novels by Robert Louis Stevenson and have read two of them. Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde. I've seen a few versions of the movie and we are now watching a British television show from Netflix but have never read it before. It's not a very big book and I did enjoy reading it. The other book I read was Treasure Island. I thought I had read that years ago but after starting to read it realized that I never did. I thought it was very good. Yesterday was our anniversary - 37 Years!! We didn't do anything special because we were at home waiting for the Verizon guy to get here. We will be going out to dinner tonight though. I have sure missed blogging and I'm so happy to be back. Thank you for all your comments while I was gone. It may take me a while to catch up with reading all of your blogs but I will eventually get there. Have a great Saturday and make it a Happy One. :-)


KathyA said...

1. WELCOME BACK!! I was thinking of you just this morning wondering if you were yet re-connected!

2. Your home is looking warmer and cozier.

3. I'd like to borrow a couple of THE LADIES DETECTIVE series, if I may.

4. Feel free to borrow anything you want from my library. I've just given a lot away but still have quite a few books.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Happy One....I am so HAPPY you are back on line! I missed you!!!

Sorry you fell...glad you weren't hurt! What a beautiful area for walking too! I bet you are going to see some more and more birds now.

Love your placement of the cookie cutters!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!! Your new home is beautiful!! Enjoy it...

Be careful walking around that lake..!! Look forward to seeing you around again.

George said...

Welcome back. We've missed you.
I hope the weather warms up soon, but in the meantime be careful on your walks. Your house looks beautiful.

happyone said...

Kathy - sorry I don't own the Ladies Detective Series to loan you - I borrowed them from the library.
Thanks for the offer to borrow books from you, but I have a book case upstairs full of books that I have yet to read!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to be able to read your blog again. Now I know what is going on. Watch that ice when you are walking!!!! Love, Mommy

Ruta M. said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. ( We've been married 32 years). Your new walking area looks lovely but be careful on the ice. I love reading and usually read several books a week but lately my mind has been too busy and I just do a couple of sudoku with my early morning cuppa and before I go to sleep.

Brad said...

Wow. That must have been some tech-ordeal. I was guessing some of it had to do with the weather. The place is looking great.

Linda said...

Glad you are back on line. Missed you. You certainly have done some beautiful decorating. It must be so much fun. We have had a lot of ice here in New Jersey, was lucky to get to my car in the driveway, let alone walk to the mailbox. Looking forward to more pictures.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Gwendolyn said...

Happy Anniversary! This year will mark our 37th anniversary as well! May this be your most cherished year ever!

Golden To Silver Val said...

WELCOME back! So glad you've finally got all the techno stuff taken care of. Your home is looking so GOOD. Have you met any neighbors yet? Be careful out there walking! Keep smiling!

Dick said...

I'm glad you are back, the house is looking good and I think when the ice is gone your walks will be great. Why didn't you want a TV?

o2bhiking said...

Hi Happy One - Welcome back on line. We missed you! Your house looks wonderful. Happy 37th anniversary - that is great!

Glad you were not hurt on the fall. Being in great shape helps with that. On our marathon training today, one section of the path was so steep and icy we slid down on our butts! The 14 miler was very pretty and I put some nice pictures of it out on my blog if you want to check them out.

Enjoy the day! Art

Vee said...

Howdy Stranger! Wonderful to see you back!

Everything just looks great. The cookie cutters around your kitchen window...the lace, the flowers, the new furniture. I'm sure that your new home is very easy to become used to and feel at home in.

Thank goodness you know when to quit walking...ice...treacherous!

dot said...

Your new home looks really nice. I like the things you have put in your windows and especially the blue bottles.
Glad you are back and hope ya'll had a nice anniversary dinner!

happyone said...

Dick, we got rid of our tv a couple of years ago because we didn't watch it and I just didn't want to get another one.

Goosey said...

Lovely to see you back again and your new home looks lived in and cosy already. The small windows are very pretty.

Susan said...

Glad to see you are connected!
There was a time when I walked 8Km every morning before work. I was younger then..lol You are inspiring me to get out and walk again..in the spring, I can't handle the cold anymore.

Michele said...

I missed you so very much. I 'm so glad to see you again! YAY! Your home looks so beautiful and so cozy!
I sent an email quite a while back to tell you, I got the scarf!! YAhoo!! I use it everyday!! It's so warm and perfect! Thank you. ♥Hugs♥

Happy@Home said...

Welcome back. It looks like you have been busy and your new home is looking beautiful. I love your nice big windowsills.
Your new walking area is lovely. Glad you are waiting until the ice melts, however.
Congratulations on your anniversary.

Cheryl said...

You made me HAPPY!

Helen said...

It`s very nice to have you back :)
I am glad you did not get hurt when you fall.
Your house looks very nice inside as well. Thanks for sharing these photos.
Happy anniversary to both of you !!!